Book 3: Breaking the Ice

Chapter 1: Rosalina and Roxanne are Growing Up

It was morning down in Dinotopia, the sun shining through the ice ceiling. In a cave, lived a family of weasels. In one room in the cave, Rosalina, Roxanne, and Celine were sleeping in their own beds. Celine was sleeping peacefully in Roxanne's bed. Roxanne had let her sleep next to her so that Buck and Jenna didn't have to go out and get some more leaves.

It was all silent in the room until Rosalina let out a tired, quiet yawn. She stretched her arms and legs before finally opening her cerulean orbs. She slowly looked around the silent-filled room. Her eyes looked over at a sleeping Celine. Rosalina's gaze softened as a smile began to lighten her face.

Nothing melted her heart more than seeing Celine sleeping like a log with a smile on her face. She's so cute when she's sleeping. Rosalina thought before quietly and carefully crawling out of her bed. She walked out of her room to the mouth of the cave. She moved the giant leaves they used as curtains away from her view so she could see the morning light.

The sun's rays through the ice ceiling above Dinotopia shone through the ice, leaving beautiful rays of sunshine to shine down on the tropical trees and foliage. It was a beautiful sight to Rosalina. She did this every morning when everybody's still sleeping. Suddenly, an idea hit her.

She thought maybe she would pay Buck's first wife a visit. Before she stepped out, someone softly called to her. "Rosy, where are you going?" Rosalina knew that sweet voice. It was Celine. It seems as if she woke up and noticed her absence.

Smiling sweetly, Rosalina informed her, "I'm just going outside to talk to a pineapple. I'll be back." Celine raised an eyebrow, obviously confused. She gave her a funny look as if she was losing her mind. Rosalina chuckled a bit at her expression. Celine shrugged and went over to Rosalina to give her a hug.

They pulled away, smiling at each other. "Tell mom and dad I'll be outside when they wake up." Rosalina instructed the kit in a whisper.

"I will. Go talk to your fruit friend." Celine shooed the teen so that she would be on her way. Sighing admiringly, Celine said, "I have the best big sister ever. Crazy at times, but she's the best." Quietly, the little girl got out of Roxanne's bed and walked out of the room, leaving Roxanne in their room, still sleeping.

Meanwhile, a light brown she-weasel, known as Jenna (or Jennifer), was tossing and turning in her leaf hammock. Her eyes were closed tightly and the palms of her paws were beginning to sweat.

Jenna's Dream Sequence

A pair of baby blue eyes scanned around a cave anxiously. "Hello. Buck! Rosalina! Celine! Anybody!" The female called, her voice cracking slightly. Suddenly, a familiar voice was heard in the shadows.

"Hello, Jenna. Sorry I took so long. I just had to deal with him."

Jenna gasped in horror. It was Ben. Scared, she asked, stuttering, "What d-d-did y-you d-do to them?" She knew that Ben had done something to Rosalina and Celine after he did who knows what to Buck. Ben just smirked at her. Jenna's eyes began to fill with scared, angry, and sad tears.

Finally, Ben answered with his smirk still on his face, "Well, I took care of the dumb hermit who took my daughters away from me. As for Rosalina and Celine, they are not here." His eyes began to fill up with lust and evil. His gaze frightened Jenna and began to take slow steps backwards until her back was against the cold cave wall.

"First off, Buck didn't take your daughters away from you. He was keeping them safe from Tim when he was abusive. And second, Buck's not dumb. You should be grateful that he saved them from that guy." Jenna growled at Ben. Ben didn't want to listen to her. He got closer to the helpless she-weasel, making her shake violently, not only in fear, but also because of the coldness of the wall.

Jenna wished she knew what was going on and what was about to happen. She wondered why Ben was acting so creepy towards her. But one she did know was that something bad was about to happen to her.

Still shaking in fear, Jenna asked, "What are y-you going to d-d-do to m-me?" Ben walked towards her until he was towering over her. He gently placed a paw on her cheek, caressing her. His touch was gentle and warm, but Jenna didn't fall into his spell. Without any hesitation, Jenna slapped Ben's paw away from her face.

"Don't touch me!" She screamed, scared and angry.

The slap to the paw didn't stop Ben from harassing her anymore. He chuckled creepily and pinned Jenna against the cold wall. He lowered his head to where his forehead was pressed against hers. Ben smiled, "You know you want to."

"No! I don't! Just please leave me alone!" Jenna shouted before kneeing him in the groin, escaping his grasp, and running away from him. She gasped again at what she saw in front of her. It was Buck, on the ground with a pool of blood forming from underneath him. Fortunately, he was still alive, but badly wounded.

