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Chapter 1: Sayian + a Vampire

A teenager was on a bus to his first school. It was only a private school, but still, he was nervous. He'd been on his own for his entire life. He learned from the mistakes of dead beings, since he had been living on top of a mountain all his life.

-Flashback Start-

Things were as peaceful as ever. Clear skies, bright sun, faded breeze, the weather was perfect. Nothing could go wrong. Suddenly, Shuuden Sol, a young man of only 14 years of age, tensed up at a powerful presence nearby. He went towards it, being a self-appointed guardian of Mt. Fuji, which was his home. He was jumping from tree branch to tree branch, as if it were a natural thing to do. It was coming towards him faster than he was going towards the massive strength. Being with nature all his life meant his senses were by far a lot more powerful than the average human. It taught him how to survive, protection of what was dear to him, how to plan ahead, without much thought. He had also developed a special ability in his left eye. He would save that for later, though. He had no idea who, or what, was coming his way, much less why. Shuuden stopped on a branch, and no later did someone else appear in front of him on the ground. "Who are you? Why are you here?" Shuuden spoke up, realizing this was no human being. "I am the headmaster of Youkai Academy, Mikogami Tenmei. I have come to ask you to attend our lovely school. Of course, things won't be easy. Especially, since it seems you have been on this mountain for a while."

"I have no intention of leaving this mountain unguarded. It is my home, and I guard it myself."

"I have no intention of forcing you to head to our fine academy, but in case you change your mind," the headmaster pulled out an envelope and tossed it to Shuuden, "Take this to any bus stop right next to a tunnel. There is one just North of here. I will make sure that, should you decide to come, you will not be treated any differently than the others by the staff." The Headmaster turned around and said, "Farewell." Then he disappeared into the shadows. His presence was gone entirely, somewhat baffling Shuuden.

He opened the envelope, and found out what was there. He figured, 'Heh, why not?' then folded it up and went back to pack up everything he had to. Luckily, he had a Dimensional Stash to pack in. (A/N: A dimensional stash is accessible anywhere inter-dimensional techniques can be used. In addition, they can also be used as a safe house for hiding, a place for training, or even a place to use to go extreme distances in short times.) He only took 3 things with him: his Ocarina, the clothes on his back, and a small bag of beans he grew himself. They kept him alive for years, and on one bean every 14 or 15 days. He rarely ate twice a month, and with those beans, it was actually possible. (A/N: Yes and No. They are similar to Senzu beans in DB/Z/GT, but they aren't. In DB Korin explained one would keep you full for 10 days, but these are much more potent. In addition, with these your energy doesn't wear down in a continuous fight.) How he managed to grow them, no one knows. He still doesn't know how he knew, and since he had been growing them since he was 3, nothing seemed more natural to him. He went to the bus stop the headmaster mentioned, and waited no more than 5 minutes before an eerily looking bus pulled up facing the tunnel. "You going to Youkai Academy?" The driver asked. Shuuden nodded, and didn't show any fear in the process.

-Flashback End-

The driver then looked into his giant mirror above him. "I hope you know what you're doing. Youkai Academy is a dangerous place. Make sure you are mentally prepared," the driver said this as he stopped next to a scarecrow with a pumpkin for a head. "I haven't lost my cool with everything else around here have I? Especially, with the dimensional switch, which few would actually notice. Am I right?" The bus driver sweatdropped. He wasn't used to people saying something like that, especially first timers to the Academy. "You got guts kid. Try to keep them inside of you."

"Don't worry," he said as he got off the bus. "I'm quick on and off my feet, and pretty darn strong when I need to be. Later." he said while walking off toward the school. He seemed about halfway to the school building, when something caught his attention behind him. Without looking, he side-stepped to the right, and then heard "LOOK OUT!" coming from behind him. He took notice, and without turning around he jumped straight up, did a back flip, and landed. Unfortunately, right on top of the one who was trying to avoid ramming him, and then noticed it was a female. She crashed into a tombstone before he could realize anything else. He'd taken harder falls than that and landed on his hands with no problem. He followed it with a double front flip, landing on his feet, unscathed. The girl, on the other hand, was slightly dizzy.

