Right well this is just a little Idea I've got going at the moment, I don't know if it's worth continuing but I wanted to try it out please let me know what you think.

First off a few things you should know is this; Seto and Kisara have been married for a year and a bit now and had dated for a year and a half before Seto proposed. They will be bits later on in the story of how they met and how they started dating etc.

Also these events are after the ceremonial duel; however Atem decided to stay with everyone and has a separate body to Yugi.

Mokuba is 16, Seto is 23, Kisara is 22, Yugi is 23, Yami is 23, Joey is 23, Téa is 22, and any other characters will also be the same age maybe a little younger or older.

And finally Kisara was present during the whole Yu-Gi-Oh! Story and anything else that may be a little hazy to any of you it will be explained in the story later on.

Also to any of you that read 'Kaiba Family Secretes' you will notice that in this chapter Dr Peterson is a woman instead of a man. They have no relation to each other I just wanted to mix things up a bit ;)

So here it is see if you like it;

Stand By Me

I can still remember the day we found out, it's just as clear in my mind as it's been when I was living that moment. I remember it being a Wednesday evening just as normal as any other day. However the events that happened on that one day were anything but normal, it's funny but as soon as we found out, as soon as we'd witnessed the information first-hand I knew things wouldn't be the same again. I don't know why I was and still am so surprised. Perhaps it was naive of me to think that we'd been through all our hardships, and misfortune was going to just go away, leave us alone. Or maybe this was just punishment for something; I've heard of some religions that believe you're punished for your sins in your next life, but what could have someone done to cause so much grief and misery as punishment for someone else, for their so called 'next life' or 'reincarnation.'

I'm not really sure what emotions I'm feeling over this new heartache, I've cried myself to sleep so many times thinking, hoping it's all a dream and everything will be alright when I wake up. But each new day I feel I'm being hit hard by a wave of harsh reality, reminding me that nothing I say or do will change what's happening and how it will end. With each passing day I feel my faith is being polluted by doubt, that whatever lies I tell or try to convince myself with are a waste of time. And as the truth slowly starts to sink in I feel more withdrawn from the world, like I'm becoming numb and all I can do is cry my eyes out.

You must think I'm pathetic, but I don't care I just wonder what will happen when I run out of tears.

When my mind isn't clouded with my doubts and my heart isn't being torn in two by my sadness I remember something important. I remember that crying won't solve nor help and neither will negativity. I also remember I need to stay strong, no matter what I can't keep being weighed down by these emotions, and when I think about it more and more I realise something. I realise how selfish I must be being. All I can think about is how I'mfeeling, how I'mcoping, how I'mgoing to feel in the end. After all, while I'm wallowing in my own sadness I can't even begin to imagine how he'sdoing. I mean I've known him my whole life and I can't even stop to think about his well-being? How selfish can someone get?

Perhaps I should explain myself and the situation to you all, and to do that I'll have to show you the week before that Wednesday evening and show you just a normal Tuesday and the events that lead up to now.

As I said it started just like any other day which meant I awoke to the sound of my alarm clock.


Beep, Beep, Beep, Beep- Slam!

Thank god it's stopped! Why do they have to make the alarm sound so irritating?

After glaring at my alarm clock I let out a long and tired yawn before I stretch my arms out above my head and slowly opened my sleepy eyes. At least I haven't got school, that's another thing I should thank god for; summer vacation. Stifling another yawn, slowly I begin to sit up in bed and just lazily cast my eye around my messy room.Although it looks like a bomb has just gone off in it as I'm regularly reminded by some people, to me it's the only way I can find things. Maybe one of these days I'll get round to cleaning it…I must admit it's been a while since I've seen the colour of carpet, but too be honest I've got more important things to do, like getting out of bed. So snapping out of my daze I swing my legs over the bed and hop off while I look around for my dressing gown. Hmm…ah ha! Found it! After carefully retrieving my dressing gown from underneath a pile of toys I slip it on and walk out my bedroom door.

