So you're probably not allowed to cuss on the radio but because it will make this story more interesting, there shall be cussing.

Disclaimer: I don't own Supernatural or Stonehenge Apocalypse.

"We're here because… we believe in the strange, the unknown, the unthinkable… we're here because we want to know the real story. I'm Castiel Novak and you're listening to the real story. Let's start off with robot heads. The government found one on the moon and why weren't we told this? Well, because our government decided to classify it as a big secret,"

"Hey, you're on the air with Dean Winchester. I think I'm supposed to say that. Gets me my pay. So, anyways, I'm Dean. You should know who I am and if you don't, what rock have you been living under? Anyways, I was riding in my baby yesterday- not that kind of riding, you pervs. My 1967 Chevy Impala, sweetest car you've ever come across- anyways, I'm flipping through radio channels and I come across this one dude. Deep, dark voice, gravelly… the kind of dude you'd expect to be on the radio.

So anyways, he's talking and he's talking and I'm wondering what the hell this guy's deal is. He's going on and on about all this extraterrestrial shit and I pull up to a red light and he says, 'May God bless you.' I mean no offense to the believers, but who talks about aliens and then goes onto God? And the dude's name- Cassiel or some shit like that. Did you parents hate you or something, Cas? Oh, and that's about all the time we've got unless Jo's waving at me to ask me out. Oh, she's giving me the stink eye. See you this time tomorrow night... or not,"

Dean grinned and hit the button that pulled him off the air.

"Good show," Jo praised. "What was up with the alien-God stuff? Made up?"

"Would I lie to my listeners?" Dean asked and Jo just gave him a look. "Yeah, I so would. I heard the dude on the radio. Way the dude talks, I'd bet he lives in a mental hospital or getting pretty damned close to one."

"Dude, listen to this," Jimmy said, slamming a recording device on the table. His twin looked up from the newspaper.

"I'm not listening to Bon Jovi again. I still want those three minutes of my life back," Castiel said. Jimmy gave his brother an impatient look.

"Just listen- and Bon Jovi's not taking any time off your life," Jimmy said.

"The three minutes he stole say otherwise," Castiel said and Jimmy glared at him as he put the earphones on. Castiel batted his twin's hands away, putting on the earphones himself. Jimmy watched his twin carefully.

"He said my name wrong," Castiel frowned. "And I said nothing about aliens."

"Yes you did," Jimmy said.

"No, I said it was a robot head," Castiel said. "Besides, it's not my fault if people believe that I actually believe this stuff and I'm not just doing this to get paid." Jimmy slouched in his chair and sighed, thanking the waitress as she put the food Castiel had ordered for them on the table. Castiel picked up his burger and bit into it happily. Jimmy rolled his eyes and snagged a fry from his brother's plate.

"Are you still listening to that guy?" Jimmy asked.

"He said I talked about aliens," Castiel pouted. Jimmy rolled his eyes and stuffed a fry into Castiel's mouth.

"Just get him back later tonight," Jimmy said.

Dean didn't realize he left the radio station on the talk show he'd been listening to the other night- the real story or something like that. He was driving home from a fast food restaurant when he heard Castiel's voice.

"Hello, you're on the air with Castiel," Dean smiled. It sounded like the guy was enunciating his name. "That's Castiel. It has come to my attention that another DJ has heard some of my mindless ranting. Thank you for taking the time to listen to my show, Dean. I just have a few issues to pick out with your seminar.

My name is Castiel. Not Cassiel. Two different angels. My father didn't hate me. I don't even know if he stuck around long enough for my brother and I to be named. And I said nothing about aliens. I said it was a robot head. If you're going to make fun of my name and my show, do it properly. And really, what's the point of listening if you don't like it? It's like that weird fanfiction site teenage girls keep going on and what is it they say… if you don't like, then don't read. Same rule applies, although I think you'd be listening rather than reading. I really hope you're listening to this, Mr. Dean Winchester. I'd try messing up your name but it's so simple I'd look stupid. Now let's get back to the show."

Dean stared at his radio in disbelief and then he spilt his coffee when he heard a car horn blaring before he realized that the red light had turned green.

"Shit!" Dean cursed.

"I was kidding you know," Jimmy said.

"About what?" Castiel asked.

"About getting that guy back," Jimmy said.

"He said I talked about aliens. It was a robot head!"

"Are you sure you don't believe what you're getting paid to say?" Jimmy frowned. "You sound like you're starting to believe." Castiel gave his twin a look.

"Yes, I totally believe everything my work gives me. Now I'm going to go join a cult and shave my head after I take a shower," Castiel said.

"Cas, you're joking right? Cas?" Jimmy asked. "Cas, that's not funny! I'm not sure if you're joking or not!"