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"Stop procrastinating." Patch sing songed from the bed, not looking up from his book to know that I had restarted my hair once again. I sighed, knowing he was right.

"I don't think I can do it." I whined, looking in the mirror to watch him. He didn't reply for a minute, finishing the page before closing the book. He got up and moved behind me, gripping the tops of my arms lightly while meeting my eyes through the mirror.

"You can. I believe it you can, so it's going to happen. And once you get this done, you two can start fixing whatever Phil ruined."

"Don't mention his name."

"Dually noted." He kissed the top of my head before pulling my phone from his back pocket. He threaded his hand through the space that my body and arm created and placed it on the counter beside my hand. His eyes never left mine. The remaining hand squeezed my arm slightly in support before he went back to the bed, giving me privacy.

Blowing out a shaky breath, I prepared myself for tears and anger as I dialed my home number. It only rang once before she answered.

"Nora?" her panicky voice sounded.

"Yeah." Was my only reply.

"Oh, honey, I was so worried. I know you're safe with Patch, he said he knew where you would be when I called him yesterday, but I still couldn't sleep or eat and I've been sitting by the phone all night and it's just so good to hear your voice now."

I blinked at her ramble. She had called Patch? My mother barely spoke to him when he was in her kitchen, never mind phoning him up for a chat.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Patch knew exactly where I was."

"I'm so glad. But first I have to say I'm sorry. I'm sorry for everything I had done, and how I didn't listen to you. I'm sorry that I let anything come between our relationship, and I wish there was an excuse but there isn't. I would apologise on Phil's behalf, but I'm not talking to him right now."

I sucked in breath after not breathing for her whole apology. I couldn't believe that it was that easy. All the hate and distrust that had grown for my mother over the past few months dissipated with her words. I forgave her that easily. I just wanted my mother back.

"I'm sorry too mom. I shouldn't have yelled at you all those times, or made you worry all night. And I forgive you. We'll work past this."

All I could hear was my mother's tears. I wanted more than anything to hug her at that moment, but I was stuck where I was until I heard that Phil was out of the picture for good.

"It's okay mom, I'm sure we'll get past all of this quickly. Well, as long as Phil is gone." I couldn't keep the bitter tone out of my voice when I spoke his name.

"I'm giving him back his ring when he comes to move out his stuff. We're done. I can't have anyone like him in our lives again."

"Thanks mom." I smiled in unaltered happiness. I was getting my old life back.

"I'll give you a call when he's left. I won't blame you if you need a few days to recover after that ordeal." I couldn't believe my luck. She was letting me stay at Patch's!

"I'll let you know tonight. Stay safe."

"I love you Nora."

"I love you too mom."

I let my hand drop from my head, absently ending the call. I stared at the sink as I let all the information embed itself in my head. When I replayed every word of the conversation and couldn't find a single negative prospect, I turned to face Patch. I needed to share my excitement with him.

He was already at the doorway, smirking with knowledge.

"Everything work out?"

I nodded dumbly, a smile slowly spreading across my face.

He still deemed it necessary for what he said next.

"I told you so."

I rolled my eyes, but stepped closer to him so could wrap my arms around his next. He returned the hug with just as much fervour.

"I can't believe it was that easy." I whispered.

"I can."

"She's letting me stay here without complaint."

"That's new."

"Phil's leaving this afternoon, the engagement called off."

"As expected."

"She apologised."

"I hoped she would."

"We're back to normal."


I pulled back to smile at him but started kissing him instead.

"Thank you." I said when we pulled away again.

"Anything for you, Angel."

I went back home after another night at Patch's. As much as I loved the freedom my mother gave me, I knew we needed to hug it out. She was waiting for me in the driveway with no sign of Phil's car anywhere. As soon as I stepped outside, I was wrapped in a hug tighter than ever before. We stayed like that for a few minutes.

"I missed you."

"I missed you too."

We headed inside and I was pleasantly surprised with how normal it looked without Phil's crap everywhere. We talked some more over tea and a few tears, but after the conversation, I felt that this situation with Phil wouldn't be happening again anytime soon.

It was that night when I heard about him. I was watching the local news with my mother, both of us emotionally exhausted and drowsy. Phil's picture popped up on the screen, with footage of a man in a stretcher being hauled into an ambulance. I sat up in attention, listening to what the anchor was saying.

"A man was found unconscious in his motel room today. He suffered major injuries from what is assumed to be a baseball bat. Police are unsure of the motive behind the attack, but suspect a gang has been involved. He is in a stable condition at this time."

I sat back as they moved to a different story. I knew that was no gang.

I found my phone quickly, sending my prime suspect a text.

Thanks Patch.

His reply came quickly.

Like I said before, anything for you.

I smiled before replying.

What happened to no one finding his body?

You don't want him dead Angel. I know you.

I frowned at the phone, already typing my disagreement. I stopped after a second. Yes, I hated Phil with a burning passion for what he did to me and my mother, but I couldn't have his death on my conscious. I sighed, deleting my previous words, cursing how Patch knew things about me that I didn't even understand. I punched in a new reply.

You're right. But this is pretty satisfying.

I'm glad you enjoyed it. I'm happy to say he finally got the message.

I scoffed. I was willing to bet that Phil wasn't going to forget it anytime soon.

I love you.

I love you too. Sleep well, Nora.

I shut my phone with a smile. Only Patch would beat the shit out of some guy he barely knew just for me.

I slept well that night. My world was back in order once again.

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