So dressed only in my grey and dark blue Batman pyjama's (because he is the best) and fluffy blue dressing gown I open my bedroom door and step out into the hallway and sleepily scurry down the stairs. I can feel the soft carpet underneath my feet as I slowly pad along down the stairs towards my destination: 'the Kitchen'. I suppress a tired yawn to remain quiet so I can sneak into the kitchen and retrieve a sugary snack instead a wretched healthy and nutritious breakfast that I'm supposed to eat for a healthy lifestyle according to my brother. Yuck! That's what I say! Chocolate chip cookies will give you plenty of energy for the day so really there's no need for a balanced breakfast. And as I finally reach my destination and slowly creak open the kitchen door I make a quick sweep of the area in front of me. The kitchen is pretty big but it needs to be as it's one of the most commonly used rooms in the house. The flooring is tiled with grey granite flooring that is the same colour as the counter tops that surround the room except the wall with the door located on it. And above these counter tops are dark wooden cupboards filled with all sorts of food, plates, glasses etc. However on the furthest wall, the one directly in front of me in the middle is where the sink is and above it instead of cupboards, there is a huge window that over looks the back garden which is a lovely sight at night….

Anyway there is also a giant metal grey coloured double fridge on the right wall as well as a huge stove for cooking and stuff. Oh, and finally in the middle of the room is a centre island counter with a few stalls next to it that we use to prepare food and stuff like that, but mostly it's for show. My brother says it completes the room whatever that means, I would have thought the four walls are what completes the room but whatever.

Anyhow back to business, I spot my prize merely a few steps away from me. Once I carefully and silently nudge open the door fully and step into the kitchen I begin tip-toeing across the cold, tiled granite flooring towards the cookie jar that's perching on the counter top island in the middle of the room. Just one reach and the sugary snacks are mine! Yes, I can already taste its chocolaty goodness as I reach my hand inside the jar and retrieve my cookie. For awhile I just stare at it in admiration and give a mental salute to cookie bakers all over the world before I go to take a chomp out of it's mouth-watering, flavourful…

"Ahh, Mokuba you're up I was just about to wake you," Came an all too familiar voice from behind me that makes me freeze in my tracks.

"Oh, big brother I didn't see you there, heh, heh…" I chuckle nervously; shoot I've been caught red-handed! Oh yeah I forgot to check the small table that's located behind me up against the wall, he, he oops…How could I forget to check if anyone was sitting there?

With the cookie just inches away from my mouth and my back still towards my brother I quickly stuff it in my dressing gown front pocket, before I swing around and innocently smile over to my brother who is seated at the kitchen table, his face hidden behind this morning's newspaper.

"Drop the act kid I heard you thump down the stairs, now hand it over." My brother says while still reading the newspaper.

"But Seto, I'm hungry!" I whine as I reluctantly stomp over to the kitchen table and take a seat opposite my brother.

"Then have some breakfast," Seto replied simply as he finally closed the newspaper and settled it down in front of him.

"Alright! Now where was I…?" And as I go to put the cookie in my mouth my teeth find themselves chomping onto thin air.

"A cookie isn't subtle for breakfast," Seto remarked as he swiftly swiped the sugary treat out of my hand, "Especially not for young growing boys, you need a balanced meal if you want to grow as tall as me Mokuba," Seto finished as he smiled smugly and threw the cookie across the room and as I watched in horror, my eyes however then bulged in amazement as the cookie landed back inside the cookie jar with perfect precision.

Gaping like a fish in astonishment at my brother faultless accuracy I found myself lost for words as he rose from his seat and carefully reached for a frying pan that was hanging on a hook next to the many others like it above the stove.

"Seto how did you…? Argh never mind. What am I having for breakfast then O' mighty healthy one?" I sigh as I cross my arms on the table and lean forward to rest my head on them.

"Well seeing as you came down so late I'll have to do you a quick fry up, we have to leave in an hour and you take forever to get ready." Seto remarked as he turned and smirked at me in which I pouted playfully at.

"Oh and a fry up's healthy?" I say ignoring his exaggeration of my ability to be ready on time.

"Well it's healthier than a cookie," Seto said as he opened the fridge and pulled out some bacon, eggs and tomatoes.

"But, it will take me longer to eat and I'm still not dressed." I smirk back in hopes to win this argument.

"Of course, how could I forget you need all the time in the world to get ready?"

"Well I'd like to see you try and wash, dry and style this kinda of hair in lightning speed," I argue as I point to my messy mop of jet black hair.

"Mokuba last time it took you a whole hour and ten minutes just to brush that mane you call hair, you should really think about getting it cut perhaps I'll book you in for next week, sound good?" Seto replied as he cracked an egg in the frying pan while turning on the stove and also placing two stripes of bacon and a chopped tomato in separate pans.

"Ahh! You wouldn't dare! If even one of my lovely strands of hair in cut by that demon you call a barber, I'll report you to social services for child cruelty! I mean it!" I exclaimed as I shielded my precious silky hair with my dressing gown hood.

