Book 3: Breaking the Ice

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Chapter 24: First Impressions

Chloe couldn't sleep. She had remembered about Ben's suicide back when she, Buck, and Celine reunited with Jenna at the cave. It shocked and frightened her that night. She didn't expect him to go as far as suicide to express how much remorse he had for his doings. A sincere apology would have been enough, minus having a knife aimed at the center of his chest. Alas, he chose to take his life in front of them, and there was nothing she or Buck, Jenna, and Celine could do about it.

Her sky blue eyes looked around to make sure Roxanne, Lars, and Jason was still asleep before she got up to join Rosalina. Should I tell her? I don't want her to get mad at her foster parents and accuse them for lying to her. She probably won't believe me, but I will convince her. I will make her believe me! Here goes nothing. Chloe found the cerulean-eyed female weasel talking softly to herself, or maybe a figment of her imagination. The ferret didn't care about who the teen was talking to. Her main goal was to tell Rosalina about her father's death.

She finally spoke up. "Hey, Rosalina, may I talk to you. This is kind of serious." Rosalina jolted slightly at Chloe's voice, but then relaxed and nodded. Part of me wants to back of this, but I can't. There's no backing out now. She sat beside Rosalina with the uncomfortable thought of how the twin would take the news she was about to share. Her stomach churned nervously as she thought of how to start.

Chloe was so nervous, but she was going to try not to show it in her expression. Exhaling deeply, she said, "Rosalina, this is about your real dad, Ben. Buck didn't tell you anything about what happened while he was trying to get me back with you guys. You remember how it was raining? I don't really remember myself, but I think it was. Anyway, when Buck, Celine, and I reunited with Jenna, it was a very happy moment for your little sister and your foster dad. Then, someone had to ruin it.

"Ben somehow found Jenna's destination and stabbed Buck so that he wouldn't make an attempt to protect her. Now, before you say, 'My daddy would never do that!' or 'You're lying!' listen to me. I'm telling you the truth. As you've seen after you got out of the canyon, he survived the stab. That's why he had that leaf bandage around him. That's how he got it. Your dad stabbed Buck. Now, I'm going to continue this story.

"Well, Jenna started to run to his aid, but Ben got in the way. He said something about making beautiful kits with her, which I'm guessing that's why Celine got all defensive and started yelling at him. He started making fun of her and called her a bitch. Then, that caused Jenna to get really mad and stood up for her. I wanted to help her and Buck so much, but your dad threatened he would kill Buck if we made any attempt to. Plus, I was injured at the time."

"Hold on. Why would my dad stab Buck? Why would my dad have a big crush on my foster mom and say he wanted to have her children? Why would he call Celine another name for a female dog? Why would he do those things?" Rosalina asked viciously. She was shocked she telling her all this. She thought Chloe was making all of this up and was telling this story to her with a straight, serious face. She thought it was a fake story and Chloe was trying to make her gullible enough to believe her. Well, she wasn't going to fall for it.

"Rosalina, I really don't know why he would do all that, but the insanity must have got to him. Now, let me continue. Where was I? Oh! Suddenly, Ben started to cry out and he fell down. It scared all three of us –Jenna, Celine, and I. We all kept our distances just in case he would lash out and attack us. He didn't do that, though. Instead, once he recovered, he got up with Buck's knife, which he used to stab Buck with, and apologized to Jenna. After that, he….he took his life. He stabbed himself out of remorse. This is true. Everything I said is true." Chloe stared at Rosalina with a serious expression.

Rosalina was getting close to tears now. Her blood boiled in anger and she stood up quickly to yell at Chloe. "You're wrong! You're making this up! He wouldn't do that to them! He would never endanger anybody's lives! You are lying! What makes you think that my dad would do any of that stuff and then take his own life?"

I knew she was going to say all that. She's in denial. Chloe looked behind her to see Roxanne and Jason staring back at her. And, she woke her sister and boyfriend up. Sighing, she got up and placed her paws on Rosalina's shoulders. "Rosalina, I would never lie to you. You're my friend. Besides, I was there when it happened. I saw everything. I was a witness."

"You were there when what happened?" Roxanne asked Chloe, wanting to know what she was talking about. Jason got up, careful not to wake Lars, and walked towards Rosalina with a look of concern. Chloe exhaled calmly. She didn't want to explain it to a crowd, but it looked like she had to tell them. She told Roxanne and Jason the same story she had told Rosalina then waited for Roxanne to say something.

Finally, the hazel-eyed female said, "Wow! I didn't expect him to kill himself as well as nearly killing or threatening someone. He even killed himself because he regretted the things he did to them. It's a shame I never got to know our real dad well enough to even care if he's dead. Oh, well. I believe you, for now. When we get to our foster parents' home, I want to hear the same thing from Buck and Jenna. Now, let's get some more sleep while we still can. It's really early in the morning and I want a few more hours of sleep before we head off."

Roxanne went back to where Lars was and slept next to him. Chloe looked back at Rosalina and Jason, their gazes locking one another's. "Rosalina, I want you to think about it then hear your foster parents' perspective of the incident once we get to their home. Good night." With that, the ferret returned to her sleeping area and tried to go to sleep.

Rosalina stood still, frozen in her spot. She couldn't breathe or see due to the tears stinging her eyes and blurring her vision. Her mind was still taking in all Chloe said to her. The ferret spoke with pure honesty and seriousness, leaving no signs that she was lying. Is he really gone? I only got to see him very little in my life. Now he's gone! No. Please, no.

"Rosalina, are you all…" Jason gasped in surprise when the blue-eyed she-weasel held him in a tight embrace, her right arm around him and her left arm resting on his chest where her head was buried as she sobbed softly.

