After the Endar Spire

Bless him, the night I met him was probably one of the best nights of my life. Probably because I got some awesome action. To be honest, it was a shame to start with to learn that he 'didn't want to hurt people', but then again, I wasn't one who liked the idealisms of the Sith. They were a bunch of high up sleaze-bags anyway. But that man… wow, he was something else.

Okay, maybe his voice wasn't the most menacing of all, but his eyes. Oh his eyes, glistening in those white seas that curled around his pupils. How his pupils were such a soothing and relaxing brown. I couldn't have wished for anything better. At this point, I didn't even know who he was. Other than a really gorgeous looking guy. His dark hair covered his face at the sides, and his Jedi robes held his chest in, showing his strong yet slender figure. His dark cloak covered most of him, and made his robes barely visible… but I knew they were there. I could recognise them from a mile off.

"So you're new around here?" one of the drunken Sith men asked.

I sighed, "No, I'm just as old ask when you asked me yesterday."

Like I was going to answer his question. My attempt to evade seemed to have just dug me deeper in the conversation.

"Oh, so you're one of those kinds…" he drooled

He got his free hand and pushed it hard against my arse. His fingernails dug into my soft skin, and his palm pushed angrily into me. "Maybe I can take you home with me, show you my world," he snickered.

I have to admit that I tended to go for the bad-boys, but he was just rank. He'd never done anything quite so impulsive before, and I was usually able to get him off of me. It didn't really help that there weren't any other decent cantinas around either, so I couldn't really go anywhere else. Plus, I needed to be there. All I could do was sit and drown in my own self-pity and alcohol. I guess that wasn't so bad, at least I wasn't skint… yet.

I pushed at his fingers, trying to wrench his arm and force him to let go, but his hold grew stronger. I could feel his fingers trying to fumble around on me, but he was too drunk and uncoordinated. I would have shot him there and then, or broken his neck, but the problem with the Sith – even when they were drunk, was that they were still very dangerous. He could probably blow me backwards a couple of metres, or hurt me before I even got a chance to get him off of me. And the very worst of all, was that I had not brought my gun.

To be honest, it was truly a stupid mistake. I had taken at least one of my guns pretty much anywhere I went, but not that night at the cantina. I still don't know why I didn't take it with me now, because I was very aware that the Sith would have been there. It couldn't have been carelessness… I was never careless. It had to have been something else. Maybe some sort of seriously misguided trust.

"Get off!" I spat.

He jumped backwards as my spit moved towards him, and watched it as it landed on the floor.

"That's not very nice. Maybe you need to learn some manners," he threatened.

I turned to my drink again, and kept my eyes on it. The fear welled up inside of me, but I couldn't let him see it. If he had, then he would have known he had the advantage over me.

Running my fingers over the edge of my glass, he strode over, his boots thumping as they hit the ground. God, I could tell he was angry. The fury radiated off of him, and I tried to maintain my control on my emotions. My fingers began to shake a little, and I kept my eyes down to the bar table. The Jedi looked over to me, but I only briefly returned his glance. Any longer and then I probably would have broken down and panicked. The bartender watched me carefully, worry clearly visible. Even though the Empire had long been destroyed, some of the Sith still roamed around. And as the bartender well knew, he could not chuck out a Sith, the men would have to be removed or leave on their own accord.

The other Sith men looked over at me, peering to see what would happen. I pushed out my back to stretch, and kept my eyes down. Suddenly, two arms wrapped around my lower chest and pressed tightly. The wind pushed out of my chest and I gasped desperately for air. The Sith but his head over my shoulder, and looked down my top. Teaches me right anyway for wearing one that was such a low-cut one.

"Mmm, can't wait to get my hands on those," he breathed, his eyes frantically searching me over. I knew there and then that I needed to get out of there. I couldn't stay and wait. Not for any Jedi.

Abruptly, I jerked myself back, and the Sith was momentarily stunned. I quickly got up, and walked towards the door with my drink in hand. There was no way I was going to leave with alcohol still left. It wasn't exactly like the bartender was going to stop me. I was too lazy to run, and even if the Sith was going to follow me, it would make no difference if I ran or stumbled out of there. He would have caught up with me.

My light metal armour clinked together as I stepped forward, and the jetpack I had pulled powerfully on my back. It often felt heavier when I was slightly drunk. Clinging to my shoulders, it hit the back of my armour and pushed into my shoulders. And to think that I went around wearing that thing every day. My boots shone in the dim light, reflecting the surprised faces of the people watching me.