"Sorry, I misjudged the distance between you and... Whoa..." He looked at the girl with stunned interest. He didn't realize it, but it was his mother's influence. He also didn't realize how stunningly beautiful she was until he got a good look at her. "Sorry, I'm a little anemic, I get dizzy pretty easily. And also," she looked at his eyes. "Wow, you look pretty good. My name is Moka Akashiya." He was stunned, to say the least. He activated his Spirit Eye, making his left pupil turn into an 'F' shape that glowed. "That guy didn't say anything about Vampires being in the area." He deactivated his Spirit Eye, and his left eye went back to normal. "How did you know I was a Vampire? I haven't met you before, have I?" Moka asked. "No, we haven't met before. My name is Shuuden Sol. I'm not sure how you're going to react to this, but I'm Human... or about as human as I can get. I'm a lot more evolved than a normal human: a Sayian. I'm at least Half-Sayian, I never knew my mother. My father died when I was 5. I took down what killed him, with more ease than my father, who was a natural born killer. Literally. Sayians are born warriors, but I found myself dodging the damn beast's attacks much easier than my father. It's as if I knew what he was going to do before he did it. Once the beast was down, I went over to my father, and he told me my left eye looked different. I took the liberty of calling it the 'Spirit Eye' since it allowed me to see what it truly was. I told him what I saw, and he told me it was something different, and much less dangerous than what I saw. He told me to absorb his life force. I did, and have been training myself to use it since. I developed another ability during the process. This one, not even he knew about: Mana Swap, as I call it." The bell was ringing at the school, and they were at the front gate. "Oh, shit! I got so caught up, I didn't realize things were starting! Hang on to your stomach, I'll warp us to the Gym."

He grabbed Moka's shoulder, and the two vaporized. The next thing Moka sees: A ton of people in a giant room. The gym. The opening ceremony was beginning at that very point. "Welcome all freshmen!" Someone said over the intercom.

Later that morning-

The teacher walked in, a little perky. She looked similar to a cat, and, in fact, smelled like the ones that stayed near his mountain. The teacher introduced herself as Shizuka Nekonome. Shuuden guessed she was a Cat-lady. Pretty easy guess, but to be sure, he activated his Spirit Eye. He was glad the thing didn't drain him, so continuous use was possible. He had decided against that, but took the liberty of finding out what everyone else in the class was. It was then that he felt Moka was on her way to the classroom, a little exhausted. She reached the door and opened it a little fast. "Sorry I'm late! I got lost after the opening ceremony," Moka said a little loud. To this Shuuden just smiled while deactivating his Spirit Eye. "I know, Moka. Though the others here wouldn't. Also, I highly doubt you were talking to me, but still." Everyone else was muttering to themselves, while some were still entranced by Moka's beauty. All the mutters were focused on how he knew who she was, or even where she was. Moka had just realized that Shuuden was there, and rushed him. He figured that would the case, so he braced himself. Luckily for him he did, seeing as a stagger that powerful while he braced himself that much would have sent them both through the wall behind him. Now, the teacher went on to explain the rules.

"Rule 1: Never tell anyone your true form. Since this school is to teach us Youkai to blend in with Humans, this rule is a given. Rule 2: Humans aren't allow to know of this school. No humans have ever found it, and lived to tell the tale. ~Nyan" Moka shuddered a little, wondering if Shuuden was Human like he said, or a Sayian, whatever that was. She made a mental note to ask Shuuden later. It didn't seem like he wanted to keep secrets from her. Maybe she could ask about the eye, as well. If he was a Sayian, she wondered what they truly look like. Shuuden didn't look fazed at all. He knew he could handle a lot more than most, and he had several back-ups in case he needed them. One guy spoke up. "Why don't we just eat the Humans, and rape the women?" A big guy next to Shuuden said. He remembered the guy as an Orc. His name was Saizo. Shuuden stopped himself from killing Saizo right then and there. Instead, he forced a calm voice, "2 reasons. Reason 1: Humans outnumber us by at least 500 times the amount of all Youkai. Reason 2: Humans are highly adaptable. Once they figure something out, it doesn't take long for them to take care of it. Also, if I hear you talking about raping anyone, human or not,I WILL kill you. I don't take kindly to rapists," Shuuden paused for a second, closing his eyes, then finished with one word, "Orc." Saizo got a surprised look on his face. How did this guy know he was a Orc? He was beginning to get pissed off at this guy.