"Morning boys, still tormenting and scarring Mokuba for later life I see Seto." Said a feminine voice brightly as its owner casually walked into the room and took a seat at the kitchen table.

"Kisara! Seto said he's gonna book me in for a hair cut, save me!" I cried as I looked over to my sister-in law expectantly.

"Really? Well we can't have that, Seto what were you thinking?" Kisara replied in what suspiciously sounded like sarcasm but I'm not sure.

"Please don't tell me you're on his side. It looks like there's an animal on his head." Seto said as he turned off the stove and scooped the egg, bacon and tomato onto a plate.

"Oh no, I was just thinking I could give the hair cut that way we could do any style we like, plus it would save you having to take him there and paying for it. Oh look, there's even a pair of scissors here right now." Kisara explained as she carefully picked up some scissors, damn I should have put those away when I finished making my paper crafts.

"Hmm good point, I'll restrain him, you cut the hair," Seto added as he gently put down the plate of food on the table and edged closer towards me, Kisara doing the same.

I gulped loudly and nervously eyed the two people in front of me that were getting closer and closer towards me, well this is it hair, I'm sorry.

"You'll never take me or my hair alive!" I exclaimed as I suddenly pounced out of my chair and ran for the door, however Seto was too quick and he beat me to it and blocked the door. The next thing I knew was Seto had grabbed me and was holding me tightly in his grip while my legs were flaring in all directions. Kisara was now coming at me so I stopped struggling and gave in while closing my eyes in submission. I don't want to see my hair being cut and falling to the floor like frail paper before my eyes. And then suddenly the attack came. However it wasn't what I expected. Instead of the scissors assaulting my precious hair it was something even worse. I was being restrained by my own brother while Kisara…tickled me to death!

"Ha aha ha ha, Kisara ha ha, st- aha stop! Aha ha, ha ple- please!" I somehow managed to choke out from this torture no child should go through.

"Hmm, I don't know…Seto should I stop?" Kisara mused as she continued the torment.

"Well, he did say please…maybe we should let him go," Seto pondered as he shifted his grip on me.

"Ha ha ha aha yes please, please ha ha let me ha ha aha ha go!" I laughed.

"Well…alright you can go, now eat your breakfast." Kisara smiled as she stopped the tickle torture which immediately lead to me being released from Seto's grip as he plopped me down in my seat and pushed the plate of food towards me (which was still hot) with a knife and fork and tomato ketchup.

"For a moment there I thought I was a goner!" I exclaimed as I gratefully accepted my meal.

"We wouldn't have killed you; I mean where would we hide your body? And what about all the questions people would ask?" Kisara joked as she ruffled my hair affectionately.

"Oh I know you wouldn't have killed me Kisara, but Seto…Seto is another story," I said playfully as I smiled at Kisara while I suspiciously eyed Seto who had taken a seat next to Kisara at the table.

"You're right to be suspicious Mokuba, but you're too late I've already poisoned your food," Seto chuckled as he smirked deviously as me in which I gulped very loud for the second time this morning.

I then felt my throat begin to close and then suddenly it felt as through my lungs had shut down and I couldn't breathe. I suddenly push my plate of poisoned food forward and collapsed over the table. My eyes were bulged bigger than ever before, I could see my vision dimming…

"Such a drama-queen," I heard Seto mumbled in which Kisara giggled breaking my train of thought, "Come on kid you need to get ready," Seto then added as he nudged me while he took my plate away. I heard the plate cling as it touched the surface of metal which I can only assume was the sink.

"Alright seeing as Mokuba is dead let's go and raid his room and sell all his toys and games," Seto taunted, now that got my attention so I sprang up from my position and quickly ran out the kitchen door to get ready.

"Works every time," I heard Seto mutter as I continued my journey.

"Hmm and now we're alone," Kisara smiled as she got up from her seat and walked over to the sink where Seto was, who smirked back at her.

"So we are, and you know what? I never got my good morning kiss," Seto replied, his smirk increasing as he planted his hands on either side of the island counter top trapping Kisara in between.

"Well we can't have that now can we?"

Kisara then hopped up onto the island counter top that was located in the middle of the room while her husband got a little closer, so close that Kisara could feel Seto's hot breath against her neck which sent shivers down her spine. Kisara wrapped her legs around Seto's waist pulling him even closer while he dipped his head lower in order to reach his deliciously tender prize; Kisara's lips. With merely an inch between the two lovers one more movement would give them contact.

