Author's Notes:Magic Knight Rayearth and its characters belong to CLAMP, not me. Also I am not making any money off of it, so don't sue me. Got the idea for this fanfiction while watching the second season and seeing how much Hikaru regretted killing Zagato and Princess Emeraude. I kept thinking about how they deserved better and that it was a shame that Zagato didn't get to show how kind he could be. Originally wrote this in 2008 but I decided to revise it since my writing skills grew quite a bit since then. I hope you enjoy. Give me helpful advice where it is needed but please don't flame.


It felt like months had passed since Princess Emeraude had summoned the legendary magic knights. However,it was only days since their return, for the Cephiro residents had the ability to wish for time to pass as slowly as they wanted it to. Ever since the three girls had returned back to Tokyo,they had been feeling depressed,Hikaru especially. She had killed High Priest Zagato without finding out his true intentions,and had killed Princess Emeraude,too. The pillar had asked the girls to kill her, but they still felt guilty, and sad that there was no other way to help her. They could not keep their minds off of it and their families noticed their change in moods as well.

For instance, Umi had barely touched her breakfast that morning and seemed to be in her own world. Her parents were very concerned about this.

"Umi, is something wrong?" asked Mr. Ryuuzaki, noting his daughter's gloomy expression.

Umi didn't feel like discussing her problems with her parents. She didn't think they would believe that she was actually in another world. "It's nothing," she answered.

"Are you sure?" prodded her mother. "You hardly touched your breakfast. Do you not approve of it?"

"No, no. That's not it. I always like your cooking," insisted the blue haired girl. "I guess I'm just not very hungry at the moment."

But her parents still were not convinced that everything was all right with their daughter. "Perhaps you do not have an appetite because you're feeling ill," suggested Mrs. Ryuuzaki.

"Perhaps we should take her to see a doctor," said Mr. Ryuuzaki.

Umi couldn't believe how difficult her parents were making this. "No no! That won't be necessary! I feel fine. Really!"

"I hope so. We feel blessed to have a daughter like you and cannot bear it if something were to happen to you. And you would not have been brought into this world if I had not met this wonderful person that is your mother," said Mr. Ryuuzaki.

"Oh, that is very kind of you, honey," his wife said. Suddenly she thought of a possible reason why Umi seemed depressed. "Oh Umi, sweetie? Has your heart been broken?"

Umi gave a sigh of mock exasperation. Her parents were always reliving their marriage and honeymoon. "No! It's nothing like that!" 'If only they knew. There is nothing romantic about what has happened to me. I wonder how Hikaru and Fuu are faring...haven't spoken to them since we got back.'

Umi's parents decided to drop the subject, seeing as how she clearly didn't want to admit that something was bothering her. "Very well, then. I hope you know that if something is wrong, you can always come to us," said Mrs. Ryuuzaki.

"Yes, I know. Thank you."

Meanwhile, Hikaru had just had another dream about Cephiro, only it was not so much a dream. It was a vision of the battle with Princess Emeraude when she and the other girls had complied with her request and slayed her. Once she realized what she had done, her heart broke in two...she had felt like screaming in despair, but she was sure if she did, her heart would have been ripped out. And she had been having nightmares where an evil woman with a shrill voice kept making threats about obliterating Cephiro. She had never seem this woman before, yet it was very unsettling.

Just then Hikari, her dog ran over to her and started licking her cheek.

"Oh good morning, Hikari." She was glad to see him. His presence helped her to forget her troubles, but just temporarily.

The young girl's older brothers had noticed her change in mood and were very worried.

"Ever since that trip to Tokyo Tower, Hikaru has seemed different," Kakeru said to Masaru . "Do you think something had happened to her?"

Masaru panicked at the question, especially when he thought of the possible incidents she may have had to deal with. "Maybe some people trampled our dear little sister! Or because she's so cute, some guy decided to hit on her."

Kakeru shuddered and was very angry. He was very protective of his little sister and didn't tolerate anyone upsetting her. "I won't tolerate anyone being so rude to our dear little sister!"

"That's right! And if anyone wants to think about dating her, they'll have to show they're worthy by defeating us in a duel!" Masaru pumped his fist.

Satoru thought his brothers were being overly dramatic when they were thinking of possible reasons why Hikaru seemed upset. He decided to find out himself before they came up with any more assumptions. He entered her room.

"You have seemed troubled since your field trip. Whatever is wrong, can you tell me?"

"Everything is fine. Don't worry," said Hikaru. She didn't want to drag her elder brother into something that had nothing to do with him.

"Well if you need a shoulder to cry on, I am here for you," said Satoru. He was calm and controlled when he said that, whereas the other two brothers were very hyper when they showed their concerns.

But Hikaru didn't mind it. She appreciated their support very much. "Thank you Masaru, Kakeru, and Satoru.."

Later that day, Hikaru was at Tokyo Tower, waiting for her two best friends to arrive. She might have seemed cheerful with her brothers, but in reality she felt like she was dying inside. She hoped that they didn't take their own sweet time getting there. She needed someone to talk to about this.

All of a sudden, someone hugged her from behind. "Please don't look so sad. You're going to make me want to start crying, too." It was Umi.

"Hiya, Umi."

Fuu had arrived as well. "I hope you have been taking care of yourself, Miss Hikaru ."

"Hello, Fuu."

"What's on your mind, Hikaru? Why do you seem so down?" inquired Umi.

"Just thinking about Princess Emeraude." Hikaru felt an assurance around her best friends, like she could let her feelings spill out of her. "I killed her. I killed her with these hands. I wish I hadn't." She held out her hands as if she were studying how sullied they have become from this mission.

Umi agreed with her. She felt so guilty about having seemed uncaring about the threat Cephiro faced. "We should have listened to Zagato. Now it's too late."

"Now that Princess Emeraude is gone, what is the condition?" asked Fuu,worried. She knew that the pillar was the one whose job it was to pray for peace, which meant that unless another pillar had taken Emeraude's place in the short period the girls had returned to Tokyo, Cephiro was in jeopardy.

"I was so selfish and arrogant the first time. I think it was partly my fault," said Umi,wistfully.

Hikaru felt it was her fault,too,for she was only doing what it took to be a magic knight,and was unaware of what she was fighting for.

"It would be nice if we could go to Cephiro again," said Fuu.

"Same here. I want to be able to go to Cephiro and battle for the right reasons this time. I regret the deaths of Zagato and Princess Emeraude," said Hikaru,tearfully. If she could communicate with them somehow, she would ask their forgiveness.

What Fuu,Umi and Hikaru did not know was that they could return to Cephiro without someone summoning them,and that through some miracle, Zagato and Princess Emeraude would be resurrected. At that moment, a flash of light appeared and swallowed the three girls into it.