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Damon's POV

I opened my eyes to realize I was in familiar territory. My territory, my home. My head throbbed as I sat up.

"You shouldn't have done that," Klaus's voice suddenly rung beside me.

I turned to see that he was on the bed beside me, his eyes dark.

I tried to remember what happened but all I could recall was Klaus draining me "Shouldn't have done what, exactly?" I asked unsure. He honestly shouldn't care about killing me so it had to be something else.

"I almost killed you last night...that won't do. No, not yet," Klaus said, his voice cold.

"Not yet? Why not just do it and get it over with? What are you waiting for?" I asked, annoyed.

His eyes narrowed dangerously "I have plans but I need to sort some things out first."

I knew better than to ask about 'plans'. He obviously had no intention on telling me anything.

I glared at him as he stood, reaching the spot in the room which the sunlight touched his skin. I glanced down at my hand and remembered that my ring was gone.

"Your brother shall be back shortly with your ring," Klaus said as he walked towards the door of my room.

"Is that it, then?" I asked.

Klaus turned to me, grinning. His eyes were playful "Not exactly. I've compelled you while you slept..."

I ground my teeth in annoyance, trying to notice anything different going on in my head that wasn't my own thoughts "Can you at least give me a clue?" I asked, mocking.

Klaus just smiled "Just wait until Stefan is home."

Stefan...his name sent chills through me. How much I wanted to see his reaction to realizing he didn't kill me and that I was actually back here, at the Boarding House, waiting for him.

"Now I have my own brother to take care of," Klaus said, that annoyance flickering across his face again "See you in a little bit." With that, he left.

For once in what seemed like forever, I was completely and utterly alone.

I stared at the door which he walked out of for a moment. After a minute, I lay my head back down, feeling completely weak and useless. I needed some blood and bad. I stood and quickly made my way down the stairs, avoiding the sunlight at all costs. I walked into the basement and pulled out a pouch of blood from the cooler. I sipped it down, enjoying the taste and feel as it gave my body strength. I sipped down a second pouch before walking back up the stairs.

I paused in the sitting room where the fireplace was lit, making the room somewhat cozy. I sighed as I took a seat on the couch. I let my eyes close.

. . .

I woke to the sound of the front door opening. Instantly, two thoughts crossed my mind. It could either be Stefan or Klaus. I waited, listening intently, letting my senses expand. Instantly, I caught the one and only scent of Stefan.

Without a moment of hesitation, I jumped up from the couch and made my way out of the room. I could feel my body anticipating the excitement of seeing Stefan.

I stopped in the doorway which lead to the living room.

Stefan was standing in there, his eyes dazed and hurt. He didn't even notice me. I wondered if Klaus had just gotten through with him.

After a moment or so, his eyes finally averted in my direction. For a moment, we just watched each other.

Stefan's POV

As I walked into the house, all I could think about was the previous night. Just eight hours ago, I was in the woods, draining Elena Gilbert in return for causing me to kill my own flesh and blood...What happened after that was somewhat a daze to me. I remembered the vampire named Elijah, coming to tell me that Damon was actually alive...I remembered him bringing me to a small cottage on the edge of town where I peered through the windows.

Damon was there...though he didn't seem like the Damon I remembered. He still appeared the same, yes, but there was a look in his eyes that seemed so foreign to me. He had been on the couch with who I assume to be Klaus.

It seemed that he was kissing Klaus...I felt a pang of jealousy when I thought about that. Why would he kiss Klaus?

When he was kissing him, though...Damon looked at me...directly at me with a look of pure...terror in his eyes. I had never seen such fear on his face. But behind the terror, I saw the gleaming blue eyes full of love. I hadn't seen that in so long. Not since we were humans and he was with Katherine.

For a moment, I envied this Klaus guy. Was Damon in love with him? Confused, I wondered if the fear was for me and the love for Klaus...or was it the other way around? I ground my teeth. I guess I would never know...Last I saw of Damon, he was offering his blood to Klaus...he had to be gone now. I had tried to run in there after him but Elijah didn't allow it. He told me Damon was as good as dead when he did that. He said Klaus was going to drain every ounce of blood from him then burn his body. I wanted to go back...but that damn Elijah just wouldn't let me. I felt fury pump through me...Damon was gone now...but not by me. I would find this Klaus and destroy him.

