Okay! So...it's another collab with Susangel! Literally written together at the same time and everything since Google Docs is the most amazing thing in the history of ever. Also kinda trippy watching the other person's words pop up as they type.

So, yeah. When I asked elemenoze for some prompts for his birthday fic, one of them was a story for blind!Cas. I liked the idea and jotted it down, shared it with Su and she launched into this big 'ol story line that is this story. A good chunk of it is already written (15,500 words already and still going) so updates should come along fairly quickly and hopefully we'll be done with this by the time we need to post the last chapter. This will be part of a little trilogy of fics we've decided to work on (at the insistence of elemenoze, pushy bastard) so after this one there will be a story featuring a deaf!Cas and then after that one a mute!Cas...yeah, I'm in over my head I think, Su just keeps giving and giving ideas. Not that I'm complaining. They'll all have similar titles but won't be related in plot, just something to do with something evil and the loss of a sense. So that's what you can expect in this fic.

Along with some Destiel too of course.

So, anyway! Susangel and I have written this together, she did...well...pretty much all of the dialogue, I just filled in the blanks so don't forget to sing her praises as well! Alright, enough babbling.

I hope you guys enjoy this! Expect more soon!

Also, this is my artistic license. I know nothing about Juilliard and it's workings and barely know anything about the blind besides what I've googled. So just...go with it.

Dean sighed, glanced down at his watch and resisted the urge to tap his foot impatiently. He'd sent Sam up to the counter to get their coffees but somewhere along the line Sam had gotten either lost or distracted.

Dean sighed again and sat himself down at one of the few tables available in the small coffee shop; there was no way he'd be getting back to the station in the next ten minutes at this rate. Dean was lost in his thoughts when someone bumped into his table, hands searching for the chair before pulling it out.

Dean cleared his throat, "Hey, some one's sitting here already dude."

A pause, then, "Oh. Sorry, I'm just..."

"What? Blind?" Dean snapped, glaring up at the guy. He had a moment to realize he'd just made a mistake, judging by the way those blue eyes weren't entirely focused on Dean, a long white cane held in front of the stranger.

"Yes, actually." And Dean suddenly felt like the world's biggest asshole.

Sam chose that moment to finally appear with their coffees, "Dean...what's going on?"

Sticking my foot in my mouth, Dean thought.

"There you are Cas!"

'Cas' turned towards the voice calling at him from the door, Dean had a moment to think holy shit there are two of them before Sam was turning his giant puppy dog eyes on Dean and asking again, "What's going on Dean?"

"Uh..." Dean honestly had no idea what to say. He thought that saying just made fun of a blind man wouldn't go over well with Sammy.

Dean blinked, shot up out of his chair, "Here! You can sit."

The new arrival was staring at Dean, closer to glaring, as his twin shifted uncomfortably where he stood, white cane clutched in his hands.

"Jimmy maybe we should just go?" Cas turned his head in the general direction of Jimmy, shifting on his feet again.

"No, we can stay. You need some coffee in you anyway. Um..." Jimmy looked around, probably noticing there were no more empty tables in the coffee shop. Sam, ever the peacemaker said, "We can share? The table is big enough."

"Sure, sounds good. Cas, why don't you sit, I'll get our drinks." Cas nodded and slowly sat down in the chair across from Dean who slowly sank back down into his own, Sam taking the chair on Dean's right. The three sat in awkward silence for a moment before Cas stuck his hand out, "Castiel Novak. That's my brother, Jimmy."

Dean shifted enough in his chair so he could grasp Cas' hand without it being at an awkward angle, "Dean Winchester. This is my brother Sam."

"Pleasure to meet you. And thank you for letting us share your table."

"No problem, least we could do." Cas nodded and fidgeted with the white cane clutched in his hands, thankfully Jimmy chose that moment to return before things could get any more awkward. Dean had no idea how to interact with a blind person, had no experience to draw on.

"Here's your coffee Cas, right in front of you." Cas nodded, let his right hand inch along the surface of the table before his fingers bumped into the cup, he grasped it and was about to take a sip when Jimmy asked, "Where's Faith?"

"I left her outside." Dean shared a look with Sam, who shrugged, not like he knew what the hell the two were talking about.

"What? Why?"

Cas sighed and muttered, "Last time we brought her in the owner complained. I don't want any trouble this time Jimmy, she's fine outside."

"That's bullshit Cas. She might be fine, but you won't be. She's a service dog she's allowed to be in here whether he likes it or not. He's just an asshole is all." With that, Jimmy turned and headed for the door, ignoring Cas' protests. Cas sank back into his chair with a sigh as Jimmy reentered the coffee shop with a black dog in tow, the dog immediately pulled away from Jimmy and moved to Cas' side, nudging his hand with her nose.

Cas rested his hand on the dog's head, "This is Faith." Dean smiled, leaning forward with the intention of asking if it was all right to pet her when a voice shouted from behind them, "Hey! I don't allow dogs in here!"

Cas sighed and muttered, "This is what I wanted to avoid."

"Suck it up, he's just an asshole." Jimmy growled, glaring at what Dean suspected to be the owner.

"She's a service animal, she's allowed in here." Jimmy said as the man came to a stop by their table, glaring at Cas and Faith.

"I don't care if she's a service animal or not! She's an animal, period. And I want her out of here!"

Sam set his cup down, crossed his arms and got that look on his face that said he was about to lay down a verbal smack down, "You do realize that the law requires you to allow service animals into your establishment? Whether you have a "no pets" policy or not, service animals are allowed into privately owned establishments since they are not recognized as "pets". You would be discriminating against a handicapped person and according to the law he would be able to sue you for this."

