Summary: SPOILERS FOR 3X24! At first, Kate was thankful that Josh had done her lifesaving surgery. But as she recovered, she began to understand what it truly meant to be there for someone and realized that Josh had never been the one she could count on.

Author's Note: Yes, I am jumping on the post-Knockout bandwagon. This is just a one-shot, but I'm currently working on a multi-chapter fic that follows along with this story. It's my ideas on the role Castle plays in Kate's recovery and how she will finally realize what everyone else has seen all along.

Disclaimer: Sadly, I do not own Castle or anything related to it.

There For Her

When Kate found that Josh had done the surgery that had saved her life, she was thankful. He came and checked on her regularly between surgeries, but when he was off shift he had to go home and sleep. It was part of the job, Kate knew-you cannot do surgery when you are exhausted-but she was starting to tire of always coming in second.

Josh had had to work during Montgomery's funeral. Castle was the one who had stood by her side as she grieved and tried to save her from being shot.

Josh was the one who insisted that he needed to work during Kate's recovery, that the hospital needed him. Castle was the one who set aside his own life to be there for her.

Josh had rushed into her room once Castle pressed the call button, signaling that she was awake. But it was Castle who had been by her side when she first drifted back into consciousness. His was the first face that she saw, the first voice that she heard.

Josh only told her she had been shot. He had no idea the significance of the events that led up to it, and why she would not back down once she had recovered. Castle was the one who told her exactly what happened. He understood why she was so deeply affected by it all and knew that as soon as she could, she would dive back in.

Josh never cried in front of her, trying to stay strong for her sake. Castle was the one who let her see his tears, and she could see then just how much he truly cared.

Josh was the one who poked his head in periodically to give her more pain medicine. Castle was the one who held her hand when the pain was there anyways.

Josh was the one to remove her oxygen tubes. Castle was the one who kept her relaxed as she struggled to breathe on her own.

Josh was the one who wheeled her around when she needed to be moved. Castle was the one who supported her when she stood on her own for the first time in nearly a month.

Josh was the one who helped her leave the hospital. Castle was the one who took her to his home so that she could recover completely.

Josh came by when he could to see how she was doing. Castle was the one who was there to help her with whatever she needed.

Josh was the one who left her alone when she said she needed space. Castle was the one who stayed with her anyways.

Josh was the one who believed her when she said she was fine. Castle was the one who called her bluff and then listened to her when she needed to talk or held her when she needed to just cry and let it all out.

And somewhere in all of this, Kate realized that Josh had never really been there for her. He had not seen her at her worst, because he was never around when things happened. It was Castle, the man who had been there through the good and the bad and still stood by her side, who was there for her. It was Castle who she could count on. And it was Castle who she had truly loved all along.