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Pretty Girl

a/n: This will be a drabble story with each piece being a 100 words exactly (according to Microsoft Word). No worries on waiting for prompts, though, as this story is already completely finished and is just needing to be posted in a timely manner :P. (And by the way…it has stretched itself greatly) Hats off to Forth—aka Forthrightly—who does these all the time and inspired me to give it a try myself. I'm posting the first few chapters all at once to give the reader a viewpoint to base upon and then it will be once a day. Enjoy!


The first time she fell in love was when she was twelve-years-old. Kagome wasn't even old enough to know what love truly was, but she just knew she loved him.

The older half-brother of her new best friend, he was tall for his age with pale flawless skin, striking golden eyes, and a head of long silver locks that looked so very soft.

The seemingly fourteen-year-old full blooded youkai turned to her as she stared at him with amazement and Kagome eagerly awaited to hear his voice. Surely it would be like velvet, deep and resonating within her.

"Go away."