"I don't understand! Why would he do this to them? Why did he kill himself? It's my fault he's gone! If only we didn't run away like we did a long time ago….Then, he would not know we were his daughters and we wouldn't know he was still alive and was our father! Jason, bring him back! Bring him back!" Rosalina screamed hysterically, causing the three sleeping mammals near them to stir and groan tiredly, struggling to block out the shrillness of the female's frantic voice.

Jason lightly pushed Rosalina off his chest to press his finger against Rosalina's lips. "Calm down, Rosalina! You'll wake everybody up. Now, don't blame yourself for your dad's death, all right? I know that was devastating news for you and your sister, but please try to be strong."

"I possibly just lost my real dad. How can I not blame myself?" Rosalina let her voice lower to a soft whimper. She began to lift a paw from her sides to wipe the tears away, but Jason beat her to it. He was lightly caressing her cheek, his thumb wiping the warm, fresh tears off the apple of her cheek.

Jason didn't know how to respond, but he replied, "There was nothing you could do, Rosalina. I wish I could do something to bring him back, but I can't. Once a mammal's gone, their spirit leaves their dead corpse behind to go to a different world. You'll still have your dad in your heart. You know that, right?"

"I know, Jason. I know. Now, get some sleep. We got more ways to go until we arrive at our foster family's home."

"No, I'm staying up with you. I'll hate myself so much if I rest, acknowledging the fact you're grieving. Don't argue with me over this. I can worry about sleep once you feel better." Jason stared at Rosalina with a caring gaze. Rosalina felt her cheeks heat up a little at what he said. She was touched that he was willing to stay up to comfort her. The female let a small smile appear on her face before she kissed Jason's cheek.

"Thanks. You're sweet." Jason smiled at Rosalina then wrapped an arm around her shoulders, earning a gentle grin from female weasel. They spent their time talking to each other and Jason was doing his best to cheer Rosalina up by comforting her, amusing her with jokes, and holding her close to him while giving her sweet kisses on the forehead and cheek every ten minutes.

The next morning, Roxanne woke up to see Rosalina and Jason lying next to each other. Jason had his arm around her sister, his head resting on top of hers, and Rosalina was curled up against him to take in his warmth. Well, isn't this cute? They fell asleep while keeping watch. I knew I shouldn't have let Rosalina stay up the rest of the night. Roxanne was startled by a familiar yawn.

She turned around and saw Lars's eyes staring back at her. Smiling sweetly, Roxanne leaned forward to kiss him. Lars happily kissed her back, one arm around Roxanne's waist while the other one lifted his upper body off the ground. "Well, good morning to you too, babe." Lars began to chuckle when Roxanne playfully rolled her eyes at him.

"Ohayogozaimasu, you two!" The lovers turned their heads with kind smiles as Chloe made her way towards them. The two weasels stood up to greet Chloe with a small hug before Roxanne went to wake her twin sister and Jason.

"Looking forward to meeting Buck again, Lars?" Chloe asked with a smirk, remembering how the one-eyed male threatened him and Jason that if they were to harm Rosalina and Roxanne in any way, he was going to slay them, though he was only half kidding. She began to giggle as Lars took a few paces back to show he was still a bit scared of him. He told her as long as he didn't really kill him or his cousin, he would try not to appear anxious in front of the twins' foster dad.

A few minutes later, Roxanne finally woke Rosalina and Jason to inform them that they needed to get going. Her cerulean-eyed twin got up, Jason doing the same, and led the way with Roxanne following behind. Chloe asked how far they were going to walk to get to their home. Rosalina and Roxanne reassured everyone that the distance to where they were now and to their destination was fortunately not far.

"It's only around sixty or seventy miles. We'll make it." Roxanne said to them before getting into a conversation with Chloe and Lars. The two weasels in front of them, Jason and Rosalina, were talking about how they would react once the twins' foster family see them again. Jason was laughing at Rosalina's enthusiasm and her random blubbering about their little adopted sister. He was covering the fact that he was partly afraid of Buck mainly because he threatened him and Lars he was going to kill them if they hurt the twins physically, mentally, or emotionally. Of course, he would never do anything like that to Rosalina. He really loved her.

Celine and Jenna stood at the entrance of the cave, waiting excitedly for the girls to come. Celine's forest green eyes were gleaming with happiness and anxiety. She was happy that Rosalina and Roxanne were hopefully going to arrive today, and anxious to meet their lovers. The kit couldn't stop bouncing in place, she was so excited. She turned her head in Jenna's direction, their eyes meeting to show they were sharing the same emotions.

Soon, Celine's excitement faded when she had a thought in her mind. What will happen after we meet Rosy and Roxanne's mates? Will they leave us to go back to the Ice Age? No! Rosy promised she and Roxanne was going to stay down here with us so that they and their mates would come to visit us. I hope she hadn't forgotten that promise. Once the twins leave, what will we do then? How will daddy feel?

The kit saw concern in Jenna's face. Guess I should ask her. With that thought, Celine asked in a soft voice, "Mom, what will we do once Rosy and Roxanne leave with their mates to find a new place to live? How will daddy feel after they leave?" Jenna looked at her adoptive daughter for a while then turned her head slightly in thought. To be honest, those were the same things she asked herself whenever she thought about the twin sisters. She kept thinking of how to answer her questions.

Finally, Jenna replied, "I don't know, sweetheart, but what I do know is that Buck is going to have a hard time accepting the fact Rosalina and Roxanne are grown up now. Even I am wondering how he is going to take it."

