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Chapter Five

Sayu let go of her sister, Hitomi, and smiled brightly at the older woman. "I haven't seen you in so long. How are you?"

Hitomi grinned at Sayu. "I've been pretty busy between cases and college," Hitomi explained, tucking a piece of hair behind her ear. Sayu saw her look over Sayu's shoulder and Sayu turned to Near, who looked awkward.

"Oh, Hitomi, this is Near," Sayu explained. "Near, this is Hitomi, my sister." Hitomi was a beautiful woman with light brown hair, layered and curled lightly down to nearly her waist. She wore a fluffy black skirt with black and white striped leggings, and a white tank top and dark blue overjacket.

Near nodded, but didn't offer his hand. Hitomi just smiled and bowed. "It's a pleasure to meet you Near." Then she turned to Sayu. "Well I was going to see if you wanted a ride home today. I thought it would be nice for the two of us to grab a snack and then head over to Mother and Father's place afterwards. You know, to catch up and stuff."

Sayu grinned widely. "That would be great! I can't be too late though, because I have to go to a friend's house later." Sayu looked back at Near and then to her sister. "How about I meet you outside in five minutes, Hitomi? Near and I need to finish discussing a few things if that's all right."

Hitomi smiled and kissed her forehead. "Of course you can. I'll just be waiting in the car. I have a meeting at seven anyways. The meeting was cancelled to begin with, but my boss called it back on."

Sayu smiled. "Okay, Hitomi."

Hitomi smiled and said to Near, "It was great to meet you."

"The pleasure was mine," Near said stiffly. He was glancing around a lot suddenly.

Hitomi nodded one last time and then disappeared out the doors. Sayu turned back to Near with a sheepish smile. "Sorry about my sister," Sayu said.

"It's fine. I'll need to leave soon too. We'll discuss the details tomorrow and you'll call me tonight if your mother says it's all right for studying tomorrow."

Sayu nodded and smiled at Near. "Well, I guess I'll be leaving then. If you want more information about the case, I can always talk to Elle. Her father is part of it."

Near nodded. "You can mention it to her. Just don't mention me."

Sayu smiled and hugged Near. When she let go, Sayu gave one last smile and said, "Bye, bye Near," and with a twiddle of her fingers, she was gone.

As soon as she was out of the building, Sayu saw Hitomi's car and walked over to it. When she got into the car and buckled up, Hitomi said, "He seems like a nice kid, Sayu."

Sayu shrugged and turned up the warm air a little. "So, how is college going?" Sayu asked, looking over at her.

Hitomi smiled and told Sayu, "If you don't want to talk about your boyfriend, that's fine."

Sayu flushed red and glared lightly at her sister. "He's not my boyfriend. Near is new to the school and I'm the first one to actually get to know him. That's all."

Hitomi smiled. "If that's what you'd like to tell yourself, little sister. Well, then how's school going?"

"It's going good, but my math teacher wants to meet with my parents. I'm not sure why."

"Did he say it was a bad thing?" Hitomi asked.

Sayu shook her head. "He said it wasn't bad, but he wouldn't give any more details either."

Hitomi nodded. "Did Near have anything to say?" Sayu told her what they discussed. "I think he's on the right track," Hitomi agreed. "The teacher would need Otou-san and Okaa-san's permission to move you up a grade."

"But I haven't been doing great in school-"

"That doesn't mean you aren't smart. How much to you want to bet that you scored a hundred on your math test, which is why the teacher wants to move you up."

Sayu hesitantly nodded her agreement. Before she could comment, her phone started to ring. She flipped it open. It was her father. She answered and asked, "What do you need, Otou-san?" She always picked up on the Japanese when Hitomi was around.

"I know Hitomi picked you up, but I need you home now. She's needed to. Our lead detective on the case called an emergency meeting at our home."

Sayu nodded and said, "I'll tell her. Bye."

"Yeah." Soichiro hung up.

Sayu did also and told Hitomi, "We need to go around. Otou-san said the lead detective on your case called an emergency meeting at the house-?"

Hitomi glanced at Sayu. "Are you sure?"


Hitomi nodded and quickly changed directions. "I'm sorry our plans were changed, Sayu," Hitomi said, flipping on the radio. Sayu nodded.

"It's not a big deal," she said softly. After a moment, Sayu asked, "Is it the same case Otou-san is on?"