However when Seto was about to make that one little movement this happened…

"Hey Seto what- WHOA! Sorry to interrupt you there oops." I shrieked as I opened the door to the kitchen to find my brother and Kisara in well…an intimate situation.

Seto head whipped up and his blue eyes immediately locked with my gaze giving me one of the most murderous looks ever, ever, so out of sheer fear of being murdered I switched my gaze to Kisara. Kisara had also looked around to me however she wasn't trying to bore holes in my head instead she was blushing uncontrollably, even more so as the bright red stood out more against her creamy pale skin.

"What is it Mokuba?" Seto gritted out through clench teeth, and it was so terrifying I forgot what I was going to say.

"Erm, never mind, well bye!" I said quickly as I bolted out the room at lightning speed.

"Well that was…awkward," Kisara commented as her blush started to fade slightly.

"It was annoying that's what it was at least he's gone," Seto sighed, "Now where were we?" his glare now returning back to a soft loving gaze reserved only for Kisara and filled only with warmth, kindness and compassion.

Kisara then smiled and resumed her previous position with her legs wrapped back around her husband's waist while also placing her hands around his neck.

"Ahh yes I remember," Seto smiled as he leaned in closer once more this time determined to claim his prize.

And this time he was successful. In a mere movement the two lovers's lips made contact starting the moment of passion for them both. It was pure bliss, and with each passing second it was more and more passionate. Seto was the one who made the first move to deepen the kiss as he lightly nibbled on Kisara's bottom lip as if to ask permission. Kisara responded by opening her mouth allowing Seto access with his tongue, and so he entered and explored every inch of Kisara's mouth, while she did the same with his. Kisara groaned in pleasure which go muffled by the kiss however Seto still heard it and smirked in satisfaction.

"Hey Seto I promise I'm not looking but have you seen my shoes?" I said as I stumbled into the kitchen my right hand clamped firmly over my eyes.

"MOKUBA!" I heard a voice bellow which I can only imagine belongs to Seto, an angry Seto.

"Ye- yes?" I stuttered while I slowly peek through a gap in my hand, two words; big mistake.

Seto's death glare looked like it was at its maximum power and magnified by like a million, I'm surprised I haven't exploded or turned into a puddle. Slowly and unnoticeably I back towards the door.

"Run, now!" Seto yelled as he let go of Kisara and started edging closer towards me.

"Right will do!" I said as I ran like a robber's dog out the room for the third time I think this morning with Seto I can only assume tailing behind me.

Okay well this is one of the most scariest moments in my life; I'm being chased through the Kaiba Mansion by my own brother. I snuck a glance behind me and nearly wet myself at the sight, Seto was gaining on me and fast! So I rounded another corner and ended up running through the dinning room. I noticed one chair was pulled out so using great skill I managed to jump up onto it and run along the long oak dining table and through another door. I didn't dare sneak another look behind me, I just kept legging it through the next few rooms. I could feel a stitch coming and I was beginning to get tired and slow down and so I found myself panting heavily alone in a games room. Wait did I just say alone? I quickly searched the room and rejoiced with an air punch when I saw that I had somehow lost Seto. I thought it was best to keep moving as staying in the same place for too long would be dangerous so beginning to run again I left the room. Well I wasn't really running to be honest more like power walking, for my legs were already extremely tired as they're very short compared to Seto's long legs. However I was only running/power walking for a few seconds before…THUMP!

I was tackled to the ground by none other than Seto Kaiba CEO of Kaiba Corp and Duel Monsters expert, aka my big brother.

"Right kid its time you learned your lesson," Seto said dangerously as he got up and held me in his iron, unbreakable grip again.

"You ready?" Seto taunted.

"I shall take it like a man! Do your worst!" I exclaimed proudly as I put one fist over my heart.

"So be it," Seto muttered as he let go of me with his right arm while his left arm kept me still.

I watched as his arm pulled back and his hand curl slowly into a fist and swung forward towards me. My life flashed before my eyes and as the fist got closer time seemed to slow; I couldn't take anymore so I shut my eyes and waited. And surely enough Seto's fist came into contact with my body.

"Nooooo! Seto stop my hair's gonna get messed up!" I half complained and laughed with a huge smile across my face while Seto continued the nuggie and assaulted my hair.

