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Just wanted to say thank you to those who reviewed. And you will still be included. And someone who was not logged in left me a … different… review check it out.

Best way to make OCs is to create them off of characters from books, tv shows, movies, or video games. That way you don't create Mary-Sues and if you don't know what a Mary-Sue is, look it up, because no one likes to read a story with a Mary-Sue. If you need an example, don't use Bella, Edward, or Jacob from the Twilight series, every other character from that book is fine to use.

When you have people make up OCs for your stories, most of them turn out to be Mary-Sues. Most of the characters turn out to have some tragic past and are extremely successful, smarter, and just better than the main characters themselves. And personality wise, they are either super confident or really shy. And many of them will have highlights or streaks of different but unique colors in their hair.

This stuff gets old, and about forty authors on this site have already asked for OCs for their stories, so don't be surprised when a story has a similar looking character.

This is bad, because the story will eventually lose its appeal. You know why books, tv, etc... do well is due to the uniqueness of the characters and the driving forces of the plot and how they react to such plot points.

Another thing, OCs are usually meant to be supporting characters, not main ones. And only a few authors can get away with it, because their characters are interesting and are based upon a character from the media.

And one last thing, don't write the story from the OCs perspective, because then a writer who actually has experience will realize what an utter newb you are and will probably dislike the story. If they wanted to read about OCs, they could easily read a book, not fanfiction. Fanfiction is there so they can read about the characters, not made up characters that have no right to hog the story.

If you want to be a writer, be one and actually write everything yourself.

And if you want to actually see how OCs are written, check out some of these stories or authors.

Waterwicca- She is an amazing author and deserves every one of her reviews. She is also one of the only authors in this fandom, and probably on this site that can write a remarkable story centering on an OC and a character from the show.

Sam Temple's 'Slender'- She has a couple of side OCs in it, but it's mostly about the boys. She handles writing OCs well; they add just enough to the story to keep it moving, but don't take anything away from it. This is how OCs should be written.

Runs with Werewolves' 'I Can Take Away All the Scars on Your Heart'- She has OCs for Carlos and Logan and they are written very well and enhance the story.

I'm not trying to be mean or anything, but once you have seen over thirty authors asking for OC help, it gets old. And by telling you this will make you a better writer.


At first I was angry with this but then I realized that "who ever this is" has some really good points. Not all of them I agree with but that's just how writers go. I agree that a oc shouldn't override outer character's in most cases. And I wouldent let that happen. But at least in my book there is an exception to every rule. And you are trying to make me a better writer and I thank everyone who has done that for me. The authors she mentioned are INCREDIBLE and im huge fans of theirs! And I know I may have put in too many oc's for my stories but tht is because I wanted to give people options. And 2 when I first thought these storys up I decided to include oc's because I know the joy I get when and author includes me in a story. And I genuinely wanted to spread that joy. Its not that I cant make up charecters because I can. Any one who read my poor version of passing storm. Or my soon to be published book diary of jane KNOWS that I can create charecters at the drop of a hat…. And good ones too. (not the hats the charecters I REALLY bad at making hats) No im not trying to get all up in your face about this but I am trying to say I know what im doing and I love Fanfiction and im so happy to be part of such a wonderful thing and I have met some life long friends through Fanfiction. And I know it seems old I even think its kinda old but I wanted to try something new. I also had the opportunity for so many oc's is because I knew I wouldent get oc's for all of them but if I can make one person happy by giving them and oc I will. Yet again I mean to disrespect to anyone on Fanfiction and I hope I didn't offend anyone. If you still want to be an oc just fill out the info from the previous chapter and I will do my best to include you.

I love all my readers


PS: people that are already taken are logans love interest in deadly games and logans former love interest in orphinated assassin.

Sorry again