Hey all. I have finally written another chapter! While I was studying for my chem exam, may I just say. We can thank our friend Ed Sheeran whose song inspired this particular chapter. If you listen to the song, I tried the story the same way the song builds. I suggest that you read it once without the song, and once with. Or just once, since you all have lives to live. ;) The writing might be a bit different, but nothing drastic. This is set after Finale I guess. Nothing in here is mine, including lyrics and characters! It gets a bit steamy near the end... fair warning! Enjoy

"Nora , please, you're over reacting."

"Patch just get out! I can't do this anymore!"

So he does.

She cries.

He drinks.

Patch sits on his couch. Three months without Nora. The human sensations she has given him allow him to get so very drunk and feel all the pain physically as well as emotionally. He does this often, usually when he has too much time to think by himself.


The thought has him grabbing for his drink.

She's ruined him. He's nothing without her. Getting drunk is fine, but what's sensation when he doesn't have Nora? He glances at the cell phone resting beside him. Maybe he'll call her. Get her back. She couldn't be doing any better than he. He could fix this.

Not tonight. He was too drunk to allow this. She wouldn't take him back in this state.

He just wanted to hold her.

She grasps at the pillow, searching for the same comfort his chest would have provided. It was inadequate.

"Patch, she whimpers. He hadn't even texted her an apology.

But neither has she.

Patch woke up the next afternoon. He has slept through his hangover after taking Advil and a glass of water before falling back asleep. Another glass would get rid of the residual headache. Then he would do it. He wasn't going to call. Just show up. He was done living without her love when he could so easily have it.

Being hygienic for the first time in forever, he cleans himself up and puts on some pants. He's out the door under half an hour.

She hears the rumble of the bike she's dreamt of so many times before. Nora wait until it shuts off before starting for the front door.

The bolt is unlocked and he's there in all of his wonder. His hair is still damp. His face is clean shaven but his eyes are red. His body is somehow still chiseled.

She's forgotten how to breathe.

"Give a little time to me. Or we can burn this out. We could turn this around…"

He looks at her and when he receives no response, he takes a plunge.

"I just want to hold you in my arms. I just want to taste your lips once more. Give me love."

She doesn't answer.

"I've been craving your company. It's been a while but I've felt the same way every day."

He turns away.

"Maybe I should have let you go."

"Give me love," he pleads one more time.

She steps towards him. He freezes in place as his heart speeds up. She comes closer, their bodies now nearly touching. Her face is tilted up while his is down. They look in each others' eyes. Hers hold almost no emotions while every one of his feelings are like a movie being displayed in his.

"Give me love," he whispers again. She lifts her hands and cradles his face between them. Gently drawing her fingers down his skin, she lets them stop at the edge of his chin. His eyes close in the sensation, whispering her name in reverence.

She lifts onto her tiptoes, brushing a kiss on his jaw before grazing his lips with her own in a barely there kiss.

It sets off a reaction in him and he claims her lips with his, unable to hold back and let her lead. The kiss becomes heated, the mashing of mouths building the electricity in the air. Patch grabs at her hands for something to keep him grounded, interlacing their fingers. She pulls her fingers from his grasp and he trails his fingertips along the bare skin of her arm instead. Nora wraps her arms around Patch's neck, tugging on tufts of hair and breathing much deeper. Patches holds her waist while he backs her up into the side of the house, lifting one hand to brace himself against the wall.

"Give me your love, Nora."

She nips his lips in response, pulling on his hair harder while he lifts her up and she wraps her legs around his waist. His hands are everywhere, trailing up her thigh, in her thick red hair, pressing her body into his with a persistent pressure on the small of her back. She gives into all of the sensations, missing him too much to tell him off.

She breaks the kiss, panting for breath as Patch teases the sensitive skin of her neck. The white hot heat generated between them leaves her helpless and lost in the feeling. Sensing her distress, the teasing kisses slow and instead he glances his nose lightly off the curve of her neck. The heat simmers down to allow Nora to breathe properly. All muscles relax between the two of them as they realise what had just transpired.

"I'll give you love like never before." Nora says softly, gently pulling him into a hug. They embrace each other, his arms tight with the relief of her statement. Drawing away, Nora looks into his eyes and sees the love quarrel with the happiness. They kiss once more, soft and sweet and holding promises for the future.

"I'm sorry."

"I am too. But I'm more than happy that we're back."

"Me too."

"Ready to give our love somewhere more private, Angel?"

He kisses her cheek while she giggles and nods. Keeping her in his arms, he carries her through the open door while she distracts him whispered promises. Kissing the end of her nose, he smiles a smile that had been gone for months, and finally she can return it.

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