"Well that's what you get when you don't knock," Seto smiled as he continued the nuggie, however without Kisara's help and Seto only using one arm to restrain me I managed to wriggle free and this time I was the one who floored Seto as I jumped and brought him down in a hug.

"Master Seto, Master Mokuba I hope I'm not interrupting anything but it would be wise to leave now if you plan to be on time for your appointment," Roland said as he appeared out of nowhere and approached us a smile on his face.

Well that's Roland for you always smiling and happy; he's worked for us ever since I can remember even when Gozaburo was alive. Which is surprising since Seto fired most of the people that worked for Gozaburo he never said why and I never really asked again. But Roland always stood by Seto as his loyalty is only matched by his kindness I think he'd do anything for Seto even jump, off a cliff if the occasion called for it. And although Roland's been our employee for so long, he's more of a friend really especially to Seto, I never really understood why and I still don't but maybe it's best if I don't know. The one thing that does make me laugh about Roland though is his appearance, every time I see him (including now) he's always wearing the same customary black suit and white shirt with a tie, also he has a little moustache that I've always wondered how he keeps it so neat and combed so well. Also as far as I can remember Roland's had the same hair cut and although they may be a few strands of grey in his jet black hair he does look good for his age (He's 50 by the way) and across his face covering his brown eyes, Roland always wears his jet black sunglasses even indoors (once again including now).

"It's fine Roland, come on, go and get your shoes," Seto replied as he got up bringing me up with him as brushed himself down of any dirt he'd picked up. I soon returned back to Seto and Roland and noticed that Kisara had joined us again and was standing next to Seto their hands intertwined with each others which in turn made a small smile grace my lips.

I love Kisara just like a sibling and I do see her as a big sister, I'm so happy that she's with my brother, and Seto has been a lot happier ever since she came into his life. Kisara was the one that convinced Seto to actually make an effort with Yugi and the gang and now because of that Yugi, Yami, Joey and Téa are in a sense friends, although I know he'll never be caught dead admitting it. And Seto still calls Joey 'Mutt' whenever he gets the chance, but some things never change. Things are better than ever, everything's so perfect at the moment.

"Ready Mokuba?" Seto asked as he looked over to me approaching.

"Yep let's go!" I smiled back when I reached the group of three.

"After you Roland," Seto said as he gestured towards the front door with the hand that wasn't holding Kisara's. Roland simply nodded politely and turned on his heel while he approached the front door with me, Kisara and Seto following closely behind. We all stepped through the double grand oak doors and walked down the white marble steps towards the waiting limo that was parked just at the bottom. And I looked around at my surroundings I couldn't help but notice what a lovely sunny day it was, the sky was a beautiful clear blue, without a cloud or jet trail in sight. And the bright orange sun was shining warmly and brightly from above which made my happy smile only widen ever so slightly as we got into the black stretch limo. I got in first then Kisara and then finally Seto, Roland than gently closed the door behind us and walked around to get into the driver's seat. Roland put the key in the ignition and turned it and in a second the car's engine sprang to life and we were slowly driving around the stone fountain, which unsurprisingly was of three Blue Eyes White Dragons all in different battle positions with water coming out of their fierce jaws.

Once we finally drove down the gravel driveway and went through the steel iron gates with S K in large gold letters on it we began to pick up a bit of speed as we reached the road. As the smooth journey in the limo progressed I looked to my right out my tinted window and just watched the world go by. All the different people, some kids like me, others in their late teens and early thirties as well as grumpy old men and sweet little old ladies all going about their daily errands and routines. We passed Yugi's game shop and I saw his Grandpa sweeping the front porch like always I waved and he looked up just in time to see me and smiled while waving back.

"Hey Seto can we get some ice cream on the way back, and maybe even go and see Yugi and the gang?" I asked as I returned my attention back to inside the vehicle once the game shop was out of sight.

"Well I've got no work at Kaiba Corp that needs doing for once, so I suppose we could perhaps make a quick visit and get you some ice cream on the way back."

"Really Seto? Aww, you're the best big brother in the world!" I stated while smiling joyfully and learning forward to hug Seto, you see what I mean? Ever since Kisara has been around, Seto's not as…anti-social, before he wouldn't be caught dead with Yugi and the others!

"I know kid, but only if you're good and don't misbehave when we get to our appointment got it?" Seto replied as he ruffled my hair when I sat back into my seat and eyed me suspiciously.

"Oh, Seto you worry too much, I'll be good I promise." I said innocently and then turned my attention back towards my window.

