Flee on Sight

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The third Hokage Sarutobi Hiruzen had a look of disappointment on his face as he looked down on the people of his village from his office in the Hokage Tower. The look of disappointment was not only for the people of the village but also for himself for his inability to protect the six year old blond child healing on his couch behind him.

The six year old was one Naruto Uzumaki, jinchurriki of the Nine tailed demon fox. He was brought to the Hokage about 10 minutes ago after yet another attack by the people of this village who couldn't tell the difference between a kunai and the scroll it was sealed into.

'What have I condemned this child to? No one deserves the pain he's been through' thought Sarutobi sensing an incoming chakra he turned towards the spot were an Anbu wearing a crow mask appeared in a shunsin "Report Crow" he said in a stern voice.

"Hokage -sama everyone involved with the attack on Naruto has been rounded up and taken to Ibiki. At last count there were 14 civilians, 3 genin, 3 chunin and 1 jonin" Crow replied in a monotone voice.

Sighing deeply the Hokage said "Tell Ibiki no kid gloves. He has my full support to do whatever he wants to the Shinobi. Give the civilians to Anko tell her the only restrictions are they are to be kept alive. I want them to be made examples of for breaking my laws"

(Elsewhere in the Village)

"Why do I have the sudden urge to kiss the Hokage full on the mouth?" said the scarred interrogation specialist.

"I don't know, but does it feel like Christmas to you?" asked his purple haired partner asked

'Kami' Crow thought 'Giving Ibiki and Anko free reign to do what they please. It would be more merciful too have them killed after their quality time with those two' "Hai Hokage-sama" he said out loud and disappeared in a swirl of leaves.

After Crow left Sarutobi made his way over to the couch Naruto was sleeping on. Looking down on the child he couldn't help but shake his head at what this village has done to such an innocent child. He usually golden blond hair was caked with drying blood. His white shirt and blue shorts wear torn and bloodied and his feet were dirty and bare. Not being able to stomach the thought of this happening to Naruto again the Hokage made a decision. The only decision the Hokage knew of that could make up for the life Naruto has lived so far. Decision made, Sarutobi motioned for his hidden Anbu stationed around the office to reveal themselves.

Four Anbu appeared kneeling in front of the Hokage with their heads bowed, they were Dog, Crane, Bear and Lizard." I'm about to initiate a SSS-class protocol, your all to wait outside until I call for you" he said.

The Anbu hesitated for a moment it was rare for such a code to used. An SSS-class protocol was code for no matter what you hear do not enter this office unless you're suicidal and kill anyone who tries to enter the office no matter rank or position in the village. After receiving a glare from the Hokage they all left to take up positions outside the room. After the Anbu left the room the Hokage put up one of his strongest sound and security barriers.

Moving to the center of the room the Hokage pulled aside the plain black rug that was in the center of the room. Breaking the genjutsu on the floor, a very intricate seal was revealed. Biting his thumb the Hokage knelt over the seal wrote his name in the center of the seal and also placed his bloody fingerprints underneath his name like he would on signing summoning scroll. Next he made a hand seal with his index finger and middle fingers of both hands crossed with each other" Shadow clone jutsu!" he shouted and created three reinforced clones each with about 20% of his chakra. After using that much chakra he was panting slightly. "Alright you know what to do, each of you stand at a cardinal point of the seal." when each clone took a position he continued "Now we must all time this exactly if even one of us is off it won't work so on the count of 3 we'll start the seals…1…2…3!"

At three all four beings ran through fifty hand seals in a blur that only a master of the sharingan could catch a glimpse of. On the last seal all four beings slammed their hands down on a part of the seal in front of them. Two things happened the three clones disappeared in a puff of smoke and a big black scroll with the kanji for fire on it sat in the middle of the seal on the floor.

"That was amazing Jiji! Do it again!" said an excited childish voice said

Sarutobi turned surprised eyes to the voice "Naruto-kun how long have you been awake?" he asked panting a little

"Right before you slapped the ground and those extra yous disappeared" he said

Chuckling slightly Sarutobi reached into his robes and pulled out a food pill. After eating the pill he took a deep breath already feeling most of his chakra returning. He then turned a picked up the scroll from the floor and went to the couch to sit next to the young blond. "How are you feeling Naruto?" he asked already dreading the answer.