All of a sudden, I heard the sound of a lightsabre. Spinning around, my eyes were met with the drunken Sith once more, his red lightsabre held low at his side and pointed towards the floor. Everyone got up out of their seats abruptly and moved to the edges of the room. Oh dear, he had made a stupid mistake.

"Dirty scoundrel!" he yelled.

"Take this outside?" I asked innocently.

"No! Here!" he insisted.

Swaying from side to side, he began to charge at me. I sighed, and placed my feet firmly on the ground. As he got close, I flung my drink at his face. It hit him square in the forehead, and ran down into his eyes. Quickly, I put my right arm forward and made a fist with it. On cue, the torrent of flames swam towards him, flooding my view. I only clenched the trigger for a second or two in order to prevent the flames spreading around the room, then let go.

The flames receded, and I shoved my arm to my side. It gently hit the armour on my side, and I relaxed my shoulders. As the Sith sunk to his feet and patted at his face and chest with his cloak, I stepped slowly and with authority towards him. His screams were somewhat muted by his cloak as he desperately patted his face. I hadn't really burnt him badly; it would be all fixed with a meeting with a doctor. That would have been all that it would have taken.

I bent down in front of him, and looked directly at him. All of my previous fear had gone, and my vicious and unemotional front was back in action. It took more than alcohol to taint it. The Jedi stepped forward, his surprised expression barely visible under the hood. I looked up at him, and smiled.

"Want any help taking him outside?" I asked politely.

He bent down by his side, and slipped one arm under the Sith's. I slid mine under the other, and we slowly dragged him out of the cantina.

The Sith's previously eager friends had vacated the place already without me noticing. It was kind of a shame, I had really wanted to beat them up or collected their lightsabres. Sneakily, I picked up the Sith's lightsabre, and hid it under my armour. Along with the five others already in there. Not a bad collection, either. I had a two red lightsabres, a green one, a blue one and a yellow one. All I really needed was an orange one, and maybe even a purple one. Ooh, a purple one would just be lush!

The bartender looked angrily over at us, and I put my hand up to him.

"I promise I won't come back. Have a good night," I smiled.

He nodded, and turned back to his work. Slowly, people began to get seated once more, their unimpressed eyes on me. I had disturbed them, after all. At least I had got rid of that idiotic Sith. I bet he wouldn't have gone back there.

The Jedi whispered quietly to himself. Unable to make out what he was saying, I maintained my concentration on his robes. They weren't apprentice robes. Nor were they padawan robes. They were defiantly Jedi Knight robes. That surprised me, as someone of such high level would surely have stepped in to help me. I couldn't understand why he hadn't in the first place, and saved me from such an undignified exit. Even though I looked pretty awesome overall, and I showed superior skill... with a glass of alcohol and fire. Maybe not quite as impressive as I may have hoped for, but at least the people at the bar would remember me from then on.

My eyes watched the ground as we stepped over it, the dust brushing up off of the ground. Where better to be stranded than Tatooine? Barely any kind of vegetation, barely any decent people and blatantly the worst place to be without a ship. So what I'm trying to say, is that I had a ship, but got betrayed. Well, they said they'd pick me up after I'd got the bounty. I was eager to get it, too. That was why I had waited so long.

Suddenly, the Jedi dropped the Sith where he stood, and jumped away from me. At first I thought I had done something to make him jump, but then I heard the sounds of igniting lightsabres. I pivoted on the spot, and gasped. The Sith from before, all five of them, stood before me. Anger burned in their eyes, and I stepped back a bit. I reached for my gun, and was met with the absence of it. If only I had brought it with me.

"Hey!" the Jedi called.

Something whistled through the air towards me, and I looked briefly behind me. A gun flew at me, and slipped into my hand. Adrenaline pumping through me, I was ready. The first Sith lunged towards me, just as sluggish as the one before. It was definitely going to be any easy fight.

I jerked out of the way, and pushed down his outstretched arm forcefully by elbowing it, the armour easily cutting at his robes. In my other hand, I forced the blaster into his chest, and smiled. Hoping he would retreat, I stopped. Unfortunately, he had no such intention, and got ready to lift his sabre again. I smashed my left hand into his chest, probably breaking a few bones, and pulled the trigger on my wrist.

The grapple shot straight through his back, killing him instantly. He had been warned. I watched as the life in his eyes, regardless of how evil he was, leaving his body. His tense arm holding the sabre dropped, and the hilt fell to the ground. Hopefully the Jedi wouldn't confiscate an item of such value to me, and one that I had most obviously earned.

