In a time when humans and mutants are never allowed to mingled.

One night a young woman stood before a window. Her name was Almathea, and along with her father, King Haggard ruled the town of Ohmtown. She was looking out over the city silently as the neon signs flashed and glowed through the night. One sign caught her eye, it was very near to the castle and wouldn't be a problem to get there if she ever dared. But she quickly dismissed the idea as soon as it appeared. Her father was very protective of her and with reason.

Almathea carried a secret, a secret not even her father knew the full extent to. But he would not risk his only child's life to reveal it. She continued to watch out the window as a car pulled up to the neon sign she was staring at. She saw the main sign Lar's but saw a square sign that flashed titled with Talent Night. She always wondered what those nights were all about when the sign came on.

Just as the idea to sneak off to find out entered her head, footsteps sounded behind her. She spun quickly to confront the intruder but pulled back when she saw it was her father. He held up a hand to still her but she was already calm.

"What are you looking at?" he asked quietly.

"The city," she replied with a quick glance up at him.

He nodded then added in his still quiet tone, "You do realize that it would be a risk to become too fond of the city?"

She nodded then turned back to the window. She thought that would end the conversation but then his voice added more, "Never leave the castle."

Almathea remained quiet as he walked away then turned to look as he disappeared around the door. She stood there quiet for a moment, then with determination, she snuck out of the castle through the servant passageways. She looked at the long cobwebs hanging from the beams and wondered if Molly ever went this way.

Soon she left the castle and was out in the open air. She looked around at the buildings in awe. She then remembered her mission and quickly crossed the street to Lar's and slipped in the entrance. She was greeted with gloom, strange smells, and wailing guitars. She followed the sound until she reached a open space with a stage and tables surrounding it. She took one nearest to the stage and pretended that she belonged like the rest.

Back stage a young man was strumming on his guitar getting ready for his performance. Just then he heard a voice calling him, he turned to see Angel, one of the members of his band. She was staring down at him so she must have meant business.

"Yeah?" he looked back at his guitar for a moment.

"Since we're the last act, I figured we could play two songs, yours and mine." She leaned over his shoulder then moved back catching his attention more effectively.

"My song then yours?" he looked up at her with a lazy smile, "Yeah okay."

"Omar, I'm trusting you." Angel stuck out her tongue when his back was turned. Then she went over to the dressing table and got ready.

She glanced back occasionally enjoying the view of Omar's shoulders as he leaned over the guitar and played. She wondered if she should sing her song she wrote, just for him, tonight. But that train of thought halted when Omar got up and strode out, pulling on his jacket. They paused to let Dizzy and Stretch know they were on soon then she followed Omar to the stage steps that led up to behind the curtain.

They listened for the crowd as they got into place. Angel took one last look at Omar as she got behind the keyboard and poised her fingers over the keys preparing to play.

Almathea looked around quietly, as the act, she had come in on, was leaving the stage. She wondered if this was a bad idea as her ears slightly rung from the loud and somewhat horrible music. She started to get up when a ratty looking character jumped onto the stage to announce the last act of the night. She sat back down figuring she could last a little longer since no one had seemed to recognize her as the princess. Also because it seemed her father didn't even realize his treasure was gone, sitting at a seedy little place listening to music.

A sudden movement caught her eye and her whole train of thought derailed as the last band began to play. She looked at the main guitarist unable to get a good look at him as his back was towards her. She watched him silently feeling stunned by him. Then suddenly he turned towards her and she immediately shrank back from him when she saw he wasn't human. But she took a breath and remained seated her eyes full of wonder as the music filled her ears. She caught her breath as she watched him throw the guitar to the girl on the keyboard and slid across to the stage ending up close to where she sat.

She stared up at him in surprise as his voice surrounded her, catching her in an effective net. She was entranced by him and the music and she was willing to bet that he knew she was ensnared by him. Suddenly though he moved away and the spell slightly dissipated as he continued the song. But she noticed his eyes never quite left her completely as the music filled the place.

Omar hadn't expected such a small crowd but he also didn't expect the young woman with the palest hair he had ever seen. He wondered if it was natural as he played his guitar and sang his heart out. He saw the entranced look in her deep colored eyes and thought about how much he could push this. Without a second thought he flung his guitar to Angel and slid along the stage towards the unusual girl.

He was rewarded with a surprised look and her mouth slightly gaping. He leaned as close he could without falling off the stage and sang as though the song was made for her. He felt a rush of pleasure as the look in her eyes deepened as if she were truly caught in a spell. He backed away taking back his guitar strumming on it harder as the music charged up again. He kept catching himself eying the girl and wondered who was under the thrall of the song, him or her?

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