The Last Yagami Child


Sayu Yagami leaned her head into her palm, staring boredly at the table she leaned on. Her mother bustled around the kitchen, preparing for breakfast. It was only her and her mother left now in the Yagami household. Her father, brother, and sister were too busy on some case to even come home now.

She frowned as she thought about this, but before she could continue thinking her mother came over with a plate of food and sat it in front of her. "Here you go, honey. I'd hurry up and eat. You don't want to be late," Sachiko Yagami said with a shadow of what used to be her true smile. She had been so sad since Soichiro Yagami, Sayu's father, hadn't been coming home.

So Sayu gave her a fake smile as well and said, "Thanks, Mother." She began to eat quickly, wanting to slip out of the empty house as soon as possible. She just didn't want to leave her mother all alone.

What took forever to eat, Sayu finally excused herself, slipped on her shoulder pack and called a good-bye to her mother as she headed out. As she walked down the stairs, her fake happy face sobered and she stared at the ground, thinking about what was happening in Japan.

Why couldn't people see her smart too? Okay, so she didn't like turning in her schoolwork. Big deal, the work was easy for her. She was just as smart as her brother! Why couldn't she be seen as smart as him? She scoffed, kicking at a rock on the sidewalk. It's because he was one of the smartest students in Japan. She couldn't compare to him.

"Hey, Sayu!" Sayu looked back and saw a girl in her class running up to her. Sayu smiled sweetly.

"Hey, Ai," Sayu said, pretending to be happy seeing the girl.

The girl grinned and began chatting away. Obviously, she had no idea Sayu wasn't paying attention. It's not that she wanted to ignore her friend, but she wasn't interested in talking. She wanted to complain about everything going on, but she wasn't able to. No one was to know her family was working on the Kira Case. They could all be in danger then.

Sayu turned to Ai, beginning to talk about some random thing going on in school. Soon both Sayu and Ai were giggling and talking about the coolest guy in school and whispering about the latest slut as well and how it seemed she was pregnant. Oh, how Sayu loved how easily gossip could take things off her mind.

"Oh, there's our group!" Ai giggled as she pointed off at a group of girls near the entrance of school.

"Oh, hey, Sayu! Ai!" a blond girl called with a grin on her face. Her name was Momo.

Sayu and Ai made their way through the crowds towards their very preppy group of friends. Around the crowd, there was Momo, who went to hug Ai. Then there was Hanako, a girl with light blue hair she colored, her hair in pigtails. Kamiko and Rika were girls with short black hair that barely brushed their shoulders. There was a lock of black hair between their brown eyes, each girl having their ends pointing in the wrong direction. It was the only way the group could tell the twins apart.

"Okay, so you'll never guess what happened this morning!" Hanako squealed, brushing some of her blue bangs out of her eyes. "So, you know Toshiko, right? The sadist bitch that hates our guts?"

The girls in the group, besides Sayu, giggled at Hanako's last comment.

"Well, what happened?" Kamiko pressed, leaning in slightly.

Rika rolled her eyes. "You can be such a gossiper," Rika teased, poking her sister in the side. Kamiko squealed.

"Well, tell us," Momo grumbled.

"Okay, fine," Hanako sighed. Ai laughed. "Toshiko asked out Aki!"

Ai gasped. "Really?"

Sayu looked around, getting annoyed. Her friends could be great and all, but right now she didn't want to hang around with them. She wanted to talk to her other friend, the one friend her other friends didn't want to hang out with her.

Before she could think any more, the bell rang for school. Sayu's group headed in together, chatting away. Well, it was more like gossiping this morning. Sayu hated gossip, and yet she couldn't help, but get involved. It was a relief to forget everything for a moment.

"All right, let's part now," Sayu announced as they turned down their hall to their classrooms. Her whole group nodded and headed off. They all had separate lockers far away from each other.

As Sayu opened her locker, she watched as darkness covered over her eyes. She fought the urge to yelp and smiled. "Hey, Elle," Sayu greeted.

She could already see the pout on the girl's lips before she even saw Elle, but Elle was smiling as Sayu turned around to greet her. "Morning, Sayu," she replied, opening the locker next to Sayu.

Elle was about five feet tall with messy, but straight black hair that reached just past her shoulders and such deep blue eyes they were almost onyx. She was very pale and had an amazing British accent. This was the friend the rest of Sayu's friends didn't like. She was too smart for the rest of them (even though Sayu was almost as smart as Elle).

"Did you do yesterday's assignment?" Sayu wondered as she pulled out her history and science textbook, then reached for her notebooks too.

"Of course I did. Father never lets me skip work," Elle frowned, taking out the same books as Sayu. "He's a detective. Of course he never lets me slack off." She grinned. "But he did give me a great gift last night. He gave me an old laptop of his!"

"Really? We should look at it later."