After a moment, Hitomi nodded. Sayu nodded thoughtfully. "It's the Kira Case, right?"

"Yes," Hitomi answered, glancing again at Sayu.

Sayu smiled. "The lead detective is L, isn't he?"

Hitomi frowned and looked at Sayu. "That isnt' general public information. How did you get it?"

"It's rumors everywhere, sister. How wouldn't I know? I'm just as smart as you or Light."

Hitomi smiled. "I know, but it's a shock still. I mean, you're only fourteen..."

"There's no need to treat me like such a little kid."

Hitomi nodded. Hitomi was distracted, so Sayu took the time and pulled out the notebook with Near's number and quickly put the number into her phone.

"We'll have to make new plans for later, Sayu," Hitomi told her younger sister. Sayu nodded absently, quickly typing out, 'H is part of K.C.' She figured Near would understand the text and made a mental note to pull together a cipher for them to use later.

Sayu's phone buzzed and she opened the text. 'How involved?'

'Quite. There's an emergency meeting at home,' Sayu typed back.

This is about how the talk went after that.

N: 'Really?... Do you really want to get involved in this case?'

S: 'Yes'

N: 'Then I need you to listen in.'

S: 'Of course. And we need a "C".'

N: 'I figured.'

S: 'I'll tell you what I find out tonight. Record too.'

N: 'Good.'

Sayu figured that would be enough for messaging, but she got another message from Near a minute later. 'Do you know how to hack?'

S: 'Mostly.'

N: 'Then you'll need to get into the cellphone recorders later and erase these messages until we have a 'c'.

S: 'I'll get on it tonight'

N: 'Good bye Ms. Yagami'

S: 'To you also, Mr... well... Near.'

Sayu closed her phone, noticing Hitomi's curious look. "What?" Sayu asked, smiling slightly.

"Are you messaging Near?" Hitomi asked, grinning.

After a moment, Sayu nodded. "Can you not mention him to anyone? I don't want Otou-san getting on my case about this yet."

"Of course I won't, sister," Hitomi grinned.

Sayu just smiled back.



Elle was sitting on the sofa in the hotel room, attempting to hack her father's computer with her phone. She had no idea if she could manage to get into his deeper files of his computer. She could barely get on to the desktop of the computer with the stupid piece of crap phone. Elle needed to find the file of her mother.

Reluctantly, Elle quit trying and sat still, sifting through her mind. It was the first urge she had to try to understand her mother. But she wanted to know why exactly her mother left. She never had a mother's intuition. Or the love of a mother. She wanted it terribly right then. It was so confusing. And now, she wanted to understand why her mother would abandon her with her father. She needed to connect somehow.

The connecting door opened and L walked in. Elle didn't pay attention to it and just continued to stare at her hands. L stepped over to the couch and sat beside Elle. Finally, she looked up at him. L looked back, his face blank.

"What's bothering you, Elle?" L asked quietly. She just shrugged.

"Why are you here?" she questioned back. "I know you have more important things than talking to me for no reason."

L frowned. "Is this about your conversation with Laine?"

"She knew my mother?"

L just stared back at her. "Watari told you this?" Elle nodded. L sighed. "Do you want to meet her?"

"No!" Elle bit her lip. "Not in person. I don't want her to try to think she can just come into my life after she left me. But I want to know why she did it."

"I could tell you myself, Elle."

"It's different, father," Elle murmured.

"I understand." L sighed and stood up. "Would you like something to drink?"

Elle looked at L suspiciously. "Okay, what is it you're not telling me?"

After a moment, L sat down on the couch again. Elle stared back at him, unsure what to make of the situation. "Laine is threatening to expose you. She wants to try to... blackmail me." He said the word as if it were poison. Elle understood. "She wants your mother to meet you."

"I'm going to a safe house? Is there even one around here?"

L shook his head. "There is no safe house. So I had to find accommodations for you."

Elle shook her head. "I won't go away, father. I've been fine before."

"Elle, this is Kira. If Laine does do this, you dying is a high probability. I can't risk that."

"What about my insomnia?" Elle asked, growing concerned. "The doctor said if my methods to sleep were disrupted"

"It could make the insomnia worse," L finished. "I know, but you can come up with alternatives."

Elle shook her head. "I'm not going," she said stubbornly and folded her arms in front of her.

