Flee on Sight

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AN: I'm sure all my loyal readers are aware that I usually go on a bit of a rant at the end of my chapters about the latest manga updates; well this chapter I'm going to do the rant at the beginning. First let me ask you all, how many of you were not surprised in the least that Obito Uchiha was behind that mask? I for damn sure wasn't surprised. I've probably said it once and I'll say it again this Manga should not be called Naruto it should be called Uchiha. Can anyone explain to me why there is always a loop hole for people like Madara, Orochimaru and now Obito to miraculously live again, but for the Hokages and Jiraiya there is no get out of death free card?

I think the only exception to this rule should be the Jinchurikkis and Itachi; these are the only people who have had such a fucked up life that they deserve another chance. But Kishimoto doesn't see things like that, apparently in order for him to pull you out of your grave you have to be hell bent on ruling the world.

Okay, that might be it for the rant and Kishimoto if you're reading this…STOP FUCKING UP THE STORY! We as your fans will only take so much before we track you down and stomp on your head Gangnam Style.


When Temari woke up, she started her day just as she had all other days since she came to the Hidden Leaf Village. She got dressed in her work out clothes, grabbed her fan and went out to the backyard/training grounds for her daily training session. She felt a pang of disappointment when Naruto didn't join her. The powerful blonde shinobi with the cerulean blue eyes and aura of a warrior and a leader had grown on her she could admit freely.

He was always there with an open ear and always encouraging her to not give up on her attempts to connect with her little brother, he had become a staple in her life in the 3 months she has lived in Konoha. Temari put her disappointment aside and focused on her training. Three hours later she was showered and dressed, and still had not seen another living soul who lived in the house with her. That wasn't out of the ordinary except that Naruto would usually make it a point to see her most mornings if he was able.

After having breakfast Temari went straight to the post office. Every day since writing her first letter to Gaara to try and reach out to her red headed brother she made two trips a day to her mailbox, once in the morning and once again before going home for the evening. It was a combination of her stubbornness and Naruto's encouragement that she checked it every day. She was determined to have the full family that her father denied her when he kept Gaara locked away.

She used to write Gaara at least 2 or 3 times a week. At first the letters were all apologies for the way she treated him and pleads for forgiveness. After a while the 3 letters a week tapered off into 1 long letter with regular updates on the goings on in her life. How she and Naruto were getting along, as well as how she was getting along with Hana and Anko her future sister wives. The one thing she never changed about her letters was the way she signed them. "With love you sister Temari" without fail she always signed her letters like that.

Temari was in for a surprise as she entered the post office; she waved hello to the clerk on duty, most of them new her on sight because of the frequency she came there. Temari went straight to her mail slot and as she got closer she stopped en route and blinked dumbly at what she saw. Nestled in her slot was a white envelope. Temari approached slowly like she was approaching a wounded animal; afraid that at the slightest threatening move the letter would run away from her.

Temari took the letter out of the slot with shaking hands and in the corner of the envelope in surprisingly neat script was the simple return address that unbeknownst to Temari brought tears to her eyes, "Gaara, Hidden Sand Village". Temari tore the envelope open and pulled out a simple white sheet of paper. She unfolded it carefully, it wasn't a long letter, Temari wasn't expecting it to be, Gaara, was a person of few words, but those words always had an impact on the people who heard them.


You are forgiven. Thank you for the constant letters, they have given me a reason to continue on the new path I have chosen to for myself. I'm glad you are doing well in Konoha. I have to go now; I look forward to getting to know my sister in person when you return. By the way, Kankuro is feeling neglected because you haven't sent him any letters yet, every time I receive one he sulks in a corner for hours.


A watery smile stretched across Temari's face as she reread Gaara's letter over and over. Temari was bursting with happiness, she left the post office at a dead run heading towards the one person she knew would know how much this letter meant to her. Hopefully Naruto was still in the village and not out on a mission.

(Ninja Academy)

"Alright class listen up!" Naruto bellowed. Naruto was once again pulling substitute duty at the academy, this time it was for a class of soon to be graduates. "According to the lesson plan, today was going to be a review lesson of the three basic jutsus as well as a sparring session. Well that's all changed somewhat. Today we will be reviewing evasive maneuvers. Does everyone have a package?"

"Hai Sensei!" the students responded even as all 20 something students looked confusedly at the white wrapped bundles in their hands.

"Good, here's the scenario. You've just stolen documents from an enemy village containing plans to destroy Konoha. These plans are crucial to our survival. Your goal is to survive the next 8 hours and deliver the contents of these packages to the Hokage Tower intact. Who can tell me the point of this exercise?"

A couple of hands went up immediately. "Yes, you in the back?"

A boy with deep purple hair answered him. "To test out endurance."

