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Kakashi's age present time: 24

Kurenai's age: 22

Kakashi in his dream: 18

Chapter 7 Allowing Kurenai in

Kakashi was running his enemies were chasing after him and his team. He was nervous, for the first time in his life. Next to him Obito jumped in a hurry, slightly behind was Rin the woman he loved. He smiled feeling at peace with these two next to him, that was until ninjas appeared coming out of the trees around them.

"Summoning jutsu." Kakashi called. And a sleek dog wearing sunglasses appeared.

"Whacha need?"

"Send a message to the camp. Team Kakashi calling for assistance, surrounded by enemies, urgent need for help." Kakashi said and the dog took off. Just as it cleared the bushes ninjas appeared around them.

"You have nowhere to run Konoha slime!" the Iwa ninja screamed as they charged.

Both Kakashi and Obito jumped forward and began to fight back as best they could. Kakashi jumped over a kunai just as Obito rolled in at the ninja who threw the kunai. Obito disemboweled the man in front of him then turned around throwing a kunai at a ninja jumping towards Rin, who was locked in position against two men. The kunai hit his target in between the eyes. Kakashi used Obito's back as a springboard jumping into his targets ripping through them. Obito turned and placed a kunai in a ninja's throat. Kakashi jumped back into their small clearing. Rin screamed, and Kakashi looked to see her bleeding to death. The ninja infront of her lunged to deliver death upon her. Kakashi jumped but couldn't deflect the blade enough and it cut deeply into Kakashi's left eye. Kakashi's kunai came out and slit the mans throat. Kakashi turned back to see Obito's head hit the floor. Just as the ninjas turned to Kakashi to kill him a golden flash came forward followed swiftly by a short call of


Minato Namikaze had joined the battle, and around him came his personal anbu.

"Kill them." Minato said angrily. The anbu barreled into the Iwa ninja.

"K-Kakashi." Rin said

"Don't speak Rin. We need to get you to Tsunade." Kakashi said

"N-no. Let me go. It's my time."

"How can you say that! You need to live. Please!" Kakashi said.

"Kakashi. E-even if I-I live, I-I'll die somewhere else at a different time." Rin said

"N-no You can't die! I need you to live. Please Rin. I love you, please live." Kakashi said but Rin was already dead. Rin died staring straight into Kakashi's one good eye.

"Kakashi. We need to get you fixed up. Obito had given me his will, that if you were alive when he died, you were to get one of his eyes." Minato said lifting the dead body of Obito.

"Yes." Kakashi said solemnly, as he lifted Rin's dead body.

Kakashi suddenly awoke sweating in his bed.

"Same dream." He said rubbing his face. He looked out the window of his small apartment seeing that the sun was just rising. Kakashi sat up and put on his clothes. After eating a short breakfast Kakashi left his apartment and made his way to the memorial stone. Kakashi landed next to the stone and walked infront of it, staring once more at two names on it. His fingers touched the name of Obito Uchiha. He ran his finger over the name as he has done every time he has come. He did the same for Rin. Then he stood there and stared.

'I am sorry Obito. If I hadn't stop to lay Rin down I would have been there to stop the ninja from killing you. Rin if I hadn't jumped into the ninjas I could have stopped them.' Kakashi thought

Then one thought ran through Kakashi's mind.

'I need to get stronger.' Kakashi thought and made the signs for a kage bunshin. He brought forth five kage bunshin and ordered them to attack him. The first kage bunshin came in kicked at his feet, Kakashi stopped the kick and bent backward dodging the punch from another Kagebunshin. Kakashi didn't have time to land blows on the two infront of him as he heard a kage bunshin call out.

"Fire jutsu: Grand Fireball!" Kakashi jumped away as did the two clones near him. It went on like this for several hours. So absorbed in his training that Kakashi failed to notice two red eyes looking out at him. He brought his kage bunshin down to one. Kakashi was panting.

"Not good enough." Kakashi panted out and he dispelled his clone. Kakashi bent to one knee as he heard clapping

"Splendid performance!" Kurenai said coming next to him

"Wasn't strong enough. I need to get stronger." Kakashi said

"I think you're strong enough now."

"No, I'm not. Something is coming and I need to be strong enough to stop it." Kakashi said

"What is going on with you Kakashi? You keep talking of the future. I never knew you were so preoccupied with the future." Kurenai said

"If you've seen what I've seen you would be worried." Kakashi said.

"I do wish to see it."

"It is not up to me it is up to Naruto. I can ask if he will allow you to see it."

"Will I be wishing I hadn't seen it?"

"I did for a bit, but then I was glad I did. Now I know I can stop it, and that is what I want to do."

"Is it bad?"

"Yes. Very bad."

"I wish to see it."

"I'll talk to Naruto about it.

-Several hours later-

"You sure Naruto?" Inoichi said

"Yes." Naruto replied

"Fine. Kurenai come here, I'll give you the memories." Inoichi said placing his hand on Naruto's head. Kurenai came and sat next to Naruto. Inoichi placed his hand on her head and then called out his jutsu.

"Yamanaka style: Transfer."

Kurenai grunted as her eyes rolled back. After several minutes of silence, and she began to cry. Kakashi wrapped his arms around hers, as she cried on his chest.

"Shhh. It's going to be alright." Kakashi said

The two ninjas sat in this position, in Naruto's apartment until the sun went down.