"This is not negotiable," L said sternly. "I'm your father and I'm allowed to make these kinds of decisions. If you must, we can contact Sara and you can talk with her while you're away-"

"I don't need a psychologist. They're ways are bull," Elle snapped. It didn't surprise L. Laine had the same attitude.

"I think it would be best while you're away," L said stiffly and stood up. "You're going to get packed up. You're moving tonight, after the meeting."

Elle glared at her father. "Where am I being forced to?"

To this, L smiled. "There was one household I could trust during this time. You'll be going to Sayu's house."

Elle was so surprised, she didn't know what to say. She wasn't sure to be happy that she would be spending time with Sayu or to be mad at her father for sending her away. After a moment, she asked, "Will I get to see you at all?"

L nodded. "I told Soichiro to bring you over during the weekends since I will not have Laine around."

Elle nodded hesitantly. "Okay. I'll get ready then... Just don't make this too long, father," Elle told her father and, for the second time in a long while, she hugged her father again.

He hugged her as well and, after a moment, suggested, "Why don't you call Sayu to talk to her about it?"

"Okay," Elle nodded and smiled. "I can live being away during the weekdays."

L nodded. "Good. I'll leave you to the packing and I'll let you take a laptop with."

To this, Elle broke out into a smile. "Which one?"

"Any you'd like that I'm not using for the case. I'll let you choose."

"Thank you father!" She hugged her father again and then let go. "I'll have everything ready in a few moments. Can I have my phone reactivated now?"

L nodded. "I'll have Watari do it immediately. As soon as it's on, give Sayu a call." Then L was gone. Elle sat back down on the couch and leaned back into the soft back. All she wanted to do was curl up and sleep, but she got up and started packing.

When she was finishing packing up her bags, Elle's phone beeped and she tapped the touch screen. The message 'Your phone is in use' popped up. She grinned and dialed Sayu's number.



Hitomi and Sayu arrived at the Yagami Household within minutes. Hitomi got out first and went straight for the house. Sayu grabbed her schoolbag and started after Hitomi. When Sayu walked into her home, Hitomi was already being greeeted by Sachiko and Soichiro. Soichiro looked ready to burst from whatever it was he was hiding. Sayu quickly greeted her parents while they talked with Hitomi and then headed upstairs. She dropped her backpack on the floor and went to her wall of cubbies. She pulled open the first one from the third shelf and pushed aside all the panties, exposing the expensive recorder. She had gotten it for her birthday last year when she was on the newspaper club.

She easily set up the recorder on her way down the steps and stepped into the front hall. She could hear them in the kitchen already. Pressing record, she snuck up to the room.

"Sachiko, I just need Hitomi alone for a few minutes," Soichiro said.

After a moment's pause, Sachiko said, "I have the right to hear the conversation. When... what was his name?"

"Ryuzaki," Hitomi answered.

Sachiko continued, "When Ryuzaki called he said anyone of the family could be here as well. I wish to be present."

Sayu could hear Sochiro sigh. "Sachiko, I don't want you put into danger."

"I'm staying," Sachiko said, sounding more resiliant than she had in a long time. It made Sayu smile.

After a moment, Soichiro agreed. As he did, the phone rang. Soichiro's phone. Instantly, he answered. "Hello?"

"Ah, Mr. Yagami, I'm glad you answered so soon."

"Watari, what was this meeting Ryuzaki called so suddenly?" Soichiro inquired.

"First, I'd like to ask who is there?"

"Hitomi, as Ryuzaki requested, and my wife as well. Ryuzaki said she could be present and she has decided to," Soichiro answered.

After a moment, this man named Watari asked, "What about your daughter, Sayu?"

"She's upstairs at the moment," Soichiro answered.

"Very well. What I am about to tell you is classified information. There's only three people who know about this and you cannot, under any circumstances, share this information."

"We won't," Hitomi answered, sounding slightly annoyed.

"Ryuzaki has a daughter."

The silence that was suspended after this announcement lasted a while. After a moment, Soichiro asked, "Was she the girl you picked up earlier at the Dragon's Brew?"


The shock Sayu felt was so huge she gasped slightly. Was that Elle?

"Ryuzaki had said she was only a orphan you two were looking after for a short while."

