Part II: Kodomotachi

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This story is a sequel to Byouki. If you haven't read it, I would advise you to do so. If you don't want to or don't remember, here is a short summary:

Summary Byouki: When on a mission things go a bit wrong, Tsunade finds out that the Kyuubi is changing Naruto and the seal to break free and take him over. Naruto grows a tail as a result. Finally he is slowly getting used to this new appendage and having Sasuke around all the time, when the seal starts to take over Naruto's body. Sasuke has to help him get through this as he doesn't want to lose his boyfriend. Fortunately, Tsunade, Sakura and Kakashi find a way to re-seal the fox for good. As a result Naruto ends up with a pair of fox ears on his head and Sasuke's growing lust for him.

About Kodomotachi: Two years later Naruto has finally adapted to his new appearance, like almost everyone else. However this doesn't mean his life becomes all boring. Far from it; he gets his own genin team and Sasuke is confronted with his wish to restore his clan. Yaoi. SasuNaru

-x- Small time skip

-horizontal ruler- Large time skip/ next day

-=-=-=-=-=- Change of person POV

And now on with the sequel...


Chapter 1: Kids

2nd of April

Team 7, long since dubbed team Kakashi, was currently seated in a restaurant. They had something to celebrate. Today everybody in their team was officially a jounin. Of course Naruto and Sasuke had been above jounin level for a long time even when they were still genin, but today Sasuke had finally been promoted as well at the age of 21. Due to his runaway and comeback he hadn't been allowed to become one sooner. So actually it wasn't really a big deal for them.

Sasuke was sitting to Naruto's left at the square table. Sasuke stood about 15 centimetres above Naruto nowadays. Naruto hadn't grown much since his 'seal ordeal' two years ago. Sasuke instead had grown a good 9 cm, standing now at 186.7 cm, whereas Naruto was 'stuck' at 170.9 cm.

Sakura, sitting on Naruto's right, was almost as tall as Naruto, being 169.3 cm; something Naruto wasn't always happy about.

"I heard you'll get a genin team in a couple of days." Kakashi directed his line to Naruto from opposite the small table. Naruto's fox ears perked up and a hand glided up to the back of his head, while the other held his drink.

"Yeah, Tsunade no baa-chan thought it was time for me to have one." He grinned.

"That's great, Naruto, I will make sure you will get one of my medic students on your team." Sakura had no genin team instead she had a small class of genins that wanted to become medic ninja's.

"You're not allowed to have a team yet?" Sakura asked Sasuke.

"No and I don't mind very much either."

"Come on Sasuke, teaching kids ain't so bad," Naruto said as he bent towards Sasuke, sweeping his tail playfully.

"Sure it isn't," Sasuke said, sarcasm lining his voice.

"Sasuke-kun, don't say such things. I know you guys can't have kids of your own. Nevertheless, would you say that when you would have been with a woman, that you wouldn't have wanted kids?" Sakura looked Sasuke in the eye.

"Having kids and having a team is different."

"So you would want to have kids but no team?" Sasuke was silent. "Theoretically speaking," Sakura added.

Naruto looked from the one to the other not knowing what to say about this theoretical hypothesis. Since they couldn't have kids and Sasuke wasn't allowed to have a genin team. Kakashi seemingly was sort of in the same state. So they decided to just watch where this was going.

"If that were possible, theoretically speaking," Sasuke began, "then yes I would rather have kids of my own, knowing my clan can proceed, than have a genin team." An awkward silence fell.

"Oh," was all that Sakura said and rather strangely she didn't continue.

Slowly they began eating again.

After a while Naruto just couldn't stand the silence anymore. "So, how are things with Anko?"

"Eh?" Kakashi said, looking a bit panicked. Sakura gave Naruto a stare and he shrugged back in apology. Sakura sighed.

"Come on Kakashi-sensei, you think we hadn't noticed yet?"

"To be honest I had hoped not."

"It is Anko, you know," Naruto stated.

"Yes, I had noticed that."

