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A tall dark figure hid in the shadows stalking his prey. A woman walked through the park quickly feeling as though she was being watched, she was. The dark figure made his way closer sneaking up behind her. A twig snapped behind the tall figure and the woman heard it and ran. Sherlock looked behind him.

"John," he said disappointed.

"Sorry, I didn't see it," John said looking down. Sherlock grabbed John's shoulders.

"John, you were a soldier, trained to stay quiet for ambushes and such. It's obvious that this is no different, so what seems to be the problem?" John looked in to Sherlock's blue/green eyes sadly.

"Sherlock, I'm a doctor, I've sworn to help people. Sucking someone's blood just seems wrong." Sherlock sighed and removed his hands from John's shoulders.

"You have to drink blood to survive," Sherlock said.

"I realize that but isn't there another way to get blood?" John asked hopefully. "Can't I drink animal blood or get blood from a hospital?"

"No, animal blood will make you sick and trying to get hospital blood is risky." The blonde looked down disappointed. Sherlock looked down at his sad friend and remember that there was in fact one way John wouldn't have to suck some innocent's blood. He disappeared in to the darkness without John even noticing.

Sherlock walked in the night for a long time until he reached a black Mercedes. He got in and looked at his brother.

"I'm guessing the good doctor refuses to drink straight from an innocent," Mycroft said. Sherlock didn't answer. "I see, plan B then?" Once again the younger Holmes didn't answer. He hated asking his brother for help but there was no other way to get John to eat. Mycroft handed Sherlock a suit case.

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John looked around; there was no sign of his lover anywhere. Maybe Sherlock was disappointed with him. The doctor walked slowly home. He didn't know what to do. He didn't mind drinking blood; hell, he drank it when he was at that safe house of Mycroft's. Blood was delicious but just because he wants the blood doesn't mean he wants to meet the person. He finally made his way to 211B Baker Street and slowly walked up the stairs. He was so disappointed at himself and slightly at Sherlock for even trying to make him drink blood straight from a person.

He opened the door to find Sherlock lying on the sofa staring up at the ceiling. John sat in his chair, his eyes on Sherlock who made no sigh of noticing John was there. John sat back in his seat wondering what would happen next. Sherlock got up suddenly and walked in to the kitchen and John got up to follow. The doctor wasn't sure why but he felt that he should follow. Sherlock stood by the fridge and opened it. John looked inside and wasn't sure what to think or say.

"Sherlock, how? Who? I-" John said trying to figure out what to say.

"Mycroft," Sherlock said. "We made an agreement."

"Agreement?" John asked in fear.

"Don't worry," Sherlock said reassuringly bringing John in to a hug. "It horrible but we'll get through it." John pulled away from him.

"What was the agreement?" John asked panicked. Sherlock looked down sadly.

"I have to introduce you to Mummy," Sherlock said annoyed. A weight was lifted from John's shoulders. He hugged Sherlock tightly.

"I thought it was something terrible. You had me worried," John said with his head resting on Sherlock's chest.

"It is terrible and not only that but we have to go to family Christmases," Sherlock said disgusted.

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John sat in his chair watching crap telly drinking blood from the cup he used to drink tea in. Not much had changed since he became a vampire. He still went to work, helped Sherlock with cases, and instead of making tea he would heat up blood from the fridge. Mycroft supplied them blood from willing donors and in return Sherlock and John would have to participate in family gatherings such as the family Christmas party tonight.

Sherlock stood behind John.

"Are you ready?" Sherlock asked in a bored voice. The vampire doctor looked behind him. There stood Sherlock in a nice looking suit with a red and green tie. John giggled. "Yes, very amusing."

They sat in a cab headed for Sherlock's Mummy's house. John pulled at the tie Sherlock made him wear, it was green and red as well but also had a Santa face on it.

"So, what's your family like?" John asked. Sherlock glared at him and then resumed looking out the window. They sat in silence the rest of the way.

The cab pulled up to a large mansion. It sat on top a hill looking over a small town and as lightning cracked through the sky John couldn't help but think of Dracula movies but of course he didn't know Sherlock was the son of Dracula nor did he know that Dracula used to reside in the very same house they were standing in front of.

Sherlock knocked on the door and it immediately opened. A young woman in a maids outfit opened the creaky door and stepped aside letting Sherlock and John enter. The blonde expected to enter in a dark room with cob webs and candles but what he did see was amazing. The room was bright. A large tree stood tall in the middle of the room decorated in a rainbow of colors. Christmas music played throughout the house and Christmas lights decorated the staircase. Sherlock cringed at the wonderful sight but John smiled in amazement.

"Mummy did it herself," Mycroft said walking in to the room. Sherlock glared at his brother but said brother only smiled back. "Good to see you again Doctor Watson."

"John, Please," The doctor said correcting him, it was Christmas after all. "Honestly, I didn't think vampires celebrated Christmas."

