Hi, I decided to try writing Vampire Sherlock….

John was used to the way Sherlock always acted. The detective was always so lively during cases or during the night. At night Sherlock insisted on going out to eat with John or even just taking walks. He was always so bored during the day, always lashing out on the wall with the doctor's gun. When John first met Sherlock he thought it was all a bit strange but he soon got over it and decided that is was normal for a sociopath. He even stopped thinking about Sherlock's excessive use of sun tan lotion. The man was pale and maybe he just liked it that way, maybe that's why he wore so much when they went out (especially on sunny days).

John sat in his chair watching television as usual when there was nothing better to do. Sherlock lay on the sofa bored out of his mind. The sun started to set and night started to appear making Sherlock seem even more restless than before. Sherlock jumped up and looked out the window as the sun disappeared.

"Hungary?" Sherlock asked.

"Starved," John answered turning the television off. They threw on their coats and headed out to grab a bite to eat at Angelo's. While they were there the usual happened; Angelo thought they were a couple and Sherlock didn't seem to care although John still hasn't given up on trying to convince Angelo that they are in fact not dating.

When they got home John was stuffed but once again Sherlock had not eaten. The doctor decided to bother his flatmate about not eating later but in the meantime he decided to go to bed.

"Goodnight," He said walking up to his room.

"Night," Sherlock replied standing at the window. Going out to eat and taking walks always has made John tried. This fact made Sherlock happy for it was easy getting his flatmate to go to bed so he could get something to eat himself.

Sherlock went out in to the night to stalk his prey. He hadn't eaten in days which he was used to because he really didn't want his digestive tract to slow him down but a man had to eat some time. He watched as a middle aged woman walked by alone down a dark street. No one was around so this woman was as good as any. He followed behind her silently stalking through the shadows of the night. She tuned to look behind herself a few times getting a feeling of as though she was being watched but every time she looked behind her there was no one there.

The woman reached the park and decided to go through it to get home faster which made things easier for Sherlock because it would be less likely for someone to be around in the park. Half way through the park the woman looked behind her finding no one there once again but when she turned to keep walking she walked right in to a tall dark figure.

"Oh, sorry-" She started. Sherlock grabbed her arms and without a word he showed his fangs. The woman screamed as he dug in to her neck and sucked her blood. She had a common blood type of O positive. It wasn't his favorite but it would have to do. What he really craved was AB but it wasn't every day he came by that type unless you count John.

Sherlock dropped the woman on to the ground. He drank only one pint of her so there would be no major damage to her. She was even strong enough to run away. He thought there would be no point in killing any humans ecspecially since it would only leave a crime scene and he really didn't feel it was necessary to be bothered by Lestrude about a crime he commited. But if he ever happened to find some one with AB blood the crime scene would be worth it.

John has AB, Sherlock thought. He thought about digging his teeth in to the doctor's neck and sucking that delicious blood. No! Sherlock didn't think about it any longer. He wiped his mouth and went back to the flat.

He got in a few hours after leaving and felt energized by the blood he drank but the feeling didn't last long and he was back to being bored after working on some experiments. He lay on the sofa thinking and the thought of John's blood came back to him. Before Sherlock knew it he was standing at the foot of John's bed licking his lips. His teeth started to show. In the dark his eyes glowed like a cat's eyes.

Sherlock listened to John's steady breathing and moved to the side of the bed. He bent over and smelled the doctor's neck. He smelled so good and probably tested even better. Sherlock decided that maybe he could just take a bite and if John woke up he'd just erase his memory. John could be his slave, after all most vampires had one. Mycroft had a slave whom he called Anthea, so why not make John a slave. Sherlock started to bite down on this flatmates neck when all of a sudden a phone rang.

John opened his eyes to find no one there, although it felt as though someone was there. He lifted his phone up to his face to see who was calling, it was Sarah.

"Hello," John said rubbing his tired eyes.

"Hello, John, I'm sorry for calling so late but could you do me a favor?" Sarah's voice sounded upset.

"Yeah, okay, are you alright?" John asked concerned.

"Yes, I'm fine, it's just my mum's at the hospital and I need you to cover for me at work," She said pleading.

"Of course I will."

"Thank you so much John," She said a little happier.

"No problem."

"Talk to you later, bye."


John hung up the phone and went back to sleep.

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