"Good that's one answer, anyone else?" Naruto asked looking around; no more hands went up "I set the limit for this exercise for 8 hours but who knows how long a situation like this mock mission could last. It could be 8 hours or 8 days. But there's more to this than endurance, this is also about thinking under pressure. You pursuers are going to be relentless; they are not going to stop until you are dead. Eventually, you're going to be tired and hungry; you're going to start making mistakes. That is when you have to dig deep and find your resolve, that hidden reservoir of strength that will allow you to keep going." Naruto looked over his temporary students and was glad to see some of them clutching those packages a little tighter. "Let's get this started, the only restrictions are you cannot leave the village, how you evade your pursuers is up to you. Now everyone open your packages."

A cacophony of tearing paper was followed by a whole lot of confused muttering.

"Sensei, what are we supposed to do with raw meat?"

Instead of answering Naruto whistle sharply. From around the corner of the academy building a pack of Inuzuka dogs sauntered into view, some where the size of regular dogs and some where the sizes of horses but the common thread between them was that they were all drooling and had their eyes fixed on a petrified academy student holding a piece of meat the size of the Hokage's hat. Naruto held up his hand and the dogs stopped their advance. "You have 20 minutes before I set them loose."

That was all that needed to be said before there was a mad scramble away from the academy.

"I have to admit, when you said you wanted to hire all available Inuzuka hounds I was curious about what you wanted them for." Tsume said as she sidled up next to Naruto to watch the kicked up dust from the running students fall back to the ground.

"Nothing drives a lesson home like experience." Naruto said turning to the Inuzuka matriarch.

Tsume let out a boisterous laugh. "These dogs are going to drive this lesson of evasion home like a sledgehammer, especially if the reward is one of those steaks."

Naruto let out a laugh of his own. He looked back at the pack of dogs now joined by their human partners who were only there to keep the more aggressive animals from doing any kind of real damage to the students. "I know I said they get a 20 minute head start, but as ninja they need to expect the unexpected. Go ahead and turn them loose."

The dogs didn't even wait for their partners to give the word they took off, drool flowing behind as their legs followed their noses. Naruto and Tsume laughed as the humans scrambled after their canine partners.


Naruto spun around and raced towards the source of the scream. He collided with a teary eyed Temari who hugged him around the neck tight enough to almost cut off the circulation. Naruto rubbed comforting circles around the blonde Suna kunoichi's back and whispered over and over how it was going to be ok while at the same time contemplating who he had to kill for upsetting her. He nodded at Tsume when she left to give them privacy.

When Temari pulled back he was confused by her contradiction of a megawatt smile and tear stained face. But that only lasted a minute before she started waving a piece of paper in his face.

"He wrote back, he finally wrote back! He said he forgives me and he can't wait to get to know me." Temari said excitedly still waving the paper in front of her.

Finally comprehending what could make her smile like that and cry at the same time Naruto pulled her into another hug. "I told you he would come around if you kept at hit. We have to celebrate your break through. Tonight it's just me and you for dinner you pick the place."

"I'm too excited to decide where to go right now. You were the first person I wanted to share the good news with. I'm going to go write him a reply letter right now. I just had to tell you."

"I'm glad you did, you go ahead and get started on your letter but don't forget about tonight 8 o'clock."

"I'll see you tonight." Temari said.

Naruto watched Temari walk away and smothered a laugh when she almost ran into the side wall next to the gate because she was reading that letter once again. Naruto turned away from Temari and cleaned up all the discarded butcher paper that the students left behind. After he was done with that task he was kind of at loose ends for the next several hours. He was about to leave the academy grounds when his ears picked up the faint sound of a howl. And if he wasn't mistaken it sounded like a victory howl.

Hours later Naruto was standing in front of a full length mirror appraising his choice of outfit for his date with Temari. She wanted something casual because according to her they were already engaged so no need for the dress to impress clothes. He was wearing a simple pair of blue jeans, a dark green button up shirt and black boots. His hair was free from its ponytail and as usual when it wasn't held back by his head band was running wild all over his head. Checking the bedside clock he saw it was 5 minutes to 8 so he went down to meet her at the bottom of the stairs.

It was just the two of them in the house as it would be for the next couple of days at least. Hana and Anko were both sent on missions earlier that day. Naruto didn't have to wait long, Temari appeared at the top of the stairs dressed in black slacks that hugged her thighs and flared at the ankle. Her top was also black with vertical silver pinstripes; she also wore sensible flat shoes.

"Whoo! Temari you look great. You make me feel under dressed for dinner." Naruto said smiling up at her.

"Thank you and what you have on is perfect. You clean up real nice."

"I do my best, I got something for you."

Temari frowned slightly. "Naruto you didn't have to buy me something just because Gaara is talking to me now. Dinner is enough of a celebration."

