Final Chapter! As a heads up, I'll be using ~x~ As a sign of POV change. It's going to be jumping between the two idi- I mean, the couple.


"Space friend?" I glance over at the blond man next to me, swimming around like a kid in a pool of candy.

"Yeah, mate?

He looked over and blinked. "Not happy?" I sigh and shake my head. How could I be happy? "Why?"

"...You love space, right?"

"SPAAAAACE!" That answered that at least.

"But what if you hurt space?" He stopped and looked at me in confusion. Great, I sound like an idiot again. "There's someone I lo- care about. And I hurt them."

"On earth?"

I nod at the question. "And I can't say I'm sorry. I don't even know if she hates me. I'd hate me for what I did."

Space frowned. "Go and space say you're sorry, space." That'd be great, if we weren't thousands of miles away in the great unknown. I said as much, but all he replied with was "Then go home!"

"It's not exactly that easy, mate." My only companion fell into a truly rare silence. I had to savor it. You would too if all you could hear every day was "SPAAAACE." Blimey. The silence grew on and on as I tried to find something to focus on. Planet. Planet. Earth. Comet. Star. Planet. Comet heading towards us. Star. Star. Wait. What?

At that moment, I noticed two things. One, a comet blew right past us. Second, at the same time, Space tackled me into its tail. The current seemed to be shooting us right past...

"But what about space?" I had to scream so he could hear me.

"Home! Want to go home! You see your space!"


From my vantage point of my roof, I watched the night sky like always. But this was not like normal. This time, my reasoning was a comet due to pass the earth. My feelings for space while in its clutches and the idea of who was floating out there aside, even I couldn't pass this up. I pick up my cup of coffee and take a drink before putting it back down on my cube. Whether you think I'm crazy or not, you can't deny it makes a pretty convenient table.

Finally, I see a glimmer. And then a flash of light shoots by. Beautiful, like I knew it would be. I sit for a minute longer before getting up to got to bed. But as I bent over to pick up my cube, a spot of color catches my eye. Blue. Baby blue. And then a tiny speck of auburn above. If I listen closely, I can almost hear a faraway voice.



I don't know if I'm hallucinating, but I find myself running downstairs as the two figures break through our atmosphere. God, let it be him, please, god.


We crash with dust and debris flying every which way. I can feel some damage, but nothing beyond repair. I can hear my companion giggling about riding the space rock. Personally, I'm trying to get my body to sit up. I seem close to managing when a force throws me back down to earth. I expect a dog or some person who thinks I'm an alien. I don't expect Chell.


I can't believe it. I can't stop touching his cheek and hair, preparing myself for Wheatley to disappear. He doesn't.

"Hello to you too?" His voice, his accent, everything washes over me. It is him.


"You can talk?" I'm too busy making sure he's not permanently damaged to answer him, but I don't seem to need to. He's moved on to apologizing over and over. "-and if you hate me, I don't mind, well, I do mind, but, you know, I don't blame you!"

"I forgive you."

"So please don- what?"

"I forgive you, Wheatley," I repeat myself. The red-haired AI is staring at me, like I've grown a second head. "I just wanted my friend back."


Friend. Never has a word made me so happy and sad at the same time. She doesn't hate me. She doesn't love me. I try to relieve myself with the fact she doesn't hate me. That's a blessing! But I still wish she cared for me like I did her. In the background, I hear Space raving about seeing space and remember he's given up that to help me.

What kind of ass would I be to waste that gift? Throw away something I thought I lost for uncertain gain? But Chell... She's still just as thin, but a lot healthier looking. Her hair's gotten longer and her skin isn't as shallow. And her eyes. Those gorgeous eyes are glimmering with relief and, dare I say, joy. Joy as seeing me. And that's when I decide. It maybe uncertain, but the prize is worth it.

"I love you."


I didn't see that coming. Wheatley's staring up at me with almost defiance. His blue eyes are daring me to respond and at the same time, are pleading. "I love you." He repeats. "I'm a moron and I've messed up, but I love you."

I don't hesitate exactly. For a split second, I see him back there. I see him lowering the elevator. But every bad moment is replaced by this one pleading chance. And everything just seems to fall into place.


I kiss him.

She kisses me.

And everything is as it should be.


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