"I'll be a bit down fo' a while, but I'll be all right, lass." Jenna gasped when she heard Buck's voice and felt an arm drape around her shoulders. She had a paw on her chest from the small fright. The female was getting jumpy each day, but who could blame her? After all they've been through, she couldn't help herself. Calming down, she let the paw on her chest fall back to her sides.

Jenna turned to face Buck. "Please, don't scare me like that."

"I'm sorry, Jen. I can't help that you're jumpy." Buck chuckled lightly before giving the baby blue-eyed she-weasel a kiss on the cheek. Celine giggled then turned her attention back to the outside atmosphere, the reassured smile remaining on her face.

Jason looked around nervously. They now had forty miles to walk to get to the twins' foster family's home. He feared Buck wouldn't like him, but he tried to tell himself that Buck was just being intimidating just to scare him and Lars. Suddenly, Rosalina's concerned voice caused him to turn his head quickly in fright.

How was he going to tell her he was scared of her dad? Maybe she won't get angry. Beginning to have courage, Jason exhaled calmly and said, "What if Buck doesn't like us –me and Lars? Is that why he was scaring us?" He got ready for a defensive outburst from Rosalina. Instead, she began to laugh sweetly, which confused Jason.

Rosalina replied, "He may not look it sometimes, but he kind of enjoys intimidating newcomers, especially if they're males. He only did that to you both to show how much he cares for me and Roxanne. Don't worry. I think he'll like you. Besides, I believe he was only kidding around. He's known for being a crazy lunatic, but he's our favorite crazy lunatic. Always trying to get a laugh out of somebody…"

As Rosalina was talking to Jason, Roxanne was silently taking in her surroundings with Chloe doing the same. They surprisingly had nothing to say at the moment. Lars expected them to be talking about how excited they were to see Buck again. However, they remained silent. He tried to get a conversation started. "So, is your little sister looking forward to meeting us?" Lars spoke up awkwardly.

Roxanne's attention was successfully caught by that question. She gave a slight shrug then replied, "I guess. It depends on how you approach her. I really don't think you have anything to worry about. She's a great kid. I think you will like her, and vice versa. What you need to worry about is how you approach Buck and Jenna." Lars was glad he got Roxanne to talking, but he was beginning to worry about the twins' foster parents. Maybe all will end well. I hope…Lars thought with a small gulp. Two hours later, Rosalina called out to the group to tell them they now had between ten or twenty miles to go. They were getting closer.

Jenna and Celine had walked away from the entrance/exit of the den to do their own thing while they waited for the girls to return. Jenna was lounging on the moss-covered couch when Buck yelled for her. "Ay', Jen! Come look at this!" Buck called out to her. The female entered their bedroom to see a makeshift knife that almost looked like Buck's, except it was different. The stone tied onto the handle was almost the same size as Rudy's tooth, but it was slightly smaller. For the handle, it was wrapped with vines and leaves and in a little, carved in socket on the front side of the handle was a beautiful, shimmering blue topaz.

Jenna looked at it with admiration. "It's beautiful. Did you make this for Rosalina?" She examined the knife carefully, her baby blue eyes observing his work before looking up at him. Buck nodded with a proud smile. He told her how he found the topaz and how he thought Rosalina would adore it if he added a little pizazz to it. Knowing Rosalina, it was great idea. He also told her that he made Roxanne something as well.

Buck went over to a whip. The whip was made out of twisted thick and thin vines and the handle was carved with leaves wrapped around the bottom of the handle. "I think the girls will love their gifts. These are cool!" Jenna said with sincere enthusiasm.

"Thanks. I do hope the girls will like them, too." The couple walked out of their bedroom, making sure to hide Rosalina and Roxanne's gifts before walking out. A couple hours later, Celine bolted towards her napping foster parents on the moss couch. She shook their shoulders rapidly, telling to wake up. Buck and Jenna's eyes snapped open with worry and concern. But when Celine told them she could smell Rosalina's lilac scent, they got up quickly. Buck was so excited he almost bonked heads with Jenna as he jolted awake. The three weasels stood at the entrance of their abode, waiting anxiously.

This is it! Celine thought with raised hopes and tears burning her green eyes. She had missed the twins so much she couldn't stop saying so to her foster parents. Now that they were going to see them again, she couldn't be happier as well as more excited. She gasped when she heard a rustling in the foliage in front of them. Rosalina, Roxanne, please let that be you. Celine prayed mentally. She heard a hushed voice saying the same thing Celine thought while she, Buck, and Jenna were waiting for them.

Finally, two familiar paws, with the right paw having a small-medium heart-shaped birthmark, pushed the leaves apart to reveal the mammals they've been waiting for. They stood there, four weasels and one returning ferret. Buck and Jenna couldn't feel their arms or legs when they saw how mature the twins looked. They almost didn't recognize them, but they knew it was them. They snapped out of their trance when they heard Celine crying out the twins' names as she ran towards them with tears falling down her cheeks.

The kit hugged the girls tightly, afraid to let go. Rosalina and Roxanne hugged her the same way, tears streaming down their faces, too. The three sisters cried tears of joy in each other's arms. Jason, Lars, and Chloe all smiled happily at them. They were glad to see how close the sisters were. The females' actions showed how much they loved each other. Once they girls pulled away from the hug, Rosalina stared at Buck and Jenna.

She saw something different when she gazed at Jenna. Her stomach was getting a bit big. It didn't take a rocket scientist to figure it out. Jenna was pregnant. Rosalina felt more tears fall down her face like a waterfall. "Jenna!" The cerulean-eyed female ran towards the she-weasel and hugged her gently. Roxanne heard her sister call their foster mother's name and looked up.

"Oh, holy crab! Jenna, you're pregnant!" Roxanne screamed excitedly.