"He's right, you worry more than an old woman," Kisara commented playfully as she kissed Seto lightly on the lips, yuck!

"Well I need to when I have a delinquent little brother," Seto eyed me again before continuing, "And a beautiful angelic wife to take care of," Seto smirked as he gently pulled Kisara onto his lap and kissed her affectionately back on the lips, double yuck!

I think the two love birds must have forgot where and who was with them at this point as Kisara smiled back at Seto while resting her hands on his shoulders and he leaned in to kiss her again, however I quickly stepped in and reminded them what's what.

*cough* *cough* "Erm guys there is a minor in the audience and we're not in your bedroom, we're in a limo," I stated firmly as I frowned and put my hands on my hips.

"He always seems to ruin the moment doesn't he?" Seto whispered to Kisara as she got off his lap.

"Maybe he's jealous." Kisara replied light-heartedly with a smile.

"Maybe I'm not the one that needs to behave," I declare as I reprimanded my brother and sister-in law, "And I'm not jealous!" I add proudly.

And just as Seto was about to open his mouth to say a smart comment (as usual) Roland opened the back door and announced that we had arrived at our destination. It seems that while we were having our little discussion we failed to notice that we had parked the limo and the car's engine had stopped. The three of stepped outside and turned our attention to the building in front of us, so climbing the white front steps we soon arrived at the building's glass front doors.

Oh god I feel so stupid, I forgot to tell you where exactly we're all going and what building we're at. Oops sorry I guess I got sidetrack, I was gonna tell you in the limo ride but I guess I got a little distracted. Well anyway me and Seto are at Domino Central Hospital for our annual check-up to make sure we're in tip-top physical condition, plus I get a lolly pop when the examinations over. You're probably wondering why we don't just use our family Doctor Dr Peterson and have her visit us at our mansion. Well theirs only so much Dr Peterson can do at our house as she hasn't got all the proper equipment like at the hospital. So every year around August Seto makes sure we both get fully checked-out through and through with just about every scan, test and medical device know to man. It only takes about an hour tops, and to be honest it is pretty fun in my opinion, I mean you get to go through all sorts of these scans and its just you know cool.

Anyway as we walked inside the clean pristine hospital building and approached the front desk a receptionist who had long blonde hair tied into a bun and was wearing a light blue dress top with a black skirt looked up from whatever she was doing and ushered us over, she looked about thirty five-ish and had a name tag pinned on her that read Katy. The front entrance was pretty big, there was one huge desk at the front where Katy sat at, it that had two computers and a few pot plants and other desks objects on it. On each side of the room were two sofas each with three seats and a coffee table in front of them and to the left and right of the desk were two separate hallways that took you to the rest of the hospital. There were also two elevators and a flight of stairs located next to the receptionist's desk.

"Good morning may I help you with something?" Katy, the receptionist asked as she peered over her red framed glasses and then looked up at Seto as we got closer.

"Yes, my brother and I have an appointment with Dr Peterson," Seto stated not rudely but not overly polite either as he looked down on the receptionist.

"Name please," 'Katy' replied while shifting her body towards her computer and got ready to type the information in.

"Seto and Mokuba Kaiba," Was the curt reply the receptionist or Katy briefly looked up while her eyes widened slightly which made me stifle a giggle when Seto just glared down at her before she quickly returned back to the computer screen in front of her and skimmed across the keyboard to type our names in at lightning speed (Of course not as fast as Seto).

"Right Dr Peterson will see you now please go through that door," Katy said as she gestured towards a closed oak door to her right at the end of the hallway.

As Seto sorta grunted like he usually does to people in recognition he than proceed in the direction of the door with me following him and Kisara behind. I smiled kindly at the women behind the desk before I jogged to catch up with Seto and waited outside the door while he knocked. We waited a few seconds before a faint 'come in' was heard from the other side of the door signalling Seto to enter which he did.

"Ah, Mr Kaiba bang on time as usual, it's good to see you all," Dr Peterson greeted as she smiled warmly and shook Seto's hand.

"Good morning Dr Peterson it's good to see you too," Seto said as he accepted the handshake.