Naruto gave a shrug of his small shoulders and look at his Jiji with a sad smile "I'm fine Jiji I'm used to it by now"

Sarutobi knew he didn't want an answer to that question "Naruto-kun this scroll I hold in my hands, is my apology for the life you have suffered here in the village. Before you interrupt I want to explain what I mean. A six year old child should not be used to waking up from repeated beatings from a mob. Nor should they be forced to live alone or withstand looks of anger and hatred. Naruto six years ago a terrible disaster struck this village the disaster was the Nine tailed fox. The fox killed a lot of people that day and nearly destroyed the village in a single night"

"I know that Jiji you've told me this story before" said a confused Naruto "The Fourth Hokage sacrificed himself killing it"

"The Nine tailed fox was a chakra construct it had no life to end. The Fourth Hokage couldn't kill such a being so he sealed it away"

Now Naruto wasn't stupid by any means. He could put two and two together and get four, the isolation from the other villagers, the looks, the beatings. "So he sealed it in me. Why me? Out of everyone in the village, why did he choose me?" he asked on the verge of tears

Sighing the Hokage walked to his desked and retrieved a framed picture from one of the drawers and brought it back to Naruto. "This is a picture of the 4th Hokage and his wife" the old man said handing the picture to Naruto.

Naruto turned the picture around and gasped at the sight. In the picture was a man with his wild blond hair and blue eyes standing behind a woman with deep red hair and violet eyes. They were both smiling softly at the camera and the woman had a noticeable swell in her stomach.

"These are your parents, Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki Namikaze. Kushina was the jinckurikki of the Kyuubi before you were" he stopped there when Naruto looked at him with shock "yes it's true. On the night of your birth Minato and I took great precaution because we knew that the seal holding the Kyuubi in Kushina would weaken with the strain of child birth. I don't know the details because I wasn't there, but someone infiltrated the birthing chamber and released the Kyuubi from the seal on your mother. By the time I arrived on the scene to possibly help Minato the Kyuubi was already sealed within you and Minato was dying. His wish was for you to be seen as a hero, but the people refused to acknowledge your parents sacrifice and Minatos wish."

"Old man I'm a constant reminder of what they lost that night. It's no wonder they hate me" they were both quiet for a while before Naruto decided to get to the point of these discoveries. "You're telling me all this for a reason so what is it? Is that scroll something my parents left for me?" he asked

Picking up the big scroll the Hokage laid it across his lap before speaking "No Naruto this is not something your parents left for you. This is the villages most well kept secret and most valuable treasures. The contents within this scroll will help you become one of the most powerful shinobi ever to walk the Elemental Nations, you will even become more powerful than me someday" he said looking straight into Narutos eyes.

To say Naruto was shocked would be an understatement. He was shocked not only by what the old man said but also by the look in his eyes he had never seen that look before. "You're starting to scare me a little Jiji. Why would you give me all this power, what if I used it to destroy the village instead of help it?"

"After what I've seen this village become for the past six years they deserve every bit of your hatred and so do I. Six years ago I placed my faith in the people of Konoha to look beyond their fear and hatred of the Kyuubi and see a child with a heavy burden to bear, I misplaced my faith in so many people. By giving you this scroll I'm asking you to forgive an old man his mistakes" he said solemnly

"I'm not stupid Jiji. I know you can't be there all the time you have an entire village to look after not just one person. You were there when you could be, you tried and that counts for something so I forgive you."

"Thank you Naruto but never the less I still want you to give you this" he said pointing at the scroll in his lap.

"Okay I'll accept it but what's in it and how can it make me even stronger than you?" Naruto asked curiously

"Naruto what I'm about to reveal is a Hoakges secret. The only people who know about it are the Hokages themselves and their successors" he said standing up and moving to the center of the room. He unraveled the scroll revealing four sections of the scroll each marked with a 1, 2, 3 and 4. Like before he bit his thumb hard enough to draw blood and in each section he wrote his name and left his bloody handprint. Turning back to Naruto he said "What I'm about to do is something that should only be done in an emergency and I think your situation qualifies" after speaking he turned back to the scroll and went through the hand seals for a simple summoning jutsu and slammed his hands down on the floor. The symbols for the summoning jutsu spread out on the floor until they reached the scroll and a summoning circle appeared in each section under the numbers.

