Dear Hiatus readers,

I had announced in my author's note in the previous Hiatus chapter that this story was going to get a sequel to follow them through the days of their second trimester. I have the first chapter posted now! It's called 'Jump Start', and it starts exactly where Hiatus left off. It's posted in the M-section, because I was really pushing the T-rating at some points with this one. Not to worry though, if things get too spicy, I'll post a seperate T-chapter so that those of you who don't want to read anything too sexy don't have to.

Jump Start follows them every day in their pregnancy as well, just like Hiatus. Brennan's arm is still broken, Hank still needs to be screened for dementia and Booth is...still Booth. It's written by the same crazy author (which is me) with the same lame author's notes at the end and the same grammar errors I'm still unaware of. So, if you want to continue reading this story, I'd suggest you look for Jump Start in the M-section or find it on my profile page.

I can't wait for your feedback/criticism on Jump Start. I hope to find you all back there.

Much love from a very grateful author,