If Right Would Always Win

"You can see a million stars that are always out of reach.

How can you not believe that there's nothing bigger than you out there?"


Prompt: Stairway.

Characters: Zoro/Luffy. Cannon-verse.


The way Luffy was looking at him made Zoro's stomach twist. It was that pouting look. The kind that meant he was at a loss of what to do and he expected Zoro to do something about it for him. The swordsman blinked, long, and hard, and when he opened his eyes again maybe Luffy would have gone to someone else seeking help.

That didn't happen. Zoro was beginning to feel cheated out of the R&R that he longed for today.

"Zoro, how long do you think I'd have to stretch so I could reach heaven?"

"Heaven?" Zoro questioned. Luffy nodded back.

Zoro sighed. "If there is such a place, it might be so far away that even you can't stretch there, Captain."

"But Zoro, I miss Ace." Luffy mimicked Zoro's sigh with one of his own, "I miss him. A lot."

Zoro sighed again, more deeply than before, and sat up. He'd given up the entire notion that he could get any sleep with Luffy in one of these moods. He motioned for the boy to come sit next to him with a small gesture. The young captain obeyed wordlessly.

Zoro moved his swords from his side and set them in his lap instead as Luffy took their place.

"Have you tried talking to him?"

Luffy gave him an odd stare, maybe asking Zoro how he could be so stupid, "He's dead." He ground out, pronouncing each syllable with a long sense of hurt and dread.

Zoro cocked his head. "That doesn't mean you can't talk to him anymore."

"Why would I talk to him when he won't answer back?"

Zoro shrugged then, because Luffy had a very good point, and then he remembered hearing Sanji in the kitchen once, asking God why his crew was so impossible. He remembered hearing Nami and Usopp talking to the same 'God' character on a number of different occasions, mostly when there was danger nearby. Zoro had his suspicions that they weren't talking to Eneru.

"For the same reasons people talk to God?" Zoro mumbled, shrugging a little.

"That's different," Luffy's nose crinkled on the right side, just slightly. "Zoro doesn't talk to God." He put his hands onto his crossed knees, leaning in closer to Zoro's side. "Why don't you talk to Him? Sanji does, and Usopp does, and Nam-"

"If God even exists then I have nothing to say to Him!" Shit, he hadn't meant to raise his voice to Luffy like that. Hadn't meant to interrupt him, in the very least. Zoro rubbed the scar over his left eye, tracing the gnarled path from eyebrow to cheekbone. He caught Luffy staring, and stopped.

"Look, Luffy, I don't know what you really believe in, but how do you even know that Ace is in 'Heaven'?"

Luffy gave Zoro a long stare then, and Zoro saw the kid's eyebrows furrow. "Well, where else would he be?"

That was all the icing on the cake that the swordsman could stand. He chuckled then, long and hard, and he had to cup a hand over his mouth to keep the chuckles from turning into full blown laughter. "Just stretch as far you can, Luffy. Just keep reaching."

His words, or maybe it was just the deepness of his voice, but something made Luffy crack a smile.

"I will." Luffy spoke. He had that "decided" tone that he sometimes got. "But, what if I only get part of the way there?"

The worried tone dripped into Zoro's ears and he immediately decided that he hated that tone on anybody, especially on Luffy. He stretched out his legs, "Well, maybe, sometimes, we just have to meet halfway."

"But Ace can't stretch as far as I can." Luffy contemplated.

"Guess you'll have to be the one to stretch a little bit farther then." Zoro shrugged.

Luffy seemed to contemplate this, Zoro noticed the wary look in his young captain's eyes. He watched as the captain fingered the sinewy muscles of his right forearm gently. Zoro couldn't guess what the other was really thinking when he looked like that. Then, as if a flip was switched inside the mind of Luffy, the anxiety was gone and Zoro could suddenly see the determination in the young man's eyes. It was the same determination he saw when Luffy had saved him from those gun shots a couple years ago, which to Zoro now felt like decades ago.

When Luffy was set on something, there was no use trying to change that.

"Come on," Zoro motioned, and stood up, tucking his swords against his hip and pulling his sash tight. "I'll give you a boost."


"Really, you guys are impossible." Nami sighed. She rubbed her head as if it hurt.

"Tch. Lightning will probably strike you imbeciles before you're even two-thirds of the way there."

"Two-thirds is fine." Luffy nodded, crushing the tips of his toes into the thick muscles of his first mate's shoulders.

"Right." Zoro grunted.

"We're only trying for a little past half-way, right Zoro?"

"Aye, Captain."

Sanji was left standing there with a frown, and a misty gape in his eyes. Nami walked off then with a small smile tugging at her lips, and chanting something about how they were all surely going to straight to Hell.

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