Jenna giggled, "Surprise!" The twins laughed along with her while they embraced the expecting female. While Rosalina and Roxanne were hugging and catching up with Buck and Jenna, Celine hesitantly walked towards Jason and Lars. The two males noticed her presence and introduced themselves. She stared at them, not saying a word, for she didn't know what to say. They seem like nice guys. What if they're using the same tactic that the twins' mom fell for, pretending to be all sweet and loving? They better not be.

Her forest green eyes searched the males', seeing nothing but truth in them, for now, she thought. She then spoke. "My name's Celine." Jason smiled at her. He always had a soft spot for little kids. Lars had told him one time that he would be labeled as a pedophile someday, causing him to get smacked hard on the back of the head and snapped at. Of course, Jason didn't like kids that way. He didn't know that Lars was only joking around at the time, but it was one of the sickest jokes he's ever heard from his cousin that day.

"We know. Rosalina and Roxanne told us a lot about you and your family." Jason received a shy smile from the kit. Chloe soon came over only to be greeted with a gentle hug by Celine. Her sky blue eyes widened in surprise then let them relax and let her arms wrap around the little girl.

"Why aren't you at the Ice Age?" Celine asked a few seconds later. She was excited that Chloe was still here. Really, she was, but she wanted to know why Chloe returned and didn't go back. The ferret only averted her gaze. She wasn't sure how to explain this to Celine. I came back because I don't belong up there. I never belonged there. I didn't want to stay there because I was afraid Maryanne would go back to her normal self and start making my life a living hell as soon as Rosalina and Roxanne left. I couldn't risk it. So, I went back with the twins. Besides, I like it here. Chloe said in her mind then to Celine.

Rosalina sighed, "Buck, Jenna, Chloe told us what happened to dad. I'm still not sure if I should believe her, but Roxanne does. I'm asking you. Is it true?" Jenna felt her chest tighten. She knew Rosalina was going to eventually bring this subject up. Too scared to speak, she just nodded her head at Buck, signaling him to explain. Noting the fright in Jenna's eyes, Buck did what he was asked. He told the twins what happened and what he was thinking the entire time the incident was taking place.

He then removed the leaf bandage wrapped around his sides to reveal a scar. It wasn't anything major, but it made Rosalina feel hurt. She had a paw covering her mouth with her cerulean eyes widening and filling up with tears. Roxanne did the same thing, except she didn't tear up. Instead, a fire started in her hazel eyes. She couldn't believe her real dad hurt Buck just to get to his desire, which was Jenna. Exhaling through her nose, sucking in her cheeks, Roxanne tried to calm herself before she got too enraged.

Rosalina carefully hugged Buck, letting a few tears fall down her face. The male held her close, his cheek resting on her head. "I'm sorry, Rosy." He whispered into her black hair. Rosalina nuzzled him at the sound of her nickname. How she missed him calling her that. Buck was surprised by the she-weasel's action, but he cherished it. They pulled away when Jason and Lars made their way towards them.

Buck cleared his throat and stared at the males. Jenna stood in between him and Rosalina with an arm draped around Rosalina's shoulder. Roxanne took Lars's paw in hers as they stood in front of the three weasels. Chloe and Celine watched anxiously from the side. Their heads quickly turned in Buck's direction when he spoke. "Well, we meet again. I see you boys like these beautiful young ladies of mine. The question is: Do you really love them, or are you playing with their hearts?"

Jason looked into Rosalina's eyes to see hope in them. I will never be the man your step-father was, Rosalina. I'll be darned if I am. Lars seemed to be thinking the same thing about Roxanne. The tension was rising among the group of weasels and the ferret as they waited for an answer from the two males. Jason inhaled and exhaled slowly to calm himself. He didn't know how to respond to the question. Fortunately, Lars finally answered before he could speak.

"I would never play with Roxanne's heart. When we first met, she kind of hated me and beat me up sometimes. She hated it whenever I called her Roxie. She just hated my guts! Then, eventually, while we were walking through the Canyon of Your Worst Nightmare, I saw why she wasn't so fond of me. Her nightmare was playing out in front of our eyes. I was so upset and disgusted, I just can't find the words to describe what other emotions I felt when I saw it. Roxanne gave me this horrified look and she looked as if she was about to cry.

"That night after what happened at the canyon, I talked to Roxanne while she was keeping watch and told her that I may have been a ladies' man, but I wasn't that sick and twisted to do what her step-father did to her. When I swore to her that I wasn't going to be like the man who raped her, I meant it. Since that night, we grew closer. We began to tease each other and play around, acting like the crazy youths we are. So, I promise, I will never, ever hurt Roxanne. I….I love her too much for her to go through the same thing that happened in her past again." Lars squeezed Roxanne's paw affectionately before pulling the female into a passionate kiss.

The lovers didn't acknowledge the fact that they were kissing in front of everyone, but they pretended there was no one around them. It was just them for fifteen seconds until they finally pulled away. Roxanne buried her face into Lars's chest as the male's arms wrapped around her securely. The hazel-eyed female let her grateful tears soak his chest while whispering thank you audible enough for only Lars to hear.

Celine gave Buck a 'So, are you convinced?' look, but he didn't see it. He was too shocked at what just happened though he knew it was going to happen sooner or later. The twins that fell down here, found him, chose to stay with him instead of returning to an abusive monster of a step-father, had fun-filled adventures with him, and many other events that happened involving him, the twins, Jenna, and Celine together, were leaving the nest. Buck was startled out his trance when Roxanne asked him if he was okay. He didn't respond. Instead, he just nodded his head in approval at Lars before walking to his and Jenna's bedroom.

