Dreams Without You

Disclaimer: I do not own power rangers Samurai :(

Now this is Jayden's dream. Funny how I originally was going to a dream like the one Darien kept on having of Serena in Sailor Moon R at there wedding with a bit from There Goes the Bride's when Jayden is restrained by the moogers BUT THEN I was reading my most recent chapter and realized I can do what I wanted to do but put the dream in context with the book just like a missing one-shot. Unneeded random explanation complete. So here it is! Another dream one shot! I might write some more that don't go with my long story of Jayden and Emily just for fun!

Emily and Jayden were enjoying a nice moonlit walk after their dinner. "The moon looks really big tonight."

"You're right. It does. Night time is so pretty and romantic."

"Only when it's with a beautiful girl."

"Well the beautiful girl has to like the boy's she's with to make it extra special."

"Are you trying to tell me something Emily?" Jayden joked.


"You know, I've never liked the word. It leaves too much of a mystery."

"Sometimes with mystery comes love."

"Or just frustration."

"Oh come on Jayden, you can't be that unconfident in yourself."

"I'm not. I'm just teasing you."

"Well at least it's all fun and games, right?"

"Always." Jayden pulled Emily in close and kissed her head.

"I had fun tonight."

"I did too. How late is it?""

"Only eight-thirty, we have an hour before we have to be back."

"Well what can we do?"

"I'm up for—"

"Well isn't this cute. A couple going out for a late night stroll." Emily flipped her head around staring down the nighlock. She whispered.

"I—I umm nighlock? This late?"

"I didn't think that—"

"Should we do something?" Jayden nodded his head.

"So are you two just going to stand there or do I have to do something to scare you?"

"You decided to mess with the wrong couple tonight, Nighlock." Emily and Jayden pulled their samurizers out. They yelled in unison.

"Samurizers! Go! Go! Samurai!" They morphed. "Samurai Ranger, ready!" Jayden took a small step in front of Emily. "Rangers together! Samurai forever!"

"Oh isn't this cute? I'm sorry to ruin your date but Master Xandred gets what he wants."

"I hope the others come quickly!" Emily spoke softly but confidently. A flood of moogers came out as well.

"We will have to do our best alone. Stay behind me." Emily nodded and took her stance prepared to fight the nighlock. Emily put all her strength into her fighting and Jayden tried his best to protect her as he fought through all the moogers trying to get to the nighlock.

"You'll never stop me. There is only two of you and I don't see your friends coming to help you soon!" The nighlock yelled. Right when Jayden broke through the moogers, they grabbed hold of him restraining his arms from swinging. He tried to move but he couldn't. Emily was surrounded and then the nighlock picked her up and dashed away faster than Jayden had ever seen.

"NO! Emily!" He yelled.

Jayden sat up straight in his bed sweating. He looked nervously to the clock. The red numbers read three AM. The moonlight filled the room creating a cold presence. Jayden wiped the sweat from his forehead and tried to remember that it was just a dream. Emily was safe now. He still wished that he had been able to protect and not been weak but he couldn't change that. He put his head on his pillow and tried to think positive but everything going on was getting the best of him. He needed Emily back now. When he couldn't sleep, he got out of bed. He sat in the chair in the recovery room and watched Emily with fear and hope in his eyes. "Please wake up Emily. I love you and I need you more than anything."

So what did you think of this one-shot? :) That's it for the dream ones. Maybe I'll do more because I liked writing these ones!