The three girls were back at Tokyo Tower, just like when they were first summoned. The whole experience felt like a dream, but yet it wasn't. Still, all of the events felt extremely surreal...especially the return of Princess Emeraude and Zagato.

"I'm so glad we were given a chance to return to Cephiro and make things right," said Fuu.

Hikaru's feelings were mutual."Yeah, we were able to fight of our own free wills and this time we had no regrets."

The three best friends gathered together in a group hug.

"You know, I've been thinking," said Umi. "In spite of all the hardships, I enjoyed being in Cephiro this time around."

"Yeah, same here," agreed Hikaru.

"We should definitely go back to Cephiro again! But not out of regret."

"No, the next time it would be because we want to know the story of the new Cephiro and see our friends." Hikaru fingered the pendant she was wearing. She and her friends had not been home for long, but she was missing Lantis already. She was not expecting him to ever love her, so when he confessed that he loved her as well, she was surprised. And she was especially glad her love for him hadn't made Zagato's opinion of her decrease, and she would be forever grateful to him for comforting her when Nova had kidnapped Lantis. She wished him and Princess Emeraude everlasting happiness.

"I wonder what everyone is doing right now. I really miss them, especially Lantis," she told her friends.

"I know what you mean," said Umi. She barely knew Zagato's younger brother, and thought it would be nice to get to know him. But mostly she thought about Clef. She couldn't pinpoint when her love for him began, all she knew was her feelings for him were profound.

"It sure would be lovely to visit Cephiro again," said Fuu, "but we still have to finish junior high school, not to mention completing high school. "

Umi gave an exasperated sigh at how the subject was changed into something less pleasant to think about. "Yeah, yeah. But now that you've mentioned it, I would like it if we get to go to high school together."

That was something Hikaru really wanted to do. Considering how close she had become to her friends, she thought it would be better if she became inseparable with them. "That would be awesome." In the meantime, maybe she and her friends could find ways to hang out even though each one attended a different school. She especially wanted to give them a tour of the Kendo school she frequented. And she still wanted to watch Fuu in an archery match and Umi in a fencing tournament.

(Approximately 24 hours later)

It was a very joyous occasion for Cephiro's royal couple. A wedding ball was being held for them at the castle. Everyone was happy for them, and looked forward to being part of such an occasion. They all gathered in the Great Hall, took their seats at the banquet table and waited for the princess to make her grand entrance.

Princess Emeraude walked in a few minutes later as some music started playing and everyone was so in awe of her beauty that they were speechless. Her wedding gown made her look more regal than usual. Even Zagato didn't know what to say. Seemingly oblivious to all of the astonishment, she walked over to him. For the first time in years, she found true happiness.

"Princess Emeraude is so beautiful, isn't she?" Caldina asked Sierra.

"That she is," agreed Sierra. She nibbled on some Swiss cheese, and sipped some sparkling grape juice.

Caldina smiled at how happy Zagato looked, standing next to Princess Emeraude. This was the first time she saw him this happy. And he looked very handsome in his tuxedo. She couldn't help but feel a little jealous about not being in the spotlight..with Lafarga, of course.

Mage Clef cleared his throat. That was the DJ's cue to stop the music. All the guests gave Clef their undivided attention.

"The groom has something he'd like to say to you all," said Mage Clef.

"I would like to take this opportunity to offer my gratitude to you all for attending this wedding ball," said Zagato. He was also glad that he had the opportunity to do this when he was not worthy of one.

The wedding guests cheered, and threw rice at him and Princess Emeraude, which made them chuckle.

"I'd like to propose a toast to Cephiro's high priest and the princess," said Caldina in her loudest voice.

Everyone raised their goblets. Mage Clef reminded Ascot about the rings. Ascot nodded, and brought the rings on a tiny cushion. Zagato slipped the ring onto Princess Emeraude's finger, and Princess Emeraude slipped the ring onto Zagato's finger. Caldina started thinking about the magic knights.

"What's on your mind, Caldina?" asked Sierra.

"I wish those little missies were here to see this," replied Caldina. She sincerely hoped the girls would choose to make Cephiro their home one day.

"Same here. I'm sure we will see them again someday, though."

It was time for Zagato and Princess Emeraude to share a dance. They walked to the center of the ballroom floor.

"May I have the pleasure of having this dance?" asked Zagato.

"That you may," answered Princess Emeraude.

Beautiful music started up again, and Zagato and Princess Emeraude proceeded to waltz around the dance floor. Mokona got restless, amd proceeded to hop around. He knocked over Sierra's glass of grape juice by mistake. The juice spilled onto her dress.

"Mokona!" shouted Sierra. She wiped the mess off the table, and mopped her lap as best as she could...but there was still a huge purple stain on her dress. All she could think about was how her dress was ruined and that the stain would take forever to get out. What a way to put a damper on her mood. Well, no matter. She would deal with the magical rabbit later.

Soon, the music stopped playing, and Princess Emeraude and Zagato stopped dancing. Zagato gave Princess Emeraude a rose, and they shared a long deep kiss.


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