The Start of Something: Chapter 1

Disclaimer: Unfortunately, I can't be as lucky or as awesome to say that I own this. Boo :(

A/N: I hope this is enjoyable and I'm not completely out of my league here, though I definitely feel it. Title shamelessly stolen from the title The Start of Something by Voxtrot. This song was on an amaing fanmix for a fic I read. Also, I know this has probably been done before, but this is my first time writing for this fandom and it seemed cute to think about. :)


Jim gazed up at Spock from his seat on the bio-bed. Bones stood in front of Jim, fiddling with a tricorder and muttering under his breath.

The half-Vulcan stood slightly behind Bones and to the left, with his hands loosely clasped at the small of his back. While he looked the perfect picture of someone paying attention, Jim could see the faraway look in his eyes.

Jim could also see the pain and sadness swirling in those brown depths. It made Jim ache. While Spock didn't let any his emotions rise to the surface, Jim knew they were there – if the incident on the bridge wasn't evidence of that enough.

Oh crap. Jim's ache intensified when he recalled the harsh words he had spoken. He would definitely have to apologize for that. While he knew it was necessary, he still felt like shit while doing it.

"…Jim?" Bones' voice cut through Jim's thoughts. At that moment, Spock came back to awareness and his eyes shot up to meet Jim's. The pure anguish Jim saw there made his breath hitch in his chest.

Oh god. Jim would do anything to get that look out of his eyes. Fucking Nero. Jim swore to god if the bastard wasn't already dead he beat him to a bloody pulp for doing this to his – to Spock.

Jim couldn't even imagine what it would be like to lose a mother and a home in less than a minute. The ache squeezed Jim's heart and he felt…felt…

He couldn't even think of any words to express the gnashing feelings of horror and pain that wrapped themselves around his being.

Spock was affected the most. How is he not utterly broken?

"Jim!" Bones shouted. Jim tore his gaze from Spock and focused his attention on his panic stricken best friend.

"What Bones?" Jim asked, confused as to why Bones looked so panicked.

"Jeez kid, you scared the hell outta me!" Bones growled, "Answer me the next time I call you, you fucking imbecile." Jim smirked.

"Shut the hell up, Bones. I told you I'm fine." To illustrate his point, Jim tried to slide of the biobed, but his knees buckled as soon as his feet touched the floor.

"Of course you are. Now just lay back and let me do my goddamn job already." Bones grumbled and pushed Jim back onto the bed, keeping a hand pressed to his chest until he gave in and laid back against the crisp, white pillow. Jim crinkled his nose and the smell of antiseptic that seemed to cling to every surface in the room.

"Those Romulans beat you pretty bad, Jim," Bones was saying, "How the hell did you manage to run around? You've got at least three cracked ribs, deep bruising, and various other injuries." Jim rolled his eyes.

"I'm Batman." Jim declared, grinning at Bones. Spock looked as passive as ever over Bones' shoulder, though Jim thought he could detect some exasperation in his eyes.

"Yeah… you're Batman." Bones rolled his eyes and brandished a hypo. "See how invincible you are to these." The hypo stung like hell and Jim hissed along with it.

"You're going to hell, y'know that Bones?" Jim grumbled as he rubbed the spot on his neck.

"Like I care?" Bones grumbled, "You'll be fine, but you're sleeping here tonight. No way around it." Bones took of across the room and was in his office before Jim could even protest.

"Fucking madman." Jim mumbled. As his eyes started to droop, he realized that Bones must have given him a sedative. "Bastard…"

"Excuse me?" Spock's low tones cut through the fog clouding Jim's brain. Jim grinned lazily and directed his gaze at Spock.

"N't you Ssssspock." Jim slurred. What the hell was in this? "You're a cool du-dude." Jim grinned as his eyes tried to shut on him again. But wait! There was something important he had to tell Spock.

"Spock!" Jim shouted, trying to sit upright in his bed. His muscles didn't want to co-operate, however, so he just stayed sprawled across it.

"There is no need to shout, Captain," Spock stated, "I am right here." Jim smiled lazily, his eyes meeting Spock's once again.

"Yessssssss y'are." Jim giggled and then viciously bit his tongue to stop that undignified sound right away. Spock merely raised his eyebrow, which made Jim's attempts to stop very difficult.

"Spock," Jim whispered intently, "There's son-som-something impornmant I gotta tell ya."

"What is it, Captain?" Spock inquired politely, but with an undertone of irritation.

Jim frowned slightly, "I-I'm sorry." The corner of Spock's mouth dipped down briefly before his features set once again back to his mask.

"To what are you referring, Captain?" Spock asked.

"Y-your mom, and everything. So, so sorry." Jim whispered softly.

Jim couldn't think very clearly anymore, and he had lost control of his limbs a long time ago. But he could definitely feel the ache wrench in his chest when Spock's eyes shone with sadness. All Jim wanted to do was kiss that perfect mouth and make it all go away, if only for a little while. But Nyota Uhura, the lucky gal, had that privelege….

Wait what? Jim squinted his eyes. He really fucking hated drugs. They messed with his mind and shit. Oh how he wanted to sleep.

"I- Thank you, Captain." Spock said quietly, before turning and striding out of Sickbay at a quick pace. Jim watched him go with a sad look on his face, before finally sighing and succumbing to sleep…