Four puffs of smoke erupted from each section of the scroll. When the smoke cleared for men were revealed.

The first man had dark tanned skin, brown eyes and long black hair. He was wearing red metal plating armor similar to samurais and black ninja sandals, on the collar of his armor was the Senju clan symbol and he was also wearing a hitai on his forehead with the Konoha symbol.

The second man had shaggy white hair, red eyes and red streaks under each eye on one on his chin. He also wore samurai armor similar to the first man only blue in color, black ninja sandals and a face guard with the Konoha symbol on the front.

The third man had brown eyes with black vertical slits beneath them, brown spiked hair and a small goatee. He wore a black full body jumpsuit with a mesh shirt beneath the top, there were gray armor plates on both shoulders and he wore a hitai with long black straps across his forehead.

The last man was fair skinned with cerulean blue eyes and spiky blond hair and two bangs that framed the sides of his face. He wore the standard Konoha jonin uniform with two bands on each sleeve, green flak jacket and a Konoha hitai across his forehead he also wore a short sleeved trench coat with flames at the bottom.

These men were the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Hokages of Konoha.

(How pissed would you be if I stopped on a cliff hanger like that?)

The former Hokages took a moment orient themselves before they focused on the person who summoned them.

The first to speak was Hashirama Senju the 1st Hokage "You've gotten old Saru" he said looking at his former student.

Old Sarutobi sweat dropped at hearing that out of the mouth of a man he hadn't seen in over 40 years "Thank you sensei, I've missed you too" he said sarcastically

"It's nice to see you again Monkey-Brat" said Tobirama Senju the 2nd Hokage

"Thank you sensei, It's nice to see you too" responded Old Sarutobi

"You are one handsome man" said the Sarutobi that looked at least 30 years younger than the other

"When you're right, your right who am I to disagree with you" said the Old Sarutobi

"While it is nice to see you again, If you summoned us then what's the emergency?" asked the 4th Hokage Minato Namikaze

"Hey, who's the blond brat?" asked Tobirama

"This is my successor the 4th Hokage Minato Namiikaze, Minato allow me to introduce my senseis and your predecessors the 1st and 2nd Hokage Hashirama and Tobirama Senju" the Old Hokage said formally

The three men bowed deeply to each other. When Tobirama straightened he spoke again "Nice to meet you Minato but I was actually talking about the other blond brat with his jaw on the floor and his eyes bugging out" he said pointing at Naruto over on the couch.

True to his word Narutos eyes were as big as ramen bowls and his jaw was sitting in his lap. He had been sitting like that since the smoke cleared to reveal each man. As each man was reveal his eyes got progressively larger but it wasn't until the 4th was revealed that his jaw fell open. 'He's right there! My father! How can he be there when he died 6 years ago?' thought Naruto

"This gentlemen is Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze, he is the reason I've summoned you all. Naruto carries a burden all of you are familiar with"

"The Kyuubi" they all said at the same time

"What how did you know that?" asked Naruto

"I was married to the 1st jinchurriki of the Kyuubi and I've also had the misfortune to fight the beast on more than one occasion" said Hashirama

"I'm a sensor I can feel the two different energies flowing through you" said Tobirama

"I'm a sensor as well and I've spent a lot of time around the first two jinchurikkis of the Kyuubi" said the Young Sarutobi

Minato slowly approached what could only be his son and kneeled down in front of him frowning when he spotted the blood on his clothes "Like the 1st Hokage I was in love with a jinchurikki of the Kyuubi so I know what the Kyuubi feels like even sealed away. What happened to your clothes Naruto?" he asked casually.

Before Naruto could answer Old Sarutobi spoke "I will explain that but first Naruto I want to explain to you how the former Hokages are here. Do you remember when you first woke up here and you saw those copies of me before they went up in smoke?"

"Yes Jiji"

"Well those were called shadow clones there are many different types of clones ninja use in combat like water clones or earth clones. These four Hokages are also a type of clone they're called blood clones. The blood clone jutsu makes a complete copy of that persons' memory and can fully utilize its very own chakra network. Where most clones would disperse after a strong hit or even when there maker died these clones could live independently of their creator. There are drawbacks to using this jutsu you must sacrifice half of your blood and 90% of your chakra. When I used this jutsu I was in a coma for a week, if someone were to try to use this jutsu when they were not 100% healthy it could very well kill them which is why it's not even listed on the forbidden scroll it is only passed from Hokage to successor."

