Chapter 4 Bonus

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This is a "bonus" chapter...concluding Edward's birthday night...short, sweet and to the point.


I can't believe what Jasper had done for me for my birthday. The swing alone would have been sufficient but to have that table made for us, too. It blew my mind how my love always makes my dreams come true. We'd been talking about buying one of those tables for the longest time.

Then to have Jake and Emmett play with us, well, that was the icing on the motherfucking cake. I'd been dying to see one of those big bears taking my boy.

Jasper and I walk into the bedroom to hear the shower going already and moans coming from the bathroom. I pulled Jasper to me right outside the door, where we could see Jake on his knees sucking Emmett's cock. "Isn't that a beautiful sight to see, love? It makes me want to fuck you, hard, against the wall, to show you my appreciation for all my gifts." My words were spoken in his ear and I felt him shiver before feeling his hand start kneading my ass cheek.

"Come baby, let's go join them." I beckoned to Jasper.

I opened the glass shower door just as Emmett was coming.

"Fuck, Jake, I love that mouth of yours." He said while caressing the sides of Jake's face.

"Mmmmhhhhmmmm," Jake moaned as he licked Emmett clean.

"Shower, love?" Jasper said, pulling me under the waterfall stream at the other end of the shower.

"Jake is all yours now, love, take him." I whispered in Jasper's ear.

We all showered and eye fucked each other before I made my move. There was no scene play tonight, I just wanted to fuck Emmett and I knew my boy was itching to get up inside of Jake. Jasper looked so tiny compared to the beast of a man that was Jacob McCarty-Black.

I made my move and sidled up behind Emmett, put my hands on his hips and leaned down to lick his neck before placing small bites along the same path.

"Fuck, Edward," he moaned as he pushed his ass back against my throbbing cock.

"Indeed, Emmett. I intend to fuck you, hard and fast." I growled into his ear before thrusting my cock between his ass cheeks.

I reached over Emmett's shoulder to grab the condoms and the lube. I looked over my shoulder to see Jasper in virtually the same position I was in, except he had a hand on Jake's cock, stroking it as I passed him a condom and the lube. He winked at me, mouthed 'I love you' and turned back to Jake.

I couldn't help but smile and think to myself this was one of the best birthdays ever.

I quickly rolled on the condom, ran a line of lube down the center, lathered it around and squirted more on my finger. I leaned against Em's back, "spread 'em out and grab the wall," there was no time for foreplay. I just wanted to fuck and watch my boy get his.

Emmett leaned forward, spread his legs and looked back at me before smirking, "Show me what you've got 'big boy'."

I shoved my index finger into his puckered hole before leaning over his back again, "I'll definitely show you my big boy." I added another finger, stretching him swiftly as he moaned and pushed back against my fingers.

"Open that hole," I growled as I hastily removed my fingers and placed the tips of my cock at his entrance. I pushed the head in, letting him adjust before I stroked in and out, pushing a little further in on each down stroke. "Fuck, Emmett, relax, you are so fucking tight."

His forehead dropped against the tile as he pushed back harder pulling me deeper inside with each thrust forward.

I heard Jacob let out a string of curse words and turned to see his ass flush with Jasper's hips. My boy is not small by any means and seeing him in that position spurred me on. I brought a hand up to Emmett's shoulder, tightened my grip on his hip and sped up my actions.

When I finally got all the way inside of Emmett, I slowed slightly to make sure I hadn't hurt him, "You okay up there, Em?"

He nodded his head and bucked back against me, signaling me to keep going. I pulled out all the way to the tip of my cock head, holding it there for a few seconds before I ran a hand down back and returned it to his shoulder. "Hold the fuck on." I warned him as I began pounding relentlessly. Fuck, he felt good wrapped around my shaft.

"Oh my god, right there Jasper, right fucking there," I heard Jake moaning behind me.

I felt Em's hand come up and massage his balls as mine bounced mercilessly against them.

