I sat down to work on "Cavalry of a Different Sort" and this is what came out instead. I decided to go with it and put it out there just because.


Disclaimer: I own nothing of Hawaii Five-0. Others have that distinct pleasure.


By: Vanessa Sgroi

What have I done?

Handcuffed by one of my own and lead away in the back of a police car, I now sit here in this jail cell, my fate uncertain, burdened with too much knowledge. Knowledge that literally makes my stomach churn. The Governor, a woman I admired and respected, had been working for, or with, Wo Fat all along. I'd say she betrayed me and my team, except that she'd never really been on our side in the first place. It was all a clever ploy to keep me under scrutiny. Now she's dead and I stand falsely accused of her murder. Worse is the knowledge that my obsession and my actions directly contributed to the downfall of Five-0, something of which I was proud.

Maybe it's for the best in the long run. I mean, you know, Chin's name has been cleared. He's back with the department where he should've been all along. And Danny—well, he's getting his life back with Rachel and will no doubt head back to New Jersey at some point. Those are good things, right? Knowing me didn't completely destroy their lives. But then there's Kono. She's just a kid, fresh out of the academy. A rookie. She had her whole career ahead of her. Until she met me. Until we picked her to be on the task force. Now she's in trouble. Because of me. I guess everything I touch, I ruin.

I'll be cleared…I think. At least on the murder charge. Unless Wo Fat's managed to engineer that as well. If I don't, I'll spend the rest of my life in solitary. Either way I'll have to live with the knowledge that I fucked up. It's as plain and simple as that. I. Fucked. Up.

And now I'm in Hell.