So. I've been neglecting fanfiction for a while, but Hush, Hush got me back into it. This is a one shot, that could possibly turn into a two shot. It's based after silence...I think. I don't know, just that Patch and Nora are very happy together. The song is called Fire...I couldn't tell you the band...I know Greyson Chance sings a cover of it.

Nora stretched lazily on her bed, cracking her joints and realigning her back. Her mattress couldn't support a fly, never mind a restless teenager.

Summer was slowly crawling by, the days long and hot, especially since Patch seemed to be around 24/7. This year, she refused to take any summer school courses, more than happy to spend the extra time with Patch and Vee. Her mother was much busier than usual, travelling for long hours, only stopping at the house if she was heading that direction. Nora knew her mother felt bad for the necessary neglect, but she knew her mom was making sure they had enough to keep the house. So, she wasn't holding any grudges.

She looked around her room, the bright light streaming thought the open windows and curtains, a summer breeze made her hair flutter around her face. Normally Patch was somewhere in her room when she woke, either right beside drawing patterns on her arms, or at her desk, ruffling through the drawers and uncovering knick-knacks. He would listen intently as she explained the long story behind each shell, each movie ticket stub, every note between her and Vee.

Today though, her room was empty and quiet. This was unusual, and Nora decided to go find Patch. Tying her hair back in a ponytail, she washed her face and brushed her teeth before heading downstairs.

As she descended, she heard the quiet tinkle of notes on a piano. She paused. The piano her mother splurged on hasn't been used since her dad...well, he was the only one in the family that had the ability to play it, and sometimes Nora and her dad would do a cello/piano duet. Tears burned Nora's eyes as she remembered laughing with her father so much that she was unable to hold her bow straight because he was overdramatically hitting the keys. Her mother called him a wanna-be Mozart, as she dusted around his pounding fingers.

With a smile and calming breath, Nora continued down quietly, wanting to see if it were possible to sneak up on Patch. The piano was facing her, so that Patch's back was turned. He continued to play as she crept forward, never missing a note; never loosing focus. She watched as his fingers splayed along the ivory, moving deftly, barely brushing them as he played. The muscles in his arms contracted and relaxed as he played, so strong and so in control. His head was slightly bowed, and Nora bet that his eyes were closed.

The piece he was playing was a classical one, but one Nora couldn't recognise. The tune slowed, and changed into a new song. She recognized it immediately, and heard Patch humming.

Suddenly without any notice, Patch started singing very loudly, belting it out and hitting every note in his rich dark voice. The sound made her toes curl and goose bumps rise on her flesh. He still seemed completely oblivious to her presence.

No it don't, come easy.
No it don't come fast.

Lock me up inside your garden.
Take me to the riverside.
Fire, burning me up,
Desire, taking me so much higher
And leaving me whole

There you were, in your black dress
moving slow, to the sadness.
I could watch you dance for hours.
I could take you by my side.

Nora opened her mouth. She could sing. Not amazing, but she could hold a tune, hold a note.

Fire, burning me up,
Desire, taking me so much higher
And leaving me

Ooh the fire, is burning me up.
Ooh the fire.

As she sang, she heard the missed note from Patch, startling him. She knew her cover was long gone, and so she walked up until she was right behind him. She wrapped her arms loosely around his neck, enabling him to still play.

No it don't, come easy.
No it don't come fast.

Lock me up inside your garden.
Take me to the riverside.
Fire, burning me up,
Desire, taking me so much higher
And leaving me whole.

She pressed a kiss to the shell of his ear, whispering the final lyric.

"Leaving me whole."

Patch stopped playing, trailing off slowly. Silence rang throughout the room only the quiet sound of their breathing puncturing it until Patch spoke up.

"Good morning, Angel." He said in a quiet voice, rubbing his hands lightly along her arms, igniting more goose bumps.

"Great morning," she replied, smiling as she pulled away to sit on the bench next to him. He held her hand craning his neck to smile at her. Nora smiled, leaning in for her kiss after she settled.

Their lips met, and sparks flew. Nora gasped and brought her hand up to his face holding him there as the kiss felt his smile at the same time his hand came up to grasp the back of her neck, his fingers threading through her when she ran out of breath, she pulled away slightly, their faces close enough for their noses to touch.

"You never told me you could play." She said breathlessly.