"This has nothing to do with Gaara. I ordered this after we got to know each other; I was just saving it for a special occasion." Naruto said.

Temari looked at him doubtfully for a second before following him into the adjoining living. Lying on the coffee table was a black lacquered box about two feet long. She undid the latches and when she lifted the top she gasped and covered her mouth in surprise. Nestled on top of a silk pillow where two black steel folding fans. (Princess Kitana's fans from Mortal Kombat) Temari picked one up reverently, it was about a foot and a half long and heavy enough to be used as a bludgeon. With a slight movement of her wrist she snapped the fan open and marveled at the workmanship. Holding the metal strands together were durable leather strips and the top of the fan looked like it was sharp enough to cut through anything. She looked at Naruto with a question obviously on the tip of her tongue.

"Koga Higurashi isn't considered the best blacksmith in the Land of Fire for nothing." Naruto said with a dismissive shrug.

Temari immediately channeled her wind chakra through the fan and a smile lit her face when it starting glowing a transparent blue. Temari picked up the other fan and snapped it open as well. Back when Temari decided to wield a fan as her shinobi weapon she started as a dual fan wielder. Later she abandoned the speed of the dual fans for the power of one large fan. Now as she held both fans in her hands she starting going through long forgotten katas for the dual fan.

Naruto watched her silently for a while before laughing out loud. "Maybe I should have waited until after dinner to give you those."

An embarrassed smile blossomed on her face. "Sorry, the craftsmanship is just so amazing I had to try them out."

"It's okay, you're a dedicated kunoichi, and I really admire that about you."

"Thank you" she said replacing the fans back in the box. "We should get going before I give in to temptation again."

"Good idea, after you." Naruto said following his fiancée out the door.

Naruto had a favorite place he liked to go with each of his fiancées. For Anko it was Tajimamori (1) a dango stand that earned her loyalty by serving without having to be threatened first. Hana liked a variety of different things so they usually ate this and that from street vendors and walked around. Naruto and Temari's favorite restaurant; was a place called Mika's. It was a small out of the way restaurant that treated everyone like family they hadn't seen in a while. The food was delicious and the atmosphere was warm, the two blondes had spent a lot of hours talking in that dimly lit place.

After dinner they wandered the village lost in conversation. Naruto led Temari to a natural hot spring where they rolled their pants legs up and dipped their feet in the water.

"So if you weren't a shinobi, what would you be doing?" Temari asked him.

Naruto gave it some serious thought, "I don't know. For as long as I could remember, being a ninja was all I ever wanted. I like plants, so maybe in another life I could've been a florist. In all honesty I don't think I was meant to do anything else. What about you?"

"I always come up blank whenever some asks me that question. It's in my blood." The blonde kunoichi said with a smile.

"So…how many kids do you want to have?" Naruto asked bluntly.

"Hahahaha! You want to talk about kids? We haven't even talked about the wedding ceremony, we haven't even set a date, and we haven't even kissed yet."

Naruto decided to fix one of those problems right then and there; he palmed the back of her head, pulled her towards him and captured her lips. It was only meant to be a kiss to test the waters but at the first taste of her soft lips he deepened it and devoured her mouth. He was happy to learn Temari gave just as well as she received. She was not one to let Naruto control the kiss for long; it became an intimate game of dominance. When he pulled away her lips were wet and slightly swollen, he liked that look on her.

Temari looked at him with those deadly intelligent green eyes. "Don't think that kiss distracted me from wanting to set a wedding date." She said with a grin.

Naruto pulled her closer and kissed her again.

They stayed at the hot spring for a while longer before deciding to call it a night. They shared one more kiss at the bottom of the stairs before going their separate ways. Temari went to her room and Naruto went to the kitchen to grab a drink before heading to his own room. Once inside he stripped out of his clothes and went straight for the shower alternating between hot and cold sprays. He was dressed and about to hit the snack when there was a knock on his door. It could only be one person.

"Temari, what's wrong?" He asked when he opened the door. She was standing there in a white terrycloth robe with pink freshly scrubbed cheeks, her blonde hair look slightly damp, it fell around her head slightly shadowing her eyes. She didn't say anything, just dropped her robe and there she was all pink perfect flesh, full breast and pink nipples and a light dusting of blonde hairs at the apex of her thighs.

Temari placed a hand on his chest and pushed him backwards into his room and kicked the door closed behind her. She looped her arms around his neck and pulled him down into a kiss. It was hot and wet; his lips covered hers, stole her breath and demanded more.

He broke the kiss "What brought this on, not that I'm complaining."

"I got tired of waiting for you to come to me." She said simply as she trailed little kisses across his jawline and chin, then back to his lips.

"I was going to give you some time" Naruto said between hurried lip locks "we only got semi intimate less than an hour ago."

