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"I…I'm preganant. And you're the father." Brennan admitted finally after hours of holding that information in. Booth had noticed her quiet demeanor in the hospital and was about to question her before she started asking questions on Hodgins and Angela.

Brennan had worried what his reaction would be, so she decided to wait until they were alone before gathering the courage to tell him. He did have a right to know after all. Seeing his stunned face for several moments put her on edge. Was he upset? Angry? Disappointed? She held her breath in anticipation waiting for a reaction.

Booth stood on the sidewalk in shock. Brennan pregnant? With his child? A flurry of emotions passed through him that he could hardly breath. He was happy, excited, shocked, scared, and proud all at the same time. He felt like he could take on the world at this very moment and still have energy to run a marathon. Unfortunatelty, despite his wirlwind of emotions, he had stayed too quiet and left Brennan feeling worried about a negative reaction he might have.

Suddenly he smiled and seeing that cheesy grin he so often donned when happy, Brennan's worries were expelled. She returned the smile and let out a breath. Smiling was definitely a good sign. Suddenly Booth enveloped Brennan in a giant hug, lifting her off the ground. She let out a gasp before it turned into laughter as he spun her around in his arms.

He set her down quickly and pulled her close to him, burying his face in her hair. They stood there for a few moments before she broke the silence.

"Are you sure about this, Booth?" She asked timidly and completely out of character. She was supposed to be Booth's tough partner, Bones, not a feeble, doubting, Brennan. But she couldn't help asking. Despite her tough exterior, she still worried. Brennan needed to know clear and outloud Booth was okay with this.

Booth pulled away but still held Brennan in his arms. She looked in his eyes, searching for something that would betray his happiness. However, all she saw was mirth that danced around his chocolate orbs.

"Okay? Temperance Brennan," he said, addressing her by her full name, "you have just made me, the happiest man on Earth." He breathed and pulled her close again. Finally, accepting his answer, Brennan returned the hug, tightening her arms around his neck as his slid from her back to her waist.

"I must admit, I was worried that you'd have a far less accepting reaction." She with a shrug and Booth pulled away again. He moved her bangs out of her eyes and pressed his forehead against hers.

"Why would you ever think that, Bones? Yes, I would have preferred the circumstances to be less tragic when, uh," he cleared his throat, "the deed was done, but this could never be bad news. And I know somewhere, wherever Vincent is watching us from, he's damn near smug he made this happen." He laughed and Brennan joined him.

Overwhelming tears of joy threatened to spill from Brennan's eyes, so she took a deep breath to calm herself. Booth stared at her shining eyes and closed the gap between them in a small peck of their lips. For an instant, she was shocked at the gesture, but then melted in his arms as she repeated his actions, once, twice, until their lips molded together without breaking.

They stayed there in the middle of the street for what must have been seven minutes of kisses and talking but to them it felt like an eternity. Finally, breathless Brennan broke away. She rested her head on Booth's shoulder as he continued to hold her as close as possible. They were quiet for a moment and Brennan gulped audibly before taking a deep breath.

"I, Booth, I love-" She began but Booth silenced her with a finger. He knew what she was going to say without her ever needing to say it. He definitely felt the same way, but knew how hard it was for her to say it outloud after all they've been through.

"I know, Bones, I know. Me too." He whispered and Brennan smiled, tears now sliding down her cheeks. She buried her face in his chest and took several deep breaths. Finally she wiped her eyes and kissed him once again before leading them on their walk home again.

"How 'bout a beer? I could sure use one right now." Booth suggested, wrapping his arm around Brennan.

"Uh, Booth?" She reminded, placing a hand on her stomach. Booth slapped his forehead at his stupidity and Brennan laughed, leaning her head on his shoulder.

"I'll fix you a drink when we get home, I on the other hand need some tea." She said with a slight nod. Booth glanced at her and a soft smile formed on his lips when she said "home." It felt so right, having her say something so domestic, so easily.

Tonight was one for new life and new love, and Booth wouldn't have changed this night for anything in the world.

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