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The day hadn't even started yet, but Auggie sat at his computer working on the endless backlog of paperwork. Suddenly, his ears picked up on an odd, unsettling sound. It was rhythmic, jarring sound, footsteps no doubt, and they were approaching his office. The sound was so disconcerting that it set his teeth on edge.

"Hey Auggie, sorry I'm late." He froze at the sound of Annie's voice. It was coming from the same direction as the horrible sound. "Annie, what on earth are you wearing on your feet?" he asked, shock coloring his voice."Those are NOT your shoes."

"Yeah I know." She muttered under her breath. "As I was leaving the house this morning, I tripped on a step and broke one of my heels. I was running late as it was, so I had to borrow a pair of my sisters shoes."

He tilted his head to the side slightly. "They sound like their a size too small." "They are." she moaned. "Im going to have a blister before the day is out, I know it."

He rolled is chair closer to hers. "Let me see. Pun not intended." She snickered at that. "Are you sure?" he snapped his fingers impatiently. Shrugging, she slipped the portable torture devices off of her feet and placed one in his lap. He turned her foot side to side, trailing his fingertips across the top lightly. She couldn't surpress a shiver of pleasure as he ran a fingertip down the length of it, from toe to heel. His touch did things for her, and if she didn't have to much on her plate with Ben as it was, she would so be right there."Your what, a size...7, 7 1/2 to be comfortable?" She sat up a little straighter. "How did you figure that out?" He smiled. "I had a girlfriend the same size. Real pretty, or so I'm told. Plus, it was only a guess and you just confirmed it."


They sat for the next five minutes in a companionable silence, Auggie working his magic on her tortured toes, and Annie trying hard not to moan out loud with pleasure. Yet, once the day started, he surrendered her feet back to their patent-leather prisons and they both devoted their time and energy to catching up on paperwork.

When lunchtime rolled around, Annie stretched slightly before getting up. Paperwork always made her shoulders and neck tense up, But it was preferable to being in the field. Getting shot at, running, hiding, being forced to rappel down the elevator shaft of a building using nothing but bondage gear. Yeah, paperwork wasn't that bad. Not in the long run.

"You ready to go? I saw this great new Thai place on my way to work."

Auggie shook his head slightly. "Sorry, not right way. I have an errand to run, but I promise I'll catch up with you when I'm done."

"Ummm ok. See you the then." Annie walked away, and Auggie winced with each and every footstep.

Annie blinked slightly at the bag sitting on her desk. It was one of the kind that people put gifts in. She poked at the bright colored tissue paper sticking out the top. Satisfied that it wasn't about to blow up, she reached inside and withdrew a glossy white box. It was hevy for its size, and it had no markings on the outside. Frowning, she shook it slightly and was rewarded with a slight thud. Her curiosity piqued, she eagerly pulled the lid off, no longer caring if it blew up. Inside was a simple pair of shoes. Black slingbacks wih no decoration and a slight heel. They were perfect. She quickly kicked off her sister's steel toed terrors, and slipped her feet into her new gifts. They fit perfectly, somehow, she knew that they would. She walked back and forth a couple of times and was surprised at how well they fit. She practically waltzed down the hall to deliver a handfull of reports to Joan. She felt like she was dancing on air. Auggie smiled at the sound of her footsteps. "God I love those kitten heels." he said with a smile. Now, his biggest problem was how to explain a charge to Saks that had suddenly appeared on his exspense report.

"It was vital to the preservation on my sanity! I swear!"