As the grapple continued to travel, it caught one of the Sith in the leg. He yelped in pain as it went through, and I pulled on it immediately, knocking him down. The Jedi flew past me, and joined in with the fight. His blue sabre flashed by me, and he began duelling with two of the Sith. I recalled my grapple by letting go of the wrist trigger, and the first Sith I had killed sunk to the floor, followed by the second who was dragged through the dirt by the grapple tip in his leg. It detached itself from him, and before he could flip up and fight again, I was stood over his body with the gun in hand.

He put his hands up, and dropped his lightsabre to his side.

"I... I surrender!" he cried.

I recognised the trickery. I had done similar things before, and they always led to the same thing. I would then go away, leaving him on the floor, then he would get up, grab his sabre, and pull me close to him, the sabre up to my neck. Then he'd threaten the Jedi with my life, and eventually get off free, after throwing me to the floor. I wasn't stupid.

I pulled him up by the front of his robes, his calm yet angry eyes burning into me. I swung the gun to his face, and it hit him on the side of the head. Limply, his head fell, and I let go off him. He sunk to the floor, unconscious. I wasn't heartless enough to kill him there and then. He had no money in him. His pale skin reflected the little light that was left, the suns finishing the glow it had given all day. You can tell a Sith from any other normal person. Sith don't get tans, they just sit inside their little caves on Korriban.

The Jedi had killed one of the Sith he had engaged combat with, and he had nearly finished off the second. It was my only chance to get the last Sith then. His murderous eyes pierced me, and I smiled. So glad that looks don't kill. I lifted up my gun, and the Sith lifted up his lightsabre. Unable to get enough of energy to bother fighting with him properly, I put my free hand behind my back, and pulled out a thermal detonator.

The Sith watched me with distinct curiosity, and maintained his ground. Pushing down the button, I counted the seconds until it would go off. He was unaware of what damage would soon come to him, and what a shame it was. No chance that he could know. As the detonator was about to go off, I threw it at the feet of the Sith. He watched in horror as it rolled towards him, and got ready to force it away. He was not aware of my brilliant timing, and before he got the chance, it went off.

The dust around him lifted high in the air, and for a brief amount of time, he was no longer visible. Even though he was a Sith, he was not sober enough to protect himself. As the dust dropped, the fallen figure of the Sith became visible. I walked over slowly, going to check if he was dead. Tiredly, I bent down, the gun in hand. I pushed aside the dark robes, and looked at his face. His eyes were wide open, and lifeless.

I heard a lightsabre be turned off, but kept my attention on the Sith. I hadn't seen his face before, but I realised that the man I had just killed was no man, but a mere boy. He was probably only just 16, if that. Sorrowfully, I put my free hand forward, and pulled his eyelids down over his cold and unmoving icy blue eyes. How much life he had missed out on.

I think that night was probably the first time I truly felt bad for killing someone. I knew the Sith were bad people, but most of the people involved were brainwashed or victims. Most of the people I had killed for bounties had been either traitors or villains. For the first time, I could not see the villain in that boy. No matter if he had killed one person, or one thousand, he was no evil soul.

Slowly, I got up, my eyes caught on the Sith boy I had so recently killed. I felt the breath of the person behind me, and spun around slowly. The Jedi smiled sorrowfully at me, empathy in his eyes. I put the gun out in one hand, and he slowly took it away from me. His warm fingers brushed my hand as he did, and I stepped back. He began turning around, when I suddenly saw a red flicker behind him.

I ran forward quickly, and pushed him to one side. For a Jedi Knight, he hadn't really seen that coming. I lifted my right arm as quick as I could to burn the Sith that had been burnt not so long before and was now ready to fight again, but was too slow. His sabre skimmed my left arm, burning through the fabric and my arm. I cringed in pain, but I had already pressed the trigger. The fire burned up his robes, and recoiled once more in pain.

The flames flicked up his robes, and I didn't let go of the trigger, the pain making my hand seize up. I lowered it as he went to the ground, and my fingers then let go of the trigger. Similarly to how he had fallen, I dropped to my knees, and felt the blood run down my left arm. The warm of it barely noticeable. I stayed completely still as the blood ran down my arm and to the floor, unable to move. My sad eyes looked upon the Sith, watching him as he burnt. And it made me wonder if all that 'flirting' of his had been worth it for him. I thought not, but someone with a mind like his would probably have greatly enjoyed it.

The Jedi dropped down to my side and pressed his hand on my wound. The pain was unbearable, and I began yelping in pain, unable to control myself. It hurt more when he was pressing on it. Incapable of bringing myself around to looking at it, I kept my eyes on the Sith as the Jedi walked me away, and through Tatooine.