I sighed and lifted my head. In that precise moment, chills shot through every muscle in my body. There he stood...Damon. I couldn't believe it. For a moment, I just stared in wonder. Was he actually here? Or was I seeing things?

Excitement radiated through my entire body when that signature smirk curved upon his face "Hello, brother," he said.

Normally, that would irritate me but at the moment, hearing his voice just made me feel...words could not describe it.

I couldn't control myself. In a blur, I was on top of Damon, holding him on the floor. I didn't want to fight him. I just wanted to hold him...those days of thinking I would never be able to see those icy blue eyes was the most agonzing I had ever lived through.

Without giving him a moment to comprehend the situation, I had my arms around him, holding him in a tight embrace "Don't you ever do that to me ever again..." I growled lightly into his shoulder.

I thought he would throw me off and I was pleasantly surprised to feel his arms tighten back around me. His body shook beneath me as he laughed "I didn't do were the one who killed me."

"I don't give a crap," I said, tightening my hold around his firm, strong body. Then, unable to control it, I grabbed his face and pulled it to mine. I crushed my lips onto his fiercely. I didn't care if he was my brother or any of that other nonsense. Damon was here, in my arms, alive and thriving. I had no idea it was possible to be as thrilled as I was.

Before I could blink an eye, I felt my body being shoved onto the floor. Damon was on top of me now, holding me down by my shoulders. His expression was unreadable as he stared down at me, his lips bleeding slightly from the force of my kiss.

He licked his lips and tilted his head "Can I have my ring?" he asked.

Without hesitation, I slid my hand into my pocket and pulled out the ring. An idea crossed my mind and as he grabbed for it, I shoved it into my mouth.

"Seriously?" Damon asked, trying to keep his face blank but I could see the hidden smirk.

I pressed my lips together, trying to stay serious.

"Spit it out," Damon said flatly.

I shook my head.

He grinned and took a deep breath as he let go of one of my shoulder, moving his hand to my mouth.

I used that moment to shove him off of me and jump back several feet. I wanted to laugh at his expression but I was afraid of swallowing the ring.

Damon stood there, his arms crossed of his chest and a playfully devious expression on his face. He lifted his eyebrows "Do we want to go there?" he asked.

I smiled, keeping my lips pressed tight. The moment a muscle moved on him, I shot away, running across the living room. For a few seconds, we jet through the house before stopping in the sitting room. Damon managed to pin me down right in front of the fireplace.

He grinned as he pushed his fingers into my mouth.

Damon's POV

As much as I wanted to punch Stefan for his little 'game', I couldn't; I was actually enjoying it. We never had any fun like this. For a few seconds, I let him escape even though I could have caught him the first time he tried to run. Finally, I decided it was over. I pounced, throwing him onto the floor before the fireplace. Without hesitation, I slid my fingers into his mouth.

I didn't know what to expect, sticking my fingers in there. I didn't know if he would bite me or swallow the ring...who knew? Stefan was becoming quite unpredictable...with the kiss earlier and now this. I was liking it, though.

I felt around his mouth for the ring and wasn't surprised to feel it was beneath his tongue. It was a strange feeling and reminded me of when I had to pull a bone out of one of my dogs mouths when they were choking. I grinned, amused.

Ah, there is was. I felt the-now warm and sticky-ring begin to fit onto my finger.

I sucked in a breath as Stefan grabbed my hand, holding it in place as he gently used his teeth to push the ring back in place. I couldn't control the soft, almost inaudible moan that escaped my mouth at the sensation of his teeth grazing my skin so softly before the sensation of his lips sliding teasingly slowly back off of my finger.

I was speechless for a moment as I gazed down at my hand, the ring now gleaming in the light of the fireplace. I felt the warmth in my body of being turned on. I narrowed my eyes at Stefan, who was smiling innocently.

"Was that really necessary?" I questioned.

He smiled wider "Totally necessary," he answered.

"Now it's all sticky and gross," I teased "and that little teeth cruel."

I watched as the gleam of an idea crossed his mind and just as he was about to push me off, I threw my palm on his chest, holding him down "Not gonna get away that easily," I said.