Shuuden actually realized this, and said, "Don't bother, because you wouldn't be able to take me on without transforming, one. Two, I don't have a form that doesn't resemble a human, or monkey, in the slightest. I wouldn't be able to go 'ape' on you, because my tail isn't there, and I can't hide it. I do have other transformations though, and none of them break the rules, because, truthfully, they still look how I am now. Noticeable differences include: blonde hair, eyes becoming green, and the not so noticeable features is, increased strength, speed, and one more thing I won't tell you about. It's not against school rules to describe other forms, is it Nekonome-sensei? As long as they can't figure out what the name, or species of that form is?"

"I don't think so... I'd have to check with the headmaster about that. In all my years of teaching here, not one has ever asked me that. Even more surprising is that I don't even know what kind of Youkai looks exactly like a human, but has several forms, all of which look almost exactly alike," Nekonome-sensei said, a little disappointed.

Moka was getting confused. Saizo, was getting pissed, or rather even more pissed off, if that were possible. Everyone else was wondering how the hell they could tell what he was, when they never even heard of a Youkai with multiple forms, along different paths, at least. "Moka, before the opening ceremony I told you a few things about my father, and I'm able to do so because of him. It also has to deal with what I told you before that," Shuuden said, remaining highly calm, considering the astronomically high levels of killing intent focused on him. Moka was looking shocked as she thought back to what he said. It couldn't be... upgraded versions of himself? Is that even possible? Moka thought.

"That 'Eye' thing I told you about is also how I figured it out. Still, I'm surprised that not 2 beings in this room are the same species. I figured that at least one species had more than one in a single class." Shuuden continued. He paused, as he saw Moka putting it together. She seemed to be missing a few pieces. Then he smiled and said, "It is possible Moka, and that's actually how it works."

Moka was taken back by that last comment. Is he reading my mind? "I wish I were, but no. I'm reading your aura. It's different, and sometimes reveals more than the mind. For the weak minded, it reveals less, but reading a powerful aura is a lot easier to read than a weak minded being. As for you, I can't seem to read your mind at all. It's too veiled for me to read. Your aura on the other hand... well, you get the idea." Shuuden finished, smiling. Some of the others were starting to get scared out of their wits, and he knew. It was evident in their auras.


Classes were over, Moka and Shuuden were going to meet on the roof. He said he would meet her there, after a bit. Shuuden warped out, the same way they went to the gym. If anyone were messing with her, he would know. She figured that out later on that day. Especially since some guys were getting jealous of him, he knew it, but very few of them had killing intent towards him throughout the entire day. Saizo was the source of the majority of the killing intent towards him. Moka made it to the roof, and began staring out at the view. She started imagining a relaxing tune. When she noticed a power coming towards her, her focus on the tune lessened, but it didn't help. She turned around and, to her surprise, found Shuuden sitting on the Water Tower right above the stairs. He was playing an instrument, one that she had never seen before. Even the music class she was in during middle school didn't have something like that. He stopped playing for a moment, noticing that she finally realized what was going on.

"How did you learn to play that?" Moka asked.

"Years of practice, and that tune also allows me to talk with beings on another plane. I could talk with my father, while I was at it. I decided not to, being as it wasn't really necessary. I just wish he'd told me who my mother was. Too bad, every time I asked, his face drew a blank," Shuuden told Moka, a little disappointed.

"I figure you'd want to know who your mother is. After all, you said you never met her. Also, I have a few questions to ask."

"I figured you ask when we were alone. I have a feeling it's about the multiple transformation paths. One of the is known as the Oozaru. For this one, there are 2 requirements: our tail, and the Full Moon. The full moon must be showing, and then we look at it. Our tails have to be connected and out. After we get a look at it, we become a giant ape, with little to no reasoning. This is due in part to the extreme power that's given to us through the form, and the lack of mental strength to control it. There are 2 versions of the Oozaru: Normal and Golden. As far as I know the Golden Oozaru is step 1 to another level. I'm not at the level for that just yet, so I would only become the Normal, black fur Oozaru. As far as I know, and this is due to my father's knowledge, there are only 4 levels, and the 4th is unlocked via the Golden Oozaru. I'm still at level 2, and need to gain even more strength before I can go level 3. These forms are known as Super Sayians. Each one has a number to represent the order they can be obtained. Super Sayian 1, 2, 3, and 4. There is also another one known as Legendary Super Sayian, but so far, none have gained access to that form, hence the legend."

"This is a little much to be explaining isn't it? I mean, it goes against the rules... doesn't it?"

