Dreams Without You

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Dream 1 – One shot of Emily/Jayden after they are married (in my really long Jayden/Emily story)

"Come on Jayden!" Emily yelled running through the familiar park. She ran to a tree and stopped when Jayden cornered her. "I love you." Jayden leaned in and kissed Emily on the lips softly. She smiled and began running again. She stopped when she reached a familiar red barn.

Jayden caught up to her. "Where are we this time?"

"My hometown." Emily smiled and began to run around the small town with Jayden chasing after her.

"It's cozy here. Why did you never bring me here?" Jayden took a bite of the ice cream they just bought to share.

"I don't know." Emily felt her pockets. "Hey Jayden?"


"Do you mind checking the table we sat at inside? I think I left my wallet there."

"Of course, I'll be right back." Jayden kissed Emily on the cheek and Emily began to wonder around the street. Everything was familiar to her and she felt so comfortable.

"Well if it isn't my little Emily. I've been wondering when I would get the pleasure to see you again." Emily turned around quickly and stumbled back afraid.

"It can't be! No! No! NO!" Emily yelled closing her eyes.

"You thought you could run from me didn't you. Well here you are once again and here I am again too." Tim walked closer to Emily and grabbed hold of her wrist. Emily wanted to run and cry. She was scared but she had nowhere to hide. She closed her eyes even tighter and was ready for whatever happened next.

"Please don't hurt me!" Emily cried out.

"Mercy isn't an option little Emily. You ran away from me. And you know I don't like it when you run away." Tim's grip tightened and Emily felt trapped. She was ready for whatever Tim was going to throw at her. She knew she could take him down but he was able to make her too scared to function properly.

"Who do you think you are? Taking women against there will." Emily snapped her head around seeing Jayden's face.

"The lady wants to come with me. Don't you Emily." Tim stepped on Emily's foot and dug his nails into her wrist.

"Ye-yes I want to go with him. I'm sorry Jayden."

"Oh so you know this boy. Let me guess, the new boyfriend?"

"Husband actually."

"Make that ex actually." Tim dragged Emily away and Jayden ran after her.


"Jayden!" She screamed trying to fight against Tim's grip but it just made the pain worse. She was thrown to the side when Jayden tried to attack Tim and she winced in pain. Tim and Jayden began to fight and at first Tim was loosing until Jayden fell to the ground. Tim won and Jayden was wounded badly. Emily began to sob. "Why are you doing this?"

"You know why. You aren't getting away from me this time." Tim grabbed Emily and dragged her way. She woke up in an unfamiliar room. Her head hurt and her arms were covered in bruises.

"Great, you're up. I told you your punishment wasn't over yet." Emily screamed as she felt Tim come at her again. She woke up panting.

"Jayden! Jayden!" She screamed shaking her bed. She put her head closer to him and waited for him to turn over.

"Hello sweetheart." Instead of Jayden's face it was Tim's. Emily yelled again and found herself sitting straight up in her and Jayden's bed sweating and scared.

"Emily what's wrong?" Jayden asked waking up immediately.

"Jayden? Jayden!" She swung her arms around his neck and brought him in close.

"What's wrong?"

"It was just a dream." Emily sighed to herself.

"A dream about what."

"Well it was more of a dream within a dream nightmare. "

"What happened this time?"

"It was Tim. He was back Jayden! He wanted me back! I'm so scared." She hugged Jayden a little tighter and didn't want to let go.

"Tim?" Emily could feel Jayden's muscles tense at the sound of his name.


"It was just a dream. He can't hurt you anymore Emily. You are safe now."

"It just felt so real."

"Come on, let's just try to get back to bed." Jayden held Emily in his arms and they both fell asleep. Jayden finished the night dreaming about killing Tim while Emily dreamed about her and Jayden's wedding again.

Hope you liked this little one-shot :)