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Altair: This chapter sure has a lot of drama between Tsukune and Mizore. I must say it's quite interesting.

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Altair: Why is Moka calling Shuuden's father a biker?

I'm not surprised Tsukune having so much energy. Obviously because he's a jinchuuriki and also due to the training he was put through.

I thought you were going to make BBQ out of Hokuto's corpse. That would have been funny. LMAO.

It's not really Shuuden's fault if Sakura acts like a bitch most of the time.

I guess that's why most stories bash her and the peanut gallery :D

AG001: I thought so as well. Don't think things will be the same with the sequel, in regards to Sakura.

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AG000: Super Spirit is based on the Super Sayian, but is different in terms of ability enhancements. Truthfully, Super Spirit is better, and can be used by anyone with enough Spirit Energy. They also must be able to Harness that massive energy, and the Spirit Eye is another way to do so.

AG004: Exactly. I know you came up with the idea, but for me to actually be able to use it, is another story.

AG000: I created it in the first place because of you. And that is original. It's an idea that was in my head for years before anything else. That's all for reviews.

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AG000: I've been hinting at it for a long time now. Just like I gave 2 hints about Shuuden's mother, none of which, anyone seems to have picked up on. She revealed herself, and then people noticed.

Shuuden: When was this?

AG000: Chapter 1. The first time was in an unintended piece when Moka ran into you with her bike... Ok, you landed on her after a back-flip. The roof with Nekonome was the second area.

AG002: Actually, I'm surprised no one made the connection after the second hint.

AG001: I was as well. Then I realized that not that many normal humans over-analyze things like we do.

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Aphrodite clears her throat.

AG000: Don't blame me. Blame humanity for thinking you're a myth. Science can't prove your existence, and you don't make yourself known, therefore, they call you a myth. Something no one can prove.

Aphrodite: I was. Besides, I was simply making my presence known. By the way, where are the others?

AG000: I told them to get ready. Things are going to be a lot different real soon. Shuuden came here regardless of that.

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Shuuden: Not Naruto's stuff. The one to get him out of the sticky situation will have it.

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Chapter 17: Transition Prep

The entire Festival event had just passed 2 hours ago. In the meditation room, Shuuden was with the Jinchuuriki. He knew of all 4 already.

"All four of you... Are Jinchuuriki." This caught Tsukune and Kyoko off guard. This meant that Hinata had a beast in her as well.

"Naruto and Tsukune have the Kyuubi no Kitsune. We've been keeping the name different from them to tell them apart. Tsukune's we've called Kitsune. Naruto's we've called Yoko. Hinata has a cat with 2 tails. Kyoko has a cat with 14 tails." Hinata and Kyoko nodded. Everyone knew about Naruto and Tsukune, but Hinata and Kyoko, no one knew. Airgod had a guess, and he was right, but he didn't voice it.

"Why did you come out with it so soon? I figured you would have beaten around bush a bit." Naruto said.

"Because it's something that can't really be said like that. I can't really drop hints like that, without making everyone know. Besides, I also have a few questions. The first one is for Hinata." Shuuden said, earning a nod.

"I already have an idea of what you're going to ask. She came into me herself. I was only 2 months old when it happened. My father told me when after I had gone through the Chuunin Exams once. I may not have made it to the finals, but things have gone much more smoothly since I found out."

"I agree. You're a lot less prone to fainting now. I couldn't figure out why you did so either. It wasn't until Shuuden showed me what was going on in your head that I found out. The others have already gone back. No changes will be made to them. They will go to the same point they would have as if time had been the same. At least, that's what I heard." Shuuden nodded at Naruto's statement.

"When Naruto, Hinata, Tsukune and I go, we will be going back even further than the rest. To the point where Naruto was going to turn 5 in a few days. Where we end up however will be random... at least in Tsukune's case, and mine as well. When Naruto and Hinata go back, they will end up in their own bodies at that point. This much is clear. As for everyone else, they may show up, but at different intervals. That's what the headmaster wanted to talk about. One will be going in to the same point we are. Who that is, I'm not sure."

