Red Air and Red Mist

Rating : M.

Pairing: Red Mist/ Red Air ( My OC ) . KickASS/ Hit GIRL. More...

Info: As Kick-ASS rises and gains popularity. RED-MIST is created to stop Kick-ASS. But then RED-AIR arrives and changes the tables.

I don't own nothing except my OC.

May 24th,2011

10:20 P.M. Tuesday.

I wouldn't say my life is hell and heaven mixed. But to be honest with you people, who are reading this very story, it is. I'll just give you some facts about myself. I'm sixteen years old, I turn seventeen years old on September 5th. I'm about 5'2. A little short stuff people call me, but I prefer I'm height challenged. I have long jet black hair. My eye color is gray. My smile is a little bit off but I'm okay with that. Well, my name is Darlene Dominique D'Amico, or just DD for short. I attend Millard Fillmore High School as a Junior with my brother Chris. No, I'm not Chris D'Amico's real sister, I'm only step. I was adopted at the age or 3 by the D'Amico family. My real family died in a fire started by two angry men,as I called them. I don't remember who they are. How was I suppose to know? I was only 3. Anyways, I live in New York, New York. Manhattan. In a big,big Hotel-like building. I live at the very top. My room is sandwiched between Chris' and Frank and Angie's room (My step parents). I would say I'm treated fairly by Angie, she treats me and Chris evenly, while as Frank, he only see' potential in Chris and not me. To be honest, I think I was only adopted by the D'Amico family because Angie wanted a daughter. But I'm okay with that. Frank, yes, I do know what he does. He's a big drug crime lord or something like that. He also owns Frank's Lumber and Supplies. I don't like to go in there. Well, where I am currently at right now is there. Well, outside in the car with Chris and the limo driver. We were both waiting for Frank to come out and take us to see The Spirit 3. It's suppose to be bad ass, but I think it's going to suck. Why am I go at all? To avoid a boring Tuesday night. I was dressed in black skinny dickies, with black and white converse, and a regular designer t-shirt from Ed-Hardy. My hair is flat-ironed and I'm sitting on the floor of the car. Why the floor? I don't want to sit in between Chris and Frank, so which place is more comfortable? The floor. I crossed my legs and flipped my hair.

"Sorry you had to wait Buddy," Frank said referring to Chris as he got into the car. Chris looked at his watch, "The movie is starting in ten minutes."

"It's okay we're cool, we're only gonna' miss the trailers." Frank assured.

"Yeah but I want to get some popcorn." Chris replied.

"Do you want popcorn Darlene?" Frank asked me. I nodded, no.

"When we get in there get Chris some popcorn,What you want to drink? Want a pepsi?" Frank said and Chris nodded,"Yeah that's fine."

"What about you Darlene?" He looked at me and I said,"Root Beer..".

"Get them a Root Beer and a Pepsi. & I'll have an Icee, mixed, like when they mixed the red one and the blue one." A gun shot was fired. "and a pack of twizzlers."

I smiled. Frank just thought death of a person was funny. The limo driver started his car and we started driving to the movie theater.

"So Son, how'd you do on you SAT'S?" Frank asked.

"Passed. With honors."Chris said. Kiss-Ass, I thought.

"That's good, pretty soon you'll be in Harvard or Yale!" Frank said excitedly.

My smile went down.

"What about you Darlene?"Frank asked.

" I uhh'... failed." I said and Frank's smile went down into an angry frown.

"I tried my best though Frank! I swear, It was just too hard." I said.

"Summer School?" Frank asked.

"No.. I just have to go take a retake on June 8th and if I pass I got to 11th,if I don't I stay."I said.

"You dissapoint this family."Frank said.

I looked down and played with my fingers. I was silent throughout the whole ride.