Temari looked into his blue eyes "Thank you for that Naruto, I may be new to this level of intimacy but I'm not the type to shy away from new experiences, I'm as bold as the desert sun and twice as hot. Now take your clothes off."

Naruto didn't have to be told a second time, fortunately he was only wearing exercise shorts and a t-shirt. Between one breath and the next he was standing before her naked and blood was rushing to his groin even as he pulled her to him for another heated kiss. His hands trailed down her back to the smooth globes of her ass and she moaned into his mouth and he swallowed it in satisfaction and deepened their kiss. He squeezed her ass and lifted her off her feet, her legs automatically going around his hips. He lowered her slowly until her pussy lips were resting slightly on his hardened cock.

He pulled away from the kiss and hissed in rapture when she moved her hips back and forth slowly grinding the top of his lengthened member. He could feel she was wet almost dripping and that thought only fueled him more. He walked her to the foot of the bed and they fell into it in a tangle of limbs. Naruto grabbed a handful of her right breast and feasted on it until she gasped and arched back silently begging him to take more of her in his mouth. He moved his hand to the center of her body, parted her tender folds and stroked the very center of her. Temari jolted up, her eyes were closed in pleasure. "Oooh" Naruto said in delight "Sensitive there are you?"

Temari nodded her head shakily and opened her eyes; the green orbs were hazy with lust. "How long are you going to tease me?"

"Be patient, it gets better." Naruto continued to play with her sensitive clit even as he trailed kisses down her rib cage and smiled against her stomach when she quivered in little jolts of pleasure.

Temari groaned in disappointment when Naruto took his hands away from her folds then her thighs closed around his ears in reflex when he took the sensitive bud in his mouth. There was no teasing as he tasted her sweet juices, he plundered and ravaged her center with reckless abandon. Her ankles crossed over his back and he heard muffled pleas of "Oh Kami keep going, don't stop!" before her lady juices coated his chin and he lapped it up like a cat to cream. He slowly swirled his tongue around her engorged clit prolonging her orgasm, then he pried her thighs apart and slowly licked and kissed up and down her inner thigh.

While she was still distracted by the tremors Naruto moved quickly and surely and sheathed himself inside her welcoming folds. She tensed and Naruto paused. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah, I was just surprised; it didn't hurt as much as I was told it would." She said.

Naruto stayed as still as he could to allow Temari to adjust to the intrusion, but his cock twitched several times at the pleasurable sensation.

"It's okay, now you can move."

Naruto moved back and forth slowly and deep. She was a tight fist with equal wetness surrounding his cock it was an ache he endured without complaint. He kept his thrusts slow and even interspersing them with soft kisses to the side of her neck and playful bites on her nipples that kept her squirming.

"You're holding back" Temari said breathlessly "I promise you I'm not going to break." Then she did something that must be instinctive to all women, she lifted her hips and started meeting him thrust for thrust while at the same time clamping down on her inner walls.

Naruto clenched his eyes shut and saw stars. He grabbed her hips and stilled her movements. He took a deep breath and opened his eyes. "Okay, let's try that again." He reached down and rubbed circles around her clit, she tensed then her breaths went ragged. Naruto kept rubbing gauging her reactions to certain spots he hit, when he found the right spot he applied the barest amount of pressure, her hips arched up and her pussy spasmed around his cock.

Naruto didn't let her come down from her orgasm, he thrust in and out and at the same time played with her clit and kept her on a continuous loop until he felt his own end coming, he buried himself in her as deep as possible and with a fierce groan he filled her up with his seed. Their panting breaths mixed as Naruto rested his forehead against Temari's and continued to twitch inside her. He rolled to the side and took Temari with him placing her head over his rapidly beating heart.

He didn't know how long he cradled her to his chest but it didn't matter because he damn sure wasn't letting her or any of his girls go.


AN: (1) Minor Japanese god of sweets and confections. I know this chapter was short but I want to ease my way back into this because honestly when Orochimaru was "resurrected" I died a little. I just don't get why do all the good guys have to stay dead but Orochimaru, Madara and the Akatsuki keep popping up? I stopped reading the manga around that time so I've only recently caught up. What can I say about the latest chapters? The battle rages on, two thirds of the original Ino-Shika-Cho has passed on and so has Neji which is a damn shame. I bet they won't be back since they aren't evil. Apparently Naruto can give chakra boosts to his allies now, I guess that's kind of cool right? I mean how many of us out there wouldn't mind being a walking 5 hour energy? Get this, it is possible to retrieve someone from the stomach of the Shinigami but low and behold the only person who knows how is dun dun dun…OROCHIMARU! Last thing before I go, Tobirama hates the Uchihas so now he is among my favorite characters and did it throw anyone else off that Hashirama was a bit of a goof, but I liked it, it made him more likable to me. Laughed my ass when he said he taught Tsunade how to gamble.