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Stand by Me 5

"Jesus..." Joey muttered under his breath and then remained silent like the rest of the group. After a moment or two passed, he suddenly exclaimed, "Yami you can't be serious!"

Yami sighed and briefly closed his eyes before flickering them open again, "I'm afraid I am."

"But...but that's impossible! It can't be true! It's just some sick joke, right?" Téa shot in as she too found herself unable to accept the news.

Yami shifted in his seat and clenched his fists on the table, refusing to look at any of his friends, "I wish it were. I truly do, but the fact remains that Kaiba has this disease, whether you chose to believe it is up to you."

Silence befell the whole group again. They were all sitting at a table tucked away at the back of a coffee shop they had managed to find. It was a secluded place and allowed them to talk privately; the last thing Yami wanted was attracted unwanted attention—from anyone.

Then, Yugi asked the very question that Yami had asked Kaiba in the Game shop's kitchen, "Will he die?"

The former Pharaoh of Egypt chose not to answer and still didn't look up from the table, but the silence answered Yugi's question better than words.

"How long has Kaiba got left?" Yugi hesitantly asked everyone.

"Around eighteen months," He muttered under his breath quietly, but the group still heard.

Yugi then looked down at his hands silently. Téa cupped a hand over her mouth while a small gasp escaped. She held back tears that rimmed her eyes before closing them completely, all the while Yami sat slightly slouched in his seat, arms crossed and gazing out the window distantly. Joey had yet to react from Yami's response. He blinked his brown eyes in disbelief a couple of times before shaking his head side to side.

"Cancer? That can't be right it just can't! I know Kaiba. He's...he's like invincible, there's no way that you can be serious Yami! I won't believe it!" The blonde erupted from his seat knocking over the salt and pepper shakers, "Cancer? There's absolutely no way some disease is what gets Kaiba! It's just...just..." He paused for a moment, leaving his sentence hanging in the air. "It's a load of bull, I'm telling you!"

"Joey, please sit down. You're drawing attention to us. The last thing we need is the media over-hearing!" Téa whispered to Joey as she nudged him to sit back down, and he complied.

Yami shrugged indifferently at Joey's sudden outburst and continued staring out the window, "Believe what you want Joey, like I said it's up to you whether you accept it or not."

Sitting in his seat again, Joey shook his head back and forth another few times. Then he abruptly stopped. "Oh God! What about all those things I said? Shit, I'm a complete ass! Mokuba and Kisara probably hate me and Kaiba...I've got to apologize, say I'm sorry for everything!" He rose to stand again but Yami's assertive voice stopped him.

"No! Now isn't the best of times Joey. Kisara only found out yesterday and I'm assuming by Mokuba's teary-eyed appearance when we saw him he'd only found out recently. Without a doubt Kaiba's comforting the two of them. You being there will only stir things up again."

"You're right." Joey then sighed and sat back down in his seat once more.

The gang sat together, and for once they were not chatting happily together in a carefree manner. After a while Yugi decided to break the tension that had so quickly befallen the group. They talked for a while before deciding to leave the small coffee shop, trying to erase all thoughts of Kaiba from their minds, if only for a while. However, during Joey's little outburst he had indeed attracted a certain someone's attention.

John Carmine sat quietly at his seat, appearing engrossed in his newspaper. The thirty-something year-old peered over the top of his paper and watched as the group of four walked passed his booth and waited until they had in fact left the shop, disappearing down the streets of Domino City. As soon as he could no longer see them he slammed down the paper and slid it to the side revealing his small notebook that had been filled with his scribbled notes from the past hour or so as well as a tape recorder. Smiling to himself as he read over his notes and stopped the tape, John whipped out his cell phone and quickly pressed 5, which speed-dialled his boss.

John sat like a giddy child on the edge of his seat while he waited for the other side to pick up their phone.




"Mr Biggs! I've just got the biggest scoop of my entire lifetime!"

"Carmine? This better not be another one of your shitty little stunts again!"

"It isn't Sir, I promise! Let me meet you at the office and I'll tell you everything!"

The man on the other side of the phone grumbled something before answering again, "What's it about? It better not be like the last crappy story you dumped on my desk,"

"I can assure you it isn't sir. It's regarding Domino's favourite CEO Seto Kaiba, and I've got recorded evidence from his close acquaintances Yugi Moto, Yami Moto, Joey Wheeler and Téa Gardner to back up my story, sir!" Carmine practically yelled into the phone as he fidgeted in his seat excitedly.

"Seto Kaiba you say?" The man pondered silently for a bit, "Alright, meet me at my office in twenty minutes if you're not there then you've lost your chance, got it Mr. Carmine?"

John nodded enthusiastically and shot to his feet, "Crystal clear Sir! See you soon!" Before he could even finish his last sentence his boss had already hung up, but he didn't care. Picking up his suitcase and tucking his tape recorder and notepad in his inside breast pocket he left his booth after dropping some money to pay for his coffee.

As he stepped outside the shop John Carmine bounded happily down the street, heading towards his office building, knowing that what he was about to show his boss would get him a definite pay rise.