Like Roland, Dr Peterson has also known Seto and I since we first arrived at the Kaiba Mansion and is in some ways like Roland a friend of Seto's. I know she used to visit the Mansion a lot when Gozaburo was still alive and me and Seto were kids, I never knew and still don't know why though, Seto just said he got quite sick easily and needed regular check-ups so I never pushed the subject. Anyway Dr Peterson's appearance was quite normal she was a forty five year old woman who was very polite kind and caring, however if you ever got on the wrong side of her it wasn't pretty, I mean one minute she could be all smiles and jokes but as soon as she had to deal with someone she didn't like she did a sort of Dr Jackal and Mr Hide kinda thing. So the bottom line is if you're nice to her she'll be nice to you. She wore a pair of red rimmed glasses that usually rested on the end of his nose no matter how many times she pushes them back in place. Also despite her age she did look a tad too old I mean there were strands of grey clearly visible in her faded brunette coloured hair that was always tied in a tight bun with a few strands sticking out. And she usually wears the normal pristine white medical lab coat that always has one blue, one black and one red pen poking out her chest pocket.

"Mokuba you've grown a lot since I last saw you, you'll be as tall as your brother by next year!" Dr Peterson smiled as she looked over to me bringing me back to the present.

And I don't know why but whenever I see her she usually makes me act like a complete kid, like just now for as my reply to her question I made a complete fool of myself and kinda did this immature giggle sort of thing and went bright red as I twiddle with the hem of my shirt, like a shy kid getting praised. Dr Peterson just looked at me with a motherly smile while I heard Seto stifle the urge to down right burst out laughing which would be very out of character for him so all I heard was a muffled chuckled that Seto tried to hide with a cough. However I could see the deep amusement swirling around inside his blue eyes. Luckily Kisara hadn't noticed and Dr Peterson was now greeting her so I took this as a chance to shut Seto up in a mature manor- by discreetly stamping not too gently on his foot. I looked up and saw Seto's jaw clench to prevent any yelps of pain and smiled innocently up at him while he gave me the scariest look I've ever seen.

"You alright Seto?" Kisara asked as she and Dr Peterson both looked over to him noticing his tense appearance and gave him a questioning look.

"Yep, I'm just peachy why do you ask?" Seto emphasized as he toned down his look to one of curiosity as he glanced back up and over to the two women.

"You just see a little…tense is all," Kisara replied and she cocked her head to the side while trying to find the right word.

"Probably all that coffee he drinks I've told that boy a thousand times in the past to cut back, it's not healthy for someone so young to have so much caffeine in their system. You'll never be able to shut off," Dr Peterson reprimanded in an almost mother-like way as she scolded Seto.

"She's right Seto it's not good for you," I smiled cheekily

While the two women looked expectantly for a reply Seto sort of responded with this forced chuckle as he bent down grabbed me into a headlock as to appear playful but I knew better, Seto's eyes turned back to their murderous gaze only noticed by me, "Well I've been drinking the stuff like that for years Mokuba so I'll be fine, but you however, if you drank as much as I did well you could die with that much caffeine in your system," Seto forcedly chuckled as he ruffled my hair to complete the caring brother act.

I visible gulped at how Seto emphasized the word 'die' and backed away slightly from him.

"Ah, Well enough with this chit-chat let's get down to business!" Thank god! Thank you Dr Peterson it looks I win this round o' sweet big brother of mine.

"Right of course, go right ahead." Seto said breaking his gaze from mine.

"If you and Mokuba could each sit on one of these tables please," While Dr Peterson gestured towards the two examination tables in the middle of the room me and Seto promptly hopped up on one each.

"You can take a seat over here if you like my dear," Dr Peterson said kindly to Kisara pointing to a chair by the door.

Kisara simply nodded and smiled politely and sat in said seat while Dr Peterson moved over to a counter top between my brother and I.

"If you could roll up your sleeves above your bicep please and we can begin." Me and Seto did as we were told and sat patiently for any further instructions.

"Right now hold still for a minute while I take a blood sample from each of you,"

"Is this gonna hurt?" I asked eyeing the equipment on the table beside me,

"Mokuba you did this last year, and the year before that," Seto replied in almost a bored tone and didn't even flinch as Dr Peterson stuck the needle in his arm and took a blood sample.

"Seto didn't feel anything you'll be fine." Kisara reassured me as Dr Peterson sterilized Seto's needle. She then took the blood sample and out from the syringe and disappeared out the door with it.

"Yeah but Seto's a robot he doesn't feel pain," I protest while Seto rolled his eyes.

"If you don't sit still Mokuba you won't get your lollypop afterwards," Came Dr Peterson's voice as she re-entered the room and picked up a new needle to take my blood with.