Everyone nodded. "Naruto and Hinata. Your memories of being here may come to you instantly, or they may be sealed up. That much is uncertain. If they are not sealed, search the surrounding forest."

"What are we supposed to search for?" Naruto asked. Shuuden pulled out a Dynocap. Tsukune pulled one out as well. They clicked it, and then threw them both. 2 buildings popped out.

Shuuden then said, "Look for either one of these. If Naruto's memory is sealed he will be attacked on his 5 birthday. As usual he wouldn't know why. If that is the case, more likely than not, Mikogami will send one of the girls to that exact time and place. If he does, I can't tell you which one. After that, is anyone's guess. I have taught everyone else to be able to surface memories that have been sealed, along with the knowledge and experiences they come with. They will also be able to control what you remember doing, to the same extent as before." Everyone nodded.

"That's everything for this. Anyone else have a question?"

"I do. Am I coming along as well?" Kyoko asked.

"I doubt it. Then again, if Mikogami sends you there, it won't be easy for you, that's for sure."

"Why not?"

"Regular people hate Jinchuuriki. They think the containers are the demons themselves. Because of this, people hated me. I quit crying my ass off, wanting to die, and decided to do something about it. I found what I was going to do. I was going to become Hokage. I haven't reached that goal yet, and now it seems I'll have another shot." Naruto said.

"This is why everyone hated Naruto-kun. He was the Jinchuuriki of the very demon that attacked the village. I know Naruto-kun wouldn't have done that." Hinata said.

"He didn't. The Kyuubi no Kitsune was being controlled by someone with a powerful Sharingan. He had yet to see a Sharingan that looked like that period. He lost all sense of himself. Instead of protecting the area, he was made to attack it. This is what he told me of that day. If not for the 4th Hokage sealing him into his own newborn son, he would have attacked and destroyed the entire village." Tsukune said. Hinata took this with shock.

"The Hokage considered this a SS-class secret. Anyone who released this information would be killed on the spot, regardless of health or status in the village, or anywhere else for that matter. No one was to know. However, you would remember this conversation the moment you gain your memories of your time here." Shuuden said.

"Something else. My mother was talking to me last night." Naruto said. This caught everyone's attention except Shuuden. After all, he had been responsible. "She told me the events of that night. I was born, and less than 3 hours later, the Kyuubi was sealed inside of me, and my parents were dead. I told her what was going to happen and then she told me she would give Tsukune something to help me out. She didn't say what it was, nor did she say how he was going to get it."

Everyone looked at Tsukune. "I haven't gotten it yet. I did get a strange message a few weeks ago, but I didn't recognize the voice. I still listened in, only not as much as I probably should have. I caught "gift for Naruto" and that was it. I could have been his mother, I'm not sure. What was her name?"

"Kushina Uzumaki." Shuuden said. Tsukune looked at nothing. His eyes went blank. About a minute later, he blinked, his eyes back to normal.

"A red-head woman had visited the Kyuubi a few weeks back. She was the one I heard. She called herself Kushina. She didn't give a last name, but it seemed she didn't need to. The 2 of them were familiar with each other already. She told him that, during the trip back, a scroll would appear in my possession. On the other side, that scroll will have its contents sealed. As for what's inside, the only thing she said it was a gift for her son. His name is Naruto. She couldn't give it to him herself, so she told him it will come to me during the trip. She didn't say how either."

Shuuden nodded. "Sounds like something she would do. By the time it reaches Naruto, he would have already regained his memories. That way he'll know for sure."

"We should get some rest. Tsukki's parents and I will be staying to see him off. Besides, it's possible that I would be taken along. Hopefully, he doesn't know, but the headmaster isn't a fool." Kyoko said.

Everyone nodded. The door appeared, and everyone went through it, save Naruto and Hinata. Tsukune and Shuuden returned the houses to their capsule forms, and then went out. Naruto and Hinata said they had something to talk about.

-the next day-

Everyone got up, and went straight to Mikogami's office, instead of the bus stop like everyone else.

The entire Newspaper club, their parents and Kyoko were in the office. Aphrodite was not there, but that was it. It was quite big. Mikogami looked at all of them. "I see some of the people I didn't call for this is here. I guess there's no helping it. I will explain how things will go after the transfer."