For a moment, it looked as though he was afraid that I would hurt him. I smirked and slid one of my hands behind his head, pulling it up so our mouths met. For a moment, the kiss was fierce but after a few seconds, I began to feel more at ease. Slowly, the kiss became more passionate. It felt as though warm cocoa was being spilled into my veins, covering my entire body. It was delightful at how appealing it was to kiss Stefan. Our lips seemed to mold together perfectly in synchronization. He tasted so sweet and zesty at the same time. I had never imagined it to be so incredible.

Just when I was getting into it, I suddenly felt another presence.

Instantly, I jumped up, hissing at the two vampires who stood in the room with us; Klaus and Elijah. Klaus was grinning and Elijah held a blank expression.

Stefan was up and standing next to me, poised to attack if needed. I held my hand out in means to tell him no.

Klaus smirked "I wasn't expecting you to get your ring back in such a way but I will not complain. You two seem to have bonded," he turned his eyes to Elijah "Don't get any ideas, brother. I am not into that."

Elijah glared at him, his already dark eyes seeming to become darker.

"What do you want?" Stefan growled.

Klaus laughed and then his expression became serious "I just came back to clean up this mess before I leave."

He walked closer and I felt a low, throaty growl slip from my lips as I subconciously stepped in front of Stefan.

"You realize that what you two just did was by your own desires," Klaus said, amused by my growl.

I knit my eyebrows "You compelled us," I said.

He shook his head, chuckling "No, I just said I compelled you. I really didn't...not this time at least."

I felt somewhat embarassed for a moment and I glanced at Stefan, who did not seem embarassed one bit. He glowered at Klaus.

"Lets start with you, Stefan," Klaus said. I felt my body thrown across the room, landing against what felt like a brick wall. It was Elijah, who held me in place.

"Don't touch him!" I snarled, trying to free from Elijah's tight grasp.

Klaus ignored me and turned to Stefan, whose eyes instantly glazed over.

I watched, trying to listen as he compelled my brother. His whisper was so low that I couldn't even comprehend what he said but I watched as Stefan disappeared from the room, looking confused.

Klaus then turned to face me, a smile on his face. He slowly walked over as Elijah held me in place. I wondered why he was so silent.

"I got it from here," Klaus said, his eyes landing on Elijah.

I felt my body release as Elijah disappeared in a flash. Before I could run, I was pinned against the wall. I made the mistake of gazing into those deep eyes "Follow me," Klaus said, letting go of me.

I ground my teeth when my body automatically trailed behind Klaus. I followed him outside and down the road.

"Where are we going?" I asked, my voice like venom.

He ignored me and kept on walking until we were about a mile from the Boarding House. He stopped and I glanced around.

I was shocked to see my Camaro sitting there, in mint condition. Last I saw, it was dented and ruined. Right now it look just as I remembered. I ran over to get a closer look.

"I had your car repaired," Klaus said, standing perfectly still.

I spun to say something and wasn't surprised when he stood just a foot from me. Instantaneously, I was lost in those eyes again, being compelled.

"When I am done speaking, you are going to forget all about me and Elijah and everything that has happened in the past week. You have just arrived to Mystic Falls to succeed in your diabolical master plan. You have not seen Stefan in 15 years. You are going to get in your car and drive to the boarding house to surprise him," the words molded into my mind "and then after you meet Elena Gilbert, you will do everything in your power to protect her."

I nodded, feeling strange.

Klaus smiled "Now forget me...forget Elijah...forget the last week."

I opened my eyes and was confused. I was standing in middle of the road for some reason. I took a deep breath and jumped into the driver's seat of my car. Tonight, I would return to my brother. I grinned as I turned the car on and made my way to the boarding house.

. . .

Stefan's POV

I opened my eyes when I sensed a presence. A familiar presence, one that I had hoped I would not feel for eternity if that was what it took.

I jumped up from my bed, growling as I glanced to my window, which was opened, the wind blowing in soundlessly. Where was he?

I spun and felt my chest tighten. Damon stood there, grinning "Hello brother," he said, his voice playful.

I ground my teeth, feeling anger pump through me "Damon." I said.

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