"Actually, the headmaster told me about a few things concerning you, Shuuden." Nekonome-sensei said as she was walking up to them. "Apparently, he knew about what you are. He is just as confused about your mother wanting you to come here instead of a place to train with more of your kind as I am."

"Whoa, Whoa, WHOA! ARE YOU SAYING MY MOTHER WANTED ME TO COME HERE?" Nekonome-sensei nodded. "Fine... but what do you mean by 'of my kind'. My mind is too flustered to read auras after hearing something like that."

"I mean, demigod. Half god, half human."

"My father wasn't really considered a human. He was what's known as a Sayian. He's dead now, but his soul is now within my own. So, I'm Half-Sayian, Half-God? I didn't think I was that good. So, who's my mother?"

"She intended for you to grow up to be a heart-snatcher, but instead your father intended for you to train. Oddly enough, you don't even smell like a human. So, what he said would be off, if he didn't mention the fact your father was something known as a Sayian. I still don't know what a Sayian is. Oh, Moka? You're here as well?"

Moka nodded. "Yes ma'am. I already knew of his father, and what happened. I kind of crashed into him and he told me a few things. I was surprised when he said I was a vampire, I hadn't even told him. He explained it, but was cut short. The opening ceremony was starting and we had just reached the school. He warped us into the Gym, on a support beam near the ceiling. Great timing, too. They had just announced it was starting at that point."

"Moka, you shouldn't go into detail. We should probably get going, though. If you like, I'll give you an overhead view of the place." Moka blushed, and nodded. Shuuden turned around. "Grab on. Make sure you hold on tight. Please don't bite me as we're moving, I don't want to drop you if I lose my focus. Okay?" Moka wrapped her arms around his neck while on his side. "I'm ready." "Hang on." He took off towards the dorms through the air. He was going slow, that way he doesn't knock her grip loose. She seemed high, but it was life lifting her up. She never knew how to fly. Moka didn't realize this, but the two of them were being watched. Shuuden noticed, but turned a blind eye. It's not like anyone could follow him without transforming.


They took a detour, and decided to go by a lake instead. "I thought we were going to the dorms. Why did we come here?" Moka asked. "Someone was watching us for some time now. I had to make sure we lost him before I went any farther. Besides, there's something I want to show you. I refused a room in the dorm for a reason. I'm about to show you that reason." Shuuden clasped his hands, mumbled a few words, and a building grew out of the ground. It had a Traditional Japanese look. There were bells hanging at the corners of the roof. Moka's eyes widened. Her bottom jaw was on the ground. "Don't hold back, come on in," Shuuden said, quite calmly. "Don't worry, I don't bite. No pun intended, and I'm not trying to make fun of you. It's a saying humans use. Saizo finally caught up with them as they were heading inside. Shuuden dropped his guard for a bit, but Saizo was too angry to notice. He decided to wait until they came out. His wish came true, because within 2 hours Shuuden came out. He and Moka were on the roof. Shuuden looked weary, as if he were weakened. Saizo took this as an opportunity and attacked. He jumped up and came crashing down on the roof. He was already transformed and if Shuuden hadn't faked his guard, easy to do when your opponent is pissed, he would've been out for a few days. He managed to get himself and Moka off the roof and to the ground.

Saizo was getting angrier by the second. "And now you finally attack. You have a bit of patience Saizo, I'll grant you that. Leave now, and I'll forget the entire thing with my house, or you can fight me, and then die, or at least be severely injured. What's it going to be?" Shuuden asked Saizo, who took it as a cocky remark. "YOU'RE GOING TO DIE!" Saizo screamed as he charged. "Step back Moka." Moka obliged, and got out of the way. Shuuden stood completely still as Saizo charged him. Saizo was sent flying, while Shuuden stayed completely still... or so Moka and Saizo thought. Saizo had a black eye and a bloody nose when he got up. "4 light hits and you only have a bloody nose and 1 black eye? I'm impressed... You actually have some endurance." Saizo roars and it can be heard all the way at the school, about a mile out. Saizo charged him again. This time, Shuuden didn't even bother to strike back. Saizo went straight through him. At that point, the figure Saizo went through disappeared. Before Saizo hit the ground, Shuuden ended up right there, and kicked him up into the air. Shuuden followed and hit Saizo again. Shuuden kept hitting Saizo into the air and in several different directions. The speed he was moving at was astounding, to say the least. Moka was wondering how Shuuden would do if her father were after him. Shuuden was moving through the air at speeds that would make NASCAR racers piss their pants. In the middle of the high speed movement, Saizo was getting battered 3-5 times before he flew off in another direction. Saizo couldn't do a thing. Not only was he getting pounded, but his anger had made him too reckless for his own good.