"If you recall I told you that there was a Hokages secret that only the Hokage himself and his successor knew, well that secret is that whenever someone accepts the title of Hokage they are required to perform the blood clone jutsu and seal it away in that black scroll they came out of. They were only to be released in case of dire emergency. The reason I released them was to give you something every child deserves and that is family and protection. Even though this is only a clone of your father it's the closes I could come to giving you the family that was taken from you."

Naruto couldn't take it anymore he jumped off the couch and rush to the old Hokage wrapped him in a hug as tight as he could and cried his eyes out. Sarutobi did his best to hold back his own tears but they rolled down his cheeks anyway. After about ten minutes Naruto had cried himself to sleep and Sarutobi returned him to the couch so he could be comfortable. With that done he turned and faced the clones of his fellow kages.

"Sarutobi what the hell is going on?" demanded the clone of the 4th Hokage. Sighing deeply the Old Sarutobi explained Narutos life up to this point. By the time he was finished the clones ran the emotional gauntlet from disappointment in the village they all vowed to protect with their lives to downright murderous. Although the 4th also had a healthy dose of shame knowing he or rather the original condemned Naruto to this existence.

"If I could I would kick my own ass from here to Snow Country" the 4th Hokages clone said miserably.

"You have an opportunity your creator will never have you can be there for him now. You can train him to defend himself, all of you can that's why I released you from the scroll in the first place. I want all of you to train him. Whoever interfered with Kushina during her child birth knew what they were doing when they released the Kyuubi. I'm afraid whoever it was is not done yet and will come after Naruto sooner or later and being trained by four kages he will have a better chance of surviving." The original Sarutobi said

"Do you even have to ask? Naruto will be the most dangerous man in the world when I'm done training him" said the Minato clone

"You mean when we're done training him" said the clone of the First "Even if he wasn't a distant relative I would still train him."

"I'm with you brother. What this village has done to a child is beyond forgiving we will make him a force to be reckoned with" spoke the clone of the Second.

The clone of the third Hokage looked his creator in the eye "If I know you and I think I do you've been killing yourself over not being able to protect him. Don't worry, I'll do what you couldn't." he said

The original Sarutobi just looked at his clone and nodded his head gratefully.

"I think it's time we leave" said the first Hokage

"Where do we go? We can't possibly train the kid in the village" stated Tobirama

"The Whirlpool village" said the Fourth "It has been abandoned for years no one would think to look for anyone there and from what Kushina told me of it, it's a solitary island surrounded by whirlpools so it's very isolated we could get some serious training done with minimum interruptions." As he spoke he made his way over to the couch Naruto rested on and gently lifted him in his arms. "I have some weapons stashed in my head on the Hokage Monument, I'll pick them up and meet you all at the border of Fire Country and Water Country in three hours, sound good?"

"We all should have similar stashes and it would be better if we split up in case we're spotted. I'll see you in three hours" said the clone of the third be he disappeared in a leaf shunsin. When the clone of the 3rd left the clone of the 4th disappeared in a flash of yellow with the still sleeping Naruto in his arms.

"Well I guess this is goodbye again Monkey-brat. Next time you see that kid he'll be able to go toe to toe with your best without breaking a sweat guaranteed" said the clone of the second before he disappeared in a water shunsin.

"I can tell your will of fire dimmed Saru, but with this act you are stoking it to an inferno. Goodbye my student" said the clone of First before he simply melded into the floor and was gone.

Sighing the Hokage moved to the window overlooking the village wondering what the future would bring to his village.

(One week later Uzushiogakure)

Currently a six year old Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze was in an open grass area in front of his four senseis about to begin his training in the ninja arts. He was wearing simple loose fitting black pants, gray kimono top with a mesh armor shirt beneath it with a black sash holding the kimono together and black shinobi sandals. He was standing at attention hands at his sides, eyes forward waiting for his senseis to begin explaining his training. He didn't have to wait long because the First Hokage stepped forward and began.