"Good," Sasuke said, thinking this conversation would finish with that. Kakashi probably had the same thoughts as he bowed back to his food wondering how they had found out.

Sakura and Naruto exchanged looks and decided to drop it. This probably wasn't the time.


Later on when Naruto and Sasuke were walking side by side to their home, Naruto again thought it was too silent. It wasn't like he couldn't handle silence, he lived with Sasuke after all, but that didn't meant he always accepted it.

"You ever thought of having children?" he almost whispered, sounding a bit afraid as if Sasuke might hit him for asking something like that.

Sasuke just continued walking as if he hadn't heard. Naruto was just wondering if perhaps he really hadn't heard when suddenly the raven began to speak.

"Yeah I have, about reviving the Uchiha clan." He glanced to Naruto sideways. "You?"

"Sure, why not. I think everybody has thought about it at least once in their lives." Silence fell once more.

"Have you come to terms with it then?" Naruto just couldn't keep the question to himself. He had never really thought about this since he dated Sasuke, but now he just could not not think about it since the moment Sakura had brought it up.

"Sure, I haven't chosen for you for nothing. I really love you and if it means no children, than we have none." Naruto glanced to Sasuke as his head was still turned to look at the ground. He knew Sasuke had said, since the first day they had formed a team, that he wanted to revive his clan. Back then Naruto had not really thought it could have meant that he wanted to do so by having children, but had meant to bring his clan back to the top or something. This children topic probably was more important to Sasuke than he let on.

"I always thought about having a family one day," Naruto said quietly, talking to the sky. Sasuke suddenly looked at him a bit surprised. "I thought perhaps then I would really understand what a family would be." He looked to Sasuke. "But I think I already have enough with you." He leant against Sasuke, grinning as his tail curled around Sasuke's leg.

They reached their house. About a year and a half ago they had decided that it was useless to have two apartments and always sleeping both at one place. Together they had bought a small house. It had a living room a kitchen with dining room on the first floor and two bedrooms, two bathrooms and a washroom on the second floor.

Pulling out their sandals and walking up the stairs they went directly to bed. Even in bed they still didn't speak to each other. Naruto was almost asleep when Sasuke made him come back to the world of the living.

"Wouldn't you want a family to continue your family tree?"

"Huh?" Naruto turned around to Sasuke. "Are you still thinking about that?"

Sasuke gave him a stare which meant he did.

"I think I would have, but we can't so I have peace with it." Naruto took a breath. "But you apparently haven't."

"I'm not sure. I think it does bother me, though I thought it didn't."

Naruto reached to Sasuke's face and put his hand around it. "I don't know if it still does, but otherwise we might find a way to give you what you want."

Sasuke blinked. "What?" Had he really just said that?

Naruto retracted his hand and turned to lie on his back. "Well, you know, find someone who can help you with that."

"What? No, I don't want that. I'm not going to bed with someone else just for that!"

"Okay," Naruto said to the ceiling.

"Okay? That's all?" Sasuke turned to face the ceiling as well, thinking. How could Naruto just have proposed that to him? And then so easily dismiss it? He heard Naruto yawn.

"Sorry I brought it up. Night, Sasuke."


Not long thereafter Sasuke heard Naruto's breath even out as he had fallen asleep. He just couldn't keep this out of his mind. He had to make the decision permanently. To do that he needed to know what kept him from doing that. Why did he still think of reviving his clan?

He turned his head to look out of the window. They never bothered to close the curtains from this window when they needed to get out early the next morning. He saw the almost full moon coming from behind a cloud. The moonlight hit his own and Naruto's face. He studied Naruto. His almost black fox ears were sticking out of the slightly too long bright yellow hair; the somewhat red tufts inside the ears looking very soft. He definitely loved Naruto.

Suddenly it hit him. Yes, he would have liked to have kids, not only to revive his clan but like Naruto had said, to have a nice family of his own; just like he'd once had (except without the bloodshed).

But he already had that; with Naruto. Naruto was his family, already for a long time. Hadn't he said he saw Sasuke as a brother at the Valley of the End? Now it had grown into much more.