"It gives Mummy a reason to get the family together," Mycroft said dismissively. "You can put those under the tree," Mycroft said motioning to the bag of presents John had in his hand.

They followed Mycroft in to the sitting room after John put the presents under the tree.

"This is Mummy," Mycroft said motioning to a woman who looked about 20 years old.

"Nice to meet you Mrs. Holmes," John said sitting on a Victorian sofa next to Sherlock.

"Very nice to meet you Doctor Watson," She said.

"Please call me John," The doctor said with a smile.

"This is Renfield, Mummy's slave," Mycroft said motioning to a man crouched in a corner looking at the others. John didn't even want to ask what the deal was with this Renfield person.

"You of course remember Anthea," Mycroft said sitting on a sofa beside Anthea across from the one Sherlock and John sat in.

"Nice to see you again," John said. Anthea gave a nod and a smile.

"And that's everyone. Being vampires, we don't have much family," Mycroft explained.

"I see," John said. The maid that opened the door before came in to the room and whispered in to Mrs. Holmes ear then walked away.

"Well, I suppose we will be having an unexpected guest," Mrs. Holmes announced standing up. "Dracula."

Everyone looked as a man with slicked back black hair, shiny old man shoes, and a nice looking suit walked in. He looked a lot like Sherlock and Mycroft.

"You're dead," Sherlock said standing up. He was very much confused. No one else seemed to be although John and Anthea were surprised that thee Dracula was standing before them.

"No son, I'm very much alive. When that mob came after me I faked my own death," Dracula said casually. John was not at all surprised that a Holmes would make something like faking your own death sound casual.

"How long have you two known about this?" Sherlock asked turning to his brother and mother.

"We only found out yesterday," Mycroft said. Mrs. Holmes walked toward her long lost husband with open arms. They kissed passionately. Sherlock and Mycroft held disgusted looks on their faces.

"Dinner is prepared!" A servant called out.

"We'll talk about this over Christmas dinner," Mrs. Holmes declared. Dracula and Mrs. Holmes sat at the ends of the table. Mycroft sat by Mummy and Anthea while Sherlock sat by Dracula and John. Sherlock couldn't take his eyes off of his long lost father. He examined him trying to deduce anything but there was nothing to deduce. Dracula was clean and showed no signs of being anywhere. He looked to be about thirty but other than that, nothing.

"So, where have you been?" Sherlock asked suspiciously.

"Well," Dracula smiled at his youngest son. "After that mob thought they killed me I had to lay low and make sure they didn't go after my family. I wanted to be sure they'd never hurt you all so I waited over time to make sure that being a vampire became myth to them."

"And now you decided to show up?" Sherlock asked. "Vampires have been a myth for a long time." Dracula smiled but didn't answer which raised questions of what he had been doing. Sherlock knew Mummy wouldn't ask, she was blinded by love for this man and Mycroft had always admired him and would never say or ask anything of suspicion.

They were each served a bowl of blood for dinner with a cup of blood to drink. After dinner they made their way in to the room with the presents and sat around it on the floor. It looked like a silly sight with a bunch of grown-ups on the floor but never the less they had always done it this way and Mrs. Holmes wasn't about to break tradition.

The presents were passed out and it was no surprise that Dracula didn't get anything but he had gotten everyone else something. Apologies were made about him not getting anything but he dismissed it with a smile.

They took turns opening their gifts.

"Thank you Sherlock and John," Mycroft said as he held up a t-shirt that said 'I put the fun in funeral'.

"You're welcome," Sherlock smiled. John frowned.

"I knew it was a mistake putting you in charge of the gifts," John said with a sigh.

Mycroft had also gotten a tie from his Mummy which he thanked her for and seemed to like. From Dracula he got an antique dagger which Mycroft seemed very happy about. Anthea got Mycroft a new umbrella which seemed to make him the happiest man alive.

"Oh, Sherlock, John, how thoughtful," Mrs. Holmes said looking inside of the box her gift was in. She pulled it out and their in her hand was a scarlet scarf.

It's wonderful" She said with a smile and wrapped it around her neck, it complimented her black eyes. She then opened her gift from Mycroft. "Beautiful," she said as Mycroft put the diamond necklace around his Mummy's neck. Dracula laughed.

"You boys, just as I remember you, always competing for your mother's love," Dracula said handing Mrs. Holmes his gift to her. She opened it and squealed with joy and she pulled out a fresh human heart. She immediately drained its blood and when she was finished not a single smear or drop of blood lay on her face.

"Thank you dear husband," She said and had a small make out session. The Holmes brothers watched in disgust while Anthea and John just looked away giving them privacy.

It was Sherlock's turn to open his gifts once his parents stopped their kissing.