Patch pecked her lips. "I'm going to start playing alot more now, if that's the response I'm going to get." His hands slipped down her back, rubbing it slowly. "Way better than an audience."

Nora smiled, relaxing her head into the crook where his neck and shoulder met, breathing in his wonderful scent. There wasn't a day that she could get through without it. Her hands folded themselves around his back and rested on his shoulders.

"When did you learn?" she asked in a low voice.

"I didn't. I hear a song, I can replay it without any sheet music."

Shocked, Nora pulled her head up, hands sliding to his chest.

"Are you serious?" He nodded.

"Holy shit!" A grin flashed across his face at her profanities.

"That's amazing. Can you play any other instruments?"

Patch shrugged his shoulders nonchalantly.

"What else?" she asked suspiciously at the happy glint that brightened his eyes. Did he like the attention he was receiving, or did he just feel good after playing? Nora wished she had known that he enjoyed this so much before.

"A little everything, I guess. Guitar, bass, drums, trumpet, ukulele, harmonica, violin..." His head ducked down to kiss her neck.

"Cello." He mumbled.

She laughed, her focus shifting from what he was saying to the torment of his lips. He rubbed them along her collar bone, nipping every once in a while. Suddenly - much to focused on his mouth to have braced herself to the attack – his fingers dug into the sides of her ribs, ripping a scream and a strangled laugh.

A smile transformed his face, the torture of his tickling much too fun to hold back. His fingers found her sensitive belly, holding her still on the bench with his arms he made her cry for mercy.

"Stop! Stop!" she squealed.

"Only on one condition, Nora," he said while still tickling her.

"What? Anything, stop, I beg of you!" She managed to say between peals of laughter and trying to catch her breath.

"You have to go to bed pantsless tonight-"

"WHAT!" Nora gasped, but was unable to focus as his fingers dug into her sides again, sending her on a new spurt of laughter.

"I wasn't finished, Angel. No pants tonight, and you have to tell me how much you love me." I devious smirk graced his features, but his fingers never ceased.

"Okay! I love you Jev Cipriano! More than anything, just please let me go!" She gasped for air, but Patch shifted his fingers, throwing her into tears, with no sound coming out of her mouth for she was laughing so hard.

"That's not enough, Angel. You have to promise me no pants tonight, or I'm not stopping."


"Say it Nora. Say that you will."

"You're being retarded!"

"Nope, just a guy with a beautiful girlfriend."

"Are you going to rape me?" She asked, squirming with more vigor to get out of his grasp.

"Now look who's being retarded."

"FINE! No pants, just stop tickling me!"

Patch's pirate grin grew more pronounced, but his fingers stopped, finally.

Nora collapsed onto him, gasping for air, her ribs aching from the abuse and laughter she just went through. Patch's hands were incredibly gentle as he massaged the tickled areas, soothing them so they wouldn't hurt as much. Nora groaned in satisfaction.

"You're going to keep your word, right Angel?"

Nora managed to pull her head up to look in him the eye.

"Fine." She said quietly, and her head fell back down. Patch kissed the top of her head. Continuing to massage her sides, Nora picked a hand up, running them very lightly across the keys, the laughter and piano making her nostalgic and ready to share. So she did.

"The last time the piano was played was when my dad was still alive. Me and him...would do duets, me on my cello, him on piano."

Patch's hands had stopped moving, instead pulling her in a tight embrace.

"Whenever we played, it seems we did more laughing than playing."

She stayed silent for a minute, Patch giving his unspoken empathy.

"Thank you Patch, for playing. It was nice to remember the good memories." She broght her head up and kissed him, breaking it after a few seconds.

"How about some breakfast, sunshine? Then we can go out for the day, and then I will make tacos for the both of us and then take off your pants." Nora smacked him and he laughed, his eyes shining with love and adoration.

"Sounds like a plan."

Patch pulled away, getting up offering his hand for Nora. She graciously accepted, and she stretched, feeling achy.

"I'm sorry love." He said with a hint of remorse.

"That's okay. I'm getting your pants off too."

His eyes widened as he leaned in for another kiss.

"Okay...nobody wears pants tonight. Got it."

So. Please R&R and I might think of writing another chapter. It wouldn't be about their pantless night, but another musical incidence between the two of them. I'm no good at the M rated stuff. ;) I don't know what's going down with those other stories of mine...I'll think about them later. Hope you enjoyed.

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