Sasuke smiled. He closed his eyes as he hugged Naruto. It was enough to form a family with just two people, right? Naruto was enough for him. He still had that weird feeling in his stomach, but he could put it aside more easily now. He didn't want to think about it anymore and not soon thereafter, he followed Naruto into dreamland.

"I'm so excited," Naruto said as he headed to the front door, his tail swirling. Sasuke patted him on his shoulder.

"Just don't scare them too much with your excitement. They might see you as a Guy-sensei."

Naruto stopped in his tracks. "Ew, I don't want that." He turned toward Sasuke and began grinning after a moment. "At least my eternal rival became my eternal lover, so…" His voice died down and his tail stopped moving as Sasuke just stared back at him. "That sounded a bit…"

"Yeah," Sasuke agreed.

"Especially so early in the morning."

Sasuke nodded.

"Sorry I said that. Well then…"

"See you tomorrow," Sasuke said as he began walking in the other direction.

Naruto waved. "Bye."

Sasuke had to go on a mission alone and Naruto headed to the Hokage tower to hear which kids were in his team. Entering the room in which they would meet, he saw a few other jounin standing there; none he really knew. He waved to them anyway and sat on a table, waiting for Tsunade to enter. It seemed like he was the youngest of all the jounin in the room.

Instead of Tsunade, Shizune entered the room with a notebook. "Hello, I will read out the new genin teams. It's up to you to see if they are fit to be genin and become real ninja's." She held up the book. "There aren't many genins that graduated this time, so there aren't a lot of teams." She began reading the groups of numbers 1,2 and 5. When she came to number 9 she looked up to Naruto before reading the names.

"Team 9 for Uzumaki Naruto. Members of the team are Buki Eri, Umu Ryomaru and Yamanaka Kenji." She looked up at him again and gave a small smile before continuing to read the last team, team 12.

When she was finished, Tsunade came into the room to wish the jounin luck and dismissed them.

As Naruto walked out toward the academy like the rest to pick up their students, Naruto put his hands in his pocket. He felt the bells Kakashi had given him the day before.

His sensei had come by to collect a report and then asked Naruto if he would give his students the bell test. Just like he had given them, Minato had given him, Jiraiya had done so before, who had it from the Sandaime and who knows if he'd gotten it from the Nidaime.

Naruto had said a very loud and proud 'Yes!' and Kakashi had then given him the very bells he had used in their test. Naruto had hugged Kakashi on the spot and ran into the house to tell Sasuke, leaving a stunned Kakashi at the door.

Fiddling with the bells in his pockets he decided to not dwell to long in memory lane as flashbacks of his own test came back to him.

Yamanaka Kenji. He had heard Ino talk about him once, but could not remember why. He wasn't direct family of her, something like a cousin of her mother's sister's husband (or something like that), but did live nearby.

Buki Eri, he couldn't say he had ever heard of such a clan or family name at all.

And last Umu Ryomaru. He had heard of that family name years ago when he was still at the academy himself. Apparently they had fled from a small country and then made themselves famous for their poison making, as Sakura had mentioned once or twice.

Naruto neared the school and walked to the right classroom. To be honest he was a bit nervous. Not so much of how the kids would be like, but more for their reactions of what they would say about him.

It had been over two years since he had gotten the fox tail and ears. Slowly he had made himself come to public with it and it had not even been for a year now that he was finally able to walk around as himself, without feeling uncomfortable. Sasuke, Sakura and Kakashi had helped him with that.

But children were a whole different story than villagers. They just said what came to mind without really thinking over the consequences of what that might do to the other.

Naruto stood in front of the door, his hand on the handle; he could hear Iruka telling the groups their senseis would be there in a minute and just to stay calm. Hearing Iruka's voice made him calm down and he opened the door.

Iruka looked at him and a smile appeared on his face. "Naruto, glad you didn't pull a Kakashi and decided to come too late."

Naruto grinned at that. "Didn't want to make a wrong impression, besides, Kakashi-sensei is just a lazy-ass when it comes to arriving on time."