Watari sighed. "Yes, I know he did. He's been trying to keep her identity quiet. If any one of Ryuzaki's enemies realized he had a daughter-"

"She'd be used as a bargaining chip," Hitomi finished quietly.

After a steady silence, Soichiro asked, "Why are you sharing this information with us?"

"Elle, as you know her name already, was confronted by her mother, although she does not know this. Her mother is threatening to expose her if Ryuzaki did not let her see Elle. Elle does not even want to see her own mother and Ryuzaki doesn't want to open up a wound for both him and Elle by bringing this woman into their lives. So he needs to move her. To keep her identity safe and, in the end, protecting her from the problems this could cause. Ryuzaki believes the only way to keep her safe is to let her stay at your house."

"You want her to stay here?" Sachiko asked, finally speaking something.

"Yes. Ryuzaki wishes to discuss the rest of the arrangements tonight after this meeting. You shall take Elle home with you afterwards."

Soichiro asked Sachiko, "What are your thoughts on this?"

"Well, if she needs a place to stay to protect her, why stop her from staying here? We can take her in," Sachiko answered instantly.

"We'll take her in then," Soichiro told Watari.

"Very well. Ryuzaki wishes me to share a few details now. One, he does not wish that Light Yagami is aware of who Elle's parents are. And two, he will give funding for food and clothes and the sorts. He figured 80000 yen would be sufficent per month."

Sachiko gasped. "That much? I think that is a little overboard-"

"Ryuzaki wants you to hold on to Elle's funds, but as long as she asks for it, she can spend it at will. Ryuzaki has all the money planned out for what she can spend it on and of course, a part will go for the groceries for your entire family, Mrs. Yagami. Please do not argue with these arrangements."

After a moment, Sachiko agreed. Watari finished by saying, "The meeting will be at seven o'clock at the same area. Matsui will come with you."

"All right, Watari," Hitomi and Soichiro said and then they all hung up.

For a moment, the kitchen was silent. Then Sachiko asked, "Would anyone like some tea?"

Hitomi and Soichiro asked for some and then Hitomi said, "Why don't I go ask Sayu? We should probably share this information with her."

Soichiro nodded. "Yes, that would be best. Why don't you go get her?"

Hitomi's response was her chair scooting back. Instantly, Sayu was on her feet and running lightly for the stairs. She hit the end button of the recorder as she made it to the top of the stairs. She made it to her room and managed to hide the recorder when Hitomi knocked on her door.

"One second!" Sayu called. She closed the cubby and then opened the door. Hitomi stood at the entrance, smiling.

"Okaa-san was wondering if you wanted some tea?"

"That would be wonderful," Sayu said cheerfully. "Should I come down?"

"I think that would be good," Hitomi answered. She smiled and offered her hand for Sayu to take. Sayu did so instantly, relishing in her old memories of when she was younger. As they walked down the stairs, Sayu asked, "Did father and you have that meeting?"

"Yes. Luckily, Otou-san and I can share this information with you," Hitomi said with a smile.

"Oh that's intriguing," Sayu said. Unfortunately, it wasn't as much of a surprise knowing the information, but it felt good knowing the whole story instead of part of it. She never realized how much fun spying was when it was a real case. Of course she played spy games as a child, but she had never done it on one of her father's cases. It was so much fun.

When they were right next to the kitchen, Sayu let go of Hitomi's hand and walked in. Sachiko was getting four glasses of tea ready. "How was your day at school, Sayu?"

"It was great. Actually, when you pick me up tomorrow, could I bring a friend along? They need help with some studying with school," Sayu said, sitting beside Hitomi.

Sachiko smiled. "That would be wonderful. Although you might want to reconsider your plans temporarily."

Soichiro took over from here. He cleared his throat and said, "Elle's guardians wish for her to stay here for now. We've agreed to take Elle in for the time being."

Sayu, even though shea already knew this information, was excited and showed it easily. "When is she coming?" Sayu asked, her eyes wide in happiness. It would mean she could see her friend more often. It was like a never-ending sleepover!

"She'll be here tonight," Sachiko said, walking over to the stove to drop off the hot kettle. Sayu nodded, excited.

"Should I go prepare the guest room? I won't mind getting it cleaned up quickly," Sayu offered.

"That would be great," Sachiko said with a smile.

"We'll be leaving by six-thirty, Sayu," Soichiro added.

Sayu nodded and asked, "It is all right for my friend to come over, right?"