"Want to meet up at Dragon's Brew tonight?"

"Sure!" Sayu was positive her mom wouldn't mind.

Elle smiled and began walking towards their Home Room. Sayu followed, the two chatting away as they went.

They both slipped into their desks, right across from each other, and continued to talk for several minutes until the bell the teacher called for their attention.

"All right, today for Science, we shall begin talking about…"

So, for a while, the teacher droned on. Sayu doodled away in her notebook while taking notes. Elle stared mostly out of the window. So, it was a surprise when Sayu had a note slid over to her. She glanced over at Elle, but Elle was busy looking out the window again.

Sayu opened the note quietly, hoping to not catch anyone's attention. Elle's curly writing popped up at her. 'Let's skip the rest of school. We won't be caught.' Sayu smiled and glanced at Elle, who raised a questioning eyebrow.

Sayu gave her one nod. She was tired of school. Besides, since Elle could hack into the school's computers easily, they could get their assignments easily. No one would know.

"Sayu, can you please read the next following paragraphs?" Sayu's teacher wondered.

"All right," Sayu nodded, glancing at Elle, who mouthed the page number. She began reading, taking notes as she did so. She did notice the teacher frown slightly. Sayu knew the teacher had thought she had no idea what was going on, but she did. Well… mostly. Elle helped a lot too.

Class seemed to drone on after this and Sayu groaned through it a lot (silently, of course). Elle helped deal with it because she began to draw up a plan to get them out of class. Finally, the bell rang, dismissing the class.

Sayu and Elle giggled as they slipped past students easily. "Here we go. Let's go to Dragon's Brew now Sayu," Elle laughed as they emerged outside. Careful not to be caught, the two girls slipped off school grounds and disappeared from sight of the principal.

He sighed and picked up his phone, calling for Soichiro Yagami and the man claiming to be Elle's father.



L, the world's greatest detective, stared at the screen of the television, watching videos over and over. This was what he had been doing all night now, although he hadn't been able to watch sound while he watched overnight.

He was interrupted by the ringing of his phone. Frustrated, he fished the annoying device out of his pocket and flipped it open as he walked out of the room. "Yes."

"Ah, Mr. Ryuzaki, I'm so happy you answered yourself today."

It was the principal. He frowned.

"Did she get into some sort of trouble today?"

"Elle is… skipping school as we shall say, along with a Ms. Yagami."

L blinked, glancing at Soichiro Yagami, father of this 'Ms. Yagami', otherwise known as Sayu. "All right, I shall have Elle's caretaker find her and bring her back."

"Thank you. Do you wish to join us at our… meeting today?"

"No, Mr. Shadow shall arrive for the meeting. I have too much work today."

"All right." L could already hear the annoyed tone in the principal's voice.

"Mr. Avan, I'm sorry I cannot come to the school to deal with Elle, but I have to say, I'm surprised you are judging me on this fact."

"O-oh, Mr. Ryuzaki, I did not mean to offend you. I'm simply saying it would be better if you came in person-"

"I'm sorry, but I cannot. Good day." L hung up before Mr. Avan could say anymore. He entered the room once more. He spoke to Soichiro first. "Mr. Yagami, please turn on your cell phone. You will be receiving a call any moment now."

Soichiro nodded and as his phone fully turned on, it rang. L turned away and walked over to Watari. "Watari, Elle has gotten herself into trouble again. Can you please go to Dragon's Brew and take her back to school? And please take Mr. Yagami with you."

Watari nodded. "All right, Ryuzaki." He turned and walked over to Mr. Yagami, who was speaking to someone in a hushed whisper.



Elle and Sayu broke out into giggles as they watched the newest episode of their favorite television show. "I love this laptop, Elle," Sayu sighed as she observed the screen.

"I know. And I love all the cool gadgets on it too!"

"Sayu Yagami!"

Both girls froze. "Oh, crap," Sayu mouthed at Elle.

"Elle Ryuzaki!"

Elle did a silent groan and turned. Two men the girls recognized as their guardians walked over, Soichiro Yagami giving his daughter the 'stink eye*'. Sayu saw an older looking man come up to Elle.

"Elle, who's that?" Sayu whispered.

"I'll explain later," she whispered back before Watari gave her a look that made her swallow.

"Elle Ryuzaki, please hand me the laptop." Watari held out his hand. Grudgingly, Elle locked the computer (although it was futile to keep her father out) and handed it to Watari.

"Sayu, we'll have a talk when we get to the school," Soichiro warned as he motioned for the girls to get out of the booth. Both girls did and followed out the door, heads bowed. Elle was smirking slightly beneath her messy hair, but Sayu looked guilty.

Watari held open the door for both girls and closed it with a thud. Elle gave Sayu an apologetic smile as the guardians drove them back to school.

*the stink eye is basically the dirty look you get with only one eye, except it has a whole lot better name

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