Hey guys! So this is my first NCIS fanfic. I've written for other fandoms before, but never here. I'm pretty excited, even though this one's kind of a bummer…

I got this idea watching all the other episodes when the NCIS gang has to tell other bosses that their employees have been killed. It made me think, "How would they react if they were on the other end?" I hope you like it!

WARNING: Major Character death

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Detective Jonathan Mitchell shifted his weight anxiously and watched the elevator's glowing floor numbers change, tracking his progress as he ascended further into the government building. He hated this part of his job.

Jonathan shot a sideways glance at his partner, Detective Melissa Arnold, and noted her cool composure. She'd always been better at this sort of thing than him.

As homicide detectives for the MPDC, Detective Mitchell and his partner had been called to a murder scene late the night before. It hadn't taken long for the two to discover that the victim had been an NCIS agent and, as soon as they had, the detectives headed out to inform the agent's team and glean as much pertinent information from them as possible.

With a soft ding, the elevator doors opened up to reveal the NCIS squad room, which was already bustling at eight-thirty in the morning.

"Grab your gear," a gruff voice from across the room drew Jonathan's attention, "we've got a dead marine."

The voice belonged to a firm looking older man that the detective recognized as his victim's boss, Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs. This was the man that he was there to see. There were two other agents filling the desks around the man, both of whom jumped up at his words and grabbed already-packed backpacks that sat on the ground beside them. The action was carried out with an almost comical familiarity that made Jonathan think that they'd probably done it many times before.

"McGee," Agent Gibbs addressed the lean, male agent in the desk across from his as he tossed him a set of car keys.

"On it, Boss," Agent McGee replied without need for further explanation.


"He still is not answering," An exotic looking woman spoke, holding up her cell phone.

A looked of annoyance and concern flashed over Agent Gibbs's face for a split second, but he said nothing.

Jonathan realized that the team was about to leave, and moved to approach the boss.

"Excuse me, Special Agent Gibbs?" He called out, making his way over to the team's desk area. He didn't have to look back to know that Melissa was right behind him.

The agent's steely blue eyes locked onto him in an instant. "I am Detective Jonathan Mitchell from the MPDC, this is my partner, Detective Melissa Arnold." He watched as Agent Gibbs surveyed him for a moment, flicked his gaze to the empty desk diagonal from his with a worried expression, and back. The other two agents froze where they stood.

"What can I do for you?" Any worry that Jonathan saw in Gibbs's eyes was absent from his voice. Still, the detective had a feeling that Special Agent Gibbs had already deduced the nature of his visit.

Jonathan took a deep breath before he spoke. This was the hard part. "I'm sorry to inform you that an agent under your authority was found murdered last night."

The silence was deafening. All three agents seemed to be frozen in shock. Out of the corner of his eye, Jonathan saw Agent McGee turn and stare at the same desk that Gibbs had looked to earlier. His backpack dropped heavily to the floor. The woman had her back to him, but her tense body language spoke volumes.

After a long time, Gibbs spoke. "Who?" He asked simply, though he already knew. He was silently pleading Jonathan to say any other name but that of his agent.

"Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo," Melissa spoke up from beside Jonathan. Her voice was gentle and sympathetic.

A choked sob came from the direction of the woman, who still had her back to the detectives.

Agent McGee remained frozen in shock, staring at his fallen partner's desk. "No," he whispered after a moment, shaking his head slowly. "No!" He turned on Melissa. "You're wrong." He stated firmly.

"McGee," Gibbs spoke quietly, trying half-heartedly to calm his agent.

"No, Gibbs! They're wrong!" McGee appealed to his boss, "How many times have we been told that Tony was dead or dying? It's not him, Gibbs. It's not!"

Agent Gibbs looked between McGee and the woman, whose shoulders were visibly shaking. Gibbs then looked to Jonathan, as if begging him to confirm McGee's convictions. Jonathan only shook his head regretfully.

Gibbs closed his eyes sadly, "It's not like that this time, Tim."

Those words from his boss were all it took. "Oh, God," McGee said softly. He stumbled back to his desk and collapsed into his chair. He buried his face in his hands and sat silently.

"Ziva—" Gibbs addressed the woman.

Ziva merely shook her head and walked away, gear still on her back, making sure to keep her face away from the group gathered in the middle of the bullpen.

Gibbs looked after her, but made no attempt to stop her. Then the agent, who looked considerably older than he had when they had arrived, returned to the seat behind his desk. He pointedly avoided looking at either detective, and instead stared at the former desk of one Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo. His gaze was detached and pain-filled, and served as a window that displayed the horrible turmoil inside of Leroy Jethro Gibbs.

And Detective Jonathan Mitchell silently watched, hating his job, as he stood by and watched a family fall apart.


So that's my first shot at NCIS! It's also very, very different from my usual writing style, which is sort of a comedic second person, so I hope it turned out okay!

At this point this is just a one-shot, but I might make another chapter showing the flip side (as in from Gibbs's POV) if people want me to.

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