Just a short story on my take of the ending of Strawberries and Cream…..and may I say what a great show it was….how many knew that Jane had a gun? DRL

Lisbon is shocked at the news, and there is no way they are going to keep her in the hospital…With the help of Cho and Rigby she arrives at the jail where they have Jane. She finally gets approval and is walked down the cell block and the cell door opens. She goes in, the pain beginning to hurt again, even though the wound wasn't that serious. The cell door is locked behind her.

She sees Jane lying on the bed; he doesn't even look at her.


"I always told you that I would do it Lisbon…what did you expect?"

"How could you be sure that he was Red John and not someone who worked with him?"

Jane gets up quickly and advances towards her, his eyes wild.

"What was I supposed to do Lisbon….let him just walk away from me. He told me how my daughter smelled….he knew her favorite shampoo was strawberries and cream." Jane yells "He knew how my wife smelled…." Jane suddenly falls to his knees then falling to the floor. He curls up and his mind slips away, to better memories as Lisbon watches the man she loves leaves her.