Hello folks. Long time no talk, write, all the good stuff. I know some of you wanted to know when Today is the Day would continue. Very sweet, but I wasn't happy with the beginning of it. So, as a result I decided to restart my entire little saga here. I'm not completely sure with I am going to continue with this. It is just an idea. So, here it is "The Uncertainty of Tomorrow", the reboot of "Tomorrow is Fickle". Give me some feedback, and I'll decide its fate soon enough.


Covered in nothing but an old trench coat, he knew only one thing at that moment. He was certain of only one thing.

The future was cold.

He found himself in a small opening struggling to keep the coat closed, forgetting the fact he had buttons and a belt to fasten it with. As he moved into a small, dark corridor, he could feel his goosebumps rub against the ragged fabric of the coat. He carefully turned the corner, keeping his eyes and ears at a constant attention. His mother's training coming into play. A fire burned in a barrel making small crackle noises complementing the sound of his bare feet crushing rubble underneath them. The solo rubble voice was joined by a chorus of feet... and barking noises.

"I got one." a solider said, rifle aimed at the overwhelmed teenager.

He gulped. "I'm not metal."

"Don't move."

He put his hands up. "Pl-"

"Don-" the rifle shook in his hands.

"Please, I swear I don't have anything! I'm human. I swear!" The panic rose in his voice.

"Stand down."

Relief. Someone who could tell metal from human. His mouth dropped, then was soon replaced with a smile. The man held his rifle to his side as he pushed the other man out of the way. He quickly gave the teenager a quick look up and down before speaking.

"Look in his eyes. He's got about as much metal in it as you do."

"Derek..." His smile grew larger.

"Yeah?" he said a little rudely. How did he know his name? He never met this kid.

"John...John Connor." he spoke with the reassurance that Derek knew him. This was Derek. His smiled disappeared and was replaced by confusion.

"I know a lot of people, kid. Don't know you. Anybody heard the name John Connor?" He turned around and asked the others. They all shook their heads together.

"Well...you know what? I think you're going to be famous." John gave him a quizzical look.

"My brother's back and you're wearing his coat." Derek said with a small smirk looking at his brother.

John turned around quickly. He knew who was approaching him. Out of the shadows he could see him. The first time he'd ever had, as an adult that is. One of the two things that ever kept his mother going.

Kyle Reese.

John could feel the cold air enter his mouth. It was agape again. As confused, overwhelmed, and scared as he was. This moment could erase all of those anxious feelings, for a few moments anyway.

The staring contest the two felt like an eternity.

That is until another person he held so close entered his line of sight. Another smile appeared on his face. Cameron walked out of the darkness with her eyes focused on the ground.

Derek didn't recognize him. But Cameron had to.

A small smile appeared on her face as she pet the dog, but it disappeared as she caught John's eyes on her. As soon as her's disappeared, his vanished too. Two moments of pure euphoria, taken away by the negative feelings from before. A sense of dread hit him when he realized where and when he was.

His jump to the future for "her" might have helped the machines win.

He was in a future without John Connor.

The basement room with the TDE was burnt beyond recognition, sparks flying out of the ceiling, and a small fire in the concave hole in the floor. The spot where his son left with a terminator. A machine she didn't particularly trust. Her eyes glanced at the other machine, another she didn't trust. She was lifeless, for a machine anyway. He went after her. Now she was alone, but with a mission. A promise. To try to stop it. She would try her damndest.

She walked out the door before turning around one more time. A look of uncertainty covered her face.

"I love you, too." she whispered, hoping somehow, he would he hear. Wherever he was.

Once again, send me feedback, so I can decide the fate of this reboot.