"Fuck, Edward," he hissed as he bowed his back slightly when I felt my balls tighten and the tingling in my belly, forewarning me that I was about to blow my load inside of him.

"Don't you dare cum until I do, do you hear me Emmett?" I said sternly as I moved my hand down to his hip, holding both of them so tight, I'm sure there would be marks later.

"Hurry up, E, I can't wait much longer." Em wailed, his breath coming in heavy pants.

I thrust hard once, twice, "Now, Emmett," and on the third hard push in, I came hot and hard inside the condom.

"Hold on Jake," I heard from my boy's sweet mouth, "FUUUUCCKKKK" both Jasper and Jake screamed at the same time.

We all halted our movements and the sound of gasping, panting and heavy sighs echoed off the tiled walls.

I could feel Emmett's knees shaking as I slowly pulled out of him. I pulled him to a standing position before turning him around, kissed him and backed him into the built in seat on the middle wall.

I pulled off the condom, opened the door and dropped it in the trash can outside the shower door.

"You alright, Em?" Jacob asked his breathing still a bit labored.

"Yeah, babe, I'm fine." Em responded, as he eyed Jake. "You okay?" He chuckled as Jake leaned over with his hands on his knees, back against the wall.

"Fuck you, old man." Jake retorted.

I loved their crusty bantering back and forth but continued showering.

"Jazz, babe, how 'bout you?" I asked with a cocky smirk.

"Better than fucking ever." He laughed over his shoulder at me.

"We'll leave you old men to finish up." I said as Jasper and I made our way out of the shower.

"Fuck you, and your monster cock." Jake laughed at me, helping Emmett up as he pulled him into his arms.

I grabbed a towel and went about drying off, I watched Jasper out of the corner of my eye, "Thank you, Jasper." I whispered.

He turned to me as he was toweling off before he moved to stand in front of me, "Anytime, baby, I just wanted to show you how much I love you and appreciate you." He moved his hands around my neck, pulled my head down to him as his lips softly met mine.

I ran my tongue along his lower lip and he opened his mouth for me. I moved my tongue, slow and tentative into his mouth, savoring the salty sweetness of his tongue as I wrapped mine around his, getting lost in this kiss.

"Jeez, don't you two ever stop?" Jake joked as he and Emmett stepped out of the shower.

"We're newlyweds, it's still allowed." Jasper smarted off.

I let go of Jasper, grabbed a few towels from beside me and handed them to Emmett.

"Thank fuck you have these ginormous towels. I hate when all the towels are the size of snatch wear."

Jake said sounding his normal grumpy self.

"We're going to get dressed, do you guys want something to drink or you heading out?" Jasper asked as he toweled off his blond, curly locks.

"Nah, we're gonna head on home, we've got a lot of deliveries tomorrow." Emmett replied.

Jasper and I went into the bedroom and put on our pj's while the guys dressed in the bathroom, having brought their clothes in there with them.

"This was fun. Hope you had a great birthday, Edward." Emmett said as they walked into the bedroom.

"One of the best ever." I replied while wrapping my arms around Jasper as I stood behind him.

"I can't wait for my birthday next month," Jasper chimed in as Emmett and Jacob made their way to the door.

"Fuck, another damn birthday." Jake exclaimed.

"Don't worry, Jacob, you are off the hook for that one." I chuckled. I already had it all planned out.

"I better at least get some of that delicious fucking birthday cake." Emmett whined.

"I wouldn't think of denying you cake, Emmett." Jasper said as we all walked down the hall back into the living room.

After Jasper got their food, they gathered up their shoes, keys, phones and wallets, we showed them to the door. We all kissed goodnight and waved to them as they pulled out of the driveway a few minutes later.

"I'm so glad you enjoyed that baby." Jasper said as he shut the door.

"You outdid yourself this year, love. Thank you for always taking such good care of me." I said, pulling him into my arms.

"I love you, baby, now take me to bed, those bears wore me the fuck out." I laughed, picked up my boy and carried him to bed.

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