Shuuden wasn't surprised when he admitted there was no changing who came and who didn't. Mikogami continued.

"Tsukune, Naruto, and Hinata will all go back to 5 days before Naruto Uzumaki's 5th birthday. Should Naruto not remember his time here he will be attacked on his next birthday. If this should happen, as per one of Shuuden's back up plans, Yukari will stop the attack herself, after coming through. If Naruto doesn't recognize her, she will awaken his memories through the technique Shuuden taught her." Shuuden nodded.

"After which, she will fend off the mob that is still there. Shuuden had told me that if this is what happens the ANBU will step in to stop her. Her excuse is that she isn't a Shinobi, so they can't arrest her on those conditions. In addition, the ANBU should have been there themselves to prevent this from happening in the first place. The ANBU can't do anything after that, or they risk going rogue. She will also make this clear to the ANBU. If the ANBU acts accordingly, he will ask how she knows, if she is not a Shinobi. The excuse for that should come from Naruto, who will say that she knows everything about him. This is the truth, and when he says this, the ANBU should back off. If he attacks, he is considered a Rogue Shinobi, and will be eliminated by Yukari."

Shuuden didn't expect this. "Mikogami, I don't like that last part. Sure it goes in accordance with Konoha law, but don't you think that is a bit much?" Mikogami looked at Shuuden.

"If it were, I wouldn't have decided on this. It is because of the law regarding Rogue Shinobi that warrants this. If he charges Yukari, he will be considered a Rogue Shinobi for attacking a civilian. If he charges Naruto, he will be considered a Rogue Shinobi for attacking one who he placed on the protection list. Either way, he will be eliminated by Yukari for that reason. If more ANBU show up beforehand, and they get in the way, Yukari is to take Naruto to Tsukune's capsule House. If they don't, Yukari will deal with them herself. She will have permission to kill. If it comes to that, I will head to the Hokage myself and explain the situation regarding the matter. I will say she is my student, and not a Shinobi."

"And if you get into an argument?" Issa asked.

"I will bring up what will happen in the years to come, mentioning the others here. If Naruto dies before his time, I will bring the rest of the Newspaper Club and Issa and they will attack the village. Since Tsukune is in the village at that point, I would imagine the Yuki Onna will come as well, for that reason. I also believe that the Shuzen family will want to come as well, in regards to Moka's boyfriend Shuuden, provided he is there."

"That is the truth. Kokoa wouldn't let me hear the end of it, if I don't. Neither would Akua. Something tells me, when she hears of Moka's boyfriend, and how he helped me, she would want to meet him anyway." Issa said.

"Shuuden will be coming 1 year later, a few days before Naruto's 6th birthday, and he will meet with the Hokage. He will talk of what he is doing there, and will ask if I came in the year before. If I have, tell him of the same warning I gave him. You are then to find Naruto. If he is missing any memories, you will awaken them." Shuuden was beginning to like this guy.

"Moka and the others will pop in at crucial points. Which ones they appear in will not be determined by me. It will be decided by the portal itself." That made Shuuden go blank. "They will be the same age as they are now, but none of them will come in until after Naruto, Hinata and Tsukune become Genin. Shuuden will tell the Hokage that when Naruto and Tsukune graduate, they will be put on the same team. The other person will be put in there by normal rules. If it is Hinata, all the better."

"So everything is going to go according to this?" Moka asked. Mikogami simply nodded.

The portal opened. "Kyoko will go as well. She will appear when Tsukune is the same age as he is now. After this, everything will be up to you. His body will be like that of his 5 year old self. Shuuden will be his normal self on the other side. Tsukune I can almost guarantee some of your abilities will not be able to be used immediately. In addition, avoid going into your Half-Fox and Full-fox forms, unless you are not in the village. The latter because the Shinobi would attack you. If the village gets attacked, and you have no choice, charge into the battle, but go into your Full-Fox form. Both of you are to do this should this happen. Understood?" Nods all around.

"One more thing, The Super Sayian will be called Super Spirit with their actual levels. Are we clear?"