Oh, dear. I knew he was going to do that. Looks like I'll have to do this for him. Jenna had a sympathetic frown on her face, but quickly turned it upside down as to not worry the group in front of her. She turned to everyone and said, "Lars, you have my blessing as well. Celine, sweetheart, will you go check on Buck?"

"Yes ma'am." Celine gave Roxanne and Lars a hug and wished Rosalina and Jason good luck before going back inside to take care of her depressed foster dad. Rosalina wanted to come along, but she had to stay to hear what Jason was going to say. The females and Lars waited for Jason to say something in complete silence. They could tell Jason was nervous, much to the male's dismay, so they waited patiently.

What do I say? Lars breezed through his. He didn't look anxious at all! Then, why am I? I shouldn't be. I'm confessing my love for Rosalina. That shouldn't be so hard! Well, maybe it's just because others are around to listen to what I say. Bingo! Still, I've got to do this. Jason took a deep breath and pulled himself together. He stared at everyone to see Rosalina whispering in Jenna's ear. Then, Jenna nodded understandingly and told Roxanne, Lars, and Chloe to come inside their home.

Jason smiled. Thanks, Rosalina. The female seemed to have read his mind, for she replied with a nod. "There. It's just us. I just got some pressure off you, so now you can talk. Don't worry, I won't bite." Jason chuckled at her, feeling much better now that he didn't feel so scared. He wrapped his arms around Rosalina and held her close. The cerulean-eyed she-weasel let her head press against Jason's chest then closed her eyes when he began to run his fingers through her long black hair, just like Buck would do whenever he embraced her. She liked it.

She then heard Jason speak. She listened to everything he said, feeling vibrations against the side of her face with every word that came out of his mouth. He told her how he loved her personality and her caring of others, complimented her agility, strength, and singing voice, and told her he would never treat her like her step-father did. He continued, "I'll never forgive myself if I hurt you in a way that's so painful. I don't think I see any reason to treat you badly. You're a very talented, strong, and beautiful girl. What's not to like? I had already liked you when I first met you. I saw how brave you were when you and Chloe risked your lives to save Maryanne and my brother in the canyon and Maryanne when she was being drowned by a tentacle. You're very sweet, too. I…words cannot describe how much I really admire you…"

"Jason," Rosalina stopped him. She chuckled softly, "shut up and kiss me." Jason laughed with her and gladly let their lips touch. They heard Lars whooping behind them. Jason and Rosalina quickly pulled away to see Roxanne and Chloe giving the couple two thumbs up and Jenna tearing up with a proud smile. Suddenly, Celine voice ran out, "Hey, Rosalina, Roxanne, Buck's got something for you!"

The twins made their way to Buck and Jenna's bedroom, leaving Jason, Lars, Chloe, Celine, and Jenna to chat in the main room. They found Buck sitting on his hammock, his head turned in their direction. To their surprise, he was smiling one of his crazy smiles as if he wasn't sad at all. Either Celine cheered him up somehow or he's just trying not to look depressed in front of us. Roxanne pondered this until Buck cleared his throat.

He got up from his hammock to get something at the corner behind Rosalina and Roxanne. While he was there, he said, "Well, girls, you two are about to have great adventures with your mates. You already know there's danger at every turn. If those boys don't know how to use weapons, you two might have to train them and teach them how to fight. To do that, I made these." He revealed the makeshift knife and whip he made himself to the twins. They both knelt down on either side of Buck to check out the weapons.

"These are so cool! Hey, can I use that whip on Lars if he starts acting like a pervert or says something perverted or embarrassing? It'll give me another use for that thing besides fighting dinosaurs." Roxanne got a shocked expression from Buck and caused Rosalina to fall over laughing. Roxanne forgot to mention to Buck that Lars was a bit of a pervert, but it was worth not telling him because the look on the one-eyed weasel's face was absolutely priceless. Rosalina was now getting close to tears, she was laughing so hard. Buck had recovered from Roxanne's question and was waiting for the two females to stop laughing.

Rosalina sighed, "Oh, man! That was hilarious! Buck, I think we know who wants that." She chuckled, wiping a tear from her eye. Roxanne smirked. The hazel-eyed female was pleased at how hard she made her twin laugh, but she was being partly serious about hitting Lars with the whip. Buck just shook his head. So, Roxanne's got herself a dirty-minded mate. I think it'll be all right. Nothing better than watching a lad run away from a girl that's threatening to hit him with that thing. Grinning mischievously, the male nodded his head.

"I think that'll be all right. Besides, it's your weapon of choice." Buck and Rosalina exchanged their amused expressions to show they were thinking the same thing. Roxanne threw a fist in the air then quickly pulled it down saying, "Yes!" Lars, be afraid. Be very, very afraid!

While Buck was giving the girls their new weapons, Celine was talking to Jason and Lars and her foster mother and Chloe were chatting like a group of teenagers gossiping in the hallways of a school. Celine didn't want to feel left out, so she went to the two boys to get to know them better. Jason was very nice as well as Lars. They seemed to really love her foster sisters, for they couldn't stop talking about them. Maybe, I don't have anything to worry about with these guys. Celine thought, slowly growing fond of them.

"Chloe, you can stay here with us if you want to. You're always welcome here. Plus, Celine seems to enjoy your company." The ferret smiled kindly at Jenna's offer, but she honestly didn't know if it was a good idea. With Jenna pregnant, she didn't want to be a burden to her or another weight on her shoulders. She couldn't just live with Rosalina or Roxanne, though she thought about it while they were walking to the twins' home. They just got mates. I don't want to intrude their new lives with Jason and Lars by just living with one of them. Maybe I should have stayed up there. Jenna gave Chloe a reassuring grin that told her she wouldn't be anything but family to her.

