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"All set, Jim." Bones said, turning off his tricorder and patting Jim on the shoulder. "You have today off, and just come back if you start to feel sick again."

"Yeah, okay." Jim mumbled, thinking that that was never going to happen. The only reason he came willingly this time was because he was relieved he had a chance to get away from Spock.

"Is there something you want to talk to me about, Jim?" Bones asked, "You're quiet, and it's freaking my nurses out. Chapel has been hovering for the past ten minutes because she thinks you're going to have a psychotic break."

Jim glared over his shoulder at Chapel, who raised her eyebrows and shrugged.

"I'm just being stupid. As usual." Jim replied, not meeting Bones' eyes.

"Did something happen between you and Spock?" Bones asked.

"What? Why would you ask that?" Jim exclaimed, guilt and frustration churning in his stomach.

"Because you're only a sullen, mopey mess when you've had a fight with your favorite Vulcan."

Jim opened his mouth to protest, but then realized that it was the truth.

"I just wanted something he couldn't give." Jim mumbled quietly, not meeting Bones' eyes.

"What the fuck are you talking about?" Bones asked incredulously, "That green-blooded hobgoblin would move mountains for you!"

"He has someone else, Bones!" Jim cried, "And I can't fucking take it anymore, and I just made myself look like a fucking idiot-"

"Not a hard thing to do-"

"-and probably ruined our friendship!" Jim finished, looking around the room uncomfortably, and once again glaring at Chapel over his shoulder. What he didn't expect was for Chapel to laugh.

"If you're talking about Nyota, they broke up about a month after the Narada incident." She said, looking smug.


"Think I'd know." Chapel replied, looking pretty pleased with herself. Why the fu-

"Ohhh…" Jim breathed, his thought process slowing down as he thought about that, because hey, he was only human, what could you do…and then his brain rocketed back to its normal pace.

"Fuck, really?" Jim cried, "That's fantastic for you! And that means…"

Jim shot up from his seat on the biobed.

"Fuck! I have to find Spock now!"

"You're a fucking idiot, Kirk." Jim spun towards Chapel, striding toward her and grasping her by her shoulders.

"And you are beautiful!" He cried, planting a kiss on her cheek before turning and sprinting out of Sickbay, sliding on his socked feet and hitting the wall before heading in the direction of the bridge.

"What a goddamn moron." Bones muttered, shaking his head and striding into his office.

Chapel's bright, clear laughter rang throughout Sickbay.


Two minutes later, and that has to be a fucking record or something, Jim is sliding onto the bridge in the middle of Alpha shift.

"Spock!" Jim shouted, sliding to a halt in front of the captains chair, and only didn't fall because Spock had risen out of the seat and steadied Jim by grasping his elbows. A thrill went through Jim when Spock didn't let go.

"Jim. You are not scheduled for this shift. You should be resting. Is something wrong?" And Spock is still asking Jim questions like he cares about Jim even though Jim was such a fucking asshole to him and how could he ever forgive him?

" I just… I thought you and Uhura, and then Chapel said, and fuck-" Jim did what he'd wanted to for months, and kissed Spock.

On the bridge of the Enterprise.

In front of his whole bridge crew.

In his rainbow socks, ratty sweatpants, and "Some Genius Billionaire Playboy Philanthropists Marry Their Super Soldiers. Get Over It." shirt.

Well, fuck. He hadn't really thought of that before he left (fucking bolted like a pansy) his quarters this morning. No wonder Chapel though he was going insane.

But none of that mattered now, because he was kissing Spock.


"Well finally." Sulu muttered, earning a chuckle from Chekov.

Jim and Spock broke apart and Jim grinned at Spock, unclenched his fingers from where they were twisted in Spock's shirt, and smoothed down the blue material. The corners of Spock's mouth turned up in response.

"Um, I'll see you after shift, Mr. Spock." Jim said, as he backed away toward the turbo lift.

"Indeed." Spock replied, one eyebrow rising as the corners of his mouth twitched some more. Turning to the rest of the bridge crew, he said, "I believe you all have work to be doing."

Jim watched as Spock settled back in the captain's chair, and shot a wink at Uhura before stepping into the turbo lift.

And ducking the stylus Uhura lobbed at his head.

"Lieutenant, do not indulge-"

Jim stuck his tongue out at Uhura as the door to the lift slid shut on Spock reprimanding her, and collapsed into laughter that was part glee, and part relief.

Not childish at all.