"Well Naruto I'm glad to see you're mentally ready to begin training. The coming years will be difficult. We intend to train you until you die and drop and then we will resurrect you and rain you some more" he said looking his student in the eye "We are masters of the shinobi arts you are the student. It is our job to teach you and it is your job to learn" he said in a stern but kindly tone "Are you ready to begin?"

"Yes Hashirama sensei" Naruto said quickly

"Good let us begin"

And so began the training of a legend by legends.

Year One (Naruto age 6)

6:00am- Physical Training w/Hashirama-sensei, 10 laps around the village with 20lbs on each wrist and forty on each leg followed by 20 laps in the river

10:00am- Shower and breakfast

11:00am- Nin, gen and tai jutsu theory w/Sarutobi-sensei

1:00pm- Lunch

2:00pm- Basic weapons training (kunai, shuriken , ninja wire etc) w/Tobirama-sensei

5:00pm- Fuin jutus theories w/Minato-sensei

7:00pm- Dinner

9:00pm- Bed time

Year Two (Naruto age 7)

6:00 am- Physical training w/Hasirama-sensei 25 laps around the village with 40lbs on each wrist and 80lbs on each leg followed by 40 laps in the river

10:00am- Shower and breakfast

11:00am- Chakra control and strategy w/Sarutobi-sensei

1:00pm- Lunch

2:00pm- Target practice, tracking and trapping w/Tobirama-sensei

5:00pm- Beginners fuin jutsu w/Minato-sensei

7:00pm- Dinner

9:00pm- Bed time

Year Three (Naruto age 8)

6:00am- Physical training w/Hashirama-sensei, 50 laps around the village 80lbs on each wrist and 160lbs on each leg followed by 60 laps in the river

10:00am- Shower and breakfast

11:00am- Chakra control, strategy, basic academy jutsu w/Sarutobi-sensei

1:00pm- Lunch

2:00pm- Target practice, advanced tracking and trapping w/Tobirama-sensei

5:00pm- Intermediate Fuin jutsu w/Minato-sensei at this level you begin to create your own basic seals (storage seals and explosive notes)

7:00pm- Dinner

9:00pm- Bed time

Year Four (Naruto age 9)

6:00am- Physical training w/Hashirama-sensei, 80 laps around the village with 100lbs on each wrist and 200lbs on each leg and 100 laps in the river

10:00am- Shower and breakfast

11:00am- Chakra control, strategy, politics and law w/Sarutobi-sensei

1:00pm- Lunch

2:00pm- Kenjutsu training w/Tobirama-sensei

5:00pm- Advanced Fuin jutsu w/Minato-sensei at this level you should be able to identify certain level seals and unravel them (for example trap seals not a curse mark)

7:00pm- Dinner

9:00pm- Bed time

Year Five (Naruto age 10)

6:00am- Physical and earth jutsu training w/Hashirama-sensei, 500 punches and kicks with each arm and leg against a training post, physical weights replaced with gravity seals

10:00am- Shower and breakfast

11:00pm- Chakra control, fire jutus and bojutsu training w/Sarutobi-sensei

1:00pm- Lunch

2:00pm- Kenjutsu, water jutsu and genjutsu trainingw/Tobirama-sensei

5:00pm- Wind, lightning and fuin jutsu training w/Minato-sensei


10:00pm-Bed time

Year Six (Naruto age 11)

6:00am- Physical and earth jutsu training w/Hashirama- sensei, 1000 punches and kicks with each arm and leg

10:00am- Shower and breakfast

11:00am- chakra control, fire jutsu and bojutsu training w/Sarutobi-sensei


2:00-Kenjutsu, water jutsu and genjutsu w/Tobirama-sensei

5:00pm- Wind, lightning and fuin jutsu w/Minato-sensei

8:00pm- Dinner

10:00- Bed time

Year Seven (Naruto age 12)

6:00am- Sparring Hashirama-sensei

9:00am- Shower and breakfast

10:00am-Sparring Sarutobi-sensei

1:00pm- Lunch

2:00pm- Sparring Tobirama-sensei

5:00pm- Sparring Minato-sensei


10:00pm- Bed time

(Author's Note, year seven schedule is the schedule for the next three years)