Well as soon as Dr Peterson mentioned 'lollypop' I shut up right then and there and waited like the patient good boy I am for Dr Peterson to do her thing. Although like Seto said I've had this done loads of times before I still felt a bit queasy, I swear the needle gets bigger every year, but then again so does Seto's envy when I walk away with a lollypop and he doesn't. He tries to hide it but I've known my brother for so long I can read his face like the back of my hand. With the first test over now all we had to do was the full body scans and then we could get out of here. Fortunately the full body scans are my favourite so I can't wait. The same can't be said for Seto though, I don't know why but it always makes him a tad uneasy whenever he goes through one, maybe it's just the tight space he doesn't show it of course but like I said I can read him like a book. So anyway saving my lollypop for later I went in first and was laid down on the scanner and went through the machine; once forward and then once backwards. I felt like the Terminator coming off of a production line. Dr Peterson then sat me on a table in front of a screen connected up to the body scan and showed me the results. And just as I'd suspected I was as fit and healthy as I should be. I smiled and hopped off the table and exited the room. It didn't take long so I was in and out in no time and joined Seto and Kisara outside who were sitting on a pair of chairs. You could only have one person and the Dr in the room at one time due to radiation or something so when I sat down Seto got up and walked into the room I was just in.

"So is everything in order?" Kisara asked as I sat down next to her and Seto had left the room.

"Uh-huh I'm as fit as a fiddle! And look I got another lollypop!" I exclaimed triumphantly as I held my trophy in the air proudly.

"Well at this rate we may have to take you to the dentist next," Kisara joked ruffling my air.

"Ah quit it you're messing up my hair!" I laughed back I as playfully pushed Kisara.

"Shhhh! We have patience's trying to rest!" A passing Doctor said while scowling at us.

"Oops, sorry sir," I apologised for the two of us, the Doctor then turned his nose up and passed us continuing his rounds leaving us alone again. Once he was out of sight Kisara and I burst out laughing.

"He, he what an old fart!" I exclaimed while Kisara giggled and agreed, once our laughing died down we both looked over to the door Seto had yet to come out of.

"Seto's taking a while you we're out by now; do you think everything's alright?" Kisara asked a trace of worry in her voice.

"I'm sure he's fine, probably just arguing with Dr Peterson as to why he doesn't get a lollypop," I said light-heartedly to try and lighten the mood it didn't seem to work as Kisara still didn't take her eyes of off the door.

"Kisara," Placing a hand on her arm gently, "I don't know why you're worrying so much you know Seto's a perfectionist and will want a thorough job," I stated reassuringly that seemed to do the trick as Kisara smiled and nodded agreeing with me.

"You're right; I know I worry too much about him," Admitted Kisara with another happy smile she than ruffled my hair and I smiled as well, and just as I did Seto emerged from the room with Doctor Peterson following him behind as he approached us.

"Speak of the devil," I snickered and Kisara giggled as we both rose from our seats to greet Seto.

But as we both got closer I noticed something Kisara didn't. Like I said earlier I know Seto just as well as I know myself plus I've him longer than Kisara. So as we stood in front of Seto and Dr Peterson she smiled as normal but when I looked over to Seto I knew something was up. He had this look in his eyes, something that I couldn't quite read, something that I either haven't seen before or haven't seen in a while.

I glanced over to Dr Peterson expectantly as if waiting for an answer but when one didn't come I looked back over to Seto. And as if it hadn't even been there the look in his eye that told me something was up had completely vanished and Seto's blue eyes were back to normal. I was about to open my mouth to say something when Seto beat me to it.

"Right Dr Peterson said we're done here, so how about we go and get some ice cream and visit Yugi's game shop, hmm?" Seto asked.

"Sure okay! See ya Dr Peterson, come on let's go!" I exclaimed well whatever it was it can't be too important if Seto can just move on like that, and I said Kisara worried too much. Besides how often does Seto actually take me out to ice cream and visit Yugi and the gang? If I think it's important I'll just ask later but for now its ice cream time!

"Goodbye Dr Peterson lovely to see you again." Kisara smiled shaking her hand while Seto simply nodded politely and joined me and Kisara as we exited through the hospital and back outside.

But no matter what I just couldn't get this nagging thought at the back of my mind to leave. No matter what it just kept coming back telling me something was wrong, that something was wrong with Seto.

Author's notes

Well this is just the first chapter to a story idea I've got so let me know if it's worth continuing and also if you want to ask any questions about it and stuff.