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One Year Later

Dean glared at himself in the mirror, fought some more with his tie before he decided it was good enough and left the room to go find Cas.

He found his wayward boyfriend outside, Gabriel, Jimmy and Amelia standing around him. The sky was a bright, clear blue above them, there was a warm breeze and everything just seemed bright and happy. Dean grinned and wrapped his arms around Cas' waist from behind, causing the other man to jump a little then shoot a glare over his shoulder at Dean.

Dean kissed his cheek, in too good a mood to let anything at all bring him down. His little brother was getting married today, nothing could possibly go wrong.

"You finally get that tie figured out bucko?" Gabriel asked, grinning.

Dean scowled at him and snapped, "You scare off your date already?"

Cas elbowed him, but smiled anyway. Dean knew he was happy about his brother actually finding someone that would deal with Gabriel's shit. She had been one of the nurses that had taken care of Cas when he'd been in the hospital. Gabriel had instantly been smitten with her snarky, won't take any shit attitude. They'd been on a few dates, but nothing to extraordinarily serious until Gabriel had sucked it up and asked her to join him at Sam's wedding.

Cas turned around in Dean's arms, pushed him back a little and felt around Dean's neck before sighing and shaking his head. Dean frowned at him, then managed a, "Hey!" while Cas tugged his tie free.

"You're hopeless with these things." Cas muttered, tying it right and patting Dean's chest.

"You're lucky you don't have to wear a tux." Dean muttered, looking down at the now neat tie. Cas smirked at him, tugged at his own suit and tie, "I'm also not the best man."

"Yeah...well...whatever." Cas grinned up at him, pressed a quick kiss to his cheek while Sam shouted from behind him, "Dean! C'mon man! We need to get started!"

Dean sighed and rolled his eyes. Sam, the gigantic girl he was had been freaking out all morning. Dean wanted nothing more than to just stay with Cas and enjoy the show from the sidelines, but his brother apparently needed him up there as well. Dean wasn't even going to get started on the horrors of having to write a damn speech and give it later.

Cas gave him a little push, "Go on."

"But Cas-" Dean used his best whiny voice, and moved back towards Cas, resting his head on Cas' shoulder.

Cas rolled his eyes, pushed Dean again, "Go on Dean."


"If you go now I'll let you fuck me into the mattress later when we get home."

Dean blinked, shocked into silence. Even after a little more than a year together Cas still had the ability to shock Dean stupid when he said stuff like that.

"Can't we just do that now?" Dean muttered.

Cas rolled his eyes, shoved Dean again, "You're brother is getting married Dean. If you go now I'll make it drunk sex."

Dean sighed, acting incredibly put out instead of incredibly turned on, gave Cas another quick kiss before turning and marching his ass up the gentle slope of a hill to where Sam was still waiting impatiently.

"About time."

"Shut up and let's get you married Samantha."

Twenty minutes later and Sam was quietly freaking out. Dean was trying his best not to fidget and roll his eyes. This was his brother's wedding, he was supposed to be supportive, not eyeing his boyfriend out in the audience like he was a piece of meat.

"What if she changes her mind?" Sam whispered suddenly, drawing Dean's attention away from Cas who was talking quietly to John. John had finally gotten over himself a few months after Cas had gone through his ordeal with Lucifer. The two actually got along amazingly well and Mary loved to baby Cas like he wasn't a grown man. Dean was just happy everyone was getting along.

Dean rolled his eyes at Sam and whispered back, "She's put up with for about...what? Five years? If she hasn't dumped you yet, I'm sure she won't do it now."

"Is that supposed to be reassuring?" Sam grumbled, glaring at Dean.

Dean grinned and shrugged, "Hey! I've got to work with what you give me...not my fault I got all the good stuff of the family." Dean smirked and Sam rolled his eyes, opening his mouth to retort but stopped when the music started. Dean couldn't help but snort when Sam's eyes widened comically when Jess started heading towards them. He had to admit she looked absolutely beautiful, the sun brightening the white of the gown so it looked like it was glowing; the hills surrounding the farm Jess' parents owned were a bright green. Everything was just about perfect.

The rest of the wedding went off without a hitch. Dean grinned like an idiot when Jess and Sam kissed, he learned that Cas and Jimmy were the type of people that cried at weddings and Gabriel was the type to stand on his chair to clap and cheer when everything was finished.

And to think that maybe one day Dean and Gabriel would actually be family. It was an almost terrifying thought.

Dean met up with everyone else while Jess went to change her dress for the reception while Sam was enveloped in a hug by Mary and cried over and slapped on the back by everyone else. Cas looped his arm through Dean's, smiled up at him and said, "It sounded like a lovely ceremony."

"It was. It's a beautiful day Cas."

Cas' smile widened and he tilted his face up towards the sun, "I can tell." Dean kissed his cheek and led him over to their table while they waited for everyone else to get settled and for Jess to return. Jimmy, Amelia, Gabriel and Sarah joined them a few minutes later, Jimmy turning a brilliant red when Gabriel asked, "So when you are gonna tie the knot Jimmy?"

"Oh leave him alone Gabriel, we all know it will be Amelia who makes that decision." Cas said, grinning over at Jimmy.

"You can bite me Cassie."

"I'd rather bite Dean."

"Quit being such a fucking tease." Dean growled, poking Cas' side.

Cas chuckled and winked at Dean, "It would only be teasing if I didn't mean it." Dean rolled his eyes and scowled, warring with wanting the night to be over already so he could take Cas home or just dragging him into the bathrooms to have his way with him.

As if reading his mind Cas patted Dean's thigh, "Later."

The rest of the night passed by in a blur. Full of good music, good food, good booze and laughter. Dean ended up watching Cas through most of it, marveling at how lucky he'd gotten to have Cas in his life. After everything that had happened with Lucifer Dean was sure he'd lose Cas one way or the other. But Cas had proven he was a tough cookie and had worked through his issues with Dean's, Jimmy's and Gabriel's help. There was still the occasional nightmare, but ever since Dean had moved into the apartment with him they were few and far between.

Lucifer in the meantime, was enjoying his stay in prison for kidnapping and attempted murder. He hopefully wouldn't be out any time soon and if he was, Dean would take care of it.

When the time came to cut the cake, Dean was nicely buzzed on champagne and beer and he could tell Cas was well on his way a nice buzz as well. At least he was keeping up his end on the drunk sex deal.

Gabriel had hoarded a piece of cake that was nearly as big as the plate itself which he ended up reluctantly sharing with Sarah. While Dean ended up feeding a few pieces to Cas because apparently a cool night, glittering lights and romantic music turned him into a huge sap. Cas nearly objected to being fed, but his complaints were cut off when Dean licked some wayward frosting from his lips.

Then came time for the moment Dean dreaded most besides giving his best man speech, which he had barely made it through since Cas' fingers had kept wandering into his pocket.

Jess stepped up onto the makeshift stage, cheeks flushed and smile wide and bright, bouquet held high over her head.

Jess grinned out at the crowd and Dean had a sinking suspicion she had something planned. Cas was sitting quietly by his side, a small happy smile on his face while he listened to something Sarah was saying to Gabriel.

Jess shot Dean a wink, Dean frowned, then sighed and rolled his eyes when that bouquet came flying towards Cas. It thumped into Cas' chest who jumped and gasped in his shock, hands coming up to automatically grab whatever it was. He frowned when he felt what it was, then sighed and growled towards Jess who was clapping gleefully, "Really, Jess? Really?"

"You're next on the list Cas!"

"That's just a silly superstition." Cas mumbled, tuning and placing the bouquet on the table behind them. Dean felt himself blush, figured what the helland took Cas' hands in his own.

Cas frowned over at him, fingers tightening around Dean's while Dean cleared his throat, "Actually...Castiel Aiden Novak, will you marry me?"

Cas' eyes widened and his mouth fell open in shock. The rest of the room fell silent as all attention turned over to the two of them.

Cas' mouth closed, then opened again, "Wh-What?"

Dean felt his blush deepen and he tried to pull his hands away and maybe get up and run away. What the hell was he thinking, proposing? At his brother's wedding no less, but Cas had a death grip on his hands and refused to let go no matter how much Dean pulled.

Gabriel snorted from behind them and said, "Come on Cas. You're blind, not deaf. Marry. M-A-R-R-Y. It's not that hard." Sarah elbowed Gabriel hard enough for Gabriel to grunt and shoot her an innocent smile. Cas blinked finally, mouth clicking shut again.

"Cas?" Dean didn't think he'd ever been this nervous. What if Cas said no? What if he laughed and thought it was a joke? Dean was such a damn idiot; it was too soon for this. There was no way Cas would want to marry a nobody like Dean.

Cas took in a deep breath, gripped Dean's hand even tighter and whispered, "Yes."

Dean blinked, Cas cleared his throat and said loud enough for everyone listening to hear, "Yes, you idiot."

Cas grinned, Dean grinned, Gabriel whooped loudly from behind them, Jimmy rolled his eyes and thunked his head down onto the table while Amelia whacked him upside the head for his actions. Cas' grin widened and he practically threw himself over onto Dean's lap. Dean grunted at the sudden weight, but he caught Cas around the waist and received a kiss that was best saved for the bedroom.

"You sure Cas?" Dean whispered when Cas pulled back a little.

Cas chuckled, kissed Dean again and muttered, "Don't ask stupid questions."