Damn it! I mentally screamed through my mind, I was just about to finally drift off into a peaceful nap until the shrill rings of the telephone sounded off. Sighing more deeply than I intended I rolled to my side and dangled my feet off the edge of my bed in my bedroom and slumped off of it, walking towards the door and exiting the room in order to answer the house phone.


"I'm coming, I'm coming," I sighed again knowing that it wouldn't stop the annoying noise.

Practically swiping the phone from its cradle I held it to my ear and answered, "Hello?" It came out more tiresome than I thought it would.

"Ah, Mrs. Kaiba! It's Dr Peterson, how are you?" She said, sounding more like a concerned mother than family doctor.

I smiled briefly at the familiar voice before speaking again, "I'm fine. Just fine," I answered. My smile then dropped immediately as I paused momentarily. Dr Peterson seemed to be waiting for me to speak again. As she didn't interrupt. "Is...this...this is about Seto, isn't it?" I voiced what I already knew.

I heard a small sigh escape Dr Peterson's lips from the other end of the phone, "Yes it is, and by the tone of your voice I'm guessing he's told, hasn't he?"

I nodded but then realised she couldn't see me, "Yes, yes he did." Again I paused to think and again Dr Peterson waited for me patiently, "Dr Peterson?" She made a humming noise of acknowledgement before I continued, "Before you answer I need you to tell me the truth, no matter what it might be, have I got your word?"

Without missing a beat she answered immediately, her voice steady and confident, "You have my word, Mrs. Kaiba."

I took in a breath, "Seto's cancer...I know when he told me about it he didn't want to tell me everything. I just think that...that he's...he's-

"Holding back information and thoughts to protect you?" She finished for me.

I smiled again lightly. It was strange how Dr. Peterson had the uncanny ability to read my thoughts, yet it was comforting at the same time. "Yes, exactly that. What I just want to know is what are the chances of Seto's...of Seto's survival?" I asked hesitatingly, not really wanting to know the answer, just needing.

"You won't like what I'm about to tell you Mrs. Kaiba, but nevertheless I shall tell. In my professional opinion from what I've seen with cases in the past like this one, the patient doesn't live. And as much as I regret to tell you, Mr. Kaiba will follow the same pattern, despite what we use to treat him."

I knew it. Despite whatever false hope or lies I told myself over and over in my head constantly there was always the more rational voice that spoke to me, telling me what Dr Peterson just had. Seto will die and there's nothing I can do, absolutely nothing. No- I can't think like this, not now. Seto needs me to be strong; I need me to be strong. I will be strong. I can't keep acting so helpless I just can't.

"Mrs. Kaiba?" Dr Peterson said when I failed to reply.

Shaking my head and blinking rapidly I snapped out of my thoughts, "I'm here. Sorry, I was...thinking I guess. Thank you for telling me, I know Seto never would have," I said at last regretfully.

"Okay, take care of yourself dear, you hear me?"

For the third time I think I found myself smiling again, "Loud and clear Doctor."

"Anyway, back to the reason I called. This Sunday Mr. Kaiba has a Doctor's appointment scheduled for 10:00am, he requested I make one for him, so if you could inform him I would be most grateful. It would be best if you and young Mokuba came along as well, provided of course Mokuba has been told."

"He has. Don't worry, I'll tell Seto. Thank you and goodbye."

"Goodbye Mrs. Kaiba. See you soon." And with that the phone clicked and Dr Peterson was gone.

I placed the phone back in its cradle and brushed a few bangs out of my face. Now to find Seto, I told myself as I set off to locate him.

I knocked gently on the oak door, just like so many times before and then nudged open the door to Seto's study just down the corridor from our bedroom. It's more of a longue than a study really. I think of it as a lounge, but honestly it is not any different from the other rooms in the mansion. There is an oak desk placed at the back of the room with a phone and computer on it just in case Seto needs to take an important call or find a file while he is not working. Otherwise, he uses the office space attached to our bedroom. It kind-of ruins the whole idea of the name 'lounge' but as long as he makes time to relax some way, even if that means only being a couple of meters away from his work during that time I'm happy.

Seto looked up from his seated position behind the desk upon my entry. I smiled like usual while he nodded and gestured to one of the sofas located in the room. He was finishing up speaking to someone on the phone when I came in and was just about to end the call as I took my seat.

"I'll meet with you Monday morning. Be at my office 9pm sharp. We can finalize everything then and there." With that, Seto hung up and rose from his seat.

"Who was that?" I asked, curiosity getting the better of me as I watched Seto make his way towards me.

"That was one of my lawyers. I just need to sort out some legal stuff; nothing big," Seto replied brushing the matter aside as he sat next to me.

I nodded to show I heard, "Dr Peterson called," Seto looked at me at the mention of the name.

"Oh? What about?"

"Just to tell you that she's scheduled an appointment for you this Sunday at 10:00am. She suggested that Mokuba and I come along as well."

Seto nodded.

"She also said some other things as well," I added knowing I didn't need to explain. Seto knew what I was talking about.