Otofaku Gai, Fire Country

'I need a drink' was the utmost thought of one Naruto Namikaze as he walked down the street towards a bar in Otofaku Gai. It's been ten years since he began his torturous training in the shinobi arts. Nine years of training under his senseis and one year of real world experience as a bounty hunter known only as Arashi. Naruto was now 6'1" tall chiseled medium build body. His blond hair that was in his youth short and spiky was now cornrowed towards the back of his head and the end of which reached between his shoulder blades and a face mask that covered everything from his nose to his throat. He was wearing a green camouflage flak jacket with a black t-shirt underneath. Over the flak jacket he wore a black sleeveless leather trench coat and both his arms were wrapped in black athletic tape from elbow to wrist and on his hands were black fingerless gloves. He was also wearing Anbu style pants with gray shin guards over black shinobi sandals.

'I need that drink and I need it now!' Naruto thought with some urgency. The reason he was in need of a drink was because tomorrow he was going back to the village of his birth and offer his services as a shinobi. He promised his senseis he would give the village a chance to redeem themselves after what they did to him. He hasn't forgotten his earlier childhood and he damn sure hasn't forgiven the people who tormented him. Naruto hastened his steps towards the bar so he could try and drown out the feeling of impending doom the thought of going back to the Hidden Leaf had created.

When Naruto entered the tavern he headed straight for the bar and a bottle of sake "Bar keep a bottle of sake over here!" he said to the man behind the counter.

"You old enough to be in here son?" the man asked

"Look, don't give me a hard time. If I can't hold my liquor then I shouldn't be drinking and I would deserve whatever I got, just give me the damn bottle" he said sharply

"Whatever I'm not responsible just because you wanted to play grown up" he said sitting down a bottle of sake and a saucer.

"Yeah, Yeah, Yeah" Naruto said forgoing the saucer and drinking straight from the bottle. After downing half the bottle Naruto felt his nerves equalize again. Scanning the bar he let his eyes drift over the other patrons. It was just the usual assortment of people found in the less reputable bars in every town. Drunks, hookers, small time crooks no one worth the hassle of getting in a fight with. He was about to turn back to his bottle when his eyes pierced the darkness of a corner table and he spotted a woman about 25 years old nursing a saucer of sake.

"She is too pretty to drink alone" he said quietly to himself before he raised his voice to the bar keep "Another bottle over" after receiving another bottle he made his way over to her table and stopped just before entering the shadows himself.

"Excuse me miss but you are way too pretty to be drinking alone" he said

The woman looked up from her saucer and stared at him with a pair of hypnotic dark eyes "I bet you say that to all the girls in dive bars like this" she said mockingly

"There's never any one of your caliber of pretty in dive bars like this. I guess I just lucked out. May I join you?"

"Sure, I wouldn't mind the company" she said with a small smile

"How about a refill?" he asked holding up the sake bottle. In response she just slid her saucer closer to him. After pouring himself a saucer full he held it up out toward the woman across from him "To new acquaintances" he toasted

"To new acquaintances" she said

(The next morning) A/N sorry no lemon yet

The next morning Naruto woke up to the feeling of an empty bed. Groaning he pried his eyes open only to squeeze them shut again when the first thing he saw was a beam of sunlight."Ahh.. I really hate mornings."

"I'm sorry to hear that, I actually like mornings it a chance to always start fresh" said a voice he immediately recognized from last night.

Opening his eyes once more he turned to the voice which was near the bathroom door. Taking a good look at his partner in passion from last night he was disappointed to see she was already dressed. "How'd you slip away from to get dressed? I've been told I'm a cuddler."

"It wasn't easy believe me, but I Have to go my traveling companion will be up soon and we have to get back on the road" she said

"Traveling companion? That's not a secret way of saying your husband is it?" he asked stealing glances at the door as if someone was going to charge through it at any minute

"Ha ha ha ha ha.. No I'm not married! My traveling companion is my teacher and practically raised me. It was really nice meeting you and thanks for the company last night I really needed it" she said making her way over to him were he still laid reclined in the bed she leaned over and kissed him softly on the lips before she pulled away and walked towards the bedroom door" Goodbye Arashi" she said without turning back to face him.

"Goodbye Shizune" he said to the empty room.

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