Chapter One: Discovery

I looked around the room and felt my limbs starting to tremble. I wasn't in danger of phasing because this wasn't an angry sensation. It was just nerves. It might have had something to do with all the eyes that were now staring at me. I counted seven pairs of leeches' eyes and one pair of half vampire- half human eyes. Those were the ones I focused on now trying to calm myself down; those big beautiful chocolate brown eyes that could always bring me peace of mind. The only person in the room not staring at me was Edward. He couldn't even bring himself to look at me. Most of the time I wished he couldn't read my thoughts. It was extremely annoying to not be able to have privacy even inside your own head. At least with the pack all I had to do was phase back to my human body to get the guys out of my thoughts. Of course right now I was thanking God that he could – and was- listening to my every thought. I was trying to convince him of my still innocent feelings towards his daughter before he ripped me to shreds.

I don't even know why he's so surprised. We all knew this time was coming. Nessie turned six years old last September and according to Nahuel and Carlisle that meant she was almost fully grown. Ness was 5'4" and had the body of healthy 17-year-old-girl. She was incredibly intelligent and beautiful. She looked a lot like Edward in her facial features and bronze hair color but there was so much Bella in her too. She had Bella's beautiful eyes, of course, but also her stubbornness, her selflessness, and her blushing cheeks. Her intellect was already superior to mine but sometimes she still acted like any other teenage girl. I still felt just a strong brotherly love for her. Everyone understood that my imprinting on Nessie the day she was born would mean someday my feelings for her would be romantic. But none of us knew when that would happen. Right now I still just saw her as a little sister and a best friend. This was what I was trying to convince Edward of right now. He was sitting at his piano pinching the bridge of his nose. That was never a good sign.

A few minutes ago we had all been sitting quietly on the sofas watching the nightly news. Emmett was making obnoxious comments and Blondie was shushing him. Bella was watching Edward play and the others were focused on the television. Nessie was sitting next to me holding my hand. This wasn't unusual; we held hands and hugged all the time. She had just squeezed my hand and smiled at me when Alice gasped and abruptly whipped her head over to Edward. I'm assuming he saw whatever vision appeared in her head because he stopped playing the piano with a loud bang of the keys and groaned, covering his face with his hands. Nessie quickly pulled her hand away from mine and her cheeks blushed a deep scarlet. So I put two and two together and figured I was about to get another lecture pertaining to something I couldn't control. Edward didn't get angry very often but when he did it was undoubtedly going to involve Nessie and me.

Edward, I'm getting impatient. I want to know what Alice saw. Why don't we just go outside to talk?

He nodded his head very softly and stood.

"Where are you going?" Nessie asked me.

"I just need some air. Your dad and I are gonna go outside. It's okay. We'll be right back." I gave her a reassuring smile and followed Edward to the front door.

Edward ran halfway to the cottage before turning around to face me. I was getting really fed up with the secrecy. Whatever Nessie had thought of or decided to do that made Alice see a disturbing vision, I could handle it. He sighed and shook his head.

"She's curious about your relationship with her, Jacob. She's been thinking about imprinting a lot lately and has a lot of questions. I think we need to talk to her." He looked at the ground. I didn't understand what the problem was. To me this was good news. I hated keeping her in the dark when I knew she wanted to understand. After Nessie was born Bella, Edward, and I decided that we wouldn't hide the fact that I had imprinted on her; but we also wouldn't go into details about what that meant for as long as possible. Six years was longer than I'd thought we'd last before she demanded to know the part of the story we always left out. So why the big deal in the house then?

What did Alice see? I demanded in my head. Edward groaned again. I could tell this was hard for him but I still hadn't been told what was going on.

"Of course this is hard for me. It's bad enough hearing Emmett and Rosalie's thoughts on the subject but this is my daughter! Most parents have at least 15 years before having to deal with these sorts of issues." What issues? What is he talking about? "Renesmee has started having sexual feelings for you, dog." Oh. OH. He continued before I could form a more coherent thought. "She's noticing boys now. It's only natural that you be included in that mix. She's confused as to how you feel about her; about how imprinting affects your feelings for her. Alice saw a vision of Nessie confronting you about it." Edward closed his eyes and rubbed his temples with his fingers. "Seduce might be a better word for what she's planning." What? I wasn't ready for this. I always assumed I'd be the one to bring it up once I finally got the green light from Edward. I never expected Nessie to be more eager than me. I didn't even feel that way about her yet. I didn't know how long it would be before I did. The only other pack member to imprint on a child was Quil and he still had nine years to wait before Claire was at the developmental stage Nessie was now. I felt pressure in my chest and my heart was racing.

"You have to let me talk to her" I said before I even knew what my strategy would be. I only had one chance to explain this to her. I couldn't bear to hurt her or make her feel that I was rejecting her. I was being pulled in so many different directions. I wanted our romantic relationship to evolve slowly as she became more mature. Edward and Bella wanted us to remain plutonic for a few more years, and apparently Nessie wanted to jump my bones. Edward hissed at that last part. I would need a little time to figure out what I wanted to say to her.

"I agree that you should be the one to explain imprinting to Nessie. Bella and I have always agreed to let you explain how it works since neither of us fully understands. And you're right that we want you to continue to wait to court her. She may look seventeen but she is still my little six year old."

Something occurred to me. "You said she's starting to notice boys… plural. Does she have a crush on a boy at school?" I was suddenly panic stricken. What if someone else stepped in while I waited for my dumb ass to start thinking of her in a romantic way? I don't think I could handle my competition being any of those hormonal teenage boys at her school. Not to mention the possibility that she would choose one of them over me. Sure I knew she loved me and found me attractive. Alice's vision had confirmed that much. If I didn't approach this conversation with her in the right way I could find myself benched for one of those other buffoons. I couldn't bear being second choice to the girl I loved. Not again. I was sick just thinking about it. Edward shot me a sympathetic glance. "There's no one else she thinks about as much as you. She thinks a boy named Kyle is cute but has never talked to him. That's all." I sighed, feeling a little relieved. I couldn't wait to phase and get the hell out of there. I had a lot to think about.

"Can you tell Nessie I had to go home for a while but I'll be back tonight? I'll take her to the beach and explain everything." Edward nodded and headed back towards the house. I ran further into the woods not even bothering to strip off my clothes before phasing into my other self and disappearing into the brush.