A/N: First of a series of post-eps and missing scenes. This one is for Requiem.

ETA: Now beta-read by Tania.


By the time the submarine had reached the port, their clothes were barely damp anymore. Helen ad stopped shivering and most of the adrenaline that had kept Will on his feet seemed to dissolve the moment he stepped onto dry land. He stumbled, almost falling down on his knees and kissing the ground, which would have been rather poetic but not something Will wanted to do. So he straightened up, regaining his balance and throwing Magnus a reassuring smile. She looked a little wobbly herself, still too pale for his liking, so Will reached out and offered her his arm. She gave him a slight raise of her eyebrows and with a smile accepted it. Together they made it to the car, with the Big guy behind the wheel.

"Good to see you Biggie," Will said and ignored the confused look he was getting in return.

"You saw me yesterday," the Big guy growled, then shot a pointed look at Magnus. "Are you two okay?"

"We're fine, my friend," Magnus spoke with a smile. "But we had a hard day and a cup of tea at home and some dry clothes sound more than enticing, don't you agree Will?"

Will snorted at the understatement of the year, but nodded. "I'd skip the tea in favor of clean clothes and bed, thank you."

Big Guy grumbled something under his breath which Will totally missed, but Magnus must've thought was funny because her smile widened. Will leaned back in the seat, pondering silently about Helen Magnus. Only a few hours ago, she had been infected with a wicked parasite, killed by Will himself, and then brought back to life. But here she was, speaking softly to Big guy, a smile on her face and not a sign of worry. Sure she looked tired and in need of sleep, but there was no other sign of the stress they had endured. No shaking hands, no nervous chatter or total silence. She acted as if they'd returned from a normal mission, as if nothing happened. Shaking his head, Will let out a sigh and decided that if Magnus wasn't about to keel over any moment, and they weren't trapped in a tin can anymore, he could as well get some rest. Closing his eyes, Will let the drive and the soft voices lull him into a slight slumber. He wasn't deeply asleep, he could still hear Magnus talking, telling the Big guy what needed to be done once they arrived home, listening to what had happened during the time they were without contact, and how Sally was handling the situation.

He would've slumbered away the drive, but the car jerked to a sudden stop. Will's head hit the side window and he was startled, eyes wide open and momentarily unseeing.

"Magnus!" He shouted and looked around frantically.

"Will? It's okay," she said as she grabbed his arm and squeezed. Will blinked and then blushed when he registered where he was and saw the Big guy's eyes in the rearview mirror, watching him.

"Oh, s-sorry. I thought..."

"You fell asleep Will. Some kid ran into the road so we had to stop abruptly." Magnus explained, the car already in motion and Big guy growling about irresponsible children, while at the same time glancing into the mirror, keeping an eye on his passengers.

"Are you okay?" She asked when Will shook his head, trying to clear it, but ended up hissing in pain. "Yeah, though my head doesn't enjoy being smashed against the door," he said with a little accusation, to which Biggie responded with a grunt. Magnus frowned and Will could see the cogs turning in her head. He winced when she suddenly tensed.

"I hit you on the head with a wrench, didn't I?"

Will wasn't sure what to say, so he just shrugged."You weren't yourself," came the feeble the reply. "And I tried to kill you after, so I guess we're kind of even?"

Magnus raised her eyebrows and a small grin appeared.

"I'm not sure it works that way, Dr. Zimmerman," she said and Will rolled his eyes at the name.

"It will have to do, I'm not keen on letting you try and get even any other way," he said and rubbed at his eyes tiredly. Magnus moved her hold on his arm down to his wrist and Will felt her fingers push against his pulse points.

"I'm okay, really," he said softly and gave her a smile.

"I think it was enough role reversal for one day, Will. You took care of me on the sub, but we're back on the ground. You don't have to try and protect me from my own actions anymore."

"I didn't realise it was a one day deal," Will frowned and Magnus paused. "Family takes care of each other, no matter who is who. Or does it work differently these days?"

"Of course not, Will," Magnus protested, and then sighed. "I might be tired myself and not exactly fit for conversation. I just meant... You can let go now. We're safe. I know what I did wasn't my fault, that it wasn't my doing, but I would feel much better if I made sure that whatever wounds were made would be taken care of properly."

"As long as it applies both ways." Will said, giving her a pointed look.

"Of course, I wasn't implying anything else," she answered with a small smile and gave his hand a squeeze before letting go. Will looked at her for a moment, then with a half content sigh leaned back and pretended to look out the window. The rest of the drive passed in silence.