This is one of my favorite episode of Avatar from season 1 and I wanted to see what it would be if the Characters were the oposite gender

Aang: is still called Aang ( sorry I tried Anna and Aanga but it didn't work)

Katara: Kator ( first it was Kataro but I changed it to Kator)

Sokka: it still the same but she's a cranky watertribe girl

Zuko: is called Zuka ( wanted to call her Zurah but I sticked with Zuka)

Princess Yue: now called Prince Yu and wears a grayish blue parka instead of purple

all the adult characters are the same ( no gander swapped for them)

Aanga, Kator and Sokka were on a journey to save the world, Aang the last air bender was also the Avatar, She and her new friends set off to help her master the other bending arts, and now the Northern water tribe was just days away.

the trio find them selves gliding on Appa across open waters with a few icebergs above water. Sokka finishing filing her nails looked into the water

" I'm not the one to complain" she started " but can's Appa fly any higher?" she asked. Aang cranky about being woken up early in the morning turn to the water tribe girl

" I have an Idea" she sarcastically " why don't we all get on your back and you can fly us to the North pole"

Sokka got on her hands and knees " oh yeah" she argued she turned away " climb on every one " she start wiggling her rear end " Sokka is ready for take off" Momo the flying Lemur took the offer and jumps only to have the 15 year old pushing him off. Kator trying his best to not but in had to enough of the bickering between the two

" ok were all just alitle tired and cranky because we been flying for 2 days strait" he said, Kator had noticed Aang shivering, he quickly digs into his bags and pulls out a extra parka " here Aang" he gives her the parka " Gran-gran packed it for us but I think you may need it" Aang looks at the parka and takes it , she quickly slips it over her head pulling the hood up covering her head

" thanks Kator" she said trying not to blush. Sokka cutting into the sweet moment bough up the whole flying for two days strait subject

" AND FOR WHAT?" she yelled, Sokka is not the person you want to mess when she doesn't get enough sleep " we cant even find the nothren water tribe" she complained " there' nothing up here"

Suddenly iceburgs begun to close in on the group, Aang tries to steady Appa but the ice grab hold one of the bison's six legs, the animal spuns out of control, Sooka and Kator scream at the top of there lungs as aang safly crashes into the water. soon out from the iceberg boats contain men dressed in blue appear surrounding the three

" there waterbenders" Kator cried " we found the water tribe!"

Else where not far from the watertribe a fleet of Firenation army were in a middle of a meeting, one man was studding a map of the world before he turn to a group of officers

" the avatar is heading north, the Nothren Water Tribe" the man was none other then Admiral Zhao, He had a few run in with the avatar, not only was the avatar a child but a meer girl, Zhao had underestimated Aang and was not going to let a little girl trick him twice,

" she" they was he addressed Aang felt like venom to him " needs to master waterbending, She's looks for a teacher"

one captain raised his hands up like a student in class would

" then what are we waiting for let's got get her" Zhoa raised his hand up to silence the captain.

" Patience Captain lee, this isn't some little earth village" Zhao remained him " The water tribe is a great nation, there's a reason they've survived a hundred years of war" he turned back to the map " the frozen tundra is treacherous, the landscape itself is a icy fortress, we need a massive invasion force" Zhao had wicked grin on his face

Appa and the gang were escorted to the Water tribe entrance

" There it is" she cried. one boat of water benders bended the entrance to open, and gave aang the right away to pass Appa swimming in a tunnel until it came to a dead end, Waterbenders above bended water in rising the water levels and Appa was able to swim over, Kator was amazed at all the water benders

" I can't believe how many waterbenders live up here!" he said

" we'll find a master to teach us, no problem " Aang said. another boat with water benders waited for them escorting them to the palace, Sokka ignoring the cheering crowds eyes spotted on a boat passing them, in the boat was a waterbender and a handsome young man with while hair pulled into a high pony tail, his coat was a greyish blue instead of blue like the others. Sokka couldn't keep her eyes off the young man ans tried to follow him only to end at appa's tail.

" this place is beautiful" Kator spoke

" uh yeah" Sokka half agreeing " so is he" she had a dreamily look on her face.

well what do you think? I left admiral Zhao the way he is cause a female Zhao just...well...I don't find threatening