"No!" Jenna got on her knees and sobbed.

Ben quickly recovered from the blow a few minutes ago and was now making his way towards Jenna, who was still mourning for her loss. He knelt down behind her and wrapped his arms around her petite waist. He whispered suggestively in her ear, "I can make the pain go away. That is, if you let me." He then lifted her and carried her, bridal-style.

Jenna screamed as she began to struggle in his arms, wanting to be free from his grasp. She wasn't about to let him have her. She was going to fight and would not stop trying to get away from him.

Unfortunately, Ben was too strong for her, but she kept on struggling. She screamed as Ben threw her down with him on top of her. "Now, Jenna," Ben looked at her hungrily before nipping at her neck. "I don't want to have to go rough on you."

Jenna sobbed quietly as he kept on. She felt dirty and sick in the stomach as he kissed lower and lower down her body. She wished none of this happened. She wished Buck was alive so that he could save her from this awful nightmare.

End of Dream Sequence

Jenna jolted up with a loud scream, making Buck fall out of his hammock with his sapphire eye widened in surprise. The she-weasel panted softly and felt cold sweat.

"Jennifer, are you all right, love?" Buck asked after picking himself up from the ground and dusting himself off. Jenna's eyes quickly scanned over at Buck's direction. She let her body relax with a quiet sigh of relief.

Buck sat on the side of her hammock and held her sweaty paw. "Wot happened, lass?" Jenna didn't answer. Instead, she just wrapped her arms around his neck, hugging him tightly. Buck could feel her shaking like a leaf in his arms. He began to worry about her.

He then felt Jenna pull away a few minutes later to finally answer his question. "It's just that same dream I keep having ever since I've moved in with you and Rosalina." She said with a guilty look on her face. Buck sighed.

It's been six months since all the drama, Roxanne's almost accomplished suicidal act, the twins running away, and Ben's kissing Jenna and ever since Jenna started living here, she had a nightmare that Ben nearly kills Buck with his knife so that he could rape Jenna without him trying to pull him away from her.

"I'm sorry." Jenna's gaze was on the ground, feeling ashamed. Buck sighed again before holding her in his arms.

"You know I will neva' let him get you, right?" He asked, placing his chin on top of Jenna's head. Jenna nodded. "Besides, he's still up there."

"But what if he's not? I keep having visions of him down here. What if he followed us?" Jenna questioned anxiously. The fear of Ben being down in Dinotopia made her so anxious. She was afraid that she was right every time the vision she saw came to her. It made her stomach lurch at the thought.

Buck sighed. He gently rubbed Jenna's paw, only to calm her down slightly. "You worry too much, love." Once he said that, Jenna's ears pressed against her head, knowing this was true. Smirking, Buck leaned in to where his breath mixed in with Jenna's strawberry-scented breath.

He's so close. Jenna thought, her cheeks reddening as he got closer and closer to her lips. Finally, Buck had Jenna in a kiss, caressing her cheek lovingly with the she-weasel doing the same.

Being around Buck always made Jenna feel happy and safe. When she was down or afraid, Buck was always there to tell her everything would be all right and cheer her up. When Buck kissed her, everything that was troubling her or stressing her out disappeared and was long forgotten. She was glad that she found somebody who would be there for her always.

All of Jenna's thoughts disappeared when Buck pulled away from the kiss and stood up with a calm smile plastered on his face. He helped Jenna out of her hammock then said, "Come on. Let's get Rosy and Celine up." Jenna followed Buck out of the room, forgetting the nightmare and the few minutes spent in there ever happened.

When they got out of their room, they saw that Celine was already up and dressed in her leaf dress. Celine turned her head with a smile on her face.

"Good morning!" She ran towards Buck and Jenna and hugged them both. Her hug was warm and welcoming as she hugged them. They returned the embrace then pulled away.

Buck wrapped an arm around Jenna before asking Celine if Rosalina was awake yet. Celine nodded in reply. "She said something about talking to a dead fruit. She's outside." The couple followed her finger to the mouth of the cave. Buck gently patted her shoulder. "Thanks, lass."

When they got out side of the cave, sure enough, there she was, on her knees and staring at the pineapple's gravestone. Oblivious to Buck and Jenna's presence, Rosalina continued talking to the dead fruit buried under the fresh dirt.