The redhead returned the smile, but she still didn't know what to do. Poor Buck was already surrounded by females enough as it is -which would answer the question as to why he was sane most of the time- and she was going to feel bad that he was going to be the only male in the home until Jenna gives birth. Jenna saw how frustrated Chloe was and told her to think about it.

Two hours passed when Rosalina and Roxanne finally came out from Buck and Jenna's room to show off their new weapons. Buck gave Jenna a thumbs up, telling her they like their gifts. The female responded with three little claps. They watched as Lars, Jason, Celine, and Chloe gathered around the twins to look at Rosalina's knife and Roxanne's whip.

Roxanne then had an idea. She called her lover to look at her gift and raised it in the air, preparing to strike him. Lars quickly moved out of the way, doing a barrel roll while doing so. Roxanne tried to make him the first victim to get hit with the whip. She turned to Buck and yelled, "It works great!"

Jenna couldn't help but chuckle with Buck at the comical scene. She looked down at her growing stomach with a small smile. Rosalina and Roxanne are going to be great aunts. I know Jason and Lars will be good uncles. If Chloe chooses to stay with us, she could help me and Buck take care of the kits once they're here. Of course, I don't want Chloe to give up her freedom just to look out for them. She's a teenager and she should still have some fun! The baby blue-eyed female realized her attention went to Chloe and she was locking eyes with the ferret.

"You want 'er ta' stay with us, Jen?" Jenna's head moved to the right, tearing her gaze away from Chloe to meet Buck's eye. She figured Buck noticed how she was staring at the redheaded ferret and he instantly knew what she wanted to do. Jenna felt Buck's arm wrap around her shoulders before he called Chloe's name for her to approach them. Scared that she had done something wrong, she scuttled in their direction. Buck asked if she would like to stay with them. The ferret was surprised. He actually wanted her to stay? I guess I should accept their offer. They want me to stay. Chloe stared at the ground for a moment then looked up to give a hesitant nod.

Celine gasped excitedly and gave Chloe a hug. She had overheard Buck's offer to Chloe while she ignored the new couples as they chitchatted amongst themselves. The kit looked up at her foster parents with those hopeful, forest green eyes. "She's staying?" The two weasels nodded in unison at Celine before smiling adoringly at her when she and Chloe shared a sisterly hug.

"Glad you're going ta' stay with us. But let me just warn you about one thing: we are adventurous. Meaning, we will have adventures almost every day. Until our kits are born, I'm putting that on hold. That should give you enough time to get accustomed here. Think ya' can handle it?" Chloe gave a quick nod in reply. Shoot, she killed dinosaurs in the Canyon of Your Worst Nightmare, saved Maryanne's life with Rosalina's help in the lake with tentacles, and saved Celine and Buck from being crushed by a tree during an earthquake, resulting in taking the blow of the fallen tree and having a hurt leg. What more could she do to prove to Buck she can handle danger at every turn? Okay, maybe not at every turn, but she was up for the challenge.

Rosalina tapped Buck on the shoulder. "Hey, I think we better leave. Roxanne's ready to find a new home and she wants to leave before it gets dark." Buck winced at this. This was the part he hated the most. Saying goodbye to the twins after taking care of them, loving them, and having fun-filled, heart-wrenching, sweet memories with them hurt Buck like a stab in the heart. Sadly, he had to let them go. He held Rosalina in his arms for a long time. Rosalina nuzzled him underneath his chin again as she hugged him back. It didn't take long before she felt him running his fingers through her hair. Like she always did whenever he did this, she closed her cerulean eyes.

Roxanne soon joined their long embrace, which was happily welcomed by Buck. He now had both of the girls in his arms. Five minutes later, Buck finally ended the hug so they could give Celine and Jenna a hug before they went off to find their new homes. Before they left, Buck asked Rosalina why she wasn't upset the rest of the time after he told her his side of the Ben incident. She smiled her sweet smile and replied, "I did all my grieving last night. I'm still devastated about his death, but I've got Jason to take care of me. I'll be all right, knowing that I still have you and Jenna. I love you." Those last words she said to him warmed his heart and almost made him cry in front of everyone, but he remained his composure until they and their lovers left.

Celine, Jenna, and Chloe watched them leave until they disappeared into the foliage. "They're gone." Celine whispered. She was going to miss them, but she knew they would come back to visit. Buck went into his and Jenna's bedroom to lie down. He felt the tears burning his lonely eye and his breathing became ragged. Jenna told Chloe to talk to Celine while she checked on Buck.

She walked into the room to find Buck lying on his hammock, crying silently. She sat down on the side of his hammock and rubbed his back soothingly. "Buck, honey, please don't cry. They'll come back to see us. I know it's hard right now, but we'll be okay. Come here." She gently turned him on his back so she could wipe away his tears and comfort him. After what seemed to be thirty minutes of him trying to pull himself together, Buck finally stopped crying. He hated it when he cried in front of Jenna. He was supposed to be stronger than this, but letting go of someone he loved so dearly killed him.

"Sorry about that, Jen. I'm all right now." He wiped his damp cheeks with his paw and gave Jenna a kiss, which turned out to be brief because they nearly fell off the hammock. Buck chuckled as he remembered he was going to make a bed for the two of them to share. "I'll be right back." He chuckled and went outside to get some leaves. Jenna shook her head. His mood changed rather quickly. He does that sometimes. Maybe once the kits are born, he'll have his mind off the girls for a while. Besides, they'll come back to visit. She carefully got on her hammock, her paw resting on her pregnant stomach as she lied on her back. Get ready, little ones. A great, fun adventure awaits you all.