"How nice of you," Sherlock said glaring at his brother after opening his first gift. It of course was a t-shirt that said 'I hate everyone'. John couldn't help but laugh. Sherlock then opened his next gift from Mummy Holmes. It was a skull. Sherlock smiled at it happily and picked it up feeling the weight of it in his hands.

"I hear that your landlady keeps taking the other one so I thought I would get you a spare. I had it dug up from- well, you don't need to know that." Sherlock didn't question his Mummy, he was too busy examining the skull but John did wonder who's skull it was. Sherlock put his new skull down and brought his attention to John's gift. He opened it and there it was, a picture frame with a picture inside. In the picture was Sherlock and John standing over a body.

"I asked Lestrade to snap a photo of us. I realized that we had no pictures of us together and I thought it might be nice and-" John's words were stopped as Sherlock randomly hugged John. Sherlock had told John before they got there that he refused to show any affection in front of his family for reputation purposes but this gift really hit Sherlock in his non-beating heart. Finally Sherlock opened his last gift, from his father.

It was a collar.

"What is this for?" Sherlock asked. John took it from his hand and looked it over. It was black and had a round golden tag with a name on in.

"Why does it have my name on it?" John asked. Dracula smiled.

"Sherlock," He said standing up. His face became serious. "I've been watching you for a long time. In fact I've been watching all of you. I have been in hiding, true. And my reasons were to make vampires in to a myth. I've killed many of my own kind if they were to let humans know the truth. I've killed many people that threatened to give the secret that the vampires are real. That's what I've been doing. Two nights ago I was out hunting and caught someone to eat. They laughed when I showed my teeth, they thought it was a joke. Even when it's right in front of them they don't believe. That's why I'm back. But I feel like I've failed you, Sherlock."

"What do you mean?" Sherlock asked standing up.

"You turned this boy," Dracula said looking John up and down. "In to a vampire, to protect him and then it turns to love?"

"You turned Mummy because you loved her," Sherlock said in defense.

"No!" Dracula yelled causing everyone to stand and back away. "I turned your mother so she could take care of you! Vampires are not capable of love. This thing," Dracula pointed to John. "Is not anything but a slave just as that," he pointed at Anthea, "Is Mycroft's slave."

"So, I'm a slave to you?" Mrs. Holmes asked sadly. Dracula looked at her emotionless.

"Yes," Dracula said calmly, "I only wanted you to have children." Mrs. Holmes didn't listen any more. She ran up the stairs and slammed a door indicating she was in her room. Dracula sighed.

"That's what happens when you aren't born a vampire, you have feelings," Dracula said the word 'feelings' as if it were a disease. Mycroft looked at Anthea, she glared at him. She thought he loved her but now she knew that she was just a slave. Not the kind that is mindless but a slave none the less.

"John is not a slave," Sherlock said. Dracula looked at him with cold eyes.

"Yes he is," Dracula said sternly.

"No he's not," Mycroft said to everyone's surprise. "Times have changed father. Humans are used for slaves and food but vampires such as Anthea, Mummy, and John. They are not slaves."

"Then what are they," Dracula said getting in Mycroft's face, they were the same height.

"They are companions, mates, lovers to the ones who turned them," John cut in. All of a sudden Dracula was across the room picking up John by his tie and held him up in the air. Sherlock punched his father in the stomach but the vampire did not falter. Dracula hit Sherlock across the face sending him across the room knocking over the tree.

"You are nothing," Dracula said in John's face. Anthea grabbed Dracula from behind wrapping her arms around his neck forgetting that suffocating a non-breathing person would not work. He grabbed her neck and held her high. She of course did not choke, being a vampire and all. Dracula didn't expect someone to bite the arm holding Anthea. It was his eldest son. "Mycroft, I'm doing you boys a favor, I'm getting rid of the one's holding you boys back." Mycroft didn't listen; instead he started to suck his father's blood trying to weaken him.

Dracula dropped Anthea on to the floor and swung his arm flinging Mycroft across the room. Dracula turned in to his vampire form still holding on to John. He grew three times his normal size, wings grew out of his back, his eyes became black, and his teeth stuck out sharp along with his claws which ripped in to John's jumper.

"I'm disappointed in you boys. Can't you see emotions poison the mind?" Dracula said. Ironically, both boys used to think that until they met their companion/lovers. All of a sudden, a look of surprise came over Dracula's face, he dropped John who was caught be Sherlock who finally regained consciousness moments ago. The large vampire poofed into ashes and as the ashes fell on top of everyone like snow there stood Mrs. Holes on the stairs with a stake in her hand.

"He should have stayed dead," She declared walking down the stair case with a smile on her face. "Who wants tea?" She said calmly with a smile as if this was normal.

"Sherlock," John said wrapped in his lovers arms.

"Yes, John?" Sherlock said looking down at the blond.

"Are you family Christmases always like this?"

"Usually worse," Sherlock said in all seriousness. John smiled.

The End