"Well, we are one big happy family. We have been one since we finally came home for good. Jenna's made Buck really, really happy. Buck loves her very much, but he still loves you too. He tells me all the time. Since Jenna's moved in, she's been taking care of him, and dad's doing the same. For some reason, at night, I hear Jenna screaming at night. Fortunately, Celine and Roxanne are heavy sleepers, but as for me, I can't help but stay up and worry about her.

"I wish I knew what was wrong with her. Maybe she has a nightmare that won't go away. I don't know. Other than that, we are a happy family. Oh! I heard that Buck's going to teach me and Roxanne how to swing on vines and Jenna how to fight. I hope he doesn't get too rough on her. Maybe not because he knows how fragile Jenna is," Rosalina paused for a breath.

Behind her, stood Buck and Jenna. They listened to what she was saying with small smiles. They remained quiet as Rosalina talked on.

"After all that drama that went on six months ago, life is getting better now." Rosalina stifled a chuckle before letting out a long sigh.

"There's a lot more I wish to tell you, but I've run out of breath. Perhaps I can talk to you tomorrow. Rest in peace, Mrs. Buckminster." Talking to the deceased pineapple actually helped Rosalina clear her mind. This was her first time doing this and it actually felt kind of great. Rosalina stood up to go back in the cave, only running into Buck and Jenna before she walked another step.

"Were you here the entire time?" She gave them a welcoming and playful smile as they walked towards her. Buck just pulled her into a hug, kissing her forehead in a fatherly manner; Jenna joined the embrace with no hesitation.

"You're sweet. You know that, Rosy?" Rosalina's luminescent cerulean eyes looked up at Buck, her eyes looking into Buck's only sapphire eye.

Rosalina smiled at him in reply. "I take it that Celine remembered to tell you two where I was." She said softly. The couple nodded. Suddenly, Jenna's stomach started to growl loudly, causing her to blush in embarrassment and Rosalina to laugh at her, amused. Buck chuckled. Now's the right time for him to fetch something to eat for his family.

"Looks like somebody's hungry. You two go back in the cave. I'll be right back." Buck instructed Rosalina and Jenna. Rosalina did what she was asked immediately. "You be careful." Jenna gave him a short, gentle hug before he turned to leave.

Smirking slightly, Buck asked, "Aren't I always careful?" The light-brown she-weasel shook her head with a hearty chuckle. She waved goodbye to Buck as he walked further away from the cave, leaving her the only one standing near the mouth of the cave. She sighed through her nose and walked back into their home.

As she entered the cave, she muttered to herself, "He's crazy, but I love him anyway." Jenna then felt someone tug at the hem of her dress. She got out of her dreamy state and looked down to see a grinning Celine at her side.

"Where's daddy?" She asked. Hearing her ask that made Jenna feel a pang of sadness hit her. She was thinking about how her real parents got killed by a pack of sabers. It pained her that she didn't know who her biological parents were. And to this day, Celine still thought of her and Buck as her real parents.

"Mommy, where's daddy?" Celine asked again, her patience withering away. Jenna blinked the tears that threatened to fall away and answer the kit's question. "He'll be right back. He's going to find some food for us to eat." She gave her a reassuring smile, hiding the sympathy she felt for the girl.

Fortunately, Celine didn't see the sadness in her smile and ran into Rosalina and Roxanne's room. Jenna sighed before walking over to the moss-covered couch and sat on it. "If only she knew." She muttered sadly to herself.

"I'm back!" Buck's voice rang from the foliage. Jenna's sadness disappeared drastically as soon as she heard his voice.

"Daddy!" Jenna began to laugh as Celine hastened out of her and Rosalina's room at the sound of his British accent. She had to admit: that cute scene cheered Jenna up. She heard Buck exclaim and quickly got up from the couch to see what was going on.

Jenna and Rosalina covered their mouths, snickering softly at the sight in front of them. Celine had her arms around his neck and her legs around his midsection. Buck was trying to keep his balance so that he wouldn't drop the two pouches of fruit on the ground.

"Did ya' miss me that much, lass?" Buck laughed. Rosalina was the first to walk over to him and bring one of the pouches in his paws inside the cave, making it easier for Buck to hold Celine in his free arm. "Thanks, Rosy."

"De nada!" The teen replied in Spanish.

Buck shook his head. "Let's hope no young men take my sweet fosta' daughters away from me."

Hearing this, Jenna chuckled softly before taking Celine into her arms. "Don't count on that hope for long. They're growing up. With them being beautiful seventeen-year-olds now, you're going to have to keep them away from some flirtatious boys, if there will be any falling down here."

Buck frowned. He didn't want to let Rosalina or Roxanne go, but the baby birds have to leave the nest eventually. He remembered his conversation with Rosalina and last week.


