Hi this is my first kings speech story about the trouble of stammering and as a stammer myself I know what it's like. This is just bertie's thoughts about his speech and who louge helped him. Disclaimer: I do not own the brilliant film the kings speech no profit is made from this

Stammer. Such a simple word but it means so much but so few understand what it is truly like to not be able to speak. The mind has so much to say but the world will not wait for you. It moves far to faster to wait for you or what you have to say. They don't understand. It's not all in your head it's real. They don't know how hard it is to not be able to speak because they take it for granted. But sometimes, sometimes you find someone who understands, who waits , who listens because you have a voice and it's beautiful.

Please review and all my love to all other stammers out their you all have beautiful voices.