Iruka smiled at that and Naruto turned to the class. "Team 9 I came to pick you up. Please follow me outside so we can properly introduce."

The three stood up and walked to the door, looking a bit suspicious towards Naruto, who just smiled back.

The first one to walk up to him was a boy with light orange hair tied up in a low ponytail, he had soft yellow eyes and wore black with yellow clothing. Next was the girl, who had long brown hair tied into two low braided pigtails, had dark green eyes and had clothing with the colours purple and navy blue. The last boy came walking forward silently and had short green hair and black eyes. His clothing existed only out of the colours red and green.

"Bye, Iruka-sensei, see you tonight," the blond said as he opened the door for his students.

Naruto led the kids to a nice park not far away and sat down on a small wall, his soon to be students following suit by sitting in the grass in front of him.

"Alright, to get to know each other I would like you to introduce yourselves. I will begin to give the example."

Before he continued he looked at each of them as two of them nodded: the girl and the green haired boy. The yellow eyed boy just stared arrogantly at him.

"My name is Uzumaki Naruto, I'm 21 years old. I like eating ramen and carrots, my dream is to become Hokage and protect everyone in this village. There are some things I don't like, but I'm not going to list them up right now." He smiled and the green haired boy smiled back hesitantly. "Alright, we can go from right to left or youngest to oldest or-"

"Then it's my turn, I'm the youngest," the girl said. "My name is Buki Eri, I'm 12 years; unlike the rest as they are already 13. I live alone with my kaa-san, she's a ninja as well. My hobby is sewing."

"That might come in handy," Naruto said thoughtful.

Eri giggled. "I would like to be the best weapons expert of Konoha and I absolutely hate liars." Naruto nodded.

"Then next would be me," the orange haired boy said, arrogantly. "I'm Yamanaka Kenji. I like apples and pineapples and I dislike my brother." He folded his arms and just stared at Naruto.

"Okay," Naruto finally said, blinking and then turning to apparently the eldest of his students.

"Um, I… My name is Umu Ryomaru." He fiddled with his hands, which reminded Naruto of Hinata when she was younger. "I, eh…"

"Come on, just say it Ryomaru," Kenji said, looking annoyed.

"Calm down, let him do this on his own tempo!" Emi shot back.

Ryomaru looked uneasily from the one to the other before looking to Naruto and continuing. "I'm the youngest of five children. I only have older sisters. My father is a ninja as well and my mother and sisters are herbal experts, mainly focussed on poison making." He fiddled with his shirt. "I like classes with Sakura-sensei," he said softly. Naruto's eyebrows shot up a little. So this was her student she had 'given' him. "I hate gossip." He was still fiddling with his shirt. "And I admire Godaime Hokage-sama," he ended his introduction abruptly.

Naruto grinned. "Good. That will be it for today; tomorrow will be the real test."

"What test?" Emi asked.

"Didn't they tell you after graduating?" Naruto made a note to himself that he should tell Iruka-sensei that they should tell the students about this. They hadn't done so when he became a genin, they still didn't do it now?

"You only become a real ninja after you pass my test."

"What?" they said in unison.

"But that's not fair!"

"I know, so that's why I will give you a tip for tomorrow." They hung to his lips, desperate for a good advice. Naruto liked it.

First he wanted to follow Kakashi's example and say 'Don't eat breakfast, you might throw up,' with a scary voice like Kakashi had done for the desired effect, but he thought that was kind of cruel.

"Eat your breakfast, drink your milk and be on time on the training field," he grinned mischievously. All he got were stares.

"Well, see you guys tomorrow on training ground 3 at eight." And he vanished.

In reality he had just jumped into a nearby tree, but what did these children know. He saw how they still looked a bit shocked, but soon stood up and went home, Eri and Ryomaru walking together as Kenji went in another direction.

Naruto sniggered and jumped out of the tree. He could understand a bit what had made Kakashi say the things he had to them the first time they had met as a team.

Slowly he began walking in the direction of Ichiraku ramen; looking forward to talk to Iruka-sensei about his probably new students.


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