Rosalina was practicing her fighting skills and Roxanne was skipping rocks across a small pond when Buck came over to them and gave them a signal to sit down. Rosalina looked at him, confused until Buck told her and her sister that he needed to talk to them.

Rosalina stopped after throwing a punch at the air and Roxanne threw one last rock at the pond before heading over to where Buck was. The teens trotted over to a nearby big stone and sat down in front of Buck.

The one-eyed male just sighed at them as he took in their features. She still had the same dress she had on. She told him that it would be the memory of the day her sister nearly died. He tried to convince her to move on and go back to wearing the light blue dress she wore back then, but she was just so disheartened about her sister's situation. So, he gave up and let her wear the black dress.

Her beautiful, luminous, cerulean eyes still had the innocent sparkle in them, but they still had a little bit of sadness in them. He guessed it was still the memory of Roxanne's suicidal act that caused that sadness to linger in her eyes, also adding the family drama she had experienced before and after she and Roxanne met Buck.

Her healthy, shoulder-length black hair still framed her face and cascaded down her back, but there was one flaw. Her left bang covered one of her eyes. Since she's been down in a funk, Buck let her keep her hair that way.

As for Roxanne, she still had the same tangerine-colored dress she wore every day. Her shoulder-length hair was up in a low ponytail and her hazel eyes gleamed with happiness.

Finally, Buck spoke, "You're beautiful. You should know that by now," He smiled at his foster daughters that sat before him. Rosalina gave him a sweet smile. Buck chuckled silently before continuing, "Rosy, Roxanne, you two are growing up so fast. It seems like yesta'day I was staring into the eyes of sweet, poor, innocent, teenage females. Now look at ya'. Still the prettiest teens I've eva' seen. Anyway, back ta wot I was wantin' ta discuss with you."

That's when Rosalina started to blush insanely. She asked with an embarrassed groan, "It isn't 'the talk', is it?"

Roxanne blushed hard, as did Buck. Alas, that was one of the things he wanted to discuss with them. Finding his words, he replied, "Sort of. But I'll get ta that part later. Now, then. Here's wot I've been wanting ta talk ta you about. It's about you two growin' up and soon having a mate or boyfriend."

"Oh, dad! You're scared that I'm going to mate without knowing if I'm really ready or not." Rosalina smacked her forehead with her paw, sighing softly. Buck quickly said, "No, no, no, no, no. Listen. Since the two of you are seventeen now, I have decided ta let you two find your future mates. I know your shy and you have self-esteem problems, Rosalina, but you've go' ta put yourself out there."

"First of all, I'm surprised that you're talking to me about this and not Jenna. Second, I'm glad that you're letting me find a mate at this age. Third, I can't help but be that way, shy and not very confident. There's one problem. There are no males, except you, down here!" Rosalina looked over at a puddle that was in front of her and looked into it, seeing her reflection.

"She's got a point." Roxanne agreed with her twin.

What Rosalina said was true, but she'll never know when a random male will fall down or find a passageway to this tropical and dino-infested paradise and sweep her off her feet.

Buck wrapped an arm around Rosalina's shoulders as he stared into the puddle alongside her. "Well, you can always go on quest ta find a mate, lass." Buck insisted.

Rosalina and Roxanne snorted lightly and asked, at the same time, with a slight chuckle, "Without you? I don't think so. I could get killed!"

"No' if you use your fighting skills. You'll be all right. Roxanne, I'm pretty sure that as long as you're with your sister, you should be fine as well." He gave them a crooked, but reassuring grin.

Rosalina thought about it for a moment before she looked up at him with a smile on her face, as did Roxanne. They hugged him gently, squeezing him every two seconds. "We love you, dad." Hearing them say 'I love you' and calling him 'dad' was enough for Buck's heart to swell.

The one-eyed weasel wrapped his arms around his foster daughters, doing the same thing as Rosalina with the affectionate squeezing. "Love you too, Rosy and Roxanne." He then remembered about the 'talk'. Buck released the teen so that he could start his second conversation.

"Time for the 'talk', isn't it?" Rosalina asked meekly, blushing slowly. Buck blushed as well and nodded. Finally, he began the lecture.

End of Flashback

"Hello? Earth to Buck!" Jenna waved her paw in front of Buck's face until he finally snapped out of his trance. Realizing that he zoned out, Buck chuckled, "Sorry."

"It's fine. Now, I was asking you, before you zoned out, if you were ready to go back inside and eat." Jenna smiled as he nodded and walked back in, alongside her.