I watched as Seto gently took my hand and kissed it still without breaking eye contact. "Why don't you lay down?" he suggested easing me to do so, until my head was resting comfily against the pillow he'd placed in his lap.

Frowning slightly in wonder I looked up at Seto, attempting to sit up as I did so until he held me back down in place, "What are you-"

"Just lie down," Was all he said, and I went along with the request.

Despite being slightly reluctant during the beginning, that soon vanished and I found myself closing my eyes. The next moment I felt a hand run through my hair and I moaned slightly in contentment and smiled. Fluttering open my eyes I lazily looked up to my husband who bent down and gave me a small peck on the lips as he continued playing with my hair.

"I love your hair. It always feels so soft, like silk," He commented absentmindedly.

"Thank you," I replied blushing ever so slightly.

We both sat there- well in my case laid there on the sofa, Seto enjoying playing with my hair and me enjoying his gentle touches.

"You know you should be the one lying on my lap Seto," I spoke reaching up to curl a lock of Seto's hair around my finger.

He took my hand and pressed it to his lips and then settled on holding it, "Why do you think that?"

"Because, I need to learn to stop running straight to your arms every time I'm sad or think I need comfort. I need to start getting used to the fact I'll be taking care of you and not the other way around, Seto."

"Maybe in the future you will, but for now, in this very moment I can be what I need to be, what you need me to be."

I quirked my head to the side, "And what's that?"

He resumed running his hands through my hair before he answered. It was such a simple answer I must admit I didn't expect it.

"Your husband," Seto replied as if it was second-nature, "And up until that day where I can no longer do what I need to do to keep you happy, comforted and most of all loved, then we can switch places. Then I'll be the one in your lap, the one that has their hair played with to be comforted and the one that's told everything will be alright, but until then," He paused and smirked down at me, "Until then, I'm afraid you're going to have to put up with me fussing over you."

My face brightened as he spoke and I beamed back at Seto, as if my sadness was a blanket and with his words he simply picked it up off of me and removed it. I raised my arms and linked them around Seto's neck and pulled him into a kiss. He responded immediately and leaned in for more. Seto was forceful and dominating, yet gentle at the same time. Somehow Seto had shifted his position from having me in his lap to him on top of me, not that I was complaining. He snaked his hand under my top all the way up to my bra and squeezed my right breast through the fabric, causing a deep moan to escape my lips. I could feel his smirk against my lips, but I was far from giving in.

Just as I felt my bra clasp pop open and my breasts being released from the confining material, I knew it was my turn. Without breaking the pleasure-filled kiss I snaked my own hand down towards Seto's tented pants and slid them underneath his boxer's waist band. He thrust involuntarily into me as I grabbed his extremely hardened cock in my hand. At that point, we both came up for air and broke the kiss, leaving us panting heavily.

"Let's take this back to our bedroom," Seto breathed huskily against me.

"Did you even have to ask?" I teased back after rubbing his manhood with my hand one last time before I took it out of his pants.

"I wasn't asking," He shot back seductively, Seto then put my legs around his waist, in which I tightened them for grip, and immediately lifted me up and out the room. He glided out and down the hallway to the safety of our bedroom before closing it behind him and leading us towards the waiting bed.

"Alright Carmine. You've got thirty seconds to explain to me what you've got for me before I throw you out," said John Carmine's boss, Mr. Biggs, as he sat behind his desk with a Cuban cigar perched in his hand.

John sat just as giddily in his chair as he was back at the cafe when it was his chance to speak. Immediately the man grabbed his notebook and tape recorder from his pocket and presented the later of the two on his boss's desk, almost in a triumphant manner. Mr Biggs stared back at him expectantly, slowly losing his patience with each passing second.

"Well? Are you going to play it or not?" he grit out, in which John only nodded eagerly.

He reached forward and clicked the play button down and watched his boss as the tape played.

"How long has Kaiba got left?"

"Around eighteen months."

There was a small pause where the tape recorder simply recorded the silence of the conversation.

"Cancer? That can't be right it just can't! I know Kaiba. He's...he's like invincible. There's no way that you can be serious, Yami! I won't believe it! Cancer? There's absolutely no way some disease is what gets Kaiba! It's just...just..."

John paused the tape there after he felt his boss had heard enough and tried not to stare back at the older man smugly.

"I've also got notes down on every detail of the conversation including expressions and reactions, etc. And that was just the middle of it. I also recorded the beginning where that Yami Moto feller starts explaining it," John explained taking his recorder back.

Mr. Biggs rose from his seat and rubbed his hands together while his cigar dangled out his mouth. His eyes gleamed, so much so it was as if you could see dollar signs in them.

"I'm impressed Carmine. You've actually done well for once. We need to get to work on this story straight away I don't want any other news teams beating us to the punch!"

"Mr. Carmine, get to work on writing this article pronto. It needs to be the front page for tomorrow's paper! We'll also need a news report to show the recorded evidence, too. Right, come on there's work to be done and it's nearing our channel's news time slot. Let's move!" Mr. Biggs declared as he grabbed his blazer jacket. John followed obediently, nearly skipping after his boss.

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