"Of course," Sachiko said. "There's spare sheets in the closet by the bathroom."

Sayu nodded, standing up and taking her tea with. "If it's all right, I'll go do that now," Sayu said. "Then I can get a start on my schoolwork."

"I can help with your schoolwork," Hitomi offered. "I'll be staying around until the meeting."

"That would be wonderful," Sayu said. She got out of the kitchen. Rushing up the stairs as fast as possible with her tea, Sayu walked to her room first. She grabbed her phone's headset and set it up as she walked to the the guest room, right across from hers.

When she set the tea down, she started to dial Near's number. Then she hesitated. Why was she nervous calling Near? It was just a phone call. And he said to call whenever... Sayu hit the call button.

The phone only rang twice before she heard a, 'Hello, Ms. Yagami.'

Sayu smiled and said, "And a hello to you too Mister Near."

"I'm assuming you have an answer about our studying tomorrow."

"Yeah, Okaa-san said it would be all right," Sayu said.

"I'm going to assume Okaa-san means mother," Near replied, sounding amused.

Sayu, much to her surprise, flushed slightly. She started cleaning off the old bedsheets as she explained, "Yes it is. I usually speak Japanese more when Hitomi is around. She always speaks Japanese terms around the family. I just pick up on it."

"Well, it's good for me. It gives me a chance to work on my Japanese."

"I'm glad I could help," she grinned. "Oh, yes, I got the meeting recorded too."

"Wonderful. Will you bring that in tomorrow?"

"Of course. I figured we could probably copy it down in a notebook also, if it gets erased."

"There will be a cipher, obviously."

"Yes, obviously." In the background, Sayu could hear someone call for Near and then Near grumble something.

"Well, Ms. Yagami, it seems I must be going. Dinner is almost ready."

Loud squealing noises were followed by his explanation. Sayu giggled and asked, "Are there little children around?"

"Yes... Well good-bye Ms. Yagami."

"Good-bye to you, Mister Near," Sayu replied, giggling slightly as they both hung up. She sighed and, with a smile, continued her work. The room was very dusty. It hadn't been used in a while. Sayu started cleaning the room, when her phone went off again. She answered with the headset.

"Hey, Sayu, it's Elle!"

Sayu grinned. "Hey, Elle. I'm surprised you have your phone already."

She could imagine Elle grinning as she answered, "Yeah, father gave it back already. He wanted me to tell you about some arrangements going on."

"I already heard," Sayu answered. "You'll be staying here for now."

"How did you hear?" Elle asked, sounding amused.

"Otou-san, Okaa-san, and Hitomi told me," Sayu answered.

"That would explain why you're speaking Japanese," Elle commented. "Hitomi always brings that side out."

"Yeah, I know. Well, I'm already getting the guestroom ready. There's a desk, some shelving and a full-sized bed. I'm sure you'll love it."

"It sounds just like my type of room. Well, since you already know, I guess I'll let you clean in peace. Father probably won't want me on the phone too long."

"Well, then, until next time, Elle," Sayu said.

"Yes, until next time, Sayu," Elle agreed and hung up.

Sayu took out her headset and walked out of the guest room. After she put the headset away, she walked back to the guest room for the bedsheets and comforter and walked it downstairs to the laundry room.

Sachiko, hearing Sayu coming down the stairs, called, "Dinner will be ready in fifteen!"

"Okay, Okaa-san," Sayu said as she walked into the kitchen. Hitomi and Soichiro were in conversation about Hitomi's schooling. Sayu went to the closet and grabbed the broom and some dusting spray and the duster. When she went back upstairs, she went for her cooled tea also. She drank that as she dusted and finished it when it was time to sweep.

She had about seven minutes left when she finished sweeping. Sayu went for some bed sheets and put them back on. She wasn't sure if Elle was bringing her own comforter and texted Elle the question. Elle was not bringing a comforter and asked for the extra blanket. So Sayu got a nice light grey feather comforter and put it on the bed.

Hitomi called for Sayu when dinner was ready. Sayu had just grabbed the recorder and was examining it. She decided to bring it down to dinner and try to get some information about the Kira case from her father or sister.

~Author's Note~

First a few Japanese facts:

Otou-san: Father

Okaa-san: Mother

Thank you for reading this. I hope you found this chapter enjoyable and I can't wait to read any reviews!