My 2nd story! I absolutely loved Portal 2, especially a certain blue core. But the ending, while fantastic, always felt a little unsatisfying. Especially for my inner shipper. So, what I wish would have happened after the ending. For the record, all cores mentioned in this game are in android form. If you're curious about what I'm portraying them as, go to forte-girl7 on deviantart. I LOVE how she drew them 3 Spoilers are abound. If you keep reading on, don't bother blasting me for it, I gave fair warning.


My eyes gazed blankly at the computer screen in front of me. Work was the same as any other day. I had no need to focus, but it wasn't like I could even if I did need to. After all, He was always on my mind, and not in the way he should be. I should hate him. I really should. He betrayed me at that last second. He snatched freedom from my hands. I was so close, and yet the one person I had been trusting ended up yanking me back down to hell.

Its been three years since I was found in the wheat fields, crying my eyes out. That had been miserable, seeing as how even the name reminded me. I probably would have never left if that farmer hadn't found me. Now here I was, a steady desk job and an apartment. If someone told me I'd be here, I would never had believed them. Of course, if they told me that he'd stab me in the back, I wouldn't believe that either.

Maybe I was masochistic. I mean, I was willing to call a truce with GlaDos. That's a miracle in and of itself. But I'd never hang out with her without a near-death experience to threaten me. And that's just the problem. If I had a chance to spend five minutes with my moron, I'd do it. I'd cut off my legs if I had to. No matter the cost, I would willingly sacrifice it. Even more so to keep him in my life forever.

Wherever I go, something will remind me of him. A flashlight, a cup of tea, even someone just saying hello. At night, I'd always look at the sky and think I see a little blue light. But that's not even possible. The worst times, however, are when I close my eyes. All I hear is him. Things he said and did.

"Catch me! Catch me!"

"I have to hack this door." Loud crash. "There! Hacked!"

"They told me I ever turned on this flashlight, I would die!"


"Ahm speakin' in an accent tha's beyond her range o'hearin'!"

Without him, my life was bland and lonely. My apartment was sparsely decorated and my only companion my scorched cube. In all honesty, no matter how much I try to stay mad, no matter how much I try to hate him... If he knocked on my door, I'd forgive him instantly. Maybe I'm crazy, but...

I miss you, Wheatley.