This kept up for about 15 minutes, Saizo getting hit 3-5 times per spot, with about 6 spots per second. (A/N: If you've seen the Hidden Lotus used by Rock Lee in Naruto you have a pretty good idea about what's happening here, and what's next) Saizo was hit about 20,000 times, and then Shuuden stopped Saizo with one fist, causing Saizo to cough up blood. Then Shuuden delivered a kick to Saizo's gut, causing him to go down fast. Shuuden then launched a crystal vine from his hand, (A/N: A crystal vine is about as sturdy as diamonds, yet is as flexible as a vine) and it wrapped around Saizo.

Moka was watching with wide eyes, wondering how this was happening as Saizo was pulled up by the vine. Saizo then got kicked in the gut, again. This time, however, Shuuden went straight through him, electricity dissipating from around his foot. (A/N: Imagine Chidori running through Shuuden's foot. It was dissipating so it had already hit) Moka was wide-eyed with surprise. She hadn't expected an outcome such as this. Now, if she could get her father to come by and meet Shuuden, she hoped he would approve. Her father is picky, to say the least. Saizo was out cold. He wasn't dead, but if he did die, it would be from blood loss. Shuuden turned to Moka and said, "I'll be right back. I noticed a hospital on our way here. If he died, well, I guess that wouldn't be much of a problem, seeing as it would keep the secret between us." Shuuden touched Saizo's shoulder and he warped. About 5 minutes later, he warped back. "Now that that's taken care of, I think we should get you back to your dorm. I'll fix up my place later. After all," Moka cut him off. Her lips were pressed on his. Shuuden was surprised, to say the least. Regardless, he enjoyed it. Sure it was strange. I mean, someone like him, falling for someone like her. He cleared his mind of any and all thoughts. He returned the kiss.

Surprise tongue!

Moka's tongue started messing around in Shuuden's mouth. He didn't care at that point. They pulled apart, and Moka blushed. "Don't worry too much, Moka. I wouldn't ditch you for all the money in the world. If your father doesn't agree," Moka was startled that he mentioned that. "I'd rough him up a bit, or until he does agree." Moka was getting a little worried about that, but let it pass. She was with someone she loved. Moka decided to go on ahead, when Shuuden said, "You want a quick ride? I can get you there easily." Moka nodded. "Warp or fly?"

"Fly, please," Moka replied.

"Ok, hang on." They took off towards the actual dorms.


That's the end of the first chapter. Review and let me know what you think. Also, I'll let you in on a few things:

The Spirit Eye is named as such for certain reasons: First off, it allows the user to look at a being's aura, whether they are Human, Youkai, or something else. Also, he can see ghosts with it, since, although they're dead, they still give off a faint, and nearly untraceable aura. Second, it looks different from person to person.

It also gives out certain abilities while it's active:

1. Even though it only activates in one eye, when active both eyes can use the "Aura Sense" as it's called.

2. It allows the wielder to read the Auras he sees.

3. It allows him to see what's about to happen, as if in slow motion. In short, a bit of foresight while in battle.

4. It allows him to gauge how powerful an opponent truly is, whether his opponent hides his or her true strength or not.

In addition, the Mana Swap ability he mentioned was being used during the fight with Saizo. I won't explain how it was implemented, nor will I explain what it does. I may give you guys a short bio of the Characters I come up with (Shuuden being one of them), in a later chapter. Provided I get that far, I have a Bio for Shuuden but will not put it here before the rest. I will admit, most of his abilities are inherited from his parents, but 5 of them, are not. 2 of those 5 I came up with myself. 1 of which is upgraded from an ability i found on another site.

My complements to LGDVegito (NewGrounds) for posting the SQFP series. For those who know of what I speak, it's Sonic's. If you don't, you won't need to go there, as it will be explained later in the story. I upgraded it a bit, and then gave it the Shuuden. As for the upgrades, I won't reveal them just yet. I would like to wait before I do so, and more likely than not, he will explain it to Moka one day.

The song he was playing, I will not reveal the name of it, but I will say it is heard in Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. I won't say where either, because that would give it away.

Also, I won't reveal who his mother is yet. She will make herself known soon enough. Until that point, you're welcome to make guesses.