Buck, Jenna, and a seventeen-year-old Chloe watched as four kits played outside the family den in the afternoon. Only one was just standing there peacefully. The kit had her father's eye color and her mother's fur color, nose, and personality. Her name was Taliyah, but Buck, Celine, and her siblings called her by her nickname, Tally. She was one of the quietest kits in the litter, but she did talk sometimes. Her muteness reminded Chloe of her older sister that stayed in the Ice Age. With her sister on her mind, the ferret smiled.

The sapphire-eyed kit grinned at Chloe for a moment before she saw a giant butterfly glide over her from above. She looked up in awe, her jaw slightly dropping. "Wow! Well, I'll be! That's the biggest flyin' insect I've eva' seen! Don't cha' think, Tally?" Taliyah looked back down to turn her head to find that the voice belonged to her sister, Noemi. She was Buck's female mini-me. She had her father's personality, fur color and pattern, and had her mother's baby blue eyes.

Smiling shyly, Taliyah replied in a soft, gentle voice, "Y-y-yeah. It was h-huge." Noemi ruffled her sister's hair playfully, receiving a tiny giggle from the girl. Taliyah was taken by surprise when Noemi pushed her out of the way as their three brothers raced each other to see who was fastest. Their older brother, Gale, was fast as lightning. They could only see a light brown blur whiz past them, followed by two red-brown ones which they knew were Dimitrios's and Keiichi's.

Keiichi dropped out of the race when he saw Noemi push Taliyah out of the way, resulting in them falling to the ground. "Are you two okay?" His green eyes, which he inherited from Jenna's deceased mom, stared into theirs as he and Jenna helped them up. Taliyah nodded in reply, dusting herself off without saying a word. Noemi, however, gave him a warning glare.

"Be aware of the mammals and objects in front of ya' next time, bro." She said through gritted teeth. Keiichi smiled nervously. He didn't mean for them to nearly get trampled in the middle of their brother's race. The boy apologized, averting his gaze slightly. Taliyah and Noemi exchanged glances before staring at their brother. Knowing they couldn't stay mad at him for long, they accepted his apology.

Jenna sighed in relief. "Keiichi, please be more careful. They could have been hurt." She said in a calm tone. The kit stared at his mother with a mortified expression and nodded his head. Soon, they heard Gale's shout of victory. Gale had won the race. Jenna let him bask in the glow of his victory before saying the same thing to the deep blue-eyed boy and Dimitrios. He turned to face Taliyah and Noemi and apologized in unison with Dimitrios.

Buck was going to handle the incident, but Jenna insisted for her to take care of it. Not wanting to argue with her, he let her. Chloe giggled. They're good kids. Glad the girls weren't hurt. The male must have heard her high-pitched giggle, for his eye was on her. "I just adore your kits every day. They're good kids. Gale can be good when he wants to be, but he's still a good kid, nonetheless. You know, Taliyah reminds me of Leah. I feel as if I still have a part of her with me, thanks to Taliyah's quietness." Chloe admitted to Buck. The one-eyed male said nothing. However, he did grin and he patted the ferret's shoulder in a friendly manner. They heard a loud yawn coming from behind them. They instantly knew who it was. Celine.

The preteen stretched while she walked towards them. Her short, pixie-styled, brunette hair was messy from tossing and turning as she slept. The girl wiped the crud out of her eyes when she yawned again. "Good morning." Buck greeted her with a lopsided smile. Celine smiled tiredly at him and Chloe before returning the same words to them. They now watched the kits play around once more after recovering from their incident. Jenna returned to the entrance of the home and smiled contently.

The she-weasel felt Buck's arms envelope her from behind. She rested her head on his chest, a sigh escaping her lips. Buck decided to seduce her by lowering his head on to Jenna's shoulder, his warm breath hitting her neck. He chuckled as Jenna began to blush. "We did well, Jennifer. Even though you nearly broke my paw while you were giving birth, we did well." Jenna giggled once Buck's lips planted against her neck then pulled away. It was true. While Jenna was in labor, she was squeezing the male's paw tighter than she ever did before. Her unknown strength caused Buck to close his eye in agony and stifle a shout.

"Hey! Get a room!" Celine shouted at the couple. The couple and Chloe laughed at the kit kind-heartedly.

"Oh, Jason, where are you taking me? Can I look now?" Rosalina asked in an impatient tone. Jason had blindfolded her to keep her from seeing the surprise he had for her. He guided her to their new home by walking behind her, his paws resting on the female's shoulders. Jason remembered when Rosalina was talking about the secret place that she, her twin, and her mother went to so they could stay away from their step-dad for a while. He had found a cave exactly like the one Rosalina mentioned to him. The only difference was that there wasn't a snowbell flower in the center of the cave. Instead, it was a small patch of daffodils. The flowers had white petals surrounding an orange center.

Jason got Rosalina in position and took off her blindfold. "What do you think?" He waited for the female to say something, but she only walked towards it, probably mesmerized by the flowers. Rosalina took a good look around the interior of the cave. It had a lot of space and room. She could paint as many murals and stories on the cave walls if she wanted to. After she looked around the cave, she got on her knees to take in the fresh scent of the daffodils. Smelled like spring.

Rosalina's head snapped in Jason's direction. Laughing giddily, she ran to him and pounced on him in a sweet embrace, knocking Jason over. The male laughed with her and kissed her gently. "I love it!" He heard her say to him. Rosalina hopped off him to look at the small pond on the right side of their new home. The pond was filled with colorful fish and beautiful lily pads. The flowers on the lily pads were a snow white color with a light pink tint on the tips of the petals.