Dean hid his smile behind his coffee cup while Jimmy simply gaped at him and Cas lowered his head, hiding his own smile.

The owner sputtered for a moment and Dean looked up at him, "If you're going to cause trouble I can always take you down to the police station. Where I work. I'm sure people would love to hear how you kicked a blind man out of your establishment. Would do wonders for your business I imagine."

With a huff, the owner turned and disappeared into the back. Jimmy grinned over at the two of them and Sam muttered sheepishly to Cas, "Sorry for calling you-"

Cas waved his hand dismissively, "I'm used to it. Don't worry yourself. And you didn't say anything that wasn't true anyway."

"Cas, don't say that!"

"Well, I'm certainly not fully functional, am I?" As if to prove his point Cas' gaze was a little off from where Jimmy was seated, focusing at some point over his left shoulder.

At Jimmy's guilty look Cas snapped, "Stop it!"

"Stop what?"

"Jimmy. I'm blind, not an idiot...I might not be able to see you, but I know you like the back of my hand, so just stop it okay?"

"Sorry Cas..." Dean looked over to Sam who shrugged, sipped his coffee and pretended not to listen to the conversation going on across the table from them.

"How about you pay the bill and we call it even?" Cas muttered after a moment of tense silence.

Taking it for the peace offering it was Jimmy sighed, "Sure Cas, but you're paying next time." Cas smirked into his drink, "We'll see."

Jimmy stood up from the table, grumbled, "You need to stop talking with Gabriel." He disappeared to pay for everything and the three of them were left in their awkward silence.

Cas cleared his throat a moment later and asked, "So, you're a lawyer Sam?"

Sam jumped at the opportunity, "Oh! Yeah, I work over at Cross and Associates."

"You must be very good at what you do then."

Dean grinned, allowed himself a moment to feel the pride he always felt when talking about Sam and his successful career, "Oh yeah, Sammy's the brains of the operation. Went to Stanford and everything."

"You must be very proud." Cas said, smiling slightly in Dean's general direction.

"Damn right I am." Dean nearly puffed his chest out, Sam rolling his eyes at him though, kept him from doing anything embarrassing.

"So what do you do Cas?" Sam asked, gently steering the conversation away from any embarrassing topics that Dean was most likely to head into.

"I uh," Cas cleared his throat, almost looking embarrassed, "I teach at Juilliard."

Personally, Dean didn't have the slightest idea what Juilliard was, but Sam looked impressed. More than impressed, awed almost.

"What do you teach?"

"Cas is one of their best piano teachers." Jimmy said, plopping back down into the chair beside Cas.

"I wouldn't say best."

"Don't be modest Cas. Your classes are the ones that fill up first. Everyone wants to be in Cas' classes. He's amazing."


"Well you are."

"How can you play when you're-" Dean stopped realizing this was not his day. Probably suffering from foot in the mouth disease.

"With enough practice you don't need to see to be able to play." Cas muttered, fingers twisting his now empty coffee cup around on the table.

"Cas has been playing since he was what...four?"


"His teachers called him a prodigy. Our mother used to call him her little Mozart." Jimmy said, grinning over at Cas who was turning a lovely red color.

"Guess it's in a big brother's nature to brag about their younger siblings." Dean shared a look with Jimmy and they grinned at one another. Sam suddenly snapped his fingers, he leaned towards Cas, face bright with excitement. Dean knew it was the face Sam got before he had a nerdgasm.

"I read about you in the papers last year! You did that tour over in Europe over the summer right?"

Cas nodded, his flush deepening and spreading from his cheeks all the way to his neck.

"I watched some of the videos on YouTube. God you're amazing." Jimmy nudged Cas, grinning wide as he said, "See, what'd I tell you Cas?"

"Bite me."

"Maybe later Sweetie."

Cas rolled his eyes skyward, shifted in his chair and asked quietly, "Would you like to come to one of my concerts then? It's the least I can do after what you did..."

Dean hesitated; the whole classical music thing wasn't exactly in his field of interest. Sam though, "Are you serious?" He looked like he'd just won the lottery.

Cas nodded, "In a few months I have a performance scheduled. Just me and some of the top students from the strings class."

Sam looked like a kid on Christmas Eve who just got told he could open his presents earlier.

"You better stop right there Cas, or you gonna make Sam have a heart attack", Dean said with amusement lacing his voice. Sam glared over at him while Cas chuckled, pulled a pen from his pocket and accepted the napkin Jimmy handed him. He jotted down a phone number before sliding the napkin across the table, "Just call this number to let me know how many people are going to join you. We'll save you some seats."

Sam took the napkin, looking at it with an almost reverent look on his face, "Wow, Cas. Thanks."

"You're welcome," he said with a shy smile gracing his face.

Dean took that moment to glance at his watch, "Oh shit! I'm late!" He grabbed his things and made a run for the door while yelling, "It was nice to meet you! See you around!"

Sam glared at his brothers retreating back, "Of course he leaves the bill for me to pay."

"Well. We better be off as well," Jimmy said while getting up, "Come on Cas, I'll drop you off at Julliard."

"It was nice meeting you Sam," Cas said, standing up, adjusting his cane in one hand while taking hold of Faith's harness in the other.

"Likewise," Sam answered with a smile, "And thank you for the tickets!" The twins waved as they departed and Sam sighed and headed for the register to pay for the bill. It was when he was gathering all his things that he realized Dean had somehow snatched the napkin with Cas' number on it.