Shuuden nodded. "Also, something I didn't tell the headmaster, the Mental Link will dissolve when we head through this portal. When you meet up with us, the way you will prove yourself to us is with a code word. That word is 'Oozaru'. Remember that word. Sear it into your brain. Heck, write it down if you have to! That will be the only way for you to prove you are who you say you are."

Mikogami nodded. "Then head through the portal. Parents are to stay here, no exceptions. Issa, if you find out where Akua is, let her know what happened. She will want to meet with Shuuden." Issa nodded.

The Newspaper Club went through the portal, minus Gin. "Issa, I will let the other Hades lords know that if they find someone other than a Hades Lord using... something that would normally be impossible for anyone but one of them, they are to tell me immediately."

Issa nodded. "Last I checked she had black hair. She was highly adept at the Hogetsu Jigento. It was strange how she knew it at her age. Tohofuhai is the only other one who could use this ability so it will discern her from anyone else."

Mikogami nodded. "Then that's what they will look for. I take it you will look for her as well?" Issa shook his head.

"I will be training Kokoa myself, in the ways Shuuden had taught me. We vampires have gotten too self-centered over the centuries. It is time we change that. We got it into our minds that we are the strongest out there. We are not. I realize that now, and only because of one Shuuden Sol. My mistake would have cost me my life, had he not been merciful. The best out there, do not think they are the best. That is one thing he has taught me. He is easily the best out there, but he denies it. He brought up an old saying. 'There is always a bigger fish.' That saying finally made sense, and it applied to me. He trained me for a few weeks. Things went better than he expected, and he said it in front of me. Apparently, he knew which buttons to push, and he pushed them. I saw my error, and only because of him."

Mikogami looked at Ageha and Tsurara. They shook their heads. "We have nothing to say." Ageha said, to which Tsurara nodded.

Kasumi and Koji looked at each other. They then looked at the headmaster who had begun to look at them. "We want to know if there is a way to watch our son's progress." Mikogami nodded. I will have a specialized channel for this sent to the Television you current have. That channel will allow you to watch his exploits. He will not be able to hear you, but you can still watch him. You will be mere spectators. Nothing more, nothing less." They looked at each other, and then back at the Headmaster. They nodded.

"Then all that's left is to get you all back to where you belong. Issa, I would ask that you take Kasumi and Koji Aono back to their place. The channel will take a few days to setup up. In addition, school will be out of session, until further notice." Everyone nodded and left. Issa told Koji and Kasumi to grab his shoulders. They did so, and they warped out.

"I hope everything goes as I planned." Mikogami said, after everyone was gone.

-In the portal-


Everyone was separated instantly. Naruto managed to stay close to Hinata, until some lights came up and hit them both in the gut. They made it through after that, in a place that seemed familiar to them.

-Tsukune -

Tsukune was separated from everyone else. 'Kyou-chan.' He was brought out of his musing when a light came at him. It hit him in the right arm. A mark appeared that looked like a 9-point star. Another light was up ahead and he found himself in a forest clearing.


Shuuden went solo as well. (A/N: This doesn't come as a surprise, does it? Everyone was being separated into groups due to when they would head to) Another light hit him, this one split into 2 and hit both arms. Each one left a mark resembling a 19-point star. Another light was in front of him. He saw a rock face.


3 lights shot out and hit Moka's Rosario. The Rosario was giving off static electricity, just like when Shuuden goes Super Sayian. 'Oh no! The Rosario is losing it's effect!' Moka transformed and a light appeared in front of her, denoting an unfinished bridge.

-the rest-

Kyoko went through without any lights trying to hit her. Mizore, Kurumu, and Yukari didn't get hit either.

Mizore saw what looked like an unfinished bridge. The same one as Moka saw, but it was being looked at from below and to the side, while Moka was looking from up high.

Kurumu saw what looked like an arena with a lot of people inside of it. There were 3 buildings that looked like stands right outside the arena with wall that stood about 5 stories.

Yukari saw a cliff with 4 faces on them. One of those faces looked like Naruto, so she thought that was his father. The 4th Hokage, Minato Namikaze.


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