Jason couldn't help but laugh at Rosalina's ecstatic childish behavior. He was glad Rosalina chose him to be her mate. He was going to be sure to always make the female smile and laugh and to be the best mate Rosalina could ever ask for. The green-eyed male gasped as he was greeted by another hug. Rosalina buried her face into Jason's chest, giggling as if she was having a laugh attack. Jason held the cerulean-eyed weasel in his arms and chuckled with her again.

"I love you so much! This place is beautiful! Is this our new home?" Rosalina pulled away from the hug to smile at Jason. He nodded his head. I knew she would love it. Jason grinned at the thought before getting to work on making furniture out of leaves, moss, bark, and stones with Rosalina's assistance.

Roxanne and Lars were adjusting to their new home, which was a tree with a wide trunk. They already made a moss-covered bed, a stone couch with lush leaves wrapped around the entire stone, and other pieces of furniture they made with nature. Roxanne sat down with a relieved sigh, happy that they were finished getting settled and that she could relax for a while.

Lars sat down next to her, his paw resting on top of Roxanne's. "Well, we're done. What do you want to do now?" The hazel-eyed female stared at him. She could sense that Lars wanted to make out with her, so she decided to tease him a little. She got up from her spot, her paws resting on her hips.

"I'm tired." She swayed her hips as she walked towards the wall. Roxanne clawed at the tree wall to get a good grip. Then, she began to climb up to where their bed was. It was a giant bed made of leaves and moss that was on a good-sized ledge. For Lars's entertainment, she climbed to their bed like a cougar stalking its prey. Lars began to follow her from behind, never taking his eyes off Roxanne. Once they made it to their bed, Lars grabbed Roxanne from behind and carefully fell on the bed with her going down with him.

Roxanne cackled and screamed into the pillows as he began to kiss all over the right side her face and down to her jawline. "You little tease!" Lars laughed evilly at her before tickling her sides, underarms, and underneath her knees. This caused Roxanne to start screaming, laughing, and kicking her feet nonstop. She heard Lars tell her that if she surrendered, he would stop tickling her, but she wasn't going to give him the pleasure of letting him win. With as much strength as she could muster, she flipped over to where she was now on top of Lars.

"Haha! Now I've got the upper hand…erm…paw!" Roxanne smirked down at the male. Lars almost made a move to switch positions, but he was too late. Roxanne began to tickle him from head to toe, smirking at the sound of her mate's laugh. She decided to tease him again. Giving a fake curious expression, she said in a "curious" tone, "Hmm…I wonder where you're good spot is…" Roxanne poked Lars's thigh, causing him to laugh harder. Her smirk returned to her lips as his laughing echoed throughout the inside of their home. She told Lars that if he surrendered to her, she wouldn't tell everybody that he was ticklish.

After an hour of tickling each other passed, Lars finally gave up, for he was running out of breath due to laughing so much as well as Roxanne. That wasn't the only reason why Lars surrendered. He didn't want Roxanne going around telling everyone he was ticklish, fearing that would give her foster family, his cousin, and Roxanne's twin the ability to make him weak.

They lay on their bed, panting hard and lying close to each other. Lars slowly turned his head to face Roxanne, who stared back at him. "If I didn't surrender, would you really go around telling everybody I'm ticklish?" That's when the hazel-eyed female smiled at him and shook her head.

"No. I wouldn't do that to you. I just said that so I could win the tickle fight you started." Roxanne giggled at the embarrassed male next to her. His ears were flat against his head, his cheeks were flushed red, and a frown made its way onto his face. He was starting to pout. This made the she-weasel feel bad. Roxanne cuddled up next to Lars, her front pressing against his back. She lightly scratched behind his left ear, sighing softly.

She whispered, "Aw, come on, Lars. We were having fun. Come here." Lars heard sympathy in her voice and turned around. Roxanne wrapped an arm around his shoulder while her mate wrapped an arm around her upper back. They held each other's paws and let their tails intertwine. Roxanne pulled Lars into a kiss in which Lars returned. Before they got too carried away, they pulled away quickly. The mates stayed in each other's arms until they fell asleep.

After their adventure involving friendship, fun, rivalry, romance, blood, violence, and tears, the weasels and ferret all had a happy ending. Buck, Jenna, and Celine had new additions to their family, including Chloe, and every day was a fun-filled day. They couldn't be any happier than they already were.

Rosalina and Jason were having the time of their lives as they went out to search for danger three times a week. Jason was used to the dangerous word now that he had fun escaping possible death. Roxanne and Lars was still a very happy couple, doing the same thing as Rosalina and Jason. Sometimes, they would meet up and go on an adventure together, since they live only forty-five minutes away from each other.

In the Ice Age, Maryanne was back to her sincerely sweet self. She was kind to everyone, saying hello to every mammal that walked past her. She was also respectful, understanding, and caring to everyone. She eventually found "the one" and they became mates. He was a handsome fellow, a kind gentleman, too. He had chestnut fur on his sides with a tan center, sparkling chocolate brown eyes, and had an Australian accent. His name was Dallas

A year later, Leah was pregnant with Rico's kits. When she told Rico the good news, he got so excited that he went to Maryanne's family and the herd to spread the word. Everyone was so shocked. They couldn't believe a quiet and gentle female like her was going to be a mother soon. Then again, sometimes a person changes when they're in love.

Me: Whoo! Yay! I'm done! I bet you noticed I named one of Buck and Jenna's kits after a character in The Hunger Games, which was an epic movie by the way. I also named another one of their kits after an anime character in Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni, which was Keiichi. And Ohayogozaimasu means 'Good morning' in Japanese.

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