Clique Plus Gallagher Equals Trouble Chapter 1

A/N I don't own either The Clique or The Gallagher Girl series the Clique belongs to Lisi Harrison and The Gallagher Girl Series belongs to Ally Carter

A/N after last Clique book, for my purposes some events GG4 haven't happened, some have you'll find out which later on, events might not necessarily be in order/during time it says in GG4

Kristen's POV

"Kristen, you have a letter." "Be there in a sec, mom." I caught my soccer ball and went to the living room. My mom handed me a fancy looking envelope. It was from someplace called The Gallagher Academy for Exceptional Young Women. I tore open the envelope and glanced over the letter. My eyes widened. "Mom, this is from a prestigious boarding school in Virginia, and they want to offer me a scholarship for all of high school!" My mom snatched the letter out of my hands, "Really? So, what do you think?" "I have no idea. OCD is a really good school, and it's not a boarding school, and my friends are here. But the letter says the Gallagher Academy has one of the most challenging and advanced curriculums in the world." My mom senses how caught in the middle I am, "How about we see if we can go check it out over a long weekend or something? It can't hurt to just see the place." I like this idea, "Sure." "I'll call right now and see if that's okay." My mom grabs the phone and letter and dials the number. I hear her talking to someone on the other line for a few minutes. "Thank you. Bye." She hangs up the phone, then turns to face me again with a smile on her face. "They said that would be fine. We can come the next time we have a long weekend, and we are welcome to stay at the school overnight, since we are so far away. They are also willing on paying travel fees, since we would be their guests. I think you have a long weekend in a couple of weeks. Is it okay if we go then?" "Sure." "Great I'll call them up again and schedule it."

Cammie's POV

Macey, Bex, Liz and I are walking to our room when we hear my mom call out from her office "Girls, could you please come here. I have some things I would like to speak to you about." We shuffle in to her office. "Girls, we have found a student we think would be a great addition to the Gallagher Academy. Her name is Kristen Gregory. She is currently in 8th grade. I'm not sure of how we did not know about her before now. She and her mother are coming to look at the school in a few weeks, and they don't know the truth about us, so obviously we will be in a code red. They will also be staying overnight because they are from Westchester, New York. Kiddo, I need you and Bex to give her a tour. I will make the announcement at dinner tonight about the tour. " "Okay mom. Is that all?" "Yes, you may go." "Thanks." We all file out of the office, already mentally preparing for the tour and code red.