A man and woman held a small boy with dark brown hair and a gleaming smile. The couple had the bodies of Greek gods, but did not know it. No one on their planet had ever heard of Greece or its deities. Since all their people had this appearance, there was nothing remarkable about it. Even the boy, though he was only one year old, had the muscular build typical of his people.

They held their son in their arms for the last time. It would soon be time to launch and they would never see each other again. Most likely the boy would never remember them at all. This made his parents sad, because they loved him as all parents love their sons. They knew they were lucky, but it was hard to think of it that way. The boy would have a chance to escape. No one else on their world even had that option.

It was risky. Little was known about the planet he would be sent to, save that the people of the world had a similar appearance to the people of this one. They didn't know if he'd be accepted or cared for. They didn't even know, despite having the invulnerability and powers of all his race, if he'd even survive. There was no guarantee that the pod's mass would be low enough to escape the black hole, though the simulations predicted it would.

Their one true comfort was that he wouldn't be alone. One other child would accompany him. A boy from the next planet would be sent as well and their pods were programmed to stay together. The two boys would be alone on a foreign world. At least they would not arrive completely friendless and alone. They would have each other.

The parents set their boy into the white seat in the cockpit of the gleaming pod. "Make us proud," his father told the boy as the glass closed over the cockpit. The boy stuck out his tongue and blew a raspberry at his parents, a skill he'd recently acquired and was quite proud of. He didn't understand that this was the last time he'd ever see them. If he had, he probably would have cried and refused to go.

His parents watched as the pod lifted off, speeding away from them forever